900 CE; an era often regarded as part of the Dark Ages for Europe. For China, it was an era of upheaval, but for the Muslim World, it was a cultural zenith. But if it were dark, it was the darkness preceding -- nay, fomenting -- the light. It is thus at 900 that we have chosen to split off for this map game.


Rules (Medieval World Map Game)



All nations without names by them may be taken by new players immediately. Nations with normal names by them may not be taken by new players as they are already established main player nations, and cannot be played without permission or a revolt.


Western EuropeEdit

  • France - ** (Mod nation)
    • Normandy (fief under France, available)
  • Asturias
  • Pamplona
  • Normandy
  • Brittany
  • Wessex -
  • York - Bfoxius (talk)
  • Northumbria
  • East Anglia
  • Alba- CrimsonAssassin (talk) 04:20, November 26, 2012 (UTC)
  • Gwynedd
  • Seisyllwg
  • Gwent
  • Dyfed
  • MunsterWhitesight (talk) 13:42, December 13, 2012 (UTC)
  • Connaught
  • Ulaidh
  • Ailech
  • Orkney
  • Strathclyde (vassal of Alba)- CrimsonAssassin (talk) 01:38, January 7, 2013 (UTC)
  • Dublin
  • Upper Burgundy
  • Lower Burgundy

Central EuropeEdit

Eastern EuropeEdit

  • Qui'fan Emirate Andr3w777 (talk) 19:47, November 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • Bulgaria
  • Byzantine Empire(Rump state/vassal of the Abbasid Caliphate): Sine dei gloriem (talk) 20:49, November 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • Rostov
  • Volga Bulgars
  • Khazar Khanate

Northern EuropeEdit

  • Uppland
  • Gotaland
  • Norway FireBlastZ
  • Denmark Enclavehunter (talk) 20:27, December 1, 2012 (UTC)

The Islamic WorldEdit


  • Umayyad Caliphate AP (talk) 19:48, November 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • Toledo (Annexed by the Umayyads:AP (talk)
  • Sicily(Vassal of the Umayyad Caliphate):AP (talk)

North AfricaEdit

  • Barghawata (Annexed by the UC)
  • Idrisid Kingdom (Annexed by the UC)
  • Sijilmassa (Annexed by the UC)
  • Aghlabids (Annexed by the UC)
  • Tahert (Annexed by the UC)
  • Tulunid Emirate (Annexed by the Abbasids)

The Middle EastEdit



  • Gurjara:The old baby (talk) 21:27, January 7, 2013 (UTC)
  • Rashtrakuta
  • Cholas
  • Banas
  • Kerala (farther south than at present)
  • Saindavas
  • Chalukya
  • Nepal
  • Vengi
  • Kalinga

Southeast AsiaEdit

  • Arakan
  • Bagan
  • Chenla
  • Cambodia
  • Nanzhao
  • Srivijaya Empire
  • Harapunchai
  • Dvaravati

East AsiaEdit

  • China --Cosman246 (talk) 07:27, November 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • Balhae
  • Taebong
  • Silla
  • Hubaekje
  • Japan? Rdv65 (talk) 21:38, November 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • Ainu

The SteppesEdit


North AmericaEdit

Central AmericaEdit

South AmericaEdit

  •  Wari Civilization---Ynis (talk) 03:28, January 5, 2013 (UTC)


  • Axum
  • Makuria
  • Alodia
  • Ghana
  • Kanem-Bornu
  • Igbos
  • Anbiya
  • Gao
  • Takrur


Current MapEdit


(click for better resolution) Maps will update every five years, or in case of a new nation joining. Crimson-1 Map-0

Wall of ShameEdit

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  • User:Arceus The God of Pokemon:- permanent ban for sockpuppetting.
  • User:Eldwolf: permanent ban for deleting the entire page and replacing it with profanities.



  • The Abbasid Caliphate continues to focus on its technological advances. The Caliph decides to build newer military technology to take on the Eastern Roman Empire. Meanwhile he decides to expand the Muslim Empire over the Arabian peninsula, past the great Mecca and Medina, steamrolling over Egypt and Fezzan, past the Maghreb, into Granada and Iberia, conquering the Umayyads. However, this will take time and he only expands slowly south and west.
  • Riots break out in Chang'an. The Chinese Capital is moved to Luoyang.
  • The Kingdom of Denmark, Gorm the Old, draws out a strategy to turn Denmark from a minor nation to a regional power. Gorm's Strategy, as it is called by the people of Denmark, begins by sending trade requests with Norway to the north and East Frankia to the south. Denmark also begins research on new technologies to help develop the nation. Improvement of roads and bridges across Denmark begins, which will help speed the delivery of food and other goods across the Kingdom.
  • The Kingdom of Italy begins calling up its nobles to bring in soldiers to the west, planning to invade and take over the Kingdom of Arles and recover the area of King Lothair as Italian domain. In Pavia, the Italian King also begins planning the reformation of the Kingdom of Italy into the Italian Federation in hopes that the wealthy Lombard cities will not try to destabilise the already precarious nation.
  • The Prince of the Kievan Rus' Prince Oleg Yuroslav, orders the military to be updated and expanded. The prince orders a nationwide restructuring, in attempt to unify the lands under one solid, consolidated rule, any who oppose will be removed. The Rus' establishes the capital officially as Kiev and orders and expedition West and South to find other civilizations and to claim land for the Rus'. The military pushes west to claim even more land for the Rus'. Many social plans are enacted to modernize the nation and to adopt a more Romanesque sort of structure.
  • Venice decides to expand its army and navy. Alliance and trade proposals are sent to Italy, the Papal States and the Byzantine Empire. The Venetian King, King Angelo I, decides to open a central market to encourage trade in the city.
    • The Byzantine Empire Agrees.
    • Venice thanks the Byzantine Empire. 
    • The Papal States graciously agree.
    • Italy also agrees to the Venetian proposal.
  • Japan: The Emperor centralised more power and prepare the Samurai to expand north to spread the Japanese culture on the rest of the island of Hanshu.
  • West Francia sends diplomats to Italy, East Francia, the Eastern Roman Empire, and Venice. King Charles III trains the army to prepare for Viking landings.
  • In the Papal States, Pope John IX died in January. He was succeeded by His Holiness Pope Benedict IV. The Papal States wish to improve relations with Italy and send a trade proposal. The Pope also invites the Patriarch of the Church of the East to Rome to discuss possible cooperation between the two religions.
    • Italy agrees with the trade proposal.
  • The Mayan Empire builds schools where children of nobility can go to learn. Trade routes with the Zapotec and Teotihuacan are strengthened. The Emperor decides to expand north along the east and west coasts.
  • Eastern Roman Empire: The Pope's offer surprises the Emperor Alexander III of the Roman. The Patriarch Accepts joyfully after seeing the reunification of the two true faiths once again. The fleet is updated and the army prepares for an invasion of the Bulgarian State, in an attempt to retake glory. From now on the Emperor states that a relation is to be built again with the Roman Catholicism. While this, the army gathers on the borders to avoid any invasion.
  • The Khitans unite under a mysterious figure known as the Showoo Qan (Falcon Khan). It is said he is unmatched with the bow and the sword, and has slain all of his rivals. Khitan diplomats have been sent to the various Mongolian and Manchurian tribes from the Sea of Japan to Lake Baikal, requesting they accept the Falcon as their overlord, or be destroyed.



  • The Abbasid Caliphate continues to build up its military. The Caliphate continues southwards expansion. New technological advances are made, including several new weapons, especially spear types.
  • The Tang Dynasty (China) continues a slow collapse. The warlord Wang Ke surrenders to Zhu Quanzhong.
  • Many tribes have accepted the authority of the Khitans under Showoo Qan, but several Mongolian tribes who do not know the power of the Falcon have ignored the diplomats. They are taught a lesson. Their women and children have been taken from then, their women to be wives, their children to be turned into Khitan warriors rather than "Mongol scum". The men have been giving the option either to swell the Khitan ranks or face the cold iron of the sword.
  • Japan: Began to push north to unify all of Japan under the Emperor's authority. The Japanese began to build some ships. The Emperor encouraged the Japanese to help in the war by joining the invasion force composed of many Japanese from many clans.
    • That's not, historically, how it worked. The samurai were a social class, not merely a standing army; you don't just "become" a samurai.
    • I think this is now more accurate. 
  • Denmark's Gorm the Old and Norway's Harald I Halfdansson meet in the small town of Copenhagen. The two leaders meet to discuss unification of Norway and Denmark under one ruler, which, if the meeting succeeds, spans from OTL Denmark to OTL Norway, across the Atlantic Ocean to OTL Iceland and OTL Greenland. Meanwhile, the improvement of the infrastructure continues, and agricultural production is at a steady rate. The Danish Army is improved and expanded, while the Danish Navy constructs two small patrol vessels to protect the waters along the coast.
    • A word of caution: most of OTL Norway is not owned by Norway at this point in time.
    • Technically, no. But it did own the southern portions of OTL Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and southern portion of OTL Greenland, if I remember correctly. Enclavehunter (talk) 02:22, December 3, 2012 (UTC)
  • The people of the Papal States warmly welcome the Patriarch. The Pope himself is very excited and personally welcomes him into Rome. Benedict IV opens discussions by asking what issues the Eastern Churches have with the West, hoping to avoid a schism. Meanwhile, the military is quietly expanded, and an alliance offer is sent to Italy.
    • Small FYI: At this point, the Great Schism hasn't happened entirely; though there are quite a lot of disputes, the churches are still united (in OTL they split with mutual excommunication in 1054).
    • I had seen otherwise, but I must have misunderstood what I saw. I'll edit it. Thanks! Doctor Evulz (talk) 02:01, December 3, 2012 (UTC)
  • The Mayan Empire continues expanding up the coasts and strengthens trade routes. Scouts are sent north, to see what lands and peoples lie there.
  • Venice improves its infrastructure and thanks the Papal States and Italy graciously. The Venetian King sends ambassadors to Italy, the Papal States and the Byzantine Empire. Trade is encouraged with the aforementioned countries. 
  • First German Reich: Germany begins a massive military buildup and is officially renamed the First German Reich. Economic buildup continues. The German Navy is founded and construction of several new fleets begins. The new Kaiser is proclaimed after the previous King is killed after falling off his horse and being trampled to death. The new Kaiser is crowned as Kaiser Alexander I. He orders the formation of a strong central government while he does allow the several areas and provinces as well as towns control of their own internal affairs. Germany begins to expand eastward and southward into the Balkans while several German vessels land near OTL London and establish the city of Londonium.
    • No. You can't found a navy, expand and land on the same turn. Also, "First" Reich? Why would you want there to be a second? Also, London was founded by the Romans and is currently inhabited. Furthermore, such a level of organization is unprecedented and rather belongs to the 19th century, not the 10th
  • Eastern Roman Empire: The Empire begins colonizing the Western Caucasus and Crimea to expand the voice of the truly. While this, military building continues, and the navy is awaiting for commands of conflict in the coast of Bulgaria. The Venetian Ambassadors are gladly received.
  • The Kievan Rus': Expands the military and increases civil service infrastructure. The Prince orders continued expansion west and south. An expedition makes it to the Eastern Roman Empire and begins to watch curiously before returning north to tell the Prince. Work begins on continuing the modernization of the nation. Troops march into OTL Poland and begin to build settlements and displace peoples. (How does one expand into black? Do I simply state I am, also, what is a logical time to contact the other civilizations? my knowledge of pre-tsar Russia is limited.)
    • What you have so far is good.
  • Alba: Constantine II of Scotland works on solidifying the interior and expanding the military. Relations with other nations are worked on.


  • Venice expands its army and navy. King Angelo has a son! He is christened Michelangelo I. The city and territories are divided into small lots of land; each of these lots will have a leader who must report to the King at all times. 
  • Emperor Zhaozong of China is forced to abdicate by Zhu Quanzhong in favor of his young son.
  • The Viking Rollo lands in West Frankia, where Charles III fights him.
  • Alba: The military is expanded as the interior is improved under Constantine II. Relations with the English begin to go downhill. Meanwhile, Catholicism spreads in Alba.
  • First German Reich: Germany continues a massive military buildup.  Kaiser Alexander I orders the formation of a strong central government while he does allow the several areas and provinces as well as towns control of their own internal affairs. Germany continues to expand eastward and southward into the Balkans. Also Christianity is made the official state religion.
    • No offense, but it should be the German Reich, not the first. That isn't how nations are named.
    • Also, you can't build up, change government, change religion, and expand all at the same time (especially into Great Moravia, which is now a player nation). Furthermore, it takes a lot of time to enforce a new religion: in OTL Iceland, Christianity was adopted in 1000, but the great epics of Norse mythology were re-recorded (albeit with heavy Christian influence, e.g. Loki becoming a straight-up villain) by Snorri Sturluson in the 13th century. Also, Charlemagne had already adopted Christianity anyway (though it had not completely spread amongst the East Franks that he ruled), making this moot. If you continue to act implausibly, I will have you temporarily banned. Cosman246 (talk) 02:27, December 5, 2012 (UTC)
  • Gorm the Old meets with the Norwegian King to discuss unification between the two Nordic countries, while a secret military buildup continues. The Danish Navy constructs two more vessels, while Gorm urges the Danish population to build a fishing fleet. Trade requests and alliances are sent to the First German Reich. Christianity, as well as Nordic religions become the official religion.
  • The Khitans under Showoo Qan improve the economy of the Qanate by introducing laws and rules which make the steppes safer for merchants and tradesmen. This leads to an influx of Chinese and Korean peasants hoping to cultivate the empty plains of Manchuria and Mongolia. The first step has been taken from transforming the Showoo Qanate from a loose confederation of tribes to an organized Empire.
  • Japan: Continues to expand north. A scouting vessel is send to explore the coast of Asia but the crew is order to avoid any contact. The Emperor also creates an official army and every clan is forced to furnish some warriors.
  • Eastern Roman Empire: Expansion northward into Bulgaria begins, while the Settlements in Crimea and the western Caucasus, continue expanding eastward. While this, the fleet begins the invasion of the eastern Bulgarian Coastline. The Emperor Begins marching with its army northward into Bulgarian lands in order to regain control of them. Venice and the Kingdom of Italy are asked for help against the Bulgars.
  • Great Moravia:  Military is improved as with Infrastructure. The Court of Moravia sends diplomats to East Frankia and Kievan Rus' to establish diplomatic ties. 
  • The Kievan Rus': expands the military and increases civil service infrastructure. The Prince orders continued expansion west and south. Managing to take most of OTL Eastern Poland. A delegation of diplomats is sent to the Eastern Roman Empire to establish trade. The Prince hears of a religion called Christianity, but is not convinced that the Rus' should abandon the Old Gods. The Prince continues organizing the nation and develops a new system of bureaucrats to help manage the nation. The Cyrillic alphabet becomes the standard writing method. The nation founds its first "university" (not really - more like a small research center" called the Волга Yниверситета (Volga University). The University begins to record a full account of the Rus' and its history.
    • I think this should be spread out over a bit of time: the expansion happening a bit later, as you first need to build up the military. Otherwise, rather well done! Cosman246 (talk) 02:30, December 5, 2012 (UTC)
  • The Abbasid Caliphate continues to build up its military. The massive expansion into unclaimed land continues. The Abbasid merchants return with stories of a Qi'fan Rus'. New military technology is developed. We invade the Byzantine Empire! (Naw, not this year.)
  • In the Papal States, the Pope grows annoyed at the Patriarch of the East's lack of response. Once more, the Pope asks what issues the Churches of the East have with the West. (Eastern Roman Empire, respond!) This year, the Papal Navy is expanded, citing the growing Muslim militarism. The Pope commends the people of Alba for their recent growth of faith.
  • The Mayan Empire continues pressing north along the coasts. The Emperor orders that naval technology be improved.


500px Guys, let's create nation pages. The category is "Category:Nations (Medieval World)"Cosman246 (talk) 03:57, December 5, 2012 (UTC)

  • Emperor Ai of Tang (China) (the young son of Emperor Zhaozong above) is forced to abdicate to Zhu Quanzhong, who becomes Emperor Taizu of Later Liang. The former Emperor Ai is given the title of Prince of Jiyin.
  • Charles III of West Frankia defeats the Viking Rollo and, through a treaty, converts him to Christianity, makes him his vassal, giving him all of OTL Normandy (which is now named Normandy as well). (Normandy is now a playable nation!)
  • The Abbasid Caliphate sends Muslim dawah missionaries, merchants, and ambassadors to Qi'fan Rus' in hopes of introducing Islam to the nation and eventually making a Muslim ally out of it. They also go with an offer of an exclusive trade pact with the Qi'fan Rushans. (Spices for you, gold for me, LOL.) Meanwhile, expansion continues into surrounding unclaimed land and the military builds up.
    • Great, though I'd recommend the name Qi'fan Rusy, because the apostrophe when transliterating Slavic languages means "palatalized", see East Slavic Phonology. Just a general note, that's all.
    • OK, I see. However, the Arabs would not be able to understand the Cyrillic text and would spell in Arabic as pronounced, Kee-eh-venn Ryus, in Arabic: Qaf-Ein-Fa-Noon Ra-Ya-Seen, therefore Qi'fan Rus', as the Ein is always an E' or an I' in transliteration.
    • Exactly: as pronounced, it would be Qi'fan Rusy (because palatalization is in pronunciation, meaning "y sound added"), but this is a minor issue
  • Japan: The Japanese army is officially created with three hundred warriors but there is a lack of coordination and this last one is pretty small compared to the clan. Advance in the north is really made to take all of the Honshu Islands. The scouts return with information about a civilisation on the continent.
    • Japan has already had contact with China
    • It seems logical. By the way, how can I put my nation page in the good category?
    • Here: Japan (Medieval World)
  • Denmark: The Danish Navy begins to patrol the Strait of Skagerrak, as well as the minor straits, and enforces a tax revenue on any passing merchant vessel through the sea route. Negotiations between Gorm the Old and the King of Norway go well and a unification between the two nations is expected in the near future. Improvement of the infrastructure continues, while Copenhagen becomes the official capital of Denmark. The University of Copenhagen is established, which soon becomes the center of R&D for the Kingdom of Denmark.
  • The Khitans under Showoo Qan expand farther northward, beyond Lake Baikal and into southern Siberia. The forest tribes they encounter either join them or are destroyed. However, Showoo Qan sees the need of a system of formations and ranks when moving such large amounts of warriors. He establishes a personal bodyguard from his best warriors, while regular steppe men are only called up in times of war. Meanwhile in the south, peasants have started their first farms and settlements, watched over by the steppe warriors. Although there have been a few complications between nomadic Khitans and agricultural Chinese peasants, the peasants prefer to live under the shadow of these great warriors rather than among the political upheaval of their home country.
    • I think that's a bit too far Cosman246 (talk) 17:38, December 5, 2012 (UTC)
    • I changed it to southern Siberia. I only meant the area going to Neryungri. I know that's still quite far but there aren't any significant tribes or peoples capable of even hindering such expansion and at the moment the Khitans are still a nomadic steppe people, whose Empires are big and empty.
  • Venice continues to expand its army and navy. The Venetian navy begins to patrol the northern Adriatic against alleged pirate reports in the Adriatic. A 'learning centre' is founded in Venice city, which is used to educate young males in philosophy, math and science. 
  • The Kievan Rus' expands the military and orders the continued improvement of civil service infrastructure. Diplomats meet with members of Abbasidov Khalifat (Аббасидов халифат) and listen to the missionaries' words about this god named Allah, who is the ruler over all things and His Holy prophet Muhammed. Several of the diplomats were swayed to Islam, the rest allowed the missionaries to converse and spread the sciences to the people. The Prince is intrigued but waits to see how this religion is. He wants to ensure it is not a danger to his power base. The trade agreements with the Khalifat are accepted. The Rus' plans to become the most advanced country in Slavic Europe. Delegates reach the Eastern Roman Empire with a request for trade.
  • Great Moravia: Moravia increases military and upgrades infrastructure. Christianity starts to become more common among the people but the King still holds onto his Slavic Traditions.
  • Alba: The military of Alba is expanded as relations with England continue to go downhill. While peace is kept, negotiations are cold at best.
  • The Mayan Empire continues expansion northward. The Mayan Navy begins with several small boats. This does not suit the Emperor, who demands the fleet be increased in size and number.


