aka Count Frederick S. VonGlusenburg

  • I live in England
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
Count Frederick S. VonGlusenburg
" Von "
Member of the TSPTF Constabulary
Personal information:
Country: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Age: 20
Job: I'm a university student studying at the University of Manchester, constantly on the look-out for part-time work but not being bothered to actually follow through and apply for any part-time work.
Political Ideology: Liberal Socialism
Political Party: Labour or Lib Dem (depends on the political issue at hand, cause no one party gets everything right)
Languages: Mancunian English
Hobbies & Interests: History, anime, manga, cinema, TV, reading, procrastinating, socialising, clubbing, debating, party rocking, conversing with drunken friends, taking part in elaborate social group conflicts, football, etc.
My Own Timelines:
Timelines/mapgames which I'm a big part of (or used to be):
Anything else?: I'm big fan of using Internet pseudonyms.

At times I come up with lots of 'what if?' moments and the few times it happens I may document them here. Other wise I only really edit on here when I have free time or am in the mood to do write history; but all I seem to do on here these days is just play map games, well I say map games but I only really play Principia Moderni. To be honest, this is mostly down to other activities which have taken my desire to write Alternative Histories, however ideas are often popping into my head still lol.

However being a Constable in the TSPTF, I do keep a watchful eye out for vandalism and check that everything is in order. as it is my sacred duty. As well as these duties, I also regularly (if not daily) play Principia Moderni; meaning I'm online most days albeit only for an hour or two. But I'm always sort of here if you people need me, just leave a comment on my talk page if you want something & I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

That said, if you want my help, opinion or just want to talk, leave me a message on my talk page and I'll reply ASAP. I am also looking for people who want to help me with my Early World War I timeline, so if it interests you then send me a message and I'll be sure to find you something with the timeline that you'll be able to help me with.

Oh and I've done all the E nations in my checking of nation pages for anything musical.

My contributionsEdit

Old ContentEdit

All that stuff above is the current stuff, here is the old stuff. My first alternative history VonGlusenburg!'s WW1 I got deleted because it really was awful. However here's a few other things I used to be involved in:

  • US Civil War (Map Game): This was my first map game. I used to play as Ethiopia but the game got too implausible for me so I left.
  • Imperial Europe 2 (Map Game): I used to play as Persia in this game, but got bored and left.
  • No Nukes (Map Game): The game reached the present day and ended.
  • Fractured America (Map Game): Lost interest
  • Fractured America Revised and Reloaded (Map Game): Game died
  • Principia Moderni (Map Game): The game reached the present day and ended. I played as Nippon who was basically one half of the main world alliance who ran the world (towards the end of the game anyway)
  • Greater Europe (Map Game): The game sort of died, then came back but I lost interest in the revive of the game in favour of PM2 and the rest of my life. Plus my Third German Reich nation got destroyed via nuclear war.
  • Funnier History (Map Game): I took part in this map game (if you can call it a "map game"), where all we did was try to be as funny as possible... Regardless it was a good laugh!
  • Principia Moderni II (Map Game): This games reached the present day and ended. Probably the most successful game ever. I played as Oman / the Arabian Federation / the Caliphate in this game. My nation changed throughout the ages and was very interesting game.
  • Principia Moderni III (Map Game). I played as The Cherokee Nation. I also held a position as honorary mod and thus I helped in trying to keep the peace and the plausibility. I didn't get involved outside of the deep south of OTL USA as my nation never really had sea access or a navy, but it had a lot of trade with the neighbouring European colonies. It got taken over my New Hamburg as I left the Wiki for a break and I wanted to rule another nation when I was back. But I never got back to the Wiki as uni got too intense.

Current ContentEdit

This is what I do now on the Wiki: EWWI. I also write blogs, TSPTF duties and stay active in the community but yeah I'm not a big contributor like I used to be. I'm mainly here for a bit of play to keep my mind from wondering when I do actual work. I mean 2015 I've barely been online but EWWI has popped up in my mind and I am still not ruling out going back to finish it.

Early World War IEdit

The majority of my serious alternative history work on this Wikia will be spent on my Early World War I timeline. In this time line the Russo-Japanese War expands into an earlier World War One. If you would like to help me and join in creating it, then please tell us that you would like to help & we'll have a talk about what you can do. Note pre-1904 was the same as OTL. Template:Early World War I

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