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20 year old from Ireland, studying International Relations in DCU :D For more info, please see the userboxes.

My Political Compass Scores
Date Social Economic
September 16, 2010 -5.25 -1.59
September 22, 2010 -0.67 -3.12
November 23, 2010 -1.95 -6.12
December 21, 2010 -5.75 -2.05
February 12, 2011 -3.44 -5.38
July 8, 2011 -4.31 -6.38
October 17, 2011 -4.77 -5.25
May 2, 2012 -4.72 -7.38
May 14, 2014 -4.92 -7.25

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Countries Visited
United Ireland Bulgaria California
England France Germany
Hungary Italy Massachusetts
Mexico Monaco New York
North Carolina Occitania Poland
Portugal Romania Serbia
South Carolina Spain Tennessee
Turkey Utah Vatican City
Virginia Vojvodina Wales
West Virginia Wyoming EU
This user is a native speaker of English.

Template:User seimhiu-gh User:Mgcsinc/userboxes/linguistic change

Majority ≠ right This user recognizes that even if 300,000,000 people make the same mistake, it's still a mistake.

Template:User singular they:Gender Template:User -genderneutral Template:User Amn't:Yes User:ANormalUsername1/couldntve/ User:Dtrebbien/Userboxes/since

…in.Ending a sentence with a preposition is something that this user is okay with.
This user thinks that too many people have no idea how to use words that they should have learned in grade two.
This user thinks that there are too many people who don’t know that they're worse than their own children at spelling!

Template:User french spacing Template:User serial comma:No Template:User semicolon Template:User Irish English Template:User Mixed English

50pxThis user is not British, but can speak with a British accent.

Template:User fgn Template:User ot-4 User:Beano ni/UserBoxes/UlsterEnglish Template:User hiberno-english Template:User Germam Subject Template:User History Subject Template:User Irish User:Coemgenus/userirish

:)This user is an optimist.

User:Bluedenim/Blue Eyes

40pxThis user is male.

Template:User GenerationY User:Blast san/userboxes/User iGeneration User:UBX/British-not Template:User Proud Celtic Template:User Gael User:Life in General/Userboxes/Ireland User:UBX/Karma User:UBX/Luck User:UBX/Reincarnation2 User:Ashley Y/Userbox/Religious pluralist User:Winhunter/Userboxes/EFF

This user supports
renewable energy

User:Jacklau96/Userbox/User Nowarming! User:UBX/ICIS User:Serouj/UserBox/Against Imperialism User:DieWeisseRose/Userboxes/OneState User:Wintran/Userboxes/Peace1 User:DieWeisseRose/Userboxes/IrishReun

This user opposes all forms of racism and admires Nelson Mandela.35px

User:DieWeisseRose/Userboxes/FreeTibet User:Richard0612/Userbox Archive/green User:RadicalOne/UBX Design/Color User:The Raven's Apprentice/Userboxes/User Laptop User:Dollgash/Userboxes/noipods

This user uses Google Chrome.

User:UBX/GIMP User:Wiki Wistah/Userbox Pizza Chicago User:Feureau/UserBox/LoveCheese User:Mizunoryu/Userboxes/Chinese Food User:EliminatorJR/Userboxes/Curry Addict User:UBX/Italian cuisine User:UBX/Turkish cuisine User:MattButts/Cooking User:UBX/Teabag User:UBX/Jones Soda User:UBX/Vodka User:UBX/User drinks Cider User:UBX/architecture

40pxThis user likes to sleep.

Template:User comedy interest User:Scepia/geopolitics User:Ash/Userboxes/Carfree User:UBX/DA User:Porsche997SBS/Userboxes/User Germanophile User:Ash/Userboxes/Public transport User:SPUI/not User:Scepia/newspaper User:UBX/E4 User:Skotywa/LostDharma User:Chengwes/30 Rock User:EVula/Userboxes/Father Ted User:Bahamut0013/friendsbox User:Whittlepedia/It Crowd User:Jamie jca/The Big Bang Theory Userbox User:UBXeno/The Office User:UBX/Never Mind the Buzzcocks User:Celithemis/Userbox/Neutral Planet Template:User band-5 Template:User band-5 Template:User Ska User:Scoops/Bx/GDay User:Zimbabwe is Mine/Userboxes/Own Ideals User:UkraineToday/Pro Preferential voting User:Avazina/USELESS PARTIES User:Grundle2600/userboxes/Corporate welfare

100pxThis user does not trust politicians who condemn CEOs while living like one with other people's money.

User:Concert Interruptus/Mixed economy userbox User:The Ministry of Truth/Userboxes/Nationalist User:UBX/Zero Carbon Emissions User:Disavian/Userboxes/Public Transit User:LightSpectra/Userboxes/GMF User:Grundle2600/userboxes/Tax pollution instead of income User:Kendelarosa5357/ub/non-bias hitler User:LightSpectra/Userboxes/FC User:KPalicz/YouthRights User:Gesalbte/Userboxes/Equal Society User:StuffOfInterest/Userboxes/User no death penalty User:Disavian/Userboxes/pro-cannabis User:Resplendent/Userbox/Religion

PC-0This user is politically incorrect.

User:HalleluYHWH/Userboxes/Africa User:Sarsaparilla/UNPA

35px This user believes in the power of nonviolence.

User:Arikk/Userbox/Peace User:The Homosexualist/U/peace User:RadicalTwo/UBX Design/AntiNuke User:Secret Saturdays/Obama Supporter User:SPQRobin/userbox/independence User:Kim Williams/Userboxes/Somaliland User:Husond/Userboxes/Greenland User:Hinzel/Quebec libre User:The Homosexualist/U/Acadiane libre User:Husond/Userboxes/IrianJaya User:Dancingwombatsrule/userboxes/KoreanUnification User:Niikhk/Republic of Hong Kong User:JamieBattenbo/userboxes/Independent Taiwan User:Priyanath/Userboxes/FreeTibet User:Husond/Userboxes/Kurdistan User:Husond/Userboxes/FaroeIslands User:Ganchelkas/Userboxes/User Dietsland User:Husond/Userboxes/MR User:Artem Karimov/Abkhazia and SO independence User:Cradel/User Vojvodina Independence User:Husond/Userboxes/Kosovo User:Husond/Userboxes/Macedonia User:Nfurry/Userboxes/AustraliaRepublic User:AusFlag/userboxes/Ausflag User:UrusHyby/Userboxes/FB User:JLogan/CVEN User:Ssolbergj/Userboxes/enlargement User:UBX/Euro adoption wish User:Royalguard11/userboxes/Ireland Labour User:Royalguard11/userboxes/Ireland Green User:Gilgamesh/Mideast Peace User:Wikisaver62/Userboxes/userboxes too far

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