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Personal biography Edit

I am a social scientist with particular interests in economics, econometrics, statistical theory, social statistics, current affairs, and demography.

Personal interests Edit

Below are my main interests, which are also the sorts of articles you'll find me contributing towards.

For more regarding my general interests, you can take a look below at my userboxes.

Topics I intend to work on (or am working on) Edit

Below you can find a list of the topics I either am currently working on or intend to work on. You can also find a short description of the work being carried out or intended to be carried out.

I've already added a lot to this article yet want to expand upon it more.

I want to expand upon these articles and possibly reorganise them.

I intend to reorganise this article and make it follow the layout of most other baseball team articles.

I have already done some work on this article yet intend to copy edit the whole piece and make its organisation similar to that of TIME Magazine or The Economist.

Here I intend to simply make it more complete, again following a similar organisation to TIME Magazine or The Economist.

Topics I have contributed to Edit

This list is in alphabetical order
Later on, when I've contributed enough, and can be bothered, I'll sort the list by category

A - H

I - P

Q - Z

My Userboxes Edit


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</br>Language and Grammar

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</br>Historical Interests

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</br>Other Interests

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The Internet

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</br>News & Media

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</br>The Zodiac

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