The principal administrative division in Maltropia below the national level is the principality (Irish: prionsacht, pl. prionsachtaí). Maltropia is divided into twenty-four principalities, of which sixteen are in mainland Maltropia and eight are in the Maltropian Islands.


Principalities - that is, hereditary lordships with fixed power bases larger than tribal chieftaincies and smaller than the medieval kingdoms of Espin and the Uí Chairbre and Uí Midire - first emerged in Maltropia's late fourth century, as the more powerful local lords in the north and east began to extend their reach with the proliferation of hill forts through which they subjugated their weaker neighbours. These lordships gradually evolved into feudal principalities over the following centuries, acquiring fixed territorial borders rather than shifting spheres of influence associated with the patron-client and overlord systems.

The title associated with the rulers of these states is flaith, now almost invariably translated as 'prince' (or 'chief') despite having a much broader meaning extending to the concept of sovereignty itself. Although the word prionsacht is used for principalities, the princes themselves are flatha.

The modern principalities of Maltropia do not entirely correspond to the states for which they are named, nor to the grade of those states' rulers. Carbery, Tyrmidra and Espin were once each ruled by a lord classed as a ruirí or rí ruirech; this ruler was demoted after submitting to the King of Maltropia between the 17th and 19th centuries. Minor lordships were promoted to the same status as former kingdoms, which contributed to the outbreak of the War of the Kings and Princes in 1737. With the elevation of the Maltropian Islands to equal status with mainland Maltropia in 1801, its eight baronies were also elevated to principality status, and the 1844 Treaty of Taralanos integrated the formerly-independent Kingdom of Espin into Maltropia as its twenty-fourth principality.

List of principalitiesEdit

This is a list of principalities of Maltropia, sorted alphabetically by their name in Irish. Official names (which may be either in Irish or English) are bolded.

<center>Map <center>Name in Irish <center>Name in English <center>Capital <center>Population <center>Area (km2) <center>Notes
<center>120x120px <center>120x120px Áirgeal Argalium 116,531.33
<center>120x120px <center>120x120px An Sord Swords Mainnear 41,911.23
<center>120x120px An tUillinn The Angle 122,744.86
<center>120x120px <center>120x120px Ard Snechtúil Snowheight 199,395.24
<center>120x120px Brú Seaca Frostbank Castlefinchy 81,068.57
<center>120x120px <center>120x120px <center>Chetwynd Argensborough 117,230.47
<center>120x120px <center>120x120px Cinn Óir Keenore 98,771.03
<center>120x120px Cluan Áed Clunea Tallaght 71,163.57
<center>120x120px <center>120x120px Corcach Nua Newmarsh Corcaigh Nua 64,316.68
<center>120x120px <center>120x120px Cruadhach Rois Montrose Ivory 111,931.48
<center>120x120px <center>120x120px Dál bhFéidhlim Dalafelma Felixfort 123,939.17
<center>120x120px Eispean Espin Esrium 202,681.37
<center>120x120px <center>120x120px Escir Esker Moraine 80,107.51
<center>120x120px <center>120x120px Fearann Ard Farranard Dionn Uillinne 140,413.81
<center>120x120px <center>120x120px Heilbhic Helvick Groomsbridge 83,078.93
<center>120x120px Imleach Brega Imilbregia Sciath Ailbe 130,447.96
<center>120x120px Mag Gaethe Moygay Rathyle 89,065.72
<center>120x120px <center>120x120px Tír Midire Tyrmidra Eochaill 43,205.27
<center>120x120px <center>120x120px Tír Roca Tirucca Lecan 69,758.10
<center>120x120px Uí Chairbre Carbery Ardencross 74,157.03
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