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Awesome history 28
Name Awesome history 28
Nationality: English and Welsh
Ancestry ?
Residence Nottingham, England, Britain
Age 14
Religion: None at the moment
EN 25px English - Native Speaker
FR 25px French - learning
SP 25px Spanish - Amateur Speaker
  • Playing keybored (learning)
  • Real Football
  • Music
  • Cricket
  • Althistory (obviously)
  • Map Games
  • Table Tennis
  • Drama
  • Chess
  • Cycling
File:Graph of edits made by Awesome history 28.jpg

Edits from May-middle of October

Hi, I'm Awesome history 28; call me AH28 or AH.

My sandbox

Edit Landmarks

500 edits: 22nd Augest 2015

1k edits: 7th November 2015

1.5k edits: 4th April 2016

Favourate Map Games

  1. The Ashes of Rome
  2. The Global War
  3. Battle of Britain
  4. A Brand New World
  5. Atomic World

My favourite TLs

Possible TL ideas

See: My Sandbox

Possible Map Game ideas

An Alternative 1918

Germany wins WW1, pretty much it.

The Wall Falls on Map Game Wiki

The map game begins when the Berlin Wall.

The Ashes of Rome Returns

A reboot to the first Ashes of Rome map game.

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