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The Kingdoms of Aurebia - Timeline[]

1100E3 - Towns in the northeastern region of Aurebia is joint under a single leader, creating the first city in the region. In the following few hundred years other villages follow their example and more cities are formed in the Aurebia region.

1460E3 - The Ranchaend family who rules the Hilltop and the surrounding land goes to war with the Endora family of the Seapeak region after many unsettled disputes. The Ranchaend is victorious and in the following 20 years they go on to conquer the whole eastern region of Aurebia either through military strength or alliances with other families.

1480E3 - The first Kingdom of Aurebia is formed, the Eastern Kingdom of Aurebia.

1483E3 - Realising the potential threat that the Eastern Kingdom of Aurebia is to the western lands of Aurebia, two major alliances are formed. One with it’s capitol at the coast of the Cold Sea and the other with its capitol in the Borderlands.

1485E3 - The Toruri Kingdom is formed in the southern part of Aurebia after the assassination of the rebel leader Endorr Angra.

1569E3 - Raken Ranchaend dies leaving his kingdom to be inherited by his eldest son Therlor Ranchaend. Therlor invades the Northern and Southern+ Alliances in the belief that he can conquer both countries at once.

1571E3 - The Ranchaend’s main force advance towards the Borderlands and sets up a siege against Adkima. Realising how exposed the Ranchaend Army is, the Northern Alliance cuts of the Ranchaend’s supplies and approaches the enemy army from behind. The Ranchaend Army is beaten, but Adkima’s council show no friendship towards the north. The North unites under one supreme leader, King Raer Sealhun.

1823E3 - The one alliance and the three kingdoms have kept relative piece for two and a half centuries until a member of the Royal Family of Toruri dies during a visit to Seapeak.

1824E3 - The Toruri army marches through the Gate of Ceit for the first time since the

Dark Years, 220 years past.