The Socialist Soviet Republic of Victoria is a nation on the continent of Ceardia. It is a major trading route bordered by Tyberia to the north, Dragonak to the south, Batavia and Warrenord to the east and Arthas to the west. The capital and largest city is Vicston. Its population is about 16.3 million which is a large population for its size. Victoria is a soviet one party state and the only remnants of the Ceardian Federal Socialist Confederation.

Victoria was originally part of the First Kingdom of Arthas but left the kingdom in 1690 to form the Kingdom of Victoria. It reached its peak in 1812 after conquering large parts of Arthas and Warrenord but was eventually pushed back by the socialist revolutionaries of Batavia and Dragonak. It soon formed an alliance with the socialist states but was soon betrayed when the Batavia SSR and Dragonak SSR united to form the Ceardian Federal Socialist Confederation. They were invaded by the CFSC in 1823 and Northern Victoria was quickly annexed. The country soon fell as Arthas launched its counter attack. It soon surrendered to the CFSC and the Victorian SSR was proclaimed and joined the confederation.

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