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Name Pita, Peter
TSPTF Ranking: Constable
Nationality: Korean
Ancestry: Korean
Residence: Maryland, United States
Occupation: 9th Grade Middle Schooler
Political views: Liberal Conservative :D
Political party: None
History interests:
  • Stronger Korea
  • Unified Korea
  • No Islam
  • Reading
  • Althist
  • StarCraft II:
    • Wings of Liberty
    • Heart of the Swarm
    • Legacy of the Void
  • CoD: MWI


English This user speaks English at a native level.
한국어 이이 사용자는 천연 수준에 한국어를 말한합니다
Deutsch Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch auf Ebene Lernede

Hello! I was born in Seoul, Korea, and immigrated when I was 4.

My To Do List[edit | edit source]

TLs[edit | edit source]

Imperial America[edit | edit source]

A TL based on what if all the Founding Fathers had been killed by British forces, so when the US won, America turned into an Empire

Larger 9/11[edit | edit source]

A TL based on a larger 9/11 attack on 2002.

A Different History[edit | edit source]

My most successful TL yet, which there are many PoDs and it is a community project, about 10 people are contributing with me.

1983: Doomsday[edit | edit source]

Proposals[edit | edit source]

East Asian Federation

30px Uruguay


30px Seoul

Canon[edit | edit source]

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