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Personal information
Nationality 25px Indonesian
Ethnicity 25px Banjarese
25px Dayak (perhaps)
Residence 25px Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan
Date of Birth (1995-08-22) August 22, 1995 (age 25)
Gender Male
Religion Islamic pantheism
Personal motto Je suis condamné à être libre
Political views Social liberal; Nationalist
Political parties 23px Socialist Party of Indonesia
23px Gerindra Party
Anthem Nella Fantasia
If I Ruled the World
Philosophy of religion
Alternative history
  • Anthemology
  • World War I & II
  • Korea (all periods)
  • Japan (all periods)
  • Religion
  • Ancient East Asian languages
  • Ancient Southeast Asian languages
  • Comedy
  • Pyschology
  • K-Pop
  • Anything about Korea
  • Politics

I am only an ordinary Indonesian teenager that love Althistory on one side and K-pop on the other side. Simply like that.

From my father's story, I was belong to a very ancient Banjarese noble house that formed even prior the establishment the Sultanate of Banjar in the 17th century. That house, however, deposed by ruling house of Sultans of Banjar and then became a poor land-owner family for the next centuries. So, I had a little aristocratic element on my blood.

I very proud with my Banjarese heritage and identity. I prefer to speak with Banjarese language, instead of Indonesian on my daily life. However, I am totally an Indonesian nationalist that believing on irredentism of Greater Indonesia.

I am a convinced progressive liberal. I believe in free trade and laissez faire principle. Capitalism is unavoidable. They who have no strength to struggle for its own prosperity, will get exploited to its own grave. But, I am also a supporter of welfare state and social protection for the workers and the peasants as there is no nation in this world that can be developed on the top of carcasses of its own poors and weaks.

I am a Muslim by culture and name and a pantheist by faith. Although I belong to the Sunni Islam's Banjarese culture, I believe in Spinoza's God and Laozi's teaching of Tao. I adheres the Islamic culture as part of my Banjarese identity, but does not religiously observes the Islamic rituals. I rejects any discrimination and violence. For you that associated Islam with terrorism, this is my five cent for you: "Terrorism is like an insanity within the body of Islam and I have no sympathy over it. That is simply insane."

I was a non-Marxist Socialist and a revolutionary Nationalist during my early youth. I was admiring some revolutionary figures, such as Soekarno, Lenin, and even Mussolini. However, when I went into K-pop during my 16th, I increasingly transformed from a Revolutionary Socialist to a Liberal Socialist, until recently embracing Social Liberalism as my political view. Sutan Syahrir is now my political and ideological hero so far.

Favorite words[edit | edit source]

  • A national revolution is only the result of a democratic revolution, and nationalism should be second to democracy. The State of Indonesia is only a name we give to the essence we intend and aim for.
    ----- Sutan Sjahrir, Our Struggle (1945)
  • Our strength must exist in cultivating feelings of justice and humanity. Only a nationalism that is founded in these feelings will take us further in world history.
    ----- Sutan Sjahrir, Our Struggle (1945)
  • Philosophies change and theories of politics and economics are only a snap, but a nation's success is everlasting.
    ----- Kim Gu, Journal of Baekbeom (1947)
  • (Regarding Korean culture wave)
    I want our nation to be the most beautiful in the world. By this I do not mean the most powerful nation. Because I have felt the pain of being invaded by another nation, I do not want my nation to invade others. [...] The only thing that I desire in infinite quantity is the power of a noble culture. This is because the power of culture both makes ourselves happy and gives happiness to others.
    ----- Kim Gu, Journal of Baekbeom (1947)
  • No prosperity and no glory can save a nation that is rotten at heart.
    ----- Theodore Roosevelt, Address at the Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul (2 September 1901)
  • Superstition must go.
    ----- Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, as quoted in Turkey Today (1928) by Grace Ellison
  • We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other happiness, not by each other's misery. We don't want to hate and despise one another.
    ----- Charlie Chaplin, an excerpt of the famous "Barber Speech" from The Great Dictator (1940)
  • Nothing is more precious than Independence and Liberty.
    ----- Ho Chi Minh, as quoted in Ho Chi Minh and His Vietnam: A Personal Memoir (1972) by Jean Sainteny
  • As you can see I don't have a supporter who speaks well nor some tall nor someone slim. I only have the (Infinite Challenge) members with me who are very lacking and ordinary at the best. But the absolute majority of our society is an average person. Give me an average person to change the world, not someone elite who can talk well.
    ----- Jeong Hyeong-don, as quoted from the 379th episode of Infinite Challenge (17 May 2014)
  • The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal Name.
    ----- Tao Te Ching 1:1-2
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