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Jewish Communist Union (Poalei Zion), Komverband was the name taken by the Left World Union of Poalei Zion in 1921. Komverband had members in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Italy, Poland and other countries.[1] In 1922 Komverband shifted its headquarters from Vienna to Danzig, in preparation for a party conference. At that conference the communists were expelled from the organization, and the Left Poalei Zion retook its former shape.

Section of Komverband included:

  • Jewish Communist Party of Austria
  • Jewish Communist Party (Poalei Zion)

See also[]

  • Jewish Communist Labour Party (Poalei Zion)
  • Jewish Communist Party (Poalei Zion)
  • Jewish Communist Party — Poalei Zion, section of the Palestine Communist Party
  • Mifleget Poale Zion VeHaHugim HaMarksistim beEretz Yisrael
  • Poale Zion


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