Awesome history 28
Name Awesome history 28
Nationality: English and Welsh
Ancestry ?
Residence Nottingham, England, Britain
Age 14
Religion: None at the moment
EN 25px English - Native Speaker
FR 25px French - learning
SP 25px Spanish - Amateur Speaker
  • Playing keybored (learning)
  • Real Football
  • Music
  • Cricket
  • Althistory (obviously)
  • Map Games
  • Table Tennis
  • Drama
  • Chess
  • Cycling
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Edits from May-middle of October

Hi, I'm Awesome history 28; call me AH28 or AH.

My sandbox

Edit Landmarks[edit | edit source]

500 edits: 22nd Augest 2015

1k edits: 7th November 2015

1.5k edits: 4th April 2016

Favourate Map Games[edit | edit source]

  1. The Ashes of Rome
  2. The Global War
  3. Battle of Britain
  4. A Brand New World
  5. Atomic World

My favourite TLs[edit | edit source]

Possible TL ideas[edit | edit source]

See: My Sandbox

Possible Map Game ideas[edit | edit source]

An Alternative 1918[edit | edit source]

Germany wins WW1, pretty much it.

The Wall Falls on Map Game Wiki[edit | edit source]

The map game begins when the Berlin Wall.

The Ashes of Rome Returns[edit | edit source]

A reboot to the first Ashes of Rome map game.

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