  • The Abbasid Caliphate continues to expand. Military builds up. More missionaries and merchants go to Qi'fan.
  • Japan: continues to expand north to unify the Honshu islands. The emperor is also glad to see the improvement made by the new Japanese Imperial army as co-ordination is greatly improved. 
  • Great Moravia: Moravian settlers start move eastward which gains approval from the Kingdom. Military is updated. Christianity becomes more popular in Moravia. 
  • Meetings between the Kings of Denmark and Norway pay off and in September of 904, the Treaty of Copenhagen is signed. The Kingdom of Denmark now controls all of OTL Denmark, OTL Norway, Iceland, Greenland, and southern OTL Sweden. Incorporation of the Norwegian Army and Navy begins, while the Danish Navy continues to patrol the Strait of Skagerakk, and taxation of any merchant vessel continues, while the merchant facilities are established along the island. Research into any modern technology continues, while the Danish Army begins construction on a fortress wall across the southern border with the First Reich.
  • Emperor Taizu of Later Liang sends an envoy to the Khitans and to the Japanese.
    • The Japanese emperor welcome the envoy as long as he respect our custom and rule.
  • The Khitans freshly supplied with Siberian warriors and rested in the Mongolian steppes, attack Uyghur Gansu (Can I just conquer it or should we go through an algorithm?). The Khitans receive the Chinese envoy. They are friendly, providing him with a ger and a horse, but they refused to give up their sovereignty to the Middle Kingdom.
    • You can conquer it, but it will take two years.
  • Venice improves infrastructure within the city. Diplomats are sent to Croatia to consider a merge or vassalisation. Trade routes into Italy are improved and trade is encouraged. Trade via sea with the Papal States and the Byzantine Empire is also encouraged. 
  • Alba: The military is expanded in Alba following negotiations with England that quickly turned heated. Contact with England has been limited following the incident. In the meantime, the Roman Catholic religion continues to pick up in Alba.
    • Please note that "England" is not a unified country right now: there's Northumbria, Wessex and East Anglia.
  • German Reich: Expansion into the unclaimed areas of Europe continues while some military buildup begins.
    • The areas are not "unclaimed"-- tell me which areas you're targeting.
    • Oh, I meant the areas on my eastern border that are grey.
  • The Mayan Empire keeps expanding along the coasts. The Emperor orders more boats built, as he is curious about the oceans surrounding the Empire.
  • East Roman Empire: The march over Bulgaria continues taking land. While this, the Roman Empire sets a colony in Crimea. Military build up continues, as well as the fleet.
  • The Mayan Empire keeps expanding along the coasts. The Emperor orders more boats built, as he is curious about the oceans surrounding the Empire.
  • In the Papal States, Pope Benedict IV falls ill with a mysterious disease, despite previously proving to be especially hardy. A man with big dreams, Sergio, took over from behind the scenes. The Navy continues to be expanded and several missionaries are sent to the extent of the known world. Special focus is put into Alba, hoping to be allied with them in the next couple of years. A threat is made to the Byzantines that the meeting with the Patriarch will be called off if there is not a response by 908. Benedict wishes not to enforce a limit, but he is in no position to argue.



  • Venice continues talks with Croatia about vassalisation. The Venetian army and navy are expanded, and new infrastructure is built.
  • The Umayyad Emirate builds better infrastructure and focuses on its military. Technological advances typical to the Islamic world continue to be made in great strides. Southern expansion is considered.
  • Khitan warriors continue fighting in the dry lands of Gansu. Showoo Qan further modernizes the army by adding infantry regiments drawn from the immigrant peasants. They are trained and sent to Gansu to fight.
  • Deutsches Reich: Germany continues its expansion eastward into the grey areas on its borders. Troops accompany the settlers to defend them. The military is slowly built up.
  • Japan: Build up the fleet and began to design a new class of ship, debate by the emperor and the court about either Japan should open his frontier continue. Meanwhile, the expansion north continue to unify the Japanese island of Hanshu.
  • Kievan Rus' continues to expand the military and pushes further into Poland. The Muslim missionaries begin swaying thousands to the Islamic faith.
  • Eastern Roman Empire: In Rus', the Emperor sends several bishops to Russia to gain a Christian ally in the north and not an enemy. While this, the armies continue marching northwards in Bulgaria, the colony in Crimea continues expanding northwards into the Khazar Khanate, the patriarch is sent to the Pope in Rome to keep good relationships.
    • Papal Diplomacy: The ailing Pope Benedict welcomes the Patriarch. He begins discussions by asking what the Church of the East has issue with and possible compromises.
    • You wouldn't know about them.
    • OK
    • Yes he would. The Kievan Rus' was known to the Byzantines.
    • That doesn't mean he'd know the Muslims.
  • The Abbasid Caliphate sends more missionaries to the Qi'fan. The military buildup continues and several non believers are incorporated to the army.
  • Great Moravia: The King of Moravia dies from falling to his death when slips in his Castle. His only son who is a Christian takes power. It should be easy as Christianity is taking hold of the majority but will respect Pagan rights...Or will he? Great Moravia expands eastward with some settlers going east.
  • In the Papal States, the armed forces are greatly expanded. Sergio, an expert at deception and lying, attempted to trick the people of Salerno and Benevento. Sergio manipulated the growing anti-Muslim sentiment, using the people's biases against them, citing the Abbasid Caliphate's military buildup. An alliance is offered to both nations, promising protection under the growing Papal Army and Navy. Meanwhile, Sergio gains popularity among the people, as he encourages violence against the Muslims.
  • The Mayan Empire begins coastal and naval expansion.
  • Denmark begins improving the infrastructure within Norway, while the Danish Navy continues its taxation of all merchant vessels passing through to the North Atlantic Ocean. Research into technology continues, while the military is expanded.


  • Venice abandons talks with Croatia, due to an agreement not being reached. Venice's army and navy are expanded.
  • The Khitans have conquered Gansu, and are now fed by the relentless trade of the Silk Road. The Khitans immediately impose a heavy tax on trade coming from China directly into Gansu, which leads to a great increase in trade coming into Mongolia and Manchuria and then passing into Gansu, thus making the Khitan heartland rich and prosperous. Showoo Qan also begins sending his scouts out to find potential quarries in the region.
  • Sorry about last turn. I'll get a map up ASAP!
  • Emperor Taizu of Later Liang decides to begin a massive public works project. For this, he consults his officials.
  • The Abbasid Caliphate sends more Muslims to the Qi'fan. The military buildup continues. Our missionaries go with a secret message to the Qi'fan: shall you attack the Khazar Khanate with us? Meanwhile, we incorporate our vassals of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Khaketi, Georgia, and Khartli into the Caliphate proper.
  • Great Moravia: Great Moravia's King begins the "Christening." Which begins to convert the Heathens in the land, with the help of the army. Infrastructure is updated and so is Military. The King wants a port and seeks to expand more south near the coast.
  • The Grand Prince of the Kievan Rus' converts to Islam. The Prince appoints a cabinet of Muslim officials, two from the Rus' and two from Abbasia. The military prepares to put down any rebellions, the portions of settled OTL Poland is incorporated into the Rus'. settlers expand south and west now, pushing closer to Eastern Roman holdings. The Nation will aid the Abbasids in a few years once the change stabilises.(in OTL the Rus' was not Christianized until 40 years from now, so it is possible not to be a Christianized nation.)
  • Japan: The new national army is now seem as good enough to serve Japan, a new kind of warfare is invented, large organised army are now put together and new strategies are invented as well. The islands of Honshu is now finally unified and the emperor begin to look the island of Hokkaido but no invasion is made at this moment. The navy is expand.
    • Strategies and "types of warfare" aren't invented out of the blue, they occur when a war strategy is needed.
  • Charles III of West Frankia asks the Pope for permission to wage a holy war against the Ummayads.
  • The Mayan Empire continues coastal expansion and naval upgrades. The Emperor sends agents into the trading partners of the empire, with orders to spread pro-Mayan propaganda, in an attempt to eventually incorporate them into the empire peacefully.
  • The Umayyads strengthen their grand Muslim army. Technological advances continue at great strides, making Europe pale in comparison to the Muslim world. Missionaries achieve great success throughout the land. A special tax is levied on any non-Muslims.
    • Don't include all of that in one turn: missionaries, tech (especially comparative tech, which I would put to task) and army can't all be improved at once Cosman246 (talk) 02:43, December 9, 2012 (UTC)


  • Venice improves the infrastructure of the army and navy. Catholic priests request more churches to be built, to cement Catholicism into Venice.
    • ...Venice has been Catholic for a while....
    • I know. The priests want people to become even more religious. 
  • Showoo Qan of the Khitans, utilizing Uyghur expertise, begins designing a stone city to be the Khitans' capital. Quarries are built and trade is further spurred on with the construction of trade posts, markets and caravanserais. Armed patrols are set up regulating trade and moderating crime, as well as drawing tax.
  • The Caliph is extremely pleased to see the conversion of the Qi'fan and sends a gift of 50 Qur'ans to the Grand Prince, as well as some Imams to confirm the the Grand Prince agrees to accept the Caliph as his religious superior as well as the successor Muhammad. We build up our military.
  • The Grand Prince orders the Qur'an to be translated into Cyrillic and distributed nationwide, it is expected to take some time. The military expands and a group of settlers are sent west with military escort. The Prince agrees to aknowledge the Caliph as successor to the Great Prophet Muhammad. In Kiev the government orders the construction of the Grand Kievan Mosque, it will be a marvel of engineering and will be a commanding and beautiful structure. smaller religous institutes begin cropping up as education begins to improve. The Rus' begins to focus on moedrnization of the government, and military. The government orders the development of an early education system. Several Universities are constructed for this purpose.
  • Japan: Continue to build up the fleet and the emeror decide to increase contact with China. An expansion of the trade is proposed between our two nations. The Japanese national army is now considered professional when a clan who oppose the centralisation of some of their power is crush. The family lose all their advantage and their lands and possessions come under the direct control of the emperor and his courts. What remain of their forces are added to the national army after swearing alligience to the emperor.
  • The Umayyads strengthen their army. They look west to finish their conquest of the peninsula. Diplomatic negotiations begin with Toledo and Sicily.
    • (mod) Toledo asks for access to the sea
    • Toledo will be given free movement between our lands in exchange for a military alliance.
  • The Papal States support the Venetian priests. Support for the Unification of the East and West Churches continues. However, a new faction has popped up. The militant Sergians, with the unofficial support of Sergio, call for an end to the conference between the Patriarch and the Pope and the termination of relations with the Byzantines. It also calls for extreme anti-Muslim policies. However, the Sergians remain a definite minority, with only about 200 followers by August. Yet they grow rapidly, having been only ten people in the beginning of the year. An alliance offer to the Byzantine Empire is never sent for fear of the Sergians.
  • West Frankia demands that Pamplona become its fief if the Reconquest of Hispania is to succeed
    • The Pope authorizes states that the Reconquest of Hispania is necessary and supports West Frankia.
  • China agrees to expand trade with Japan. Meanwhile, Emperor Taizu of Later Liang allocates money toward a group of researchers who wish to find a way to better handle differences in elevation in the Grand 
  • Great Moravia: Increases Military, infrastructure and economy. The King sends his best land scouts south the Adriatic Sea to find a good place for a port. He orders contrustruction of many churches throughout the land.
  • East Roman Empire: Despite the Importance of the Sergians, the Catholics in Italy and all of western Europe are assured, we will continue to support the Pope if he agrees on an alliance and when we can we will return to our Possition as Guardians of the Pontifex Maximus in Rome. While this, seeing the reluctance of the Pope, the Emperor Alexander III chooses to send the most important bishops of his Empire, to meet with the Pope to change his mind about the Empire, as well as to warn about the Conversion to the Islam of the Russians, which the emperor Looks at with horror at having two enemies in two fronts. With this, The colonies in Crimea and the Caucasus begin Expanding farther into the East, While finally after years of Conflict, the Borders of the Empire in the Balkans Reach the Danube, but this doesn't stop our expansion, as the Expansion begins into Dacia and the troops begin marching into Hungary, as well that the emperor says to the Germans to expand swiftly into the east to avoid further expansion of the Russian Muslims.
    • Papal Diplomacy: The Pope ecstatic to see the newfound interest in the Unification. We accept the alliance, albeit with reluctance due to growing Sergian influence.
    • East Roman Empire Diplomacy: The empire has always tried to keep its union with the Pope, as well now that we are surrounded from the west, the best thing we all can do is remain together, and even if the sergians attempt something you will have our aid against them if needed
    • Papal Diplomacy: The Pope proposes a series of reforms to encourage unity and cooperation between the East and West Churches. Of course, it will take several years and we'll need the support of the Church of the East to continue.


Riots of supporters of the traditional Slavic religion break out in Great Moravia and Kievan Rus'. Many, many peasants are revolting, with some vassals supporting them, and with large significance: at least half of the population in both countries support the rioters. After all, the populace will take a while to convert (possibly several hundred years, as in Scandinavia). Cosman246 (talk) 03:33, December 10, 2012 (UTC)

  • The Abbasid Caliphate sends soldiers from the evergrowing army to aid the newly Muslim Qi'fan against the nonbelievers as well as missionaries. Meanwhile we build up our own military and the nonplayer nation of the Tulunid Emirate.
  • Lestek unifies the Polish tribes (Poland is now a playable nation!)
  • The Umayyads build up the military drastically. (I'm assuming) Toledo agrees with the Emir's proposal and free movement through Umayyad territory is granted in exchange for an alliance. Sicily agrees to the alliance proposed last year.
  • The Papal States build up the military drastically as well. Amidst the chaos in Kievan Rus', Catholic missionaries are sent. Armed forces are being prepared in case the Muslims get any ideas. Meanwhile, Pope Benedict is miraculously beginning to heal from his sickness. His faith is stronger than ever. With the Unification of the Catholic Church in sight, the Sergians grow even more militant. Their numbers continuing to swell, and riots break out in Rome and other cities. The military is called in, scattering the rioters with little effort. Sergio continues to secretly manipulate things from behind the scenes, forcing Benedict to make choices that only aggravate the Sergians more. Benedict is not easily fooled, however, and requests several of his top guards to keep an eye on Sergio at all times.
  • The government of the Rus' orders the revolts put down. Troops march into slavic areas and begin to quell the rebellions. The Prince states he is open to the option of allowing limited representation of the Old Gods, similar to the Caliphate allowing Christians. The Prince gladly receives the military aid from Abbasia. The Prince orders Imams to go into the regions and preach the enlightened word of Muhammad, Qa'rans are distributed amongst the populous in Cyrillic in hopes of aiding the transition to the Holy Faith.
    • Mass literacy hasn't happened yet. Also, Cyrillic is a script, not a language
    • I know it is not a language, but a script, also out of curiousity, what is the language of the Rus'. It isn't Russian as that doesn't exist yet??
    • Proto-East-Slavic. Also, "limited representation" isn't going to cut it, given that most of your population has not been Islamicized. I would recommend the approach of Constantine, which is to back it financially but with tolerance, otherwise you risk revolt. Again, it'll probably take several centuries for it to ingrain itself
    • Very well I will take your approuch, many thanks(For some odd reason I cannot sign in, tells me sever down)
  • Venice continues to expand its army and navy, and improves infrastructure within the city. Venice does not support the rioters, due to them not being Catholic.  A university is founded in Venice, with scholars from the Italian Peninsula and East Roman Empire encouraged to join. 
  • Alba: The military of Alba is expanded as Roman Catholicism becomes more popular in the nation.
  • The Khitans begin the construction of the new capital. Showoo Qan is also preparing his forces for an invasion of Uyghur Xinjiang.
  • Great Moravia: Great Moravia starts to expand south. More military updates.
  • Japan: The economy is going better as trade with China increases, money is used to make many development research and slightly support the lower class who feel abandoned by the emperor. The navy continues to expand as more ships make their ways between China and Japan.


