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  • "Calling, the meek and the humble...welcome to blackboard don't you fumble...just be humble..."
  • Hi, my username is Lighthead. As far as my job is concerned, I've written a collection of poetry and am working on another one (I just started as of this writing). I've recently been signing my talk page with þ, so just look out for the Lighthead þ. It stands for the rune letter, thorn; so that's what that stands for. It also looks like a man with a light on his head (no?)... I was a 14&&32 but now I'm just <:-:|£7... If you would like to contact me, try contacting me through Wikipedia. Thanks.
  • I'm actually from the Greater Los Angeles Area. I've lived there all my life.
  • Lately I've been fighting vandals in general. It's just a small way to contribute if anyone's interested and it's an easy way to put in those edits. If anyone wants to know how to do it, just drop me a line. I can give you a few pointers. I might even write an essay about it soon... Update: I can't give any good advice in doing this. I'm really rusty; I haven't made any major edits in a long time.
  • I also like adding unusual inline with the article text templates to articles. I'm one of the few people that do that on a regular basis.
  • By the way if I reverted your edit because it sounds too pretentious whether grammar, or punctuation, this is why: Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Contested vocabulary.
  • If I made a mistake in reverting vandalism, don't feel bad if you pointed it out. Even though I'm smart, I realize that I mess up every once in a while (We're still imperfect, bottom line.) Mostly minor mistakes. rarely big ones, but it does happen.
  • Also, to new people. Just because one source says one thing, make sure that you're able to verify it in another way (the other way will usually be another source). So-called reputable websites make mistakes, too. Just be aware of that.
  • And that goes for more than just vandalism...You can apply this rule to anything I do. Here's the thing, I lack technical ability (I suck at math), but I'm very near genius in other fields. When it comes to anything abstract or theoretical, I excel at.


  • I'm limiting my edits here on Wikipedia. I can't stand editing here on mister Wiki sometimes. It seems like I almost always end up getting into an edit war for the most minor reasons on edits that make sense; at least for me. That leaves me with close to zero motivation to spend any real energy on this site. You can thank the vampires who are on "edit watch" that are sucking the life out of this website. If you're a noob that is a little obsessed with editing here, you need to make sure you get a second job. Just my opinion.

Funny edits I've seen here on WikipediaEdit

On the Acid techno article: "Acid techno was popular throughout the early 1990s in the London squat party scene(citation not needed – thousands of us were there)."


  • One of my favorite lines is from one of my favorite films, The Game. It's when Conrad Van Orton (Michael Douglas' character), is shouting at his brother and, well, here it goes: "Did I have a choice! DID I HAVE A CHOICE!" This film is in my opinion David Fincher's masterpiece. Its not just the obvious plot lines, but the subtle plot lines the film takes you through.
  • One of my recent faves is True Grit (2010 film). Its rare use of the natural language of the time is particularly evocative for me. And rarely do you find an independent film that maintains a PG-13 rating; so that's great.

Musical interestsEdit

  • My absolute musical interest is electronic. I mean I'm listening to it as we speak (or as I speak). I can't seem to shake my obsession with drum and bass! I also like big beat, acid techno (my favorite acid techno song is Klopjob by AFX, otherwise known as Aphex Twin); as well as glitch, acid in general, and electro house in specific. I also like pretty much all the styles of hardcore techno. I mostly like music that makes me trip out, so you can add styles like psychedelia to the mix; and it trickles out from there. I basically like electronic music in general, any style of it, I like for the most part. The styles I try to stay away from are cheesy forms of trance and cheesy forms of house music. If it's a pure form of IDM, I usually hate it. I really do agree with what that article says about it. The article quotes somebody as saying that when he hears the term IDM, he gets ready to hear music that's weak and boring. I've found it to be true more times then I can count when an artist is identified as unadulterated IDM. In my experience, the only IDM that sounds excellent is when it's mixed in really well with another sub-genre (for example, drum and bass). This is just a general statement, but the airy fairy forms of it I don't like (a lot of the songs of Christian Fennesz, Apparat, Bluetech, Trentemøller, Four Tet, Ulrich Schnauss, and Isan are good examples, but only as a rule, now); the exception is unless its clever and humorous. Plaid is another one of my favorites. To me they sound like epic post-techno.
  • Musical artists I think are geniuses are Autechre, and Venetian Snares. I think Venetian Snares is one of the few musical artists that has merged acid with drum and bass (Note: I think that Aphex Twin has also dabbled in the mixing of these two genres mentioned here). Autechre for those who don't know are experimental or avante-garde techno.
  • A new style of music that I have just developed interest in is ghetto house. I hate hip hop (they've done studies, people who love Lil Wayne the most have the lowest IQ's; sounds like a joke, but am dead serious), but I sure do love ghetto house.



I've been to a lot of places. I've been to Canada, New York, Manhattan, New England, Niagara Falls, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, the Mexican Riviera, Florida, Bahamas, Guatemala (that's where my parents are from), all kinds of places. I've also been to Pennsylvania and Delaware. I came back July 2007 from Yellowstone National Park, and here's a picture from that...

File:Bison running.jpg
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-- This essay was born from recent and ongoing experiences with Wikipedia. User:Lighthead/What I hate about Wikipedia...



  • User:Lighthead/repository -- Please do not edit this page. I put this here mainly for my convenience. You may look at it though. Go ahead, take a peek. Don't be shy, JUST RIP IT OPEN!.. Ohh!.. my... (A side note, there's a note in here that describes what Bravo!, Alfa!, Papa! stands for if anyone's curious (I use that to sign my name sometimes))
  • User:Lighthead/Notes -- Useful miscellaneous notes that are especially useful for what I do here on Wikipedia.
  • User:Lighthead/Articles I've created -- Pretty self explanatory. Articles I've created.
  • User:Lighthead/Service Awards -- Pretty self explanatory for anyone who knows about what goes on here. It means I'm entitled...

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