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Name Great Scraw, Son of Gotham, Eagle of the East
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Favorite AH Topics:
  • Napoleonic Wars
  • the Space Race
  • the World Wars
  • the Cold War
  • Wars of the Roses
WT-FR This user speaks Washingtongue, the official language of Freedom.

Contributions to this WikiEdit

Former Map GamesEdit

I was the following nations in the respective map games:

  • 30px30px Vive La Revolution: The Ottoman Empire and France (with Ianian58)
  • 25px Vive La Revolution Revised: The Ottoman Empire
  • 25px25px Vive La Revolution Reloaded: The Ottoman Empire and the 
  • 30px30px Allies vs Entente: France and the Republic of Canada
  • 25px Old Triple Entente vs. Central Powers: (Germany, one turn only)
  • Triple Entente vs. Central Powers: Watcher of the World. I watch everything that happens in the Game and strike out implausible stuff. (Old Game)
  • 25px25px New Triple Entente vs. Central Powers: Russia and the Port of La Paz
  • Battle for Earth
    • 30px 30px Battle for Earth: The Regenetech Empire and Canada
    • 25px 25px Battle for Earth Revised: Regenetech Empire and Canada (game died)
    • 25px 25px Battle for Earth Reloaded: The United States and the Regenetech Empire
  • Principia Moderni
    • 25px - Principia Moderni: Denmark, first nuclear power alongside Wales and Russia.
    • 25px 25px - Principia Moderni II: Originally Brandenburg (Greater German Reich) until I was forcibly exiled by my backstabbing neighbors. Then moved onto Neu Berlin (United Antillian Reich) before the game was ended.
    • 25px - Principia Moderni III: Aragon twice, currently ongoing.
  • Axis vs Allies
    • 25px - Axis vs Allies: Revolutions as the United States
    • 25px - Axis vs Allies R???: Can't remember the name of the game, but I was an incredibly strong Sweden that united Scandinavia.
    • 25px - Axis vs Allies R-word: USSR, later Union of Socialist Eurasian Republics
    • 25px - Axis vs Allies: Reborn as Japan. Massive success.
    • 25px - Axis vs Allies Resurrection: United States. Ongoing.


With Others (Collaborations)Edit

1983: DoomsdayEdit


  • 25px: Maximum Systema: The Greatest System, originally created by me and MP and then Imperium Guy joined us.
  • It has fallen behind and is indefinitely suspended.

My Own TimelinesEdit

  • 25px Reign of Roosevelt: This is my old main timeline. I have forty to fifty pages and a very long timeline that currently lasts from 1897-1946. I intend to bring it up to present day. I have plans for present-day ready, but the gap between 1943 and 2015 is large.
  • 25px30px30px: You Are Here: My backwards timeline. I was originally doing it the same way as Reign, but now I decided to work my way backwards, starting now and going back all the way to the 18th Century. It's mediocre at best.
  • 25px25px25px A World of Difference: TL with four PODs currently under construction, started June 30th, 2012. This is definitely my best work.
  • 25px25px The Lion and the Rose: My latest timeline, has lots of things in it. (given to Upvote)
  • 25px Rule, Britannia! Perhaps this one will reach AWOD levels.

Other StuffEdit


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