Riots begin to die down in Kievan Rus' (they still exist, as the good news of tolerance is still spreading and hasn't reached the entire nation, but the riots are shrinking). In Great Moravia, however, they intensify Cosman246 (talk) 06:24, December 11, 2012 (UTC)

  • West Frankia begins to build more ships
  • China sends an envoy of Buddhist monks and scholars to the Khitans. Emperor Taizu of Later Liang proposes an alliance through marriage of the Emperor's daughter
  • Venice continues to expand its army and navy. Trade relations are established with Benevento and Salerno. 
  • The Mayan Empire continues expansion along the coasts. More propaganda is spread into outlying regions, in an attempt to incorporate them into the Empire peacefully.
  • Alba: Relations with Wessex England begin to improve, as do relations with Strathclyde. The military of Alba is expanded.
  • Great Moravia: The King fearing that the riots will get worse than they are concludeds to mix Slavic traditions with Christianity to ease the Riots. Although the King orders the military to put down the worse of the rioters. The King's palace is barricaded and many churches are torched.
  • The Khitans attack Xinjiang (Algorithm or how many turns?). The enormous army that assaults Xingjiang hails from all parts of the empire, from Gansu, Mongolia, Siberia and Manchuria. Showoo Qan uses this opportunity to rid himself of the clan system. Khans who oppose this are demoted to the ranks of ordinary warriors and if they cause further trouble they are killed. Khans who agree to the system are installed as generals; the Showoo sees their value as lifetime commanders of men. The different clans are broken up and mixed, replacing the clan divisions with jaghuns (100 men), minghans (1000 men) and tumans (10,000 men).
    • Algorithm when you're attacking: a) Player nations or b) Something very difficult to defeat
  • Japan: The emperor began to look at the navy and ask for a bigger ship to be developed. The emperor wants to established formal relation with the Khitan. Many nobles in Japan began to feel threatened by the emperor centralisation while some clans stay loyal to the emperor.
  • The Prince of the Kievan Rus' continues the tolerancy campaign as well as slowly (covertly) making Islam more dominant. The Prince once again thanks Abbassia for their aid. Cyrillic continues as the major script for writing. with Arabic starting to creep in as a scholar language. More schools and Universities are built. The Duma orders the creation of a national schooling system to improve literacy in the country. The Kievan Mosque's cornerstone is laid to much fanfare in the capital city of Kiev. The Duma considers a name change for the nation, but that is slated for many years from now. Explorers push further into Poland, encountering some resistance.
  • The Abbasid Caliphate continues to build up its military and we send more peoples to the Qi'fan to help em and build new things and we gear up for WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Papal States allies itself with other Catholic nations in Italy, particularly Benevento and Salerno. Pope Benedict becomes healthy enough to deliver a speech outside of the Basilica of Saint Peter, with Sergio at his side. The Pope states that the Churches of the East and West can finally be considered united, and that he hopes the Patriarch can see it the same way. He further states that he will begin a series of minor reforms to accommodate the East Churches. The Sergians, numbering around 8,000 in Rome alone, are in an uproar. Sergio himself decides Benedict cannot be manipulated anymore and is too dangerous. He pulls out a knife and stabs Pope Benedict IV, severely wounding the recovering Pope, and proclaims himself the new Pope. The armed forces around Rome are immediately called in. Sergio is killed, along with dozens of Sergian supporters. As the Pope is rushed to the best doctors in Rome, the military temporarily take over control of the country. The Sergians, now led by a man named Christopher, run away to Croatia, hoping to avoid the Papal States' wrath.
  • The Eastern Roman Empire: is Horrified, at the fact that the Sergians recurred into violence, therefore the Emperor Sends a Small army into Croatia (and I'll aid as well for the Venetian Vassalization) to Kill the Sergians and Christopher for their heresy, and to crush the only threat to their New relations with Rome's Papacy. While this, the settlement in Iberia (Caucasus) expand Eastwards, and Crimea, northwards to Russia, preparing a wall to the Heretic Russians. While this, the Imperial army continues Pushing in the Once Territories Of Roman pannonia, and all information of this barbaric tribes begin being recompiled and sented into Constantinople, as well that the Patriarch agrees with the view of the Pope and hopes that the next one Shares the views of his predecessor, Catholic and Roman Priests are sent to both Kievan Rus' and Poland and Into Eastern Caucasus, and finally a promise is made to all Christian Western States, and it's that "All those who threat the Pope will face the Might of the Roman Empire"
  • German Reich: Germany welcomes the Sergians to take up residance in Germany and states Sergia will have control of the Church in Germany, as many as sick of Romes power. The Kaizer converts to Sergiasm Christianity the day after the offer is made. Germany continues building up its military and xotninues expanding east.



  • Venice and its people are deeply shocked when they hear news about what happened to the Pope. Prayers are immediately sent to him, to hope that he can survive such an attack. Venice immediately severs all trade with Croatia, which is accused of harbouring terrorists. The army and navy is built up, with some of the navy 'straying' into Croatian waters. The Venetians want a war with Croatia, or for Croatia to turn out the terrorists. The German Reich is also condemned for accepting the Sergian terrorists. 
  • Alba: Relations with Strathclyde continue to improve while the military is expanded. Roman Catholicism continues to become more popular.
  • The Papal States are in mourning when Pope Benedict IV dies early in the year from his wounds. He is succeeded by His Holiness Pope Leo V. Leo immediately excommunicates the German Kaizer along with Christopher, the new leader of the Sergians, and the rest of his cult. Great military expansion is ordered, and Leo requests the finest bodyguards available from all allied nations to protect the Pope. He vows to continue the Benedictine reforms and that the Sergian heretics will be stopped. Meanwhile, the Croatians are contacted. Christopher and other Sergian officials are to be handed over immediately by the next year, or there will be an invasion. There is no response. The Papal Navy can be seen wandering up and down the Croatian coastline, awaiting further orders.
  • Great Moravia: Great Moravia's military still fight the rebels but have gained the upper hand. With the brutality of the Military some rebels and heathens converted to Christianity. With the King splicing Slavic traditions and Christianity he turns to the Eastern Church.
  • By this time Unification has occured.we are now the same, though you could always go closer with the Eastern Rite
  • Japan: Continues to improve the economy and the standart of living in the territories under imperial administrations is slightly better. Many ruling clan saw their lower class ask for reform. They ask many time the emperor to support them but this last one refuse to cancel his reform concerning his population. A slightly bigger ship is made and began to replace sails on the Japanese water.
  • Eastern Roman Empire: Troops in Hungary harrasing the Hungarian troops in Pannonia while the Presence in Bulgaria continues strong, and in an attempt to Incourage the Christendom through The Russian territories (called this way most of the north eastern Europe) the foundation of several Missions to spread Christendom through the Khazar tribes and Russians as well. While this, expansion in Crimea and the Iberian coast (Caucasus) troops continue in the Croatia trying to search for the Sergians, and The German Reich is warned, if they do give Sergian power they will face the might of the Romans, expansion in Dacia continues, and some troops are sent to protect the new Pope, in hope to continue the unification with Rome's church.
  • German Reich: Germany welcomes the Sergians to take up residance in Germany and states Sergia will have control of the Church in Germany, as many as sick of Romes power. The Kaizer converts to Sergiasm Christianity the day after the offer is made. Germany continues building up its military and xotninues expanding east.
  • The Umayyads expands its military. They open diplomacy with the Idrissid Kingdom to the south. The Kingdom of Leon stands in the way of Muslim dominance, plans are secretly made to deal with them or even West Frankia.


The map will be uploaded ASAP!

  • Venice's army and navy are expanded, with some ships joining in in patrolling the Croatian coast with the Papal States. Upon hearing theat the Pope has died, the Venetians are understandably grief-stricken. 
  • German Reich: Germany welcomes the Sergians to take up residance in Germany and states Sergia will have control of the Church in Germany, as many as sick of Romes power. The Kaizer, who is now the world's first Sergian Christian Monarch, declares the Sergian Church of Christ the supreme Church of Germany. Gifts and rewards are given to the populace for converting to Sergiasm, and by the end of the year over 42% of the population will be Sergian.
    • Religion does not spread that quickly. If you continue to act implausibly (as you have done on several occasions in the past, you will be banned
    • ^^
  • Munster: The king of Munster Cennétig Boru begins forcing the tribal princes throughout Munster to swear allegiance to him as he begins creating a standing army to stop any insurrection against his rule.
  • The Khitans withdraw from Xinjiang. Showoo Qan regards the sacrifices needed to occupy the reason to great and instead focuses on building the capital. The Falcon Palace and Inner City are almost complete.
  • West Frankia warns East Frankia ("Germany") that if they hold the Sergians, West Frankia will have no choice but to go to war
  • China builds up infrastructure in the capital.
  • Abbasid Caliphate continues military.
  • East Roman Empire: military build up continues, and the Invasion of Hungary continues, while the expansion on Crimea and the Caucasus continues, and East Frankia is threatened if they do not quit their aid to the heretics we will join the West Frankish in their war.


  • West Frankia builds up its army and navy. King Charles III declares himself King of France, thus implying that the East Frankish ("German") king is illegitimate. He asks the Pope to allow him to go on a holy war against the Germans.
    • German Reich: We agreed in the past on the division of the land as it is, this is not a holy war, as we both follow Christ. It would be a war of greed, and many nations have eyes on your territory and would love a chance to strike at it. Be careful what you wish for.
    • France: Do not persecute Catholics or preach this heresy outside your borders, and we may come to an agreement
    • Papal D: The Sergians are not followers of Christ. They follow not Christ's message, but Sergio's perverted one. That is what separates Sergians from Christians. We authorize a holy war should Germany continue down this path.
    • France asks the Papal States, Wessex, Great Moravia, Denmark, and Italy for a defensive alliance.
  • The Rus' continues to expand eastward into Poland. The riots have subsided as the nation imbraces more tolerate policies. The Imams begin a nationwide Islamist campaign in efforts to sway more people to Islam. The Kievan Mosque continues to be constructed. Supplies are sent to Abbassia to help with any future conflicts.
    • Germany offers the Rus' an alliance.
    • The Holy Muslim State of the Kievan Rus' denies the offer of alliance in the name of Allah.
    • The Caliph asks the Qi'fan to expel all Frankish missionaries.
  • German Reich: Military buildup continues and troops are mobilized to defend the nation ONLY.
    • One comment - unless you change your dynastic line there's not going to be a German Reich if not an East Frankish kingdom. In fact, it was around 919 when a duke took over Germany, so continue with this name or make something interesting Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:50, December 13, 2012 (UTC)
  • The Khitans begin raiding Chinese farmlands. Meanwhile, construction of the inner wall of the capital continues. The city is already thriving with people of all trades, building makeshift homes outside the city. The Showoo Qan's personal bodyguard patrols the streets keeping peace and order, as well as collecting taxes to be added to the Qan's new treasury.
  • Emperor Taizu of Later Liang decides to expand the army in order to patrol the borderlands.
  • The Mayan Empire expands north along the coasts. Mayan influence is increased in nearby trading cities.
  • Great Moravia: With most of the Riots gone, most have began to accept the new way of life while others still resist...No matter. With the conversion to Eastern Orthodox the King orders the churches repaired and expansion Southward.
  • Japan: An assassination plot on the life of the emperor is prevented and all but one assassin is killed. The assassins revealed after torture that a groups of families have plotted against him. The emperor is furious and relieve all the powers own by those last one. Some refuse and the Japanese civil war began with the emperor and some loyal clans on one side and most of the navy and the rebels' families on the other side.
  • The Abbassid Caliphate continues to build up its military.
  • The Eastern Roman Empire: Military continues to build up, and the troops in the Dacian regions begin to settle in the area. While this, the Missionaries in the Crimean regions continue with a great success among the Khazars. While this, expansion over the Caucasus and Crimea continues, as well as the troops from the Emperor Alexander III presence on Hungary and Croatia, and the Emperor continues stating that if Germania doesn't expulse the Sergians we will go to war against you, missionaries are continued to be sent into Russia, and the navy is built up.
  • Munster: Cennétig Boru continues to force the princes within Munster to bend to his will and continues increasing his standing army and begins trading with Britiany and Wales. Raids are carried out on small areas in Connaught.
  • The Papal States launch an invasion into Croatia to capture and execute the Sergians. Its allies are called to do the same. As troops pour in from the ships patrolling the coast, the bulk of the army moves through Italy and Venice to attack from the north. The remainder are placed at major Papal cities for defence. During all this, the military is still expaded, and research is put into new weapons and tactics. The Benedictine reforms continue, and are nearing their completion.
  • The Umayyads expand their grand army and navy. Diplomats are secretly sent to East Frankia for a special meeting. The Idrissid Kingdom agrees to a military alliance after last year's meeting. The military is on high alert.


Riots break out in East Frankia, especially in opposition to the Sergians. An internal war begins between the Babenbergs and Duke Conrad the Elder over Franconia. Meanwhile, Zoltán of the Magyars (Hungary) begins raiding the East Frankish borders Cosman246 (talk) 08:31, December 14, 2012 (UTC)

thats incredibly biased. (DeanSims: Talk) 12:37, December 14, 2012 (UTC)

The reason is not because of the advocacy of the Sergians, but because of several inaccuracies: excessive centralization, the name "First German Reich" and "Kaiser", and the abnormal conversion rates which I have pointed out in previous posts Cosman246 (talk) 16:43, December 14, 2012 (UTC)

  • France sends diplomats to Wessex, Great Moravia, Italy, and Denmark. War is not declared, but the vassals of King Charles III meet in Paris, where they pledge allegiance to King Charles III and the Counts of Paris Robert and Odo in case of conflicts, as they had done earlier during Rollo's siege.
  • Venice currently does not see the point of war between the Papal States and Croatia, especially seeing that the Sergianists have moved to East Frankia. Venice restations the naval ships situated off the coast of Croatia. Venice improves its infrastructure.
    • Papal D: The Sergian leaders are still in hiding within Croatia. East Frankia has converted back to Catholicism. It is the duty of every Catholic nation to eradicate heretics and nations that harbor them.
    • Venice D: Venice understands and supports the Papal States in a possible war against Croatia. 
  • The Mayan Empire expands to incorporate the nearby trading cities into the Empire. The people of these cities are welcomed into the Empire, and are told that their daily lives will remain the same.
  • Germany/East Frankia: The Sergian posts are revoked and East Frankia is still Catholic. Troops continue to be mobilized. All Sergians are executed.
    • France congratulates the King of East Frankia on his repentance.
    • East Frankia offers France a defensive alliance.
    • France accepts.
  • Great Moravia: Great Moravia begins to moblize Troops for Defense due to the turmoil. Troops are sent to Settlers going south near the Adriatic sea for protection. Any Magyar raiders in Moravian borders are to be found and prosecuted and Moravian troops are on the look for Raiders. More Churches are built and diplomats are sent to Constantinople and West Frankia.
  • Japan: The civil war continues with no clear victory and the emperor's forces are welcome by happy peasants and farmers when they take land from the conservatives. The navy that joined the rebel are nearly defeated and flee somewhere in the endless pacific but the land battle continue.
  • The Khitans continue building the capital, now starting the construction of the outer city. The Khitans sell Chinese peasants in the borderlands into slavery along the Silk Road to fund the capital construction. There are a few skirmishes with Chinese troops but the border is wide and open, the Great Wall in disrepair.
  • China decides it is time to begin renovation of the Great Wall.
  • The Papal States commend the Germans for realizing the one true faith. The army pushes further south into the country, as the navy continue to bombard the coastline. Cities are vigorously searched for any Sergians. A group heading towards East Frankia is intercepted and executed. Pope Leo proves to be more aggressive than his predecessor, stating that the mere presence of Sergians threatens the integrity and unity of the Church. He sends missionaries to the farther reaches of the known world, sending some deep into Abbasid territory, with a note stating that any harm to them would result in war with the Catholics.
  • The Umayyads continue expansion of the powerful military and the growing navy.Free trade with the Emirate's area of influence in Northern Africa flourishes. The Emir states that any Catholic missionaries found within our borders will be executed if they do not leave.


  • France builds up its navy, with shipbuilding techniques taught by Scandinavian shipbuilders hired by King Charles.
  • Japan: the civil war continue and the rebel small part of the fleet is captured or destroy. Many small family wwho oppose the emperor are defeat but the south hold the attack. the north of Japan is secured by the emperor who in need for military recruit peasants who are trained to basic warfare.
  • The Mayan Empire expands into nearby trade cities. Little resistance is met, and the people of these cities are not conquered, but made into citizens of the Empire.
  • The Kievan Rus' expands the military and orders the construction of the Pogranichnaya (border guard) to ensure that unwanted foreign elements would not seep into Kievan society, all Catholic missionaries are expelled from Kiev and escorted to the border by military escort. The Prince states "The Rus' is a sovereign nation and will not tolerate the meddling of Catholics in our affairs, there for we have peaceably expelled your missionaries with the stern warning not to return. Islam grows expenentially due to the great works of the Imams. The Kievan Mosque remains underconstruction. In most small towns that are easily accessable, smaller mosques are set up for the Faithful.
  • The Abbasid Caliphate continues to build up its military. We send more missionaries to convert in the Qi'fan we send some disguised as merchants to Great Moravia.
  • The Umayyads expand their army and navy. Invasion plans are made for a campaign in the near future. A grand mosque, a marvel of the world at this time, will be constructed in Qurtuba -- the capital (Arabic for Cordoba).
  • Venice expands its army and navy, continuing to post ships along the Croatian shoreline. 
  • The Papal States are grateful for the Venetian help in Croatia. The war continues to be in the Papal States' favor. The Pope is upset at the Kievan Rus' not letting Catholic missionaries in. He mocks the Prince's tolerance for Slavic pagans, but not for Christians. With the Umayyads becoming more militaristic, the Papal military is built up as well. A part of the military is turned into a border guard resembling the Kievan's.
    • The Roman Empire: our presence in croatia is similar in reason to the one of the venetian
    • Papal D: The Venetians are rejoining after previously leaving the war, hence our gratefulness. We've been grateful for your help since the beginning.
  • East Roman Empire: The troops in Croatia continue marching and fighting against the Sergians to exterminate this threat from the Domains of God. While this, the missionaries are continued to be sent secretly.
  • Munster: Munster continues to centralise and begins to settle the land in Connaught of its defeated enemies.
  • The Khitans complete their city after years of hard labour. Showoo Qan is crowned emperor of the Eternal Heavenly Blue Kingdom, known as the Showoo Empire. Many tribes choose to settle down in this new city, forming their own urban communities, while other tribes remain nomadic. Compulsory military service remains for both factions. Showoo Qan orders his scribes to write the great history of the Khitan Khanate and the ensuing Showoo Empire.



