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Yoshi CANOPUS, also known as Yoshihiko MIKAMI (三上吉彦) in the virtual world, hails from Japan. He was educated in Japan, U.S. and China, in this order; worked in 1965-2001 for a computer company (IBM) in Japan, U.S. and Taiwan; and served in 2001-2015 in China. He is the author of four books, the last of which was a trilingual E/C/J book,

"Spring in Dalian / 大连之春 / 大連の春"
published in February, 2013, in Japan for worldwide distribution. He now resides in Hawaii, U.S.A.

Since 2007, he has contributed to Wikipedia over 800 articles and to Wikimedia over 200 photos, mainly on those items that he has personally experienced or directly/indirectly been involved in. See also his Wikimedia user page.

Summary of Contributed Articles by Year and QuarterEdit

  • 2016 (1Q - 18, 2Q - 21, 3Q - and 4Q - ) = 39 / 859 cumulative
  • 2015 (1Q - 25, 2Q -18, 3Q - 23 and 4Q - 11) = 43 / 820 cumulative
  • 2014 (1Q - 32, 2Q - 21, 3Q - 3 and 4Q - 39) = 95 / 743 cumulative
  • 2013 (1Q - 14, 2Q - 16, 3Q - 30 and 4Q - 25) = 85 / 648 cumulative
  • 2012 (1Q - 17, 2Q - 26 , 3Q - 30 and 4Q - 35) = 108 / 563 cumulative
  • 2011 (1Q - 13, 2Q - 19, 3Q - 10 and 4Q - 5) = 47 / 455 cumulative
  • 2010 (1Q - 48, 2Q - 26, 3Q - 10 and 4Q - 1) = 85
  • 2009 (1Q - 52, 2Q - 91, 3Q - 47 and 4Q - 38) = 228
  • 2008 (1Q - 3, 2Q - 15, 3Q - 37 and 4Q - 33) = 88
  • 2007 (3Q - 2 and 4Q - 5) = 7

These numbers include new articles and major updates to the existing articles, and updating/creating Categories. The multiple entries to Wikipedia in the various language editions on the same subject are counted as just one.

Contributed Articles by Subject AreasEdit


The Americas excluding USAEdit


Latin America

Asia excluding China, Japan, Korea and RussiaEdit




Astronomy and Related MythologiesEdit


China in GeneralEdit

China - DalianEdit

China - NortheastEdit

China - Other AreasEdit

China - TaiwanEdit

China - Tibet Edit

China - XinjiangEdit

Christian and Other FaithsEdit

Europe excluding RussiaEdit

Europe - Austria, Germany, Italy and SwitzerlandEdit

Europe - CroatiaEdit

Europe - FranceEdit

Europe - SpainEdit

Europe - United KingdomEdit

IT and Mobile Phone IndustriesEdit


Japan - Nagano, Hyogo and Yamagata Prefectures





Russia in GeneralEdit

Russia - AsiaEdit

Russia - Europe, excluding Moscow and St. PetersburgEdit

Russia - MoscowEdit

Russia - St. PetersburgEdit


USA in GeneralEdit

USA - Hawaii StateEdit

Big Island of Hawaii

Island of Oahu

Hawaii in General, Other than the Big Island of Hawaii and Oahu

USA - New York StateEdit

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Worldwide and UniversalEdit

Articles Contributed in This Quarter or to Be Contributed SoonEdit


Articles Having Been Contributed in This Quarter (2016 - 3Q)

<p> Immediate Candidates:

<p> Articles to Be Contributed Soon
<p> Africa

<p> Americas Excluding USA and Canada

Asia Except China, Japan and Korea

<p> Asia - Israel:

<p> China

<p> China Dalian: <p>


<p> China Northeast: <p>

<p> China - Other Areas: <p>

<p> Taiwan <p>


Christian and Other Faiths


Europe Excluding Russia


IT and Mobile Telephone


Japan - Nagano:






USA and Canada <p>

<p> USA - Hawaii, the Big Island: <p>

USA - Hawaii in General, Other than the Big Island

<p> USA - New York State:

<p> USA - Pennsylvania:

Worldwide and Universal


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Assisting Others to Start Contriburing to WikipediaEdit

Notes on Accessing Wikipedia from ChinaEdit

  • Wikipedia normally cannot be viewed in China, but in August - early September, 2007, could be viewed, so I updated "Dalian" in its Japanese and English editions, changing about 80 and 50 percent, respectively. I confess, though, I am just a very beginning contibutor of Wikipedia. (Sept., 2007)
  • Wikipedia, except its Chinese version, can be viewed in China, thanks to the Beijing Olympic Games. (April, 2008)
  • The Chinese pages of Wikipedia can now be viewed in China (June, 2008), cannot now be viewed (July, 2008) and can now be viewed because the reporters at the Media Center complained to the Beijing Olympic Commitee. (August, 2008)
  • The pictures cannot now be uploaded from China to Wikimedia. (December, 2009) They can now be uploaded from China. (December, 2010)

Notes on Managing My Wikipedia Articles & PhotosEdit




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