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Monster Pumpkin
Archon of the Omniversal Collective
Brass of the TSPTF

Nationality: 25px American
Ethnicity: 25px English 25px Scottish
25px German 25px Dutch
25px French 25px Syrian
Faith: Presbyterian Christian
Political views: Center-Right
Political party: Republican
Main interests: To be finished later
Althistory interests: All Alternate History.
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Hey, I'm Monster Pumpkin, but you can just call me MP. Most people do, anyway, but I encourage you to do so if you so wish. 

I first joined this website way back in 2012 because I saw the map of Superpowers and thought it looked really cool. I then got involved in map games in The Greater Americas, which wasn't exactly plausible or successful but helped jumpstart my career here. I joined because it is interesting and I wanted to add to it in a meaningful and creative way.

I steadily got better at map gaming and became a respected member of the community, and I tried my hand at timelines, namely Age of Kings, which again wasn't the best thing I've written. However, I have since largely retired from map games after a successful run in Principia Moderni III and have devoted myself towards timelines and community management.

As per my involvement in the community I have moved up the ranks of the TSPTF and now I am one of the Brass in charge of running this community. I am part of the ruling triumvirate between me, Scraw, and LG, with possible expansion in the future. 

Regarding myself I'm a college student majoring in government and history with a focus on international relations, all of which I find particular interesting and would enjoy working in a field related to these subjects in the future.

Map Games[]

Map Games that I have created are bolded. Map Games that I have become a major investor in its series are underlined.

The Greater Americas - I was the Incan Empire (Deceased)

Hot Cold War - I was East Germany and Austria (Deceased)

Europe 1200 AD - I was the Byzantine Empire (Deceased)

Axis vs. Allies Reloaded - I was the Kingdom of the Balkans (Completed)

Viva La Revolution! and its series - I was Prussia and the United States (Deceased)

Battle for Earth and its series - I was the USSR and the Dravimosian Empire (Deceased)

Qzu - I was the City of Atlantis (Deceased)

Triple Entente vs. Central Powers and its series  - I was the United Kingdom and the United States (Deceased)

476 AD: Decline of Rome - I was the White Hun Khanate and the Western Roman Empire (Deceased)

Principia Moderni III  - I am the revived Roman Empire.

Alternate Histories[]

Own Timelines[]

  • Guardians - My flagship timeline
  • Age of Kings - My first timeline, soon to be revamped
  • Eternal Rivals - My other timeline
  • Third Rome in Britannia - Adopted timeline
  • Rediterranean - Adopted timeline

Collabrative Timelines[]

Maximum Systema[]

Collabrative timeline with Scrawland and Imperium Guy.

1983: Doomsday[]

I have also made a few small contributions for Doomsday.

Battle for Earth: Prime[]

Collabortative timeline with a lot of people, even though hardly anyone edits it anymore.

Yellowstone: 1936[]

Collaborative timeline with a lot of people, also somewhat dead.

Middle East

  • Egypt
  • Tripolitania
  • Fezzan
  • Sudan
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Somalia
  • Hejaz
  • Yemen
  • Mesopotamia
  • Ha'il
  • Nejd
  • Iran

North America

  • Confederate States of America


  • Roman Empire
  • Crimea
  • Kalmykia

Map Games[]

These three nations are probably the best that I have ever created in a map game. They are in order or creation.

  • The Incan Empire (The Greater Americas)
  • Kingdom of the Balkans (Avaro)
  • Mughal Empire (Night of the Living Alternate History Map Game)
  • Roman Empire (Principia Moderni III Map Game)

And perhaps the grandest of them. None can match it in sheer power or influence.

  • Dravimosian Empire (Battle for Earth: Prime)


Here is my Sandbox: Sandbox

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