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It's meEdit

This is my Curriculum Vitae:

I've ever visited...Edit

Countries where I've spent months to years
Countries where I've spent hours to days
Singapore Malaysia

City/Province that I've lived thereEdit

City or Province that I've lived there
Medan Aceh Jakarta Riau Islands Semarang

My sinsEdit


I've ever mistaken to a/an:

I've ever VANDALIZE:

  • Finnish Wikipedia Main Page
  • Anglo Saxon Wikipedia Main Page
  • Malaysian Wikipedia
  • Gujarati Wikipedia Main Page(it's too easy!)
  • Indonesian Uncyclopedia Main Page
  • Tagalog Wikipedia Main Page(another snacks..)
  • Japanese Wikipedia Main Page (this one annoyed me, because the users there was so diligent)

Someday vandal project:

  • All wikia in this world
  • .....

I don't like too paid my sins on these problems, let it go.



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