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20px1. Exploring a new territory and colonizing it takes one turn.

20px2. Invading a new territory takes one turn, you can have multiple fronts but it should take slower.

20px3. Be reasonable about invasions, you aren't going to take over the country of Russia in one turn, plus a bigger country might be able to defeat you, especially if well connected.

20px4. Map changes from Europe to world (opening up colonization opportunities) after the first ten turns.

20px5. One turn a day! One turn equals One year gametime.

20px6. Inactive users become neutral, unable to oppose invasion. (Still be reasonable when it comes to invading them, they're not just going to bow down, only take the right amounts of land).

20px7. Treaties will be left up to you, remember to loudly proclaim at the sheer unfairness of treason when it occurs, we could all use a laugh.

Take notice! At the begining (1400), Europe will be intentionally massively subdivided, your country should start out smallish.

Current List (This will change when we get a map, just a pre-game estimate)

Aragon - Michael Douglas

England - Nationcreator

Ireland - CheesyCheese

Scotland - Qrfbsca

Portugal - Baconton

Burgundy (Netherlands) - AltMino

Kalmar Union - BoredMatt

Castille (Flaradonia) - SjorskingmaWikistad

Empire of Trebizond - Emperor of Trebizond

Mamluk Sultanate - VENEZUELA

Poland and Lithuania - Smallpox

Muscovy - Ownerzmcown

Crimean Khanate (Golden Horde) - Tbguy1992

Brittany - CrimsonAssassin

Foix -


Ottoman Empire- 1000Monkeys

Savoy Migue235

Venice- Yank

Navarre - Duchland

Byzintine Empire-Newsealand9011

Jalayirids - Fedelede

Provence- PitaKang

France -

Ethiopia - Vegas adict

Papal States- TheRing999 02:51, November 30, 2010 (UTC)

Wallachia- Yank

Ming Dynasty - Darksiderwow 19:12, December 2, 2010 (UTC)

Japan- Fitzgarden 22:40, December 5, 2010 (UTC)


  • Scotland turns its vision north by invading Iceland, the Orkneys, the Shetland islands and the Faroes.
  • The Jalayrids invade the White Sheep Turks, trying to retake their lost territories.
  • The Crimean Kahnate sends forces to occupy the Caucasus region, expanding south.
  • Castille invades Morocco, causing Granada to start a war with Castille.
  • The KU counterattacks, driving the Scots off their islands. Due to Scotland's almost non-existent navy, the KU set up a blockade on the northeastern coast, preventing the fishermen out of Aberdeen and Halkirk from entering the rich fishing grounds of the North Sea, and depriving that area of their livelihood. They also hire several thousand German mercenaries and put down revolts in Sweden. An alliance with England is proposed.
  • Brittany finds gold and valuable gems. They offer to trade it to France. Due to the inflation of wealth, a massive harbor town is proposed. The town of Les voie de l'eau begins construction of said harbors.
  • The Mamluks fall into civil war between western helped and supporter Christians and M.
  • Muscovy expands to the south, capturing much land from the small Russian states such as Tver and Ryazan.
  • Aragon begins to expand its armed forces. A larger navy and standing army begins construction. To pay for this, Aragon begins to seek new trading opportunities in the Mediterranean. A venture to explore the option of spreading into Africa is found favourable, although no attempt to expand southward is yet made.
  • The Empire of Trebizond declares a policy of strict military neutrality as their highly trained, but small army consists of only around 4,000 troops. The emperor begins to focus on trade and gaining wealth through the Silk Road.

1400-No Changes Yet


  • Aragon invades Navarre. Resistance is heavy, but futile, and Navarre is almost completely conquered within the year. Aragon, seeing that its tactics are still incomplete, continues to reform its army. An exploration mission to Africa is planned, to be launched in 1402.
  • Aragon is stopped by Castille and conquered Aragon. It becomes Spain
  • Starting to worry about their relations with their Scandinavian and Russian neighbours, the PLC sends ambassadors to those countries.
  • Denmark proposes an alliance with the Commonwealth, primarily in order to try to stop the Teutonic Knights from gaining more influence in the region. They also re-establish control over some of the rebellious regions of Sweden opposed to the Union. A small but permanent navy is built, allowing the KU to retire the hired merchantmen used in the blockade of Scotland and employ a more cost-effective solution to keeping hegemony over the North Atlantic islands.
  • Muscovy continues its advance south, until parts of Muscovy border the Golden Khanate.
  • Brittany prospers with wealth as the new harbor capital is completed.
  • Navarre begs for assistance to England and Aragon.
  • The Jalayirids finish conquering the White Sheep Turks. A civil war, similar to that of the Mamluks', starts between the Arameans of the nation (Christian) and the Turks and Arabs (Muslim).
  • The Golden Horde, realizing the threat to the north, seeks to expand economic trade on the Black Sea to strengthen its power, as well as occupy as much land as possible to the north before Muscovy takes it all over.
  • The Portuguese invade Navarre.

Where are the borders between Portuguese Navarre and Aragonian Navarre?

Since when does Portugal have a border with Navarre?

I think they have territory just north of it, it doesn't matter as they have an alliance with Aragon, I just want it to be more clear on where Navarre became Portuguese and where it became Aragonian.

But Portugal has NO land border with Navarre.

It doesn't matter, Aragon does, it lets Portugal through there.

  • Scotland issues a formal apology to the Kalmar Union and offers several large plots of land in Perthshire to Queen Margaret personally. At the same time the Scots recruit several thousand new foot soldiers and significantly boosts its naval capabilities before sending its troops to the east of Ireland and attacking the English lands and giving it back to the locals, before suggesting an alliance.


  • Brittany offers trade to France. Brittany also increases their military. They're preparing to join the fight to hold back the English from Ireland next year.
  • The Golden Horde offers a Treaty of Friendship with Poland, as well as Trading rights along the Silk Road.
  • Aragon and Portugal divide Navarre between them.
  • Aragon sends an expedition to the northernmost shores of Africa. While it was hoped that new wealth would be discovered, this is not the case. Meanwhile, Aragonian merchants begin to increase their shares of Mediterranean trade, including a new trade route to Portugal.
  • The Jalayirid Civil War rages on. However, it is obvious that it is soon to end when, in the 24th of December of the year, Baghdad is captured by the Arameans. It is almost sure that the Arameans are victorious and the Government's troops start deserting. The Muslim Jalayirids are almost certainly defeated, and many nations start recognizing the winner Christian side as the true Jalayirid government.
  • The KU replies and accepts Scotland's apology. They stand down their navy, enabling them to redeploy it in the Baltic, to stave off Teutonic Knight-sponsored attacks by the Victual Brothers. They also accept Scotland's alliance under the condition that KU ships will be able to dock in Scotland's harbors. They also re-establish contact with the dwindling colonies in Greenland, restoring them to crown control. A small but steady influx of immigrants is able to increase the population, and Inuit tribes throughout the island are brought into the KU. Greenland, along with Finland and Sweden, are made