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Hi! My name is Johan Elisson. I am a Gothenburger working as a technical communicator at Semcon where I produce and deliver topic-based owners' information for Volvo Cars as well as develop and present topic-based processes and concepts for Semcon's business area Product Information as a whole. I got this job partly thanks to my long time dedication to Wikipedia. I have studied engineering physics at BSc level and engineering mathematics and computational science at MSc level at Chalmers University of Technology.

I rarely write about subjects related to my work or education though, my main interests on Wikipedia are history and sports, with a concentration on Swedish military history and Swedish football. In my spare time, I follow the football club IFK Göteborg, and I have been a board member of the supporters' club. I co-authored the book Vi som är från Göteborg åker aldrig hem med sorg, published in 2014, documenting the fan culture history of IFK Göteborg.

I am probably best known as the creator of the WikiProject on Football and the Football Portal, both largely based on cooperating and getting people to work together. I made my first edits to Wikipedia in July 2004 and became an administrator in October 2006. I have been largely inactive here for the last few years with only a handful of edits per month, but I regularly check my watchlist and talk page.

My current edit count is not really interresting for anything but the adminship nomination process, and seeing I actually passed that one, the edit counts have no value at all. I feel I can make useful contributions to Wikipedia no matter if I have admin privilegies or not, and I definitely agree with the meta edit counting page which says that

your edit count is not your IQ, value as a human being, or a score in a video game. It does not determine your worth as a Wikimedian. It does not cure cancer or grant you a seat on the secret spaceship that will be traveling to Mars when the Krulls return to destroy the planet in 2012... Don't let it bother you. It's just a number in the database.

I think of myself as a delusionist, but closer to being a deletionist than an inclusionist. I also believe in some kind of cabal. Maybe I'm even part of it? I do act a little rouge from time to time.

A selection of articles I have written or contributed to:

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Assorted Wikipedia quotations:
  • Wikipedia is a paradox — it doesn't work in theory, only in practice.
  • Vandalizing Wikipedia is like masturbating. It feels good to you, but not to anybody else, and it results in a sudden spurt of useless information that needs to be cleaned up.
  • When you start accusing everyone of being in on a conspiracy, you shouldn't be surprised if they decide to confirm your paranoia by banding together against you.
  • If enough people act independently towards the same goal, the end result is indistinguishable from a conspiracy.
    Extreme Unction
  • Editing Wikipedia is a privilege, not a right.
  • I wish I could read Wikipedia as fast as it's being written...
    – Fundraise donator comment
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