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GL/I: en, Commons, fr

Category:Images that should use vector graphics : en, commons, Glamorous, Glamourous filtered (source)

User:Arnaud.ramey/Scout_image_requests - Template:Scout kit & its test

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Usage Commons
Vectorisation : move an image to the Category:Images to vectorize (or similar) {{convert to SVG}} {{convert to SVG}} {{Image à vectoriser}}
Vectorisation : work in progress Template:Tl2
Vectorisation : SVG available (on the page of the original) Template:Tl2, Template:Tl2 Template:Tl2 Template:Tl2
Vectorisation : result of the vectorisation of filename (on the page of the svg) Template:Tl2
Vectorisation : created with Inkscape {{created with Inkscape}} Template:Tl2
Vectorisation : valid SVG {{validSVG}} {{SVG valide}}
Vectorisation : image treated by GL/I {{GL workshop}} {{GL workshop}} {{Atelier_graphique}}

Cf also : Atelier graphique/Modèles .

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See also : Automatic gallery (incomplete)

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Cf Category:Non-free media created by Arnaud.ramey.

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Template:Scout kit

Template:Girlscout kit

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Here is the first message on my user page on Wikipedia. Feel free to say hello or give advice ! Arnaud Ramey (talk) 13:42, 19 August 2010 (UTC)

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