The Welsh Armed Forces (Y Lluoedd Arfog Gymreig) uses several different banners and flags to represent itself, with the main such flags appearing below. The Pre 1821 Army Ensign is still in use today by the Infantry Regiments as the Infantry Banner, usually with the Regimental Crest superimposed either in the top right canton or on the centre of the cross.

The ArmyEdit

The army uses three main banners. The pre-1821 banner is still used by some regiments as the basis for the regimental standard. The post-1821 banner is the official army ensign and forms the basis for other regimental banners. The third standard is the cavalry banner which is based on the Red Dragon standard on a green field and is used as the basis for the cavalry standards.

Army Flags & Banners
File:Army Ensign pre 1821.jpg
File:Army Ensign Post 1821.jpg
File:Kings Royal Armed Forces Ensign.jpg
File:Welsh Cavalry Flag.png

Regimental StandardsEdit

These are a representation of some of the regimental banners of the Welsh Army.

Army Standards
File:Regimental Banner of the Cardinal Guards.jpg

The NavyEdit

The Navy has used since its inception the Cross of St David as its naval jack with the Golden Dragon in the 1st Quarter of the flag. The Navy also uses as its Badge the arms of Prince Maredudd of Powys.

The Welsh Merchant navy uses a variant of the Naval Jack developed from the Tudor Navy, consisting of the National Flag in the top quarter and then alternating green and white or red and white stripes (both flags are valid). The other flag shown is the Prince-Admiral's Ensign.

Naval Flags & Ensigns
File:Royal Welsh Navy Jack.png
File:Naval Ensign.jpg
File:Admiral's Engsign.jpg
File:Naval Coat of Arms.jpg

The Air ForceEdit

The Air Force is the youngest of the three services and has just the one banner. The Ensign of the Royal Welsh Air Force. The Air Force also has a badge, similar to the Navy in that it represents one of the Princely Houses. In this case it represents the House of Gwynedd. Although the House had no part in the formation of the Air force itself, it gave the land for the use of the Air Force in North Wales and built an Air Force College (though it was never used as such). As a result the Air Force Board allowed the use of the Arms of Gwynedd to be used as the Air Force Arms (although the arms used are a variant being gold and blue rather than red and gold)

File:Airforce Ensign.png
File:Royal Welsh Airforce Badge.jpg
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