Katrina Georgina Catherine Amie Goldman (1843-1929) was a Greenfield businesswomen and a member of the rich Goldman Family. She was the youngest child of the Goldmans and the only daughter. She served as Chairwoman of the Board from 1905-1926. She attended the Greenfield Convent and went on to study at the Ceardian Institute for Business. In 1865 she joined Goldman Corp and opened the Goldman Drapery Company.By 1902 she was the Vice Chairwoman of the company and in 1905 after her brother fell to illness she took over as Acting Chairwoman which would eventually lead to a 21 year term. She soon left the post as her brother returned to the company and she went back to her Operational Director position in 1926. However a year later she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was forced to retire.She continued to advise her brother as Chairman but she eventually passed away in 1929 2 months after her brother Desmond retired. She was 86 when she died and was awarded the posthumous award of the Nobel Prize in Economics.

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