  • France continues to build up the navy. As an exercise to train the nobles in the art of sailing, some ships begin to patrol the English Channel. Meanwhile, proposals are made to East Frankia on the conquest of the Burgundies
    • Papal D: We request an alliance and trade agreement.
    • France: We agree.
  • China continues to renovate the Great Wall.
  • The Papal States continue to handle the Sergian presence in Croatia. Many Sergians are surrendering upon encountering the Catholics, to avoid being executed. They are sent to Rome to be tried for heresy. Vassalization offers are sent to Salerno and Benevento, with the Pope telling them that this expression of Catholic unity is necessary to show the heretics that they cannot win. Massive military buildup continues, as French sailing techniques are studied.
  • The Abbasid Caliphate continues to build up its military and infrastructure. We invade Sana, and we begin to attack the Qarmatian unorganized tribes.
  • Japan: the traitorous family are on the verge of defeat after losing most of their territory to the Imperial force and the loyal families. Only some small pocket of resistence continue on Honshu and the emperor is confident that the last resistence pocket will fall next year.
  • The Umayyads continue building up their grand military and navy. Qurtuba's Grand Mosque continues construction.
  • The Showoo Empire begins building up a military based on the Chinese system. Buddhism takes its place as the state religion but other religions are tolerated, since the Showoo Empire has itself Tengrist roots. Many of the khans are demoted or removed of military service apart from those who have proven themselves as able generals. The military adopts a meritocratic system which ensures that commanders are always of the highest caliber.
  • Venice continues to expand its army and navy. Possible Sergianists are forced out of the country into neighbouring Croatia.
  • Germany/East Frankia: Germany/East Frankia suggests the political union of East and West Frankia as the French Union. The West Frankish King would marry the East Frankish Queen, and we would still each control our own nations, but each woudl be provinces and every other turn we would switch as the national FU government. Expansion into the grey lands continues as does military buildup.
    • France: We agree.
  • Great Moravia: Great Moravia expands southwards and military, infrastructure and economics are updated.
  • The Kievan Rus': the Prince orders the nation to expand north into OTL Finland, in efforts to secure ports for trade. The Rus' begins to see a large increase in Muslims, though much work is still to be done. The education system is complete, with many towns available with schools, however it is only available to men, women are allowed to go until their 12th birthday, in which they must remain home and learn the house. The Kievan Mosque reaches 25% completion, even in it incomplete form, it towers into the sky, coated in a beautiful blue tile with inscriptions from the Holy Qu'ran in Arabic and Cyrillic. It is believed to be the tallest stone structure in Europe behind the Hagia Sophia.
  • The Mayan Empire continues expansion along the trade routes. The Emperor devotes resources towards the new territories to improve them and make them more 'Mayan'. Naval science is also researched at the Emperor's demand.
  • Munster: Cennétig Boru begins building a fleet of fishing vessels and is becoming known as the "fisher king".  Cennétig Boru now commands the largest army in Ireland and crowns himself high-king in Ireland. War with the princes in Leinster are instigated as Leinster is the seat of the high king.


  • Venice continues to work its way into Croatia. More army and navy recruits are sent to Croatia. 
  • The Papal States continue to fight in Coratia. A plan is drawn up to divide up the country. It is proposed that Venice take the northern areas, Papal States take much of the coastline, the Byzantines get parts of the south, and in the middle, a weakened Croatian state under the influence of the Pope. The plan is sent to the Papal States' allies to consider and revise. Pope Leo V continues to be hard on heretics, as many more Sergians die at the army's hand. Christopher himself is found hiding in a village, and is captured and sent to Rome to await his punishment.
    • Venice D: Venice agrees to the proposal. 
    • Eastern Roman Empire: I agree
  • The Umayyads continue to build up their military and navy. An overland diplomatic convoy is sent to the Abbasid Caliphate and from there it will travel to a place merchants have called the "Qi'fan." The Kingdom of Tahert and the Aghlabids are approached with alliances, which they accept by year's end. The Iddrissid king discusses with the Emir a possible union or annexation upon his death, since he has no children.
  • French Union: Military buildup continues and a national road begins to be built. Celebration over the reunifacation of the two French nations begins and the newly reunited French people celebrate for a week of there new unity. All pacts made by both East and West Frankia are still valid and now pertain to the French Union. The union is sealed when the East Frankish Queen is wed to the West Frankish King.
    • East Frankia: Celebrations begin over the unifacation, and military buildup continues. East Frankia suggests the capitol be in Versailes or Paris.
      • Versailles hasn't been built yet
      • Paris it is!
    • West Frankia: Celebrations begin as well, and the Parisian Palace is expanded
    • Eastern Roman Empire: we propose that you held the title of Roman Emperors of the west as you are the strongest nation currently capable of fighting the Muslims from Spain.
  • Japan: The civil war is over and the imperial force win over the rebellious families. The emperor reorganise the nation and the family who stay loyal to the emperor received the title of governor and General in their province, the invasion of Hokkaido is planed for 122 but the present is stay reconstruction and restructuration.
  • Munster: Munster continues building up its fleet and continues its war against the Leinster Prince's. The war goes well  due to Munster battle hardened troops breaking through all of Leinster defences.
  • The Showoo Empire build up their military. Meanwhile an era of peace and prosperity is upon the entirety of the empire.
  • The Mayan Empire expands north, covering new lands. Much expansion occurs along the coast. Naval science is researched.
  • Alba: Strathclyde and Alba enter a union together following years of excellent relations.
  • East Roman Empire: The colonization of Crimea and the Caucasus continues while the Emperor Alexander III falls ill Constantine VII becomes the regnant leader of the Empire awaiting the Pope in Rome. While this, a scientist in Constantinople discovers some alkaline metals after melting several materials and he ends up discovering Potassium after he throws some water over compound causing an explosion (muahahahhahaha European gunpowder from the Byzantines) he secretly informs the emperor who orders him to continue his work. While this, the New Lands in Croatia are being organized, and Latin becomes co-official language. The military is built up.
    • Papal D: We request you look at the proposal of the division of lands in Croatia and choose whether or not you can agree to the terms. Currently, you would get a sizable amount of land in southern Croatia.
    • Eastern Roman D: I agree and would appreciate that your highness crown the Emperor Constantine VII as emperor of the Romans.
    • Papal D: Leo V goes to Constantinople personally to crown young Constantine VII. He suggests that the Patriarch serve as regent until Constantine reaches adulthood.
    • Eastern Roman D: We partially agree, he will be co-regent with the military chief of the empire.
    • WAIT. Is there Orthodoxy-Catholicism yet? Because then y'all can't be friends and all.
    • We united our two faiths a while ago, when Pope Benedict IV made reforms to accommodate the East.
    • Anyone hungry for some implausogasm? Anyone?
      • This was before the Schism was escalated into mutual excommunication.
  • Norway: Norway the new monarchy of the north declares to start construction of a new city.
  • The Abbasid Caliphate continues to build up its military and infrastructure and we attack the Qarmatians more frequently.
  • Great Moravia: Great Moravia constructs more churches, it's mandatory for everyone to follow state religion. Expansion in the south increases.
  • Can we begin the next turn, it's been a while.


Riots break out in Great Moravia by pagans. Also, the person who's signed up for Norway should realize that it's actually no longer available (sorry about that), as Denmark annexed it.

RE: Oh I didn't realize that. 

  • Frankish Union: Shipbuilding techniques are refined.
    • West Frankia: The army is re-organized and sent to patrol the southern border.
    • East Frankia: Military buildup continues while expansion into the grey lands continue.
  • Munster: Munster continues to build up its fleet and has conquered the remaining princes in Leinster. A royal marriage is proposed with the Ulster High Chieftain which will give de facto control of Ireland to Munster. The marriage is agreed out of fear of being destroyed by Munster forces.
  • Japan: The emperor tries to spend money to help the Japanese citzens have a slightly better life. The national army grows as everyone can go into it to reach a higher statute after five years. The capital is moved to Edo where a major development program began. Trade with the mainland continue and the Japanese fleet continue to be build up, the emperor order some ships to follow the Asian coast to explore it.
  • Venice continues to expand its army and navy. Some troops are stationed around Venetian occupied Croatia, and more schools are built. Croatian becomes a second language, with Latin being the main language of Venice.
    • East Roman Empire D: We want to form with you and the Papal States a Roman Imperial Federation (similar to OTL Holy Roman Empire but actually centered in Rome) it would include, as well, the south italian states if we manage to persuade them to join.
  • The Papal States deny the Eastern Roman Empire's offer, stating that they wish to retain their sovereignty. However, it is stated that they still want to maintain their state of excellent relations. The Papal holdings in Croatia are unified into one unbroken strand. Meanwhile, much of the armed forces are returned to the mainland, except for some to maintain order. The last of the Sergians are brought to Rome to be tried. The last of the Benedictine reforms are initiated, as Pope Leo reaches a peak of popularity. Missionaries continue to cross across the Abbasid Caliphate, converting some of the people they meet along the way. Ship-making techniques are learned from the Scandanavians and Frankish, as further research begins.
  • The Umayyads continue to build up their military and navy. The Idrissid king falls ill and dies by the end of the year, leaving no heirs. As was agreed during last year's meeting, the kingdom is annexed by the Emirate. Quturba's Grand Mosque continues construction. The border guard catches several catholic missionaries and immediately deports them.


  • The Channel Islands are taken by West Frankia
  • Frankish Union: Military buildup continues while the rest of Brittany is colonized or conquered. Expansion into the rest of unclaimed Europe continues. The 2nd of December is celebrated, with thousands mocking the supposed "Doomsday" and stating Happy Doomsday.
    • East Frankia: Expansion continues.
  • The Showoo Empire pushes northwards, subjugating the forest tribes beyond Lake Baikal. This realm is a popular destination for merchants because of its furs.
  • Japan: The Showoo empire is ask for a trade deal. The Japanese national army continue to grow and the Japanese explorer make contact with Vietnam and discover the OTL philippines, a trade deal is made with the Philippinos, spice against rice. The ship return to Japan.
  • Question to all: How did that "Frankish Union" conquer the Burgundies and all the other states in the way(if any)?
    • The map was not made by me: I shall rectify it
    • Can Croatia also be fixed? Thanks. 
    • It is done!
  • Venice expands infrastructure within Croatia and continues building roads, schools and hospitals. Ships depart regularly from Croatia to go to Venice. 
  • The Abbasid Caliphate continues to build up its miltary. We continue to expand into Qarmatian territories.
  • The Papal States improves the infrastructure in the new Croatian colonies. Newfound wealth flows into the Papal States from their conquests. They take interest in Sardinia and the smaller Italian countries. Missionaries continue to be sent to Europe and beyond. The Pope criticizes the expansionism of the Muslim states, convienantly ignoring their own expansion.
  • Eric Bloodaxe, king of York begins building up their army and navy, to attack neighboring Merica. We ask Denmark for an alliance.
  • The Umayyads continue expanding their army and navy. The annexed lands are incorporated into the Emirate and the Idrissid royal family comes to live in Qurtuba. The Grand Mosque in Qurtuba continues its construction. After last year's annexation, the two small states bordering the Idrissid Kingdom were approached with possible vassalization. We await their responses, but they did sign alliances before the Umayyad diplomats left.
  • East Roman Empire: The discovery of the Unknown Scientific continues to be worked one, but the emperor sees the New Discovery as an incredible discovery seeing as well its bellic capabilities, for wars and Roman Expansion, he orders this man to continue the Perfection of the Nicknamed "Greek Fire" as the emperor lacks the words to express it, nevertheless, the Man states that he will continue but the Compounds its already in its best, after this being set, the Kalium Compound its given to Ships armed with Trebuchets and the Conquest of the Caucasus and Crimean Coast begins

(should I do algorithm or?). While this, the Papal States are asked that all Christian nations join in a Federation in which if one is assaulted or attacked by any Muslim nation we all attack them. While this, the army and navy begin building up.


500px I'm pretty sure Greek fire existed for centuries before 918.

I know but it wouldn't be fair to call it gunpowder and Greek fire. It's just a nickname like man thunder was the original chinese name for the First fireweapon Sine dei gloriem (talk) 02:13, December 23, 2012 (UTC)

  • The Papal States responds to the Eastern Roman Empire, stating that it is not responsible for the decisions of other Christian nations, but that it itself will not join any federation if it means giving up sovereignty. However, later in the year, an offer is made to the Byzantines to sell Sardinia for a large amount of wealth. Infrastructure is also built up in Papal Croatia, as well as in the mainland. A special emphasis is put into education, as schools are built across the nation. One in Rome has the goal of becoming the leading center for Catholic theology.

/**East Roman D: In first place it wouldn't mean loss of sovereignty. It's just a military alliance among all Christian nations in case of any attack, and you mean Sell or Buy?

    • Papal D: We mean you sell, we buy. Sardinia seems to be more of a hassle to protect than it's worth to your empire.
  • West Frankia sends a delegation of scholars to Rome, Constantinople, and Baghdad to learn from the influential intellectual communities in those areas and bring such a life to Paris. A delegation of diplomats is sent to Jórvík (York).
    • East Roman Empire: We would like to know if you would join the Christian Defence federation against the Muslims.
    • West Frankia: We agree.
  • In China, movable type (As in OTL) is first recorded. However, because of the immense multitudes of Chinese characters, it is not used very often, but in certain circles of monks a simplified script (one which is phonemic rather than morphosyllabic e.g. an alphabet instead of OTL Chinese characters (think Bopomofo)) is spreading for quick notes. Other circles denounce these monks as lazy in transcription, but the first circle is rather more efficient
  • Japan: the military continues to be built and Edo is designated to become the Imperial city, a large palace to serve as the imperial palace and show the power of the emperor began to be built at the center of the city. Trade with China and the Philippinos tribe continue and Japan began to absorb some cultural traits from those cultures.
  • THe Rus' continues expansion into the Finnish peninsula(why are none of my expansions recognised, my nation should have a sizable portion of Eastern Poland, and a small part of OTL Finland.)
    • Well, I had said that Lestek had unified the Poles....
    • You gotta fight the Saami.
  • The Umayyads continue expanding their army and navy. The Grand Mosque in Qurtuba continues its construction. The two small states agree to vassalization.
  • ATTENTION PEOPLE: We need to reinvigorate this game. This is pretty sad, a game overrun by implausible players has more edits (World at War).
  • Munster: Munster continues to consolidate its claim whilst building its fleet. The irish fleet begins attacking pirates throughout the Irish Sea making it safer for its sailors.



  • The Abbasid Caliphate continues to build up the military. In a massive war, we invade Persia with the aid of the fellow Muslims in Qi'fan. We also send messages to North African Muslim states, and they agree to be vassalized for protection from the Ummayyads.
  • Just letting you know, everything up to OTL Tunisia's eastern border is either a vassal or ally of the Umayyads. I thought we were going to work together because it seems like you have issues with the Byzantines and i will soon have issues with West Frankia.
  • The Egypt thing I get it but I've been trying to colonize the coast of this and I haven't - so you shouldn't either Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:27, December 23, 2012 (UTC)
  • What? I'm just conquering the Muslim states...
  • Not that I get it but you add the Caucasus under your control, and if so I should on all the west part and Ukraine Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:29, December 23, 2012 (UTC)
  • But that area's mine. I did that a couple of turns ago. The Muslim states there were my vassals, and I incorporated them.
  • And I have been colonizing the Caucasus since 905 ¬¬ you couldn't beat that
  • Dude, those areas were nations. You can't colonize national areas. >.>
  • For me colonization and Expansion outside the Land Borders are the same, and I have the fact that Crimea was in several distinct times under Byzantine's control and the Khazars who domain this area were Byzantine allies, AFAIK Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:37, December 23, 2012 (UTC)
  • You are not the mod, my friend. Cosman246 (talk) 23:43, December 23, 2012 (UTC)
  • Who're ya talkin' to?
  • Oh, BTW, Sine? The lands you tried to "colonize" were my vassals. No way you could take 'em from me without a war algorithm.
  • It seems I have been a bit too loose. The Abbasid Caliphate has the Caucasus: if you want to take it, declare war Cosman246 (talk) 23:49, December 23, 2012 (UTC)
  • Thank you for understanding, Cosman. :)
  • What? but if I have tried to take the western half of the Caucasus for ten years and you haven't given it to me, and even so I should own the northern half after expanding on Khazar land Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:54, December
    File:This should be.png
    23, 2012 (UTC)
  • Look - this is the why I say the Caucasus that Scraw drew was impossible and if so this should the map in 925, I have expanded in friendly Khazar land for pretty much ever since the start of game
  • Also Cosman, as you and I are the only ones with Gunpowder and weapon developing how much would this affect on a war - just asking because I felt that Scraw is going to attack me
  • Dude, your link's from 800. Look on the talk page for a map from 900. Also your gunpowder is very primitive, and I control this end of the Silk Road, so I could always "accidentally" discover gunpowder...
  • But I do agree with your map, except that my conquest of Sana is missing.
  • Oh, OK, but we shouldn't really use the Silk road. It is used but not as much as of this era, for that we should wait something like the Mongols or an expansive China, and I don't really have gunpowder. I have Pure Sodium which with water is highly explosive, so it would be a shotgun based on water, and a little bit more powerfull, but if you agree with Me having Northern Caucasus and Ukraine fine by me Sine dei gloriem (talk) 00:25, December 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • Done.
  • West Frankia receives the delegation it had sent, which had brought many ancient texts (such as Aristotle's second book of Poetics) and inventions (such as Greek fire)
  • The Mayan Empire expands north. The navy is upgraded, and explorations go out across the Empire's borders.
  • Venice expands its army and navy. Small settlements are built in Croatia and trade is encouraged between Papal, Venetian and East Roman occupied areas of Croatia, as well as the vassal state. Venice also builds roads, hospitals and schools in the town of Rijeka and other small villages, to accommodate the growing number of Venetians leaving Venice, due to it being slightly overcrowded. 
  • Alba: The military expands as relations with neighboring nations increases.
  • In other news ... Orbis Terrarum is done, for those who want to play in a medieval early game. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 01:00, December 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • The map proposed will be accepted: I will update the 920 map'
  • The Umayyads continue expanding their military and navy. Qurtuba's Grand Mosque is officially opened in a ceremony attended by the Emir himself. Towering at 200 feet, it puts the Hagia Sophia to shame. The Grand Mosque overlooks the banks of the Guadalquivir River and is situated in a position looking East towards Mecca. The Umayyad vassal of Tahert expands east at the expense of the unorganized Bedouin tribes, The Berber tribes are attacked. The Emir's only daughter, insert Islamic name for a girl here, marries the Abbasid heir as agreed upon.
  • East Roman Empire:the Kalium compund continues to be tested but the Explosive Capabilities surpassing the ones of the Previous Greek fire amaze the armies who test it near the coast of Athens, nevertheless, the Emperor, despite having the bias and anger against the Muslims, sees that a better chance to keep peace would be asking for a non-aggression pact, though the military is continously on standby, in case of an Assault from the Muslims, and Kalium Ignis and venice and the Papal States are asked to join the Frankish - Roman Christian Federation as a mean to protect ourselves from intrussions from the Muslims. While this, the Empire Expands into Eastern Sarmatia (north of the Caspian Sea). While this, the armies stand by in Croatia and make Latin Official in the gained lands, more bishops are sent to Russia secretly and succeeding with some Russians becoming Christian. After hearing the news of the grand Mosque, the Emperor sees a new Empire, with him at the head, with god in its side, he commissions the construction of a Structure of 250 feet in Constantinople as well as a monument to the New Good Relations with Rome, the Sancta Magna, expected to be finished in ten years at most.
  • Japan: continue to build the trading fleet, trade with the Vietnamese began as well and the emperor began to think about bigger trade vessel. The military continue to be trained for the futur invasion. A Japanese captain sail west against all logic and disappear to be never seen.
  • The Papal States mourns as Pope Leo V dies in the early spring. His successor is Stephen VIII, a relatively young Pope with some anti-Byzantine sentiment. He stresses increasing relations with the Frankish Union and Italy, but continues his predescessor's idea that the Papal States should not join the proposed Christian Federation. He states in one of his speeches, "The Byzantines have been practically begging for war. This Christian Federation is so they can haves their wars and border skirmishes and get the help of nations who shouldn't need to be a part of it. If the so-called Roman Empire starts a war with the Muslims, the actual Rome will not support them." Some question his beliefs, but others are listening to them.
    • Eastern Roman Empire D: Despite respecting the views of the Pope, the emperor says, "How foolish can you be? I'm not eager to conquer, if not to protect Rome. The Muslims are arming themselves, against us, if we don't protect each other, why would god protect us, if you don't want to continue free from the Muslims fine, but I'm sure that the French, And Venetians are" the emperor as well states that Venice joins the Christian Federation.
  • Munster: Munster continues building up its navy and begin raiding the Welsch and Cornwall coast doing huge damage with hit and run attacks. The last piece of Ireland is incorporated into Munster and Cennétig Boru names himself imperator of the Gaels and changes the name to Éire.


