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Hello and Good Morning to you all. Or perhaps Afternoon, or even Evening, if you live many, many miles away. My name is Josh and I am a student (hoorah!) which basically means I haven't got a job yet (aww) living in Sussex, England, which is eye-wateringly close to London. I own a Twitter account which I never use, two clarinets and a saxophone, and a compulsive urge to write for hours, and hours, and then pull a frighteningly disturbed face when I notice the time. Since you're reading this, I should mention you can find me on Conworlds (here) where I wrote the artistic and beautiful West Nutley, and also WikiFAYZ, where I admin sometimes, when it's raining and I accidentally click on the link when I'm going on Conworlds (don't go there, you'll be the only one.)

So about this horror... I was young, naive, and altogether too excited at finding many other writers. I'm not pretending it made sense, because, well, it didn't. Read it. It's fun. I like it though, because it shows how much I've changed since I was 14, when I wrote it. Like a technological time capsule, really. Hey, what an idea! Anyone want to make an online time capsule? Wait a second... Like that's never been done before in every blog post, Youtube video and website that's ever been made. Oh, well. Better luck next time.

To round this up, I am a very nice person at least once a week, and am always looking to do collab projects that will always be better than anything I've written before. I'm around here every so often, so if you decide to drop by I'll definitely pick it up fairly quickly. Any idea is good, and any original idea deserves a page, at least, if not a website and an international award named after it. So do that, people, and I'll be seeing y'all soon. Allons-y!

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