  • The Umayyads continue expanding their military and navy. The Grand Mosque at Qurtuba is ordered to receive 4 minarets, to be constructed within 5 years. (Sine stop metagaming, there's no way you could find out that fast about the mosque). The Umayyad vassal of Tahert expands east, now sharing a border with the Abbasid Caliphate at the former Tulunid Emirate's western border. Diplomatic negotiations, after almost 20 years, with Sicily are over-- they agree to vassalization for protection from the Byzantines and the other non-Muslim Italian states.
  • I thought you already finished it, in this turn I'll change it from surpassing the mosque to a marvel for all Christians Sine dei gloriem (talk) 22:38, December 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • You don't have the capability, the tallest structure in Europe at this time OTL was the Hagia Sofia at 180 ft, the Mosque is 200 ft. The tallest structure in the world at this time was the Pyramid of Giza and no one had the technology to surpass it until the Lincoln Cathedral was built in 1300. So stop.
  • How high is the Pyramid Sine dei gloriem (talk) 22:45, December 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • 451 ft
  • Well, it's we are not near that, so I at least could make it of 225 to 250 ft and like the Hagia Sofia make it collapse, you as your nation mock and i rebuild Sine dei gloriem (talk) 22:48, December 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • Naw, Sine, your's is just plain implausible.
  • Why? Sine dei gloriem (talk) 22:55, December 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • Japan: Continue to grow the military and prepare the invasion of Hokkaido. A great amount of wealth began to go to the emperor but a large part is used to maintain the fleet and the army and a very small part to improve the life standard of the population. The Imperial palace is complete and the emperor and his family established themselve in it.
  • Venice continues to expand it army and navy, and increases trade between the former parts of Croatia.
  • The Abbasid Caliphate continues to build up military and infrastructure. We continue the war in Persia, and the Caliph's son needs a Muslim wife to marry.
  • East Roman Empire:Expansion along eastern Rossia continues and small settlements are made in the east Coast of the Caspian Sea, many Greek and Bulgars are incouraged to go this lands and the priests continue to travelling and converting many Russians, but now the focus is in the central asian regions, and many priests travel to the Regions conquered to convert many Khazars and other tribes among the empire, the Emperor Invades Crete and the naval with the Kalium Ignis and Greek fire succeeds in blockading the army begins landing at The Crete's coastline, we continue to ask the Papal State to join Our Defence alliance (Evulz I would only call it to help me if IM ATTACKED, I'm not going to force you into a war impulsed by me without nothing worth to be gained for you)

The Khazars continue converting to Christianity.

  • (Sine, the Pope is anti-Byzantine. Do you expect him to not exaggerate?) In the Papal States, the Pope publicly denounces the Byzantine's plan to invade Crete and openly mocks the Emperor and Patriarch. Secretly, though, several of his commanders order their troops to join the Roman war effort without Stephen's knowledge. They consider Pope Stephen no better than Sergio and plan to kill him the next year. The commanders, led by the Captain General of the Church, also arrange with the Byzantine Empire to purchase some of the Byzantines' Greek Fire, along with the new explosives. The Papal States continue to prosper as wealth from its colonies and vassals flow in.
    • East Roman Empire: We will supply our allies the Papal State some examples of the New Explosive, but not its extraction method (for the record I don't know about the conspiracy) we hope this calms down any conflict that the Pope might have against the Empire.
  • Munster: Munster's navy is expanded and vicious attacks are continued on the Welsh coast plundering anything of worth. The Isle of Man is occupied and becomes a launching ground for attacks on the northern English coast. 
  • You are expanding way too fast
  • Ok but I should still be able to plunder the coast if I do hit and run attacks like the vikings I'm copying their mode of attack
  • Alba: Relations with Northumbria continue to increase. The military is expanded and the Roman Catholic religion grows in popularity.


  • Japan: Many navy ships land troops on Hokkaido and began to fight the Ainu tribe to conquer the island for the emperor. Trade continues to bring wealth to the emperor. Edo continue to grow as many Japanese in the Edo prefecture join the city growing population while the rest of the Japanese empire do not saw much change, people still work in their field. 
  • Venice continues to expand its army and navy. 
  • West Frankia begins training its nobles on the use of Greek Fire.
  • The Abbasid Caliphate continues to do its things like military buildup. We invite the Qi'fan Russ and the Umayyad Caliphate (half-heartedly though) to join some sort of Islamic alliance. We defeat the Qarmatians entirely and claim all their land. (Meaning the whole Arabian Peninsula.)
  • The Qi'fan Russ continues to build up its military and spread Islam. All Christian missionaries from the Eastern Roman or East Frankish Empire are repelled and forced back into their country. We expand south to the Byzantine border and east towards Siberia and plan to invade Poland. The Russians attack the Finns and the Saami.
    • Metagaming or what, because they are there secretly, at least if they are from the Byzantium Sine dei gloriem (talk) 01:50, December 27, 2012 (UTC)
    • How the hell are we not going to know they're there?
    • Still they are secret, thus stating there existence is metagaming, after all secretly it means go to their home and convert them, not usual Christian way Sine dei gloriem (talk) 02:01, December 27, 2012 (UTC)
    • Chances are, they'd report them. Doctor Evulz (talk)
    • 'Well, I think it's quite obvious that any priest won't go to an Islamic home. The targets here are the pagans from Rus' - not the Islamics'  Sine dei gloriem (talk) 02:08, December 27, 2012 (UTC)
    • Still, it's likely some pagans would eventually tell the government.
    • Coming from the grand metagamer of all metagamers (Sine), your statements are not valid. They surely would notice Christian missionaries as much as you would notice Muslim missionaries in your country.
    • In this dispute, I would argue that sending missionaries will probably invite attention. Cosman246 (talk) 04:14, December 27, 2012 (UTC)
  • In the Papal States, a great tragedy has occurred. While Pope Stephen VIII rested in Rome, there was a massive explosion in his room. The Pope was killed, and part of the Papal Palace was destroyed in the resulting fire. No suspects are found. The next Pope is elected, a man named Giovanni. He takes the Papal name of Benedict V, after Benedict IV the Great. First off, he orders the Papal Palace rebuilt. Next, he immediately retracts his predescessor's anti-Byzantine statements, saying "The Papal States has known few to be as loyal to the Church of Rome as the Roman Empire itself." He plans to join the Romano-Frankish Christian Federation within the next few years.
    • The Roman Empire is happy, that the new emperor sees truly, and we are sorry for the last Pope's death.
  • East Roman Empire: Expansion into Sarmathia and Central Asia continues and more priest are sent into the controlled regions and Scandinavia. Research on the Kalium ignis continues.
  • The Umayyads expand their military and navy. The Umayyad vassal of Tahert expands enough to border the Abbasid Caliphate. The Tahert are annexed to the Emirate as their king, like the Idrissids, had no heir.
  • The Mayan Empire continues expanding north, building road systems along the way. The navy is upgraded by the Emperor's orders.


  • The Umayyads expand their military and navy. The Kingdom of Tahert is fully incorporated since last year's annexation. The Aghlabids are inspired to join the Emirate, and negotiations begin with them. The Umayyad army continues attacking the Berber tribes.
  • York expands north, and invades Merica with the army that we built up since 918. We offer an alliance to Eire.
  • Japan: continue to invade Hokkaido and submit several Ainu tribe. The professional army show a great discipline and strength. Trade continue with our trading partner.
  • Venice expands its army and navy, and also joins the Christian Federation along with the Papal States.  
  • Sorry for the inactivity The Kingdom of Italy, after a long period of inactivity, begins to reopen with the death of the previous king and his son, Hugh, succeeding. Italy begins arming up and improving its military in hopes of conquering Arles and establishing a renewed Lotharingia. Government reforms are planned to increase the king's power and establish a stronger government while giving some of the northern cities freedoms. While Italy is interested on the Federation, it does not join it yet.
  • The Papal States officially joins the Christian Federation. Meanwhile, a crisis is beginning. Because of the previous Pope's many anti-Byzantine speeches, a Sergian resurgence is emerging. Already, hundreds have joined protests movements resulting from the Papal States' decision to join the Christian Federation. Benedict V attempts to calm them down peacefully at first, but it fails to work. The military is called in to at least keep the protests civil.
  • Éire: Éire continues to build up its navy and continues its its raids on the Welsch and English coast causing much destruction. Éire accepts Yorks alliance. The army is continnually built up and training is increased with an officer class been created.
  • The Abbasid Caliphate continues to build up its military and what not. The Persians are totally defeated this year, as we advance on Baghdad and capture the Sultan. He is released into Alexandria, stripped of all power and the such. We expand south into Egyptian areas.
  • this game has the same rules than principia moderni, if you build up military you can't expand, sorry Sine dei gloriem (talk) 02:44, December 29, 2012 (UTC)
  • Who said you could cross that out? And that doesn't make any sense. How am I going to expand if I don't have a military to back me up? And why not?
  • as far i as i know you can only do one on one turn, expand or build up military, not both Sine dei gloriem (talk) 02:56, December 29, 2012 (UTC)
  • The Qi'fan Russ expands its military and infrastructure. We expand east towards Sibyrya. We engage in small wars with the Saami and other Finnish and Yural tribes.
  • East Roman Empire: expansion into central asia continues, and more Priest are sent into Scandinavia, the siege of Crete continues, but it seems to be a great success as most of the fleet of Crete's Muslims fail to escape or ask for aid from the abbasids, the kalium ignis continues to be used to destroy or Stop the Muslim vessels, the bulgar regions begin to be heavily populated by Greeks and in Constantinople the foundations of Hagia Megas (?) a structure of 225 -250 feet in in honor to the new Pope and the Christian federation, expected to be finished by 940. It's going to be tallest structure built by the Roman Empire, roads and infrastructure is built in the new provinces of Taurica, Sarmathia, Caucasus and Serica.
  • It's been said before that your construction is implausible until four centuries from now, so stop.
  • Give me the why and I'll consider it, please Sine dei gloriem (talk) 03:17, December 29, 2012 (UTC)
  • You don't have the technology, simply put. The Hagia Sophia has collapsed in several places already more than once since it was built due to your inability to create a structurally-sound frame for it.
  • Who says i plan to make it a building wonder after its building? It's going to take a lot after all and I say 940. I have plans to delay it until late century, maybe 990's and I'm going to be beginning  improving my construction skills. It's going to be a long term project for the Byzantines Sine dei gloriem (talk) 03:25, December 29, 2012 (UTC)
  • First off, please start using sentences. You can spend centuries doing that (at least until 1300) and it wouldn't work. One doesn't just "work on construction skills." It's really pointless to explain things to you anyway, so do whatever you want.
  • By work on construction skills, i mean sending Byzantine students to Qurtuba etc etc, in similar way as some Mathematicians study algebra in Muslim nations and then take the knowledge to Europe, is that implausible? Sine dei gloriem (talk) 03:33, December 29, 2012 (UTC)
  • Just stop. You're an implausible player so I'll just let you be implausible. It's not my problem.
  • Why am implausible, even if the Byzantines didn't have the enough capability to make a new one? It wouldn't be hard do the same at a slight higher scale Sine dei gloriem (talk) 03:37, December 29, 2012 (UTC)


  • File:1000px-This should be.png
    The Umayyads
    expand their military and navy. Plans are laid down for a proper road system to fully integrate the acquired lands with the Emirate. Toledo is asked to join the Umayyads to which they agree by year's end(it really was a no-brainer). The army continues attacking the Berber tribes and they march along the west coast. The Emir reorganizes the Emirate into a Caliphate to better suit the size and grandeur of the former Emirate.
    • The son of the Caliph travels to the other "Caliphate" (which we still call an Emirate) in hopes of finding a possible wife. This is all secretely part of a plan to reinstitute the Umayyads under the one true Caliphate.
    • The Umayyad Caliph states that his daughter married the Abbasid Caliph's son years ago(Don't remember what year but it was posted). We wish to remain a separate entity but we agree to a union of some sort.
    • Forgot all about that, and OK.
  • Venice continues to expand its army and navy. Explorers look for other nations on the borders of Croatia. 
  • The Kievan Rus': The Prince begins to draft a new name for the Rus' to bring it into accordance with Muslim tradition and the Arabic script, the name Divine Qi'fan Emirate is suggested by members of the Royal Court. The military pushes further into the Finnish peninsula. Christian missonaries are increasingly expelled. Relations sour with the Eastern Roman Empire. The Prince asks Abbassia for a joint invasion in the future.
    • The Abbasids agree, possibly after we are able to reconcile with the Umayyads.
  • The Abbasids expand their military and we build up our economy. We begin to slowly seep people into Taherti and Aghlabid areas to spread pro-Abbasid news so that we may one day unite the Muslim states under one leader, as Muhammad said we should.
  • The Mayan Empire continues expanding north. The navy is upgraded, and ships are now sailing around the islands in the region.
  • This should be a more accurate version of the Byzantine expansion and the North African vassalization of the umayyads but one question ap, are they still vassals or you annexed them like Scraw ?
    Sine dei gloriem (talk) 00:17, December 30, 2012 (UTC)
  • Sine, you never had access to the Caspian. How would you expand along it? And yes, the vassals were annexed.
  •  if yo look closely at the 920's map I had a small outlet to the Caspian Sea Sine dei gloriem (talk) 00:21, December 30, 2012 (UTC)
  • Stop being so implausible Sine, your expansion is too fast. You never historically wrapped around the Black sea and you sure as hell can't do it in less than 25 years. Not to mention that you expanded into the Khazar Khanate, which is a sovereign nation you would have to go to war with to expand into.
  • I'm certain as well that you didn't own the Caucasus, before the Turks arrival and even more that the Abassids could conquer Arabia, and the Khazars had been allies for a while and have been expanding up there for the last 24 years Sine dei gloriem (talk) 22:53, December 30, 2012 (UTC)
  • You really don't get it, do you? It is completely implausible that you are at the shores of the Aral sea in less than 25 years. That might sound like a lot to you but it's not. The Abbasids owned the Caucasus because they annexed their vassals in the region. Furthermore, the Khazars are a SOVEREIGN nation. You cannot expand into them, I don't care if they are your allies. That's like Britain expanding into France just becaus they are vassals. Be realistic.
  • Probable typo, but, if you can expand on vassals, why do you say the british French example, and yes i know its unlikely but most of my resources in the last years have come there, as well as many priests and a lot of Greek population in the zone, and the Khazars were more in Civil disarray than a sovereign nation, and they are a Confederation/Khanata, not a republic or empire, not even a kingdom Sine dei gloriem (talk) 20:40, December 31, 2012 (UTC)
  • i do not see a way that Eastern Roman Empire could have expanded so fast, it has taken me decades to get the small spot in Poland and Finland.Andr3w777 (talk) 23:00, December 31, 2012 (UTC)
  • Alba: The military is expanded as relations with Hebrides increases.
  • The Papal States send explorers to join the Venetians. A special focus is put on improving the economy. The Sergian resurgence continues, as many more join the protest. A division of the army, the police force, has arisen to handle the situation, No other military buildup is done, as the Pope wishes to move away from violence and towards peace. Cooperation with other Christian nations is encouraged. Meanwhile, what remains of the missionaries sent to the East. They were busy converting in Persia until they saw Abbasid soldiers approaching. They were frightful, having heard stories of Muslims arresting or deporting Catholic missionaries. They fled, and only returned to the Byzantine Empire last year. The Sergians are horrified by their stories and push for more action against the Muslims. The Pope, however, does nothing.
  • Japan: The emperor continue to push the Ainu tribe on Hokkaido to claim the island. The emperor ordered new ships to be developed to become the leading navy in the area.
  • Éire: Éire continues to build up its navy and continue its raids on the English and Welsh coast. The army is expanded.
  • East Roman Empire: the empire begins building up its military and the navy increase and the expansion eastwards continue, the fall of Crete is complete and the recovery of the island is finished.


500px Sorry. I'm back: was traveling, still am, but not actively.

  • I took Crete Sine dei gloriem (talk) 04:17, January 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • The Umayyad Caliphate expands its grand army and navy. The road system begins. The Berber tribes continue to be attacked. Servants under the guise of merchants are sent into several countries.
  • People we need to have regular turn/post schedule because sometimes the page goes an entire day with nobody posting. Furthermore an accurate map needs to be posted for this year. Cosman, we need more mods than just you to properly run the game.
    • Would anyone like to volunteer?
    • i would propose AP, he's good at modding, after all he kept Viva la revolution 50 years more than usual Sine dei gloriem (talk) 04:07, January 1, 2013 (UTC)
    • I volunteer to make the map. 25px30px Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein! 04:18, January 1, 2013 (UTC)
    • Damn, you beat me, oh well Sine dei gloriem (talk) 04:19, January 1, 2013 (UTC)
    • Agreed, so long as it is the same size, format, and colors as before
    • Thank you, Cosman. I will keep the game running on a regular interval schedule. A new turn will be available every day at 1:00pm Pacific time, like PM2.-AP
  • Venice: Continues to expand its army and navy. Trade increases between Venice and Italy. 
  • Japan: Continues to invade Hokkaido and subdue the Ainu. The trade continue to bring wealth to Japan.
  • The Mayan Empire expands north. The Emperor orders that the nearby islands be mapped for future reference. The navy is upgraded.
  • The map will be made.
  • West Frankia expands its army and begins patrolling the Lower Burgundian border.
  • The Kingdom of Italy masses troops out west in the Burgundian border, preparing to war against it soon. In the north, several cities are given power to govern their own areas to a level, while the king in Pavia improves his power over the rest of the nation.
  • East Roman Empire continues expansion into the Central Asian regions. While this, the Relation with the Papacy becomes stronger and the emperor asks the Pope to choose the best bishops to Christendom and sent them with the task of Converting Muslims and pagans in Central Asia and extreme Russia, the military is built up and the Emir of Crete is captured and guarded in Constantinople, awaiting trial, more priests are sent to the Nordic nations and Poland
    • Papal D: The Pope agrees to send our best missionaries to areas not under heavy Muslim control.
  • The Qi'fan Rus': Prince Yorslov dies after ruling the nation for over 20 years, Grand Prince Olad is crowned, and begins a much more radical plan to bring Islam to Europe. The Eastern Roman Empire is warned, that any attempt to send Christian missionaries will be seen as an act of war against all Islam, including the Qi'fan, Abassid Caliphate, and the Umayyads. Olad orders the military take over of OTL Estonia and Lithiuania, near the north sea on the map, due to the Muslim presence already there, conversion and assilulation into the Rus' is not expected to take too long. The rus' expands east, conquering small tribes and nations in effort to bring Siberia into the Rus' and into the Islamic faith. Expansion into Finland is slated to begin further into next year.
    • For the record, we aren't sending more priest to you if not to scandinavia poland and western Lithuania, and i don't know about sending Priest to siberia cause, they aren't the most understanding people of asia,but if you want well then, but don't try to expand there, we should make unreacheable areas of the world, like siberia, Congo in africa and Greenland and northern scandinavia in europe Sine dei gloriem (talk) 00:00, January 2, 2013 (UTC)
    • Papal D: Upon hearing Olad's threats, the Papal States demand the Prince back off, and counter-warn that an attack on any Christian is an attack on Christianity. If your rampant expansionism attacks Catholic lands, we will respond in kind.
  • The Abbasid Caliphate expands its military and economy. We begin a campaign into Central Asia through the conquered Persian lands and we attack the Bukharan tribes. We also plan to invade India. We support the Ummayads and the Qi'fan in any war, although the Emir of Qortoba is still viewed as lower than the Caliph.
  • The Papal States decide that war is imminent. The military is rapidly built up, as hundreds of men are conscripted. Dozens of new ships have begun to be built for the navy using the latest in ship-building techniques. The military purchases Greek fire and explosives from the Roman Empire, and make a surprise offer. The Papal States offer to buy Sardinia from the Byzantines, since we'd have an easier time defending it. The Pope states that further Muslim aggression will not be tolerated.
    • East Roman Empire:We agree on selling Sardinia to the Papal States


The Bishop of Constantinople begins to publicly challenge the primacy of the Pope in Rome and several Catholic doctrines. Conversely, several cardinals in Rome become strongly against the Byzantine Emperor's authority over the Church in the East. Both sides gain a large following.

  • It's just me or this sounds as much as biased as Abbasids and Umayyads being pals, after all I have twenty years fixing the relationships and a mod who is enemy of the Christian nations try to divide us, seriously, you could at least wait as well that the bishop himself has been sent several times in the last few years to meet with the Pope and seriously, the only Muslim nation worthy to be said superior is the Umayyads the rest are average, but fine, I'll not complain more for now Sine dei gloriem (talk) 02:10, January 2, 2013 (UTC)
  • What you said made absolutely no sense. Reconciliation is implausible. Discharging the Bishop and sending police forces after the cardinals (which both of you have done) will only exacerbate the problem.
  • For once, I agree with Sine. The West and East have been reconciled for almost twenty years and no one has complained until now. Technically, I only made a police force to prevent mass protests and riots. The Cardinals were just told to shut up. The bishop of Constantinople had been eager to reunite. It took well over a decade to do so, as well as heavy protests. Doctor Evulz (talk) 03:17, January 2, 2013 (UTC)
  • Like I said, reconciliation is implausible. If I was mod back then, I would have retconned that and I would have written these events. Your political leaders can say whatever they want to each other, but it is the people and their respective religious leaders/whoever else they follow who end up deciding what happens.
  • Orthodoxy and Catholicism are separate. Sunni and Sunni are same. And, on a separate note, the Abbasids are, and always have been, superior to the Spanish Umayyads. (Don't take that personally, AP.)
  • ^ except for the last part, we are more or less the same. Although the Abbasids now have a considerable Shi'ite population, but that is irrelevant since this argument is closed-- Your churches will be separating, get over it.
  • I'm sorry, but as of right now, the Orthodoxy doesn't exist. It didn't exist in OTL until the Great Schism in the eleventh century. Also, considering the Pope is the leader of the Papal States, I believe I can decide for my religious leaders. We decided on reforms for the Church at the beginning of the game. Sure, there were protests, but I factored that in. By now, it'd be like the great Muslim powers deciding to break up.
  • As Chief Mod, I side with Sine in this disputeCosman246 (talk) 06:51, January 2, 2013 (UTC)
  • What Sine said made no sense. The very fact that the Churches reconciled is implausible and would not happen. The Eastern rite already despised the Pope's primacy and the Schism was well on its way. Any Papal reform would be ignored. The Churches cannot stay united, much like Islam couldn't stay united after Muhammad's death.
  • Here, from Wikipedia:

"Even after 1054 friendly relations between East and West continued. The two parts of Christendom were not yet conscious of a great gulf of separation between them. … The dispute remained something of which ordinary Christians in East and West were largely unaware".[161]

  • There was no single event that marked the breakdown. Rather, the two churches slid into and out of schism over a period of several centuries, punctuated with temporary reconciliations.
  • I suggest we keep tensions, but without it erupting so violently
  • Yeah, I can believe some sergian bishops and Pro orthodox bishops but not a schism, Thanks Cosman, and AP, the 1054, I knew it and that's why I don't agree with the mod event, its like if you send the abbasids your daughter and she killed the Caliph son, it would be implausible, and biased by any mod who might have done it Sine dei gloriem (talk) 02:17, January 3, 2013 (UTC)
  • The Umayyad Caliphate, especially the Caliph refuses, to be viewed as "lower" than the Abbasid caliph. The words of the Pope mean nothing to the advanced Muslim states. The European Christian nations are backward and are technologically behind the Muslim world. The military is built up in case of war. The road system continues, all while the Berber tribes continue to be attacked. The disguised merchants come back with a surprising find that the Caliph will reveal to his military advisors in secret...
  • Did we say you were lesser?
  • The Qi'fan will not heed the meaningless banter of the Heretics in Europe, and state that the proud rus' will expand where it pleases, we have not harmed Christians, nor expanded into Christian lands, therefor your pitiful threats are meaningless. the military is built up upon hearing the threats from Europe. The Holy Muslim state of the Qi'fan is certainly more advanced that its primitive, backward neighbors. The nation extends offer of alliance to the Umayyad Caliphate. Expansion continues in Siberia and Finlnad. Any Catholic minsters will be deported, peacefully. Europe would be foolish to attack the might of the Islamic world. the Prince oversees a massive education overhaul that brings the Qi'fan in line with its Islamic bretheren. the military begins using  experimental weapons that cause a loud boom, and makes holes.
    • The Caliph gladly accepts the offer from his Russian brothers.
    • East Roman Empire: You are naive to believe that you would defeat the truly god, but it's not our issue to fix your mistakes.
  • In the Papal States, the Pope is baffled at the Bishop's behavior, considering they were personally friends before. In an effort to ease relations, the Pope orders the rebellious cardinals to stop their lies, comparing them to the hated Sergians. He orders the establishment of a police force to break up these hateful protestors. He publically states that, "We have greater enemies, the Muslims. Internal quarrels are what could lead to our downfall. Remember, we are one holy Church, and we must not be divided over things as silly as this." As before, the army and navy are built up, as their numbers grow each day. More weapons are purchased. There are strict orders by the Pope to not attack first, but wait for the heretics to make the first move. A formal thank you is sent to the Byzantines for their selling of Sardinia.
  • East Roman Empire: the Bishop of Constantinople is destitute of his charge, and imprisoned with the Emir of Crete. If he convinces the Emir to become Christian he will become again the bishop, the Papal States are offered an apology for the Bishop's views in an attempt to show our appreciation to the Papal States. While this, expansion Eastwards into Central asia continues and many of the priests given by the Pope are sented into Asia to spread the word of God. While this, many Teachers are sent to Frankia and Italy to increase the relations with these nations, and the construction of the Hagia Megas continues. The military is built up and the repopulation of Crete continues, the Kalium ignis continues to be worked on, and the Scientist begins on developing a better compound.
  • West Frankia amasses troops on the Lower Burgundian borders. Officially, the King of West Frankia remains neutral on the controversy
  • Japan: Continue to invade Hokkaido, the new imperial system is now well implement in Japan except for some who disagree.
  • The kingdom of Italy plans war on Arles, secretly offering the Frankish the Duchy of Richard the Justiciar and parts of Upper Burgundy in the case they decide to join in, and offering any other power willing to help a city of their choice in Provence. In the religious conflict, many lower nobles (amongst them those in Milan and Pisa), as well as much of the peasantry, declare their opposition of the alliance, demanding "the Pope stop aiding these heretics" and declaring that "between losing our mitre for a turban, a 'hulled skullcap' (referring to a Jewish hat) or changing it to favour his highness in Constantinople, changing would be our last choice", classifying Christians of the Eastern Rite as worse than the Muslim and Jewish heathens. The King, however, declares this to be heresy, continuing to favour an alliance between the two (main) rites of the church.
    • West Frankia agrees with Italy's proposal to help in a war against Arles.
    • Éire: Éire attacks Cornwall and makes inroads into their territory.
  • You are expanding way too fast
  • Venice supports Italy in its war.  The army and navy are also expanded. 
  • Alba: The military of Alba is expanded considerably. Relations with the Church increase as more followers of Christianity join by the day.
  • The Abbasid Caliphate expands its military and economy and the whatnot such. We expand farther into Central Asia. We will side with our brothers in any given war of defense.


Members of the Eastern Church grow in number due to outrage at the discharge of the Bishop of Constantinople by the Emperor.(You brought this upon yourself Sine, so no complaining.)

I know I did, but for me this is a set up, and its either this or retcon me italy and the Papal States, but I'll fix it. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 05:05, January 3, 2013 (UTC)

  • The Umayyad Caliphate expands west at the expense of the Berber tribes. The military and economy are built up. The road system continues. Military advisors are presented a new form of warfare in a private gathering with the Umayyad Caliph. He states that merchants sent to the east have come across an interesting concoction that explodes and can be used in war. Advisors will review the technology and get back to the Caliph. The border guard watches the West Frankian border closely.
  • The Abbasid Caliphate "accidentally" discovers a contraption named gunpowder when trading with the Chinese. We decide that this would be very useful in a war and begin to try to produce our own. We expand our military and economy.
    • I don't think we should use or Find Gunpowder until 1200 atmost, not even with you controlling the silk road. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 05:10, January 3, 2013 (UTC)
    • Why not, the Muslims in OTL were more advanced than Europe, not to mention they were the first in the west to find it.Andr3w777 (talk) 05:12, January 3, 2013 (UTC)
    • I know that, that's why I say not even with you controlling the silk road, in this moment not even the chinese had not find it as a war weapon and it took at least three hundred years since its creation to arrive at Western asia and Eastern Europe so we should at least wait until 1100. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 05:15, January 3, 2013 (UTC)
    • Well, let's let Cosman decide, this is not my area of expertise.
    • Fine by me. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 05:22, January 3, 2013 (UTC)
    • Is Cosman here? i don't want this game to be over retconned Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:59, January 3, 2013 (UTC)
    • I would delay it, if only about 70-80 years. Cosman246 (talk) 01:18, January 4, 2013 (UTC)
    • So no gunpowder until 1000 fine by me, I have gunpowder from Byzantine origin muahahahahahhahahaha. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 01:38, January 4, 2013 (UTC)
    • You don't have gunpowder Sine, you have something that fires up when in contact with water. Far less useful, especially in the Middle East. Fed (talk) 03:49, January 4, 2013 (UTC) 
  • THe Qi'fan Rus' begins to further expand into Siberia and Finland, bringing a sizable portion of Finland into the Rus'. Traders claim to have heard of a magic fire in Abassia. The military is interested and asks Abassia to trade for it. The military watches the Eastern roman empire very carefully. The borders are bolstered with forts and checkpoints. The Grand Kievan Mosque now towers over Kiev, making it the largest stone structure in Europe, and it is still incomplete.
  • East Roman Empire: The emperor orders a reunion of the church in the 6th of June, in which he states " our fellow And Bishop of Constantinople,despite being beloved by the community and greatly appreciarted by me (Emperor) has betrayed his friendship with the Pope and that he's has a new task, convert the emir if he succeeds he will return to his rightful place as bishop of Constantinople, military is built up, and expansion Eastwards on Central asia continues as well as the sending of Bishops from Catholic and Greek rite alike.
  • You must cease your expansion toward the Holy Islamic Qi'fan. Siberia and eastern Asia is mine. Also you have imprisioned an Emir. That is a hostile action. We request an immediate release or face the wrath of the Islamic world. the Holy Qi'fan Rus', Umayyads, The Abbisids and any other Islamic nation.
    • EIRE D: We are not taking or intruding any land under your control and im sure that Siberian tribes don't really agree on you taking on them, as well as that the emir took our land, we are just recovering it, as well as that we aren't attacking any of you or your allies.
    • The Umayyad Caliph demands the return of the Emir and that the Byzantines withdraw from Crete. If the Emirate of Crete is not returned before 930, the Islamic world will invade the Eastern Empire. You made a terrible decision when you invaded an Islamic country. In fact, the Cretan Emirate was a subject of the Abbasid Caliphate. Return the Emir and his lands or face destruction by the advanced Islamic countries.
    • The East Roman Empire: We will not cede the land of our brothers, and we will keep the emir imprisoned until he is either not a threat to the empire or an ally (most likely the first one).
  • Japan: Expansion north continue and the Ainu in the conquered area began to be converted to Shinto and assimilate as Japanese. However, time is need to completely achieve this task.
  • Alba: Alba expands its military heavily. Relations with the Church continue to increase.
    • Papal D: We offer an alliance and encourage you to join the Christian Federation.
  • The Papal States grow nervous at the situation in the East. A strong suggestion is given to the Eastern Roman Empire to release the Emir, though they are more ambiguous on the subject of releasing Crete. Unity among all Christians and a diplomatic approach to the Eastern Church is encouraged. More extreme elements of the government clamor for war, and build-up is increased.
    • The East Roman Empire: Despite the Umayyad threat we will not cede the emir, nor Crete, and we will attempt to keep what is ours.

By order of the Holy Prince of the Qi'fan all Islam is called to Jihad. The mighty Qi'fan, the Umayyads and abbassia will invade. Troops deploy into the northern reaches of the ERE.

I think you should wait for the next turn to start, because well,  you already posted Sine dei gloriem (talk) 00:18, January 4, 2013 (UTC)

It is for next turn, I've bad Internet so I posted beforehand.

Oh OK, if you don't post next turn I'll add it. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 00:23, January 4, 2013 (UTC)

  • Venice continues to expand its army and navy, and improves infrastructure. 
  • The Mayan Empire increases the number of ships in the navy, and expands to the north, along the coast.
  • France tells Italy to delay the war with Arles and moves its army and navy to its southern border.


The Muslim Jihad against the Byzantines begins officially (though some fighting began late last year) -- algorithm on the talk page

The Umayyad Caliphate mobilizes for war by building up its military and economy. The Caliph orders the invasion of West Frankia all while sending military aid to the Abbasids and the Qu'ifan for the main campaign in Byzantium through the roads of our North African provinces. The roads continue to be improved.

The Kingdom of Italy agrees to delay the war in Arles, although refuses to help the Byzantine Empire, making it clear to both foreign diplomats and the inside, on fears of the population rebelling and Islam attacking. Instead, it begins to improve its economy and reform, granting a few of the most important cities' rights. The army continues in the borders of Lower Burgundy.

Japan: continue to invade Hokkaido, many Ainu adopt the Japanese culture but most of them resist, the tribal leaders and priests are especially aim.

West Frankia mobilizes for war, patrolling the Balearic Isles.

    • I think the calculations used for the Umayyad-West Frankish war are a bit skewed.
  • Éire: Éire seeing the religious war on its huge Frankish neighbour offers help to them but only with supplies and a small detachment of Irish soldiers. Ireland begins building fortifcations in Cornwall.

Qi'fan Rus' attacks Byzantium in the fall, and begins to push toward the Crimea. The aid from the Umayyads is appreciated. Troops begin to use the experimental powder from Abbissia. The military is built up. Expansion continues in Finland and Siberia.

    • You can't expand and make war at the same time!
    • Not a mod but Cosman said that Chinese Gunpowder could not be brought to Europe or West Asia until the year 1000. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 03:23, January 5, 2013 (UTC)
    • Sine, worry about yourself. You don't have gunpowder either. There is no "Byzantine gunpowder," you only found out that Potassium explodes when it comes into contact with water--- no military application there. Furthermore, never cross anything out again.
    • In fact if you watch the effect of that in youtube you will see that it's as much as powerful as gunpowder and in small amounts it would propel any projectile, in similar way to the one of the Gunpowder, and I'm going to use that in the future, so at least before acting cocky think about the why's because I always get tired that want to always go with history as it was when it suits you. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 04:11, January 5, 2013 (UTC)
  • Don't use my name in vain! Even if Potassium does explode in water, it's going to still have limited application right now. I'll think more about this later and have a definitive answer Cosman246 (talk) 13:25, January 5, 2013 (UTC)
  • Alba: Alba expands its military heavily. Improvements are made in crossbow technology, making archers from Alba more effective. The alliance with the Papal States is accepted and Alba joins the Christian Federation.
  • In the Papal States, the Pope is initially nervous and unsure about declaring war. This upsets the vast majority of citizens, including even the most vehement anti-Byzantine protestors. Pope Benedict V is weak and caves in. However, he decides to not directly fight the wars, instead sending massive military aid and supplies to the Frankish Union and the Eastern Roman Empire. The newly refurbished navy is sent to guard Sardinia and the coastline. Most of the missionaries in the ERE are sent home, except for a few brave men that stay to keep the populace calm.
  • Venice declares war on the Islamic states and sends troops to fight the Abbasids and the Umayyads. The Papal States are asked to also declare war to keep Europe free from the Muslim infidels. 
  • The Mayan Empire expands north, using boats to carry needed supplies more easily. The navy's size is increased.
  • East Roman Empire: In the midst of the war the Scientists that made the Kalium ignis use a tube to propel a projectile to a farther distance that any before, and its production begins at a massive scale to suit for the war, and in the north Bulgaria and a Serbian kingdoms are given independence under Directive of its Governors during their entrance to the empire, while italy gains as well this status they become vassals (this will not change the Algorithm), the navy begins fighting against the Abbasids at Cyprus, and Italy is asked for an alliance and the Kalium ignis continues to be upgraded.
  • We've told you already that you are not inventing gunpowder for yourself.
  • It's not gunpowder but works the same, and even more you are being biased, the abbadis can have gunpowder but I cant have Potassium, it's similar but not the same and as far i know not implausible as well if Cosman accepted so you should, Sine dei gloriem (talk) 05:56, January 5, 2013 (UTC)
  • Stop uncrossing things out, you are not a mod Sine. I will not tell you again. Nobody has gunpowder or anything similar, OK? Not the Byzantines, not the Abbasids, not anybody.
  • Can I at least have Kalium ignis, it's pretty much just an overpowered Version of Greek fire, and OK, if so, when can we have Gunpowdered - Kalium ignis based weaponry Sine dei gloriem (talk) 06:09, January 5, 2013 (UTC)
  • For the record, I want to keep Kalium ignis because otherwise my taking of Crete should be retconned because I took with siege and bombarding the ships fleeing from it with it Sine dei gloriem (talk) 06:12, January 5, 2013 (UTC)
  • You have your Kalium Ignis, but you cannot implement it for a long time. That's like inventing the lightbulb and then by the next year the entire country has lightbulbs.--it's unrealistic. And you could have invaded Crete without it, it wouldn't take much to destroy them anyway.


'The Muslim Jihad rages on with no clear victor in sight. Meanwhile, the Eastern movement grows larger as many see the Muslim invasion as a sign of the Catholic Church's inability to properly lead Christendom to salvation.'

The Umayyad Caliphate marches into West Frankia steadily. Messengers report that Muslim troops in Anatolia have taken some areas in the East. News of the Qu'ifan campaign in the Crimea have not yet arrived, The rest of the armies march west with the hopes of reaching Constantinople and capturing the Byzantine Emperor for execution. The Umayyad vassal of Sicily easily takes over Byzantine Italy while a naval campaign to capture Papal Sardinia is set for next year. Umayyad and Sicilian armies march north to assault the Papal States. The armies are informed to respect Italy's neutrality and will not attack once the Papal States are subjugated.

The Papal States move all remaining troops to the border upon hearing the news of Byzantine Italy's capture. Ships equipped with Greek Fire join them. Salerno and Benevento are occupied until the war's end. Sardinia is heavily fortified as more ships are sent to it. The Pope relinquishes all control of the miltary to the Captain General of the Church. He officially declares war on the Muslim states and vows to defend his Christian brethren, be they Catholic or even Eastern.

Japan: Continues to march against Hokkaido Ainu tribes and develop the economy.

Wari: Send out scouts to find trading posts.

  • Éire: Éire continues to build up its army and navy a small detachment of troops have landed in France with supplies and armaments. Fortifications are continually built up in Cornwall.
  • Alba: Relations with Northumbria begin to decay. The military is built up just in case.
  • Venice continues to send military aid to the Papal States and the Byzantine Empire. The army and navy is expanded. 
  • France: Navarre and the Pyrrennees are defended. The navy attacks the Balearic Isles, so as to serve as a base for naval operations in the Mediterranean.


As the Muslim Jihad rages into its third year, the Muslims advance on the Byzantine Empire. The Abbasids lead into Anatolia while the Russians are close to securing the Crimea. Byzantine Italy has been captured, while Papal Sardinia holds out barely. In West Frankia, the Franks defeat the Umayyads at the Battle of La Rochelle and the Muslim advance into France is stopped there; however, the Umayyads have secured most of the coast.

La Rochelle is a bit too far north: how about Saintes or Bordeaux?

The Umayyad Caliphate is relatively surprised at the defeat in La Rochelle. The Caliph orders reinforcements in Umayyad-occupied France and an immediate counterattack to take La Rochelle and march to Paris (not happening, but it makes a great story right?). Reinforcements arrive late in November to ensure that the Franks do not have anymore victories. The Caliph is glad to hear that his brothers in Abassia have sacked Ancyre in Anatolia. The Caliph orders Sicily to hold its position and to only take Papal Sardinia. He orders an immediate halt to the assault on the Papal States and Rome (It was a general's idea) -- He states that "We will not desecrate a holy city, Muslim or not; as much as we would hate to see Mecca destroyed, the Christians would hate to see Rome/the Vatican destroyed.

  • Frankish Union has stopped the advance, now they want to reclaim as much of Aquitania and Languedoc as possible. Soldiers are sent to Bordeaux and Béziers for reconquest.
  • When the Papal States notice the Sicilian troops have stopped advancing, some of the defending army is sent to Sardinia. Both the border and Sardinia continue to be heavily fortified. Ships equipped with Greek fire continually patrol the coasts. It becomes clear that nothing is going to fall without a fight.
  • Japan: Continue in Hokkado and convert the animist Ainu to Shinto.
  • Éire: Éire continues to build up its navy and continues to take land in Cornwall covering much of the Cornish coast. The infrastructure is built up with a more feudal based society been created. Supplies are continued being sent to France but no more men are capable of being sent over due to trouble expanding into Cornwall.

You can't expand your nation and military at the same time.

I think that's Plausible in this game, I said the same to Scraw and no one mentioned anything and I saw the rules and didn't find anything against that, though I may have just omited it  Sine dei gloriem (talk) 21:53, January 6, 2013 (UTC)

  • Check the turns area. Expansion costs one turn and military development is one turn."
  • Alba: Relations with Orkney begin to increase. The military is expanded, especially the navy. Meanwhile, the increased trade with its neighbors boosts Alba's economy.
  • Venice continues to attack the Umayyads and the Abbasids who are trying to take Christian lands. Venice buys the recipe for Greek Fire off the Papal States and begins to use it against the Muslim infidels. 


The Jihad enters its fourth year. Papal Sardinia falls to Sicilian forces in March, they hold their position in Italy since they are under strict orders to not invade Rome or the Papal States. In Anatolia, the Abbasids march to the Golden Horn from their stronghold in Ancyre (that's the French spelling since I don't know the name in Latin and French is close enough...). The Russians have seized the Crimea and march southwest to meet up with the Abbayyads (Abbasids +Umayyads to save time) at the gates of Constantinople.

The Umayyad Caliphate is pleased with the war's progress. The Italian Campaign is over with the Fall of Sardinia. Sicily is to hold its place in the peninsula and will not invade the Vatican. The military and navy is built up to fuel the war. The economy grows a bit and the road system in North Africa is underway slowly but surely. The Minarets of the Grand Mosque in Cordoba continue their construction.

The Papal States mourns over the fall of Sardinia. What remains of the navy deployed there is quickly sent back to the mainland. Knowledge of the Ummayad's orders to not attack Rome is spreading, but troops continue to be deployed to the border (including occupied Salerno and Benenvento) in order to be sure. The bulk of other troops are sent to Constantinople in preparation for a final assault.

Japan: Continues to push north and develop the control island and Tokyo. Some colonists are send in the secure zone of Hokkaido to hlep spread the culture.

Wessex: The king starts to establish better relations with other nearby Germanic nations in the area. Trade increases, and a military buildup occurs.

The Kingdom of Italy builds up its military, remaining isolated from the Jihad. Hugh's reign is once again contested, with the wealthy Lombard cities supporting the neutrality (afraid of the loss of resources) and the southern nobles and bureaucrats stating that "our unjust king has betrayed his Holiness, even if he was in an unholy alliance". King Hugh, however, crushes these revolters.

The Qi'fan's Grand Prince is impressed with the unity of the Holy Nations. He orders the military to push even deeper into infidel lands in hopes of taking the city of Constantinople. The Grand Kievan Mosque continues to tower over the other buildings in Europe, with two of its four minarets piercing the sky. The architect orders a rare blue tile made in Abbassia to be placed on the exterior of the mosque, along with etched words from the Holy Qu'ran. The Rus' plans to expand farther into Siberia and Finland once the war ends.

  • Alba: The military is expanded as relations with Northumbria continue to decline. Meanwhile, relations with Orkney continue to increase. The economy of Alba continues to be boosted by increased trade.

Frankish Union: The Frankish Union launches another offensive to force back the Muslim hordes. Every, and I mean every, man is mobilized for the war. Frankish forces also establsih fortifications and continue to build fortifications along the border. Single women are ordered to work the fields and smithies for food and weapons to keep the armies going. The FU orders that there will be NO SURRENDER ever, to the evil hordes.

  • East Frankia: Construction of defenses continues.


The Muslim Jihad is officially over after five years. Constantinople was looted and the Byzantine Emperor is captured and sent to Cordoba for his crimes against Islam. On the other front, the Frankish Union is defeated by the Umayyads and they take land appropriately. (All final territorial changes are on the talk page)

I know I've done this a lot but the Byzantine lost a lot of land. The only few times that Constantinople was injured by outsiders were during the fourth crusades and when the Turks took Byzantium. The first one was because the crusaders were already in the city and the other one because of gunpowder, though the imperial capture is likely the Byzantium is not at least until gunpowder Sine dei gloriem (talk) 21:03, January 7, 2013 (UTC)

BTW - is there a map or which is the territories exchange? Sine dei gloriem (talk) 21:05, January 7, 2013 (UTC)

Sine's right here - Constantinople was extremely hard to take. Even in the most crushing of defeats, it most likely would see the Emperor holding out in Constantinople. Fed (talk) 02:47, January 8, 2013 (UTC) 

The Umayyad Caliph is ecstatic that his Holy Alliance has sacked Constantinople, but he is saddened that his Eastern friends cannot take the Golden Horn. The Byzantine Emperor arrives in Cordoba late in the winter. He is dragged through the streets to angry stone-throwing crowds. Finally, he is executed by poison intake for destroying an Islamic Emirate. The Umayyad Caliph himself administers the poison. He later states that "We hope that his execution serves as an example to the Christians, that we will not tolerate the hostile takeover of a Muslim state. We will never blatantly attack you, we will only retaliate if a Muslim state is in danger." With the war over, the military and the economy are expanded. The Caliph's road system continues.

Gujara: The King orders every male to be trained to ride on horseback with a bow, and be trained with a sword after age five, and orders more men to fight for the mighty nation. As a result, massive military expansion begins. The King also orders women to have a child born before the age of 25, or they will be severely punished. Trade ships land on the coast of Japan, and an alliance is offered.

The Qi'fan celebrates the Holy Alliance's win against the infidel hordes. The Grand Prince travels through the Crimea then back to Kiev, where a massive parade rally is held in honor of Allah. The Prince states this victory is for Allah and not man, he further states that the Rus' will not attack its Christian neighbors unless further provoked. Letters of Congratulations are sent to Cordoba and Abbassia. The Prince plans a trip to Crete, where he will meet with the newly restored and free leadership. With the war now at an end, expansion into Finland continues. The Prince begins a road system similar to that of the Umayyad's.

Japan: Continue to invade Hokkaido and after many months of consideration, the Gujara alliance offer is accepted and we offer a trade agreement.

The Mayan Empire: Continues expanding north, and continues upgrades to the navy.

Éire: Éire continues to build up its navy and continues expanding into Cornwall. Ireland sends its condolences to Frankia and offers it an alliance in case of further wars in the future.

East Roman Empire:As many lords are taking power and defending them from Slavic tribes. While this, infrastructure, Military and economically the empire builds up while Romanos I becomes the emperor and begins the Reconstruction of the empire. While this, Kalium ignis continues being worked on despite, and the army stands by in its current location. The Papal States are asked for help to Christianize Poland and the Nordic nations.

East Roman Empire: The Bulgars and Serbia shatter from two to ten small states.

Gujara: Accepts the trade agreement.

  • Venice continues to send military support to the Byzantine Empire and the Papal States to go against the Muslim infidels. Venice expands its army and navy.
    • Um -- the war is over, the Muslim Jihad won...
  • The Abbasid Caliphate expands its military and economy. The Caliph returns home to inform the people that although Constantinople was sacked, we were unable to take it and with it the Eastern Roman Empire.
  • The Papal States are disappointed over their loss. Pope Benedict V dies of illness in February. He is suceeded by Pope John X. John is aggressive, ordering the Byzantines fully hand over leadership of the Christian Federation to the Pope. He sends missionaries to Poland to convert the masses and offers aid to the ERE and the Frankish Union.
    • The Qi'fan asks the Papal States to not allow their missionaries in Poland to enter Muslim Poland (Poland is divided between the Rus' held East Poland which is Muslim, and West Poland, which is without a real religion as it isn't a nation yet.)
      • Um, Western Poland does have religion, they're called "Slavic Mythology" and "Christianity in most tribes".
    • Papal D: We are insuring that doesn't happen.
      • Forgive me. I didn't think I needed to elaborate. I was referring to the major Abrahamic religions, you know Judism, Christianity and Islam. I know there are other religions. I was merely referring to what the Qi'fan consider to be religious.
  • China: A general of Later Liang overthrows the dynasty and founds a new one. He is considered wiser and more intelligent, and he begins a policy of funding intellectual development, starting with support of the Monastic Syllabary.
  • Frankish Union: The Frankish Union launches another offensive to force back the Muslim hordes. Every, and I mean every, man is mobilized for the war. Frankish forces also establsih fortifications and continue to build fortifications along the border. Single women are ordered to work the fields and smithies for food and weapons to keep the armies going. The FU orders that there will be NO SURRENDER ever, to the evil hordes.

    • East Frankia: Construction of defenses continues.
    • You do realize the war is OVER, right. You lost, you are in no position to continue the war. Under the algorithm, that is the victor's discretion. The Muslims won. Deal with it, please.
    • War's over, Dean.
  • Italy after the end of the war returns to amassing troops near the Lower Burgundian border. The army is improved.
  • Alba: Relations with Northumbria continue to decline as the military of Alba expands just in case. The increased trade with Orkney continues to boost Alba's economy. Alban embassies in Orkney are constructed to further the strong ties with Orkney.


Things settle down in Europe and Asia Minor. Members of the Eastern Rite continue to see a Muslim defeat as a sign of the Catholic church's inability to save Christendom and they grow in number more than previous years.

The Umayyad Caliphate gets back into normal, everyday functions. The Caliph builds up the military and the economy. The road system flourishes in North Africa, though it will be a while before it's finished. The navy re-establishes its presence in the Balearic Isles after a West Frankish landing during the war. The non-Muslim tax is removed from the newly conquered areas. Sytahlya is annexed into the Caliphate after years of being a vassal.

The Qi'fan Rus': Begins settling into a post-war routine. The Rus' expands farther East into Siberia. The road system continues, but is slow due to the frigid weather. The Grand Kievan Mosque continues construction. The non-Muslim tax is lifted in the Crimea. The borders are reinforced with forts. Muslim Imams continue efforts in the lesser populated places of the Rus' to continue to spread the Prophet's words to all.

  • Sine, I will not tell you again, stop with your complaints. Your empire was ripped to shreds, victors take what they feel like taking. I am not going to argue with you, so do NOT reply. That war and its algorithms are ancient history. I will restore a small part of Byzantine Transcaucasia, but I will decide where. I don't see the point of an exclave that far away from your homeland. And Andrew, please tone the expansion down a bit. Russia could not expand eastwards until around the 1600s so I think we need to cap eastward expansion at the Urals.
  • I fixed the map. I don't expect to hear another complaint, Sine, unless it is a legitimate one.
  • May I ask one last thing, that Transcaucasia remains as part of the Abbasids and that I keep Eastern Anatolia and Cyprus, or as much land as that patch is equivalent in pixels, please Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:56, January 8, 2013 (UTC)
  • Also, may I be mapmaker, because for some reason yours seems to be made with photoshop or W7 paint which are not the best to make maps for map games .Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:58, January 8, 2013 (UTC)
  • No. To the victor goes the spoils. Ask Scraw since it is his land.
  • Gujara: Massive military expansion continues. The King sets eyes on Rashtrakurta, and a massive land invasion begins. Japan is asked for military aid.
  • Japan: continues to expand north and make deals with many Ainu tribes, offering them to peacefully integrate Japan in exchange for the right to fully continue their culture. We agree to give help to Gujara in the form of some small units as we are currently busy with the invasion of Hokkaido. 
  • The Papal States officially make Benevento its vassal, having wielded significant influence over it for many years now. Meanwhile, damaged areas begin to be rebuilt, as Pope John X assumes control of the Christian Federation, with or without the Byzantines' approval. Infrastructure is built upon. The economy is also rebuilt, having declined after the war's end. The Pope gives a speech, stating that "Christian unity" is vital to getting through these hard times.
    • East Roman Empire: we agree on John X leading the Federation.
  • East Roman Empire: The Vassal regions split into a final 25 while the regions still loyal, are lowered taxes to keep them in the empire. While this, The emperor Romanos I sends a messenger to the Caliph on Baghdad to sell Byzantine Caucasia for Eastern Anatolia and Cyprus. While this, the military, infrastructure, economy and navy are built up and the Kalium ignis is Upgraded. The emperor re-institutes the Old Bishop as the leader of Religion in Constantinople but states that any anti-Papal movement and he will be taken again from his charge.
  • I think it is implausible for you to split up your northern territories into 25 vassals. This is just a thinly-veiled way of getting more points on an algorithm.
  • Venice continues to expand its army and navy. Venice supports the Papal States leading the Christian Federation also, and requests Denmark to join the federation. 
  • Alba: The economy and military of Alba continues to grow as relations with Orkney increase.


The newly re-instated Bishop of Constantinople sees the large following that has accumulated his imprisonment. He learns of the Empire's defeat at the hands of the Muslims and secretly criticizes the Pope and the late Byzantine Emperor.

  • For the record on my 25 vassals, my reason to do so, is that there are more Bulgars, Serbs and Croats than Greek Byzantines and I wanted to make a parallel to the dismembering of the Holy Roman Empire. In this case, the War against the Abbasids, Rus' and Ummayads gave them a reason to secede but remained as vassals as in Eastern Europe. The only powerful Christian nation is the Byzantine and for the record, I don't plan any war for the next few decades, though I'm going to get assaulted by Crete's pirates Sine dei gloriem (talk) 19:56, January 9, 2013 (UTC)
  • No. You are not going to have 25 vassals. You can create Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria, but that's it.

The Umayyad Caliphate builds up its military and economy. Caliph Aazim's road system continues in North Africa. The province of Sytallia builds its own navy, laying the foundations for an Umayyad Mediterranean fleet.

The Qi'fan Rus': Expansion stops at the Urals due to the difficult lands and distance from the capital. Expansion efforts will be focused more on Finland next year. Since the Rus' does not expand this year, it focuses on modernizing and upgrading the military. The Grand Mosque at Kiev continues construction, the fine blue tiles being added to the main structure. The third minaret nears completion. The road system continues as well as the construction of new learning centres.

Éire: Éire continues to build up its navy and begins creating marines for the purposes of boarding other ships and land attacks. Irish troops continue to expand in Cornwall and begin building castles to maintain their rule. At home the Imperator is horrified at the Islamic Hordes and offers an alliance with the Papal States to protect them in times of need. Again, you can't expand your military and territory at the same time.

You have not done an algorithm for your assault on Cornwall.

  • Papal D: We agree to the alliance and encourage you to join the Christian Federation if you have not done so already.

Japan: Pushes north and supports Gujara with the help we can. Many Ainus are converted to Shinto and temples begin to be built in Hokkaido along with many small Japanese villages.

  • Venice continues to expand its army and navy. 
  • East Roman Empire: The Reconstruction of Constantinople begins, and the Emperor Romanos I begins the Organization of Caucasian regions, despite his offer to sell it to Exchange it to the Abbasids. While this, the Emperor intervens in the vassals to avoid further fragmentation, navy, economy, military, and infrastructure is build up and the emperor sends the Bishop to Rome to meet with the Pope and discuss the difference between eastern and western churches.

The Papal States accept the Bishop into Rome, so long as he does not preach against the Pope. Infrastructure and the economy are improved, as Papal ships are built and sent over to Corsica, which the Papal States take a new interest in.

  • Alba: Relations with Orkney continue to expand, spelling economic benefits for both nations involved. Meanwhile, Alba expands its military.


The Bishop of Constantinople argues against the Pope while in Rome over several doctrines and his (the Pope's) primacy. He leaves in disgust. Pirates emerge along the North African coast.

Sine, read my statement at the top of 934.

But why can't I have 25 vassals? It's just if someone attacks me, and it's because I want to make a Holy Roman parallel, and, because it's likely that feudal movements would tear it apart anyway Sine dei gloriem (talk) 22:52, January 10, 2013 (UTC)

  • Alba: After years of good relations, Orkney becomes a vassal of Alba.
  • The Umayyad Caliphate builds up its military and economy. Caliph Aazim's road system continues in North Africa. The province of Sytallia continues building the Umayyad Mediterranean fleet.
  • The Papal States are enraged over the Bishop's arrogance. Many people order his excommunication, but Pope John X holds off for now. He insteads removes the Bishop from his position and reassigns him to a minor diocese. Meanwhile, war begins in Corsica, as coastal cities are bombarded by Greek fire. The army is exhausted, but the words of the Pope to "unify Christianity" inspire some of them.
  • The Qi'fan Rus' expands the road system. The grand Kievan Mosque continues construction. Troops are stationed near the Byzantine border as concern over Christian threats persist. The Rus' expands farther into Finland. Imams continue their efforts to spread Islam to the lesser regions of the Rus'. Universities continue to grow with the new University of Moskova.
  • Japan: Continues to invade Hokkaido and develop our army. The emperor takes interest in the Chinese intellectual development and begins to do the same in Japan.
  • East Roman Empire: Military is built up as well as infrastructure and economy. The Pope chooses to remove the bishop. The Eastern members are asked to discuss for their peer while trying to keep good relations, and if any bishop does the opposite will face the imperial government. While this, Kalium ignis continues to be worked on.
  • Venice continues to expand its army and navy. An alliance is offered to the Frankish Union. 
  • New turn, please Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:51, January 11, 2013 (UTC)


The former Bishop of Constantinople takes command of his anti-West group, which is large, and continues to garner attention and followers.

This will happen. You can't avoid it. One of the reasons the Abbasids fell were because of the large Shi'ite population. If they don't post soon, then a revolt will destroy them.

I never said it wouldn't happen, but my point is, that I've been trying to at least keep some peaceful relations with The western nations, and this isn't helping Sine dei gloriem (talk) 22:04, January 12, 2013 (UTC)

Even after the Schism, the east and west maintained friendly relations at times. Leave it alone.

Fine, then can schism occur in 950. I plan to kill Romanos in that decade Sine dei gloriem (talk) 22:07, January 12, 2013 (UTC)

You don't decide when anything happens.

The Umayyad Caliphate builds up its military and economy. Caliph Aazim's road system is near completion. The Umayyad Mediterranean fleet continues its construction, mainly by the provinces of Sytahllia and the Balearic Isles. The Caliph meets with top military advisors to secretly discuss a future invasion of the Kingdom of Leon, a plan that would effectively place Al-Andalus (Iberia) under Umayyad control.

The Papal States formally makes threats to excommunicate the Bishop and his followers if they continue their behavior. War continues in Corsica, as gains are made all along the coast. The Papal States claim that Corsica was donated by Charlamagne decades ago. The clergy of Corsica don't seem to mind being part of the Papal States, but most object to the violent means use to obtain it. Pope John X also builds up infrastructure.

Where is your algorithm?

Whoops. I've been busy. I'll get it soon.

Japan: continues to push the Ainu tribes along the western coast of Hokkaido. Meanwhile, peasants begin to ask more protection from the abusive Japanese governor who rules the provinces and then threaten to revolt.

East Roman Empire: Romanos I sends a message to the Pope, stating that the best way to keep the relation without war or further conflict between our nation, hereby, Separating the Church of the Roman Empire from Rome's church, the Emperor assures that this will not mean any threat nor conflict with the Catholic states and must not be seen this way, and as well assures that the Empire will continue its alliance with The Papal States. Infrastructure, military and economy are built up and the vassals in the north remain five (two Bulgarian states, two Serbian, and Croatia). While this, the city of Constantinople finally recovers from the sacking. The Bishop of Constantinople is sent to Scandinavia and poland to bring more people to the light, while a Bishop called Mikhail is Crowned Patriarch of Constantinople and the eastern church,

  • Papal D: The Pope is outraged at this heresy. By denying the Pope's primacy as the successor of St. Peter, you deny a basic concept of Christianity. We end our alliance and encourage other Christian nations to do the same.

Venice continues to expand its army and navy. Support is sent to the Papal States in their war. 

The Qi'fan Rus' expands the road system. The grand Kievan Mosque continues construction. Troops are stationed near the Byzantine border as concern over Christian threats persist. The Rus' expands farther into Finland. Imams continue their efforts to spread Islam to the lesser regions of the Rus'. Universities continue to grow with the new University of Moskova.

  • Alba: The military of Alba continues to expand. Relations with Northumbria decline drastically.


No mod events? Sine dei gloriem (talk) 21:00, January 13, 2013 (UTC)

We've been waiting on this turn for several days, what is going on??Andr3w777 (talk) 03:11, January 14, 2013 (UTC)

There doesn't need to be mod events for anyone to post.AP (talk) 04:01, January 14, 2013 (UTC)

The Papal States continue the advance in Corsica, though it becomes harder. The invasion force moves away from the far end of the island and focuses on the closer end. Meanwhile, Pope John X refuses to recognize the Eastern government of the Byzantine Empire, and continues its threat of excommunication.

  • East Roman Empire D: The Nation continues recognizing the Pope's power as successor of Saint Peter, but the Bishops have refused to accept some basic precepts of the Western Rite, but some population and the emperor remain as Catholic
  • Papal D: As long as the bishops refuse to accept basic precepts of the true Western Rite, we refuse to recognize them as bishops.

East Roman Empire: The Emperor asks the Pope to keep open relations with the Empire, while navy, military and economy are updated and plans to rebuild imperial infrastructure and Constantinople begin.

Japan: The military continues to move against the Ainu tribe and secure nearly half of the island. Meanwhile, the emperor orders that many Japanese go established village.

  • Venice continues to expand its army and navy. 

The Umayyad Caliphate continues its previous actions. Sytallia grows and flourishes, constructing a trading empire that rivals other Italian countries. The armies resume attacking the Berber tribes of the west. The Caliph formalizes the beliefs of the three great Muslim nations (Abayyads--there goes my portmanteau and Quifans) and formally creates the "Edict of Cordoba." This explains that any Muslim state attacked by a non-Muslim state is guaranteed independence (IE Byzantines attacking Crete, Papals attacking Sytallia, anyone attacking a Muslim state.

The Qi'fan Rus': Continues to grow infrastructure and the massive road projects. Expansions into Finland continue but at a slower rate as the majority of the effort is in converting the natives peacefully to Holy Islam. The Grand Prince travels to Cordoba as a part of an annual diplomatic mission to the Umayyad's as well as to discuss the Edict of Cordoba. The Russian economy grows into one (if not THE) most powerful in Eastern Europe. The military is placed on the Christian borders over the conflicts arising from the west (this is a defensive move, nothing more).


Sorry for the wait, people.

The Bishop of Constantinople excommunicates the Pope over the recent events in the Western and Eastern worlds.

The Umayyad Caliphate continues its actions. Sytallia continues growing, its trading empire rivaling that of Venice's (if not the same or even greater). Sardinia experiences similar growth and more people are converted in both regions. The Berber tribes continue to be attacked.

Venice continues to expand its army and navy.

The Papal States excommunicates the Bishop of Constantinople, as the invasion of Corsica continues. The Eastern Roman Empire is removed from the Christian Federation, renamed the Christian League. 

The Roman Empire: The Emperor is outraged, that after trying to keep peace between east and west, he states that as a founding member should remain in the Christian League. While this, it asks the Frankish and Venetians to not respond in similar violent ways as the Papal States have done. Military, economy and infrastructure are built up and the Kalium ignis continues its update.

  • Papal D: We remind the Byzantines that it does not matter whether or not they founded it, they have betrayed the League's basic ideals. As such, we cannot in good conscience keep you in


The Abbasid Caliphate falls into civil disarray.


Japan: Continues to expand north and subdue the local tribes. A project to upgrade the Japanese navy is proposed to the Diet by many people of influence in the fleet.

The Qi'fan Rus': The Grand Prince mourns the collapse of the Abbasids, as they gave Russia the light of Islam. Troops march toward former Abbasid lands in effort to keep heretic Christians from seizing them. Finland is expanded into (Note: it would be nice to have a map. Also, is it me or is this game starting to die??)

It's dying. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 00:23, January 19, 2013 (UTC)

The Papal States look forward to the Abbasid collapse. Pope John X publicly states that their fall is the will of God and that other 'heretic empires' will soon fall as well. The war in Corsica nears its end, with small gains along the coast the expected outcome.

Venice expresses joy at the collapse of the Abbasids. The army and navy are expanded. 

East Roman Empire: In a Quick movement, troops cross the Anatolian frontier occupying the areas formerly Part of the Empire, Cyprus and the Abbasid Black Sea coast. Military, infrastructure and economy are built up. The troops in Eastern Anatolia are instructed to not kill or attack any Muslim citizens as they will be returned to the best nearest Islamic nation, Qi'fan Rus. While this, patrolling on the coast begins for any Fake Caliph trying to retake Cyprus. The Other Western nations are asked to Disregard any Papal State Request of War or Alliance. dissolution.

The Umayyad Caliphate sees the rebellions/disarray in Abbassia as dangerous and threatening to the Muslim world and quickly reminds the Byzantines and anyone else of the Edict of Cordoba - basically assuring destruction to any nation attacking a Muslim one. The military and the economy are built up and the minarets of the Grand Mosque at Cordoba are completed - adding an extra 50 feet to the monument. In regards to the Abbasid problems, the Caliph warns the Byzantine Empire that if they try to invade them, the Muslims will destroy them once again and this time we will keep Constantinople.


No mod events.

Expansion into areas which are fragmented (in civil disarray or small states) can be done through colonial expansions, at half the normal rates. Expansion into organized states requires an algorithm. My expansion was legal, you should know this, you are a mod. Also, a new map please. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 20:21, January 20, 2013 (UTC)

Unless you want to be obliterated, I would advise you not to do that.

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Well, looks like it's Jihad time.

  • The Umayyad Caliphate continues its actions. Sytallia continues its build up of the navy. Plans are made to invade Leon. The military assists the Abbasid Caliphate in restabilizing.
  • The Abbasid Caliphate expands its military and economy. The military moves into rebellious regions in Transcaucasia and Persia.


A Second Muslim Jihad against the Byzantine Empire is called forth by the Abayyad (my portmanteau again) Caliphates for intrusion in Abbasid Anatolia. 

The Umayyad Caliphate seizes the opportunity presented by the Byzantine Empire's foolishness and invades Leon and West Frankia as part of a decade-old plan to do so.

The Qi'fan attacks through the north in an attempt to surround Constantinople. Expansion into the north is put on hold till the end of the war.

Japan: Consolidated our gain in Hokkaido and encouraged settlers to establish small settlements, Japanese is made mandatory to learn. The navy began to be slowly built up with the goal of having a larger one than China. 

The Papal States do nothing to help the Byzantine Empire, still recovering from their own war. The Pope states that the so-called Roman Empire is no longer Catholic. Infrastructure is rebuilt after the war.


The newest Jihad continues into its second year with the Muslims advancing through Anatolia. Like last time, they seize Ancyre. The Russians march southwest towards the Byzantine heartland but meet heavy resistance and fight mainly on the border.

  • The Abbasids march from Ancyre towards Constantinople again, where we will eventually besiege the city. Further troops sail to Cordoba to help the Emir.
  • I changed it to say eventually since it's only been a year.
  • The Qi'fan continues to push into Byzantine lands, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Troops are sent to Cordoba.
  • The Umayyad Caliphate invades the Byzantines from the west. They land in mainland Greece and push east to Constantinople. We will all meet up from different directions (Umayyads from the west, Abbasids from the east, Russians from the north). Sytallia remains on guard.
  • Alba: Alba expands its military and economy.
  • The Kingdom of Italy (sorry for the inactivity... again) again keeps out of the war, although it feels extremely threatened by the Caliphate. To stop internal dischord and try to plan a better defensive plan against Islam, Italy establishes an autonomous northern area, the Lombard League, while the centre of Italy remains under direct rule. The army is greatly expanded.
  • The Papal States is beaten badly after its failed wars. It remains neutral, though the people are extremely paranoid about the Caliphates. The Papal States seek closer ties with Italy, hoping for further protection against the mighty Muslim empires. The holdings in Croatia and Corsica are fortified and the military is put on high alert.
  • Japan: Half of Hokkaido is firmly under our control and the military force is ordered to take a rest until 950, for now the goal is to assimilated the Ainu and build up the Japanese settlements on the island.


The 2nd Great Muslim Jihad ends after just three years against the crumbling Byzantine Empire. Constantinople has fallen and the Empire is annexed by the Muslims. West Frankia and the Kingdom of Leon have fallen to the Umayyad Caliphate. The Frankish Union is dissolved and East Frankia and Lotharingia emerge from the ashes. (Final map on the talk page).

The Umayyad Caliphate declares victory over the Byzantines and West Frankia. After the Jihadist forces sacked Constantinople, an Umayyad general captured the Byzantine Emperor like his predecessor in the first Jihad. He is shipped to Sytahllia and then to Cordoba where he is publicly humiliated and dragged through the streets. In the courtyard of the Grand Mosque of Qurtuba, the largest structure in Europe towering at 250 feet including the recently finished minarets, the Byzantine Emperor is thrown in front of the all powerful Umayyad Caliph. He is slowly and painfully executed by Caliph Aazim to show that the Muslim world is dominant and that the death of the last Byzantine Emperor is symbolically showing the dawn of an "Age of Islam." The destruction of the most powerful Christian nation, Orthodox or otherwise, is proof that no other nation can stand up to the Caliphates. The military is built up and expansion to the southwest resumes after years of inaction on that frontier.

Japan: Continue to consolidate our gain and build up Japanese settlements while assimilating the Ainu. The Japanese imperial navy is build up with a new generation of ship made for warfare.

The Papal States mourns the death of the Pope in October. Marinus II succeeds him. Marinus makes a controversial decision to increase the Papal States' authority over a reformed Christian League and states that the Papal States will welcome in any Christian refugees from the Byzantine Empire. Muslims are told to go to Sicily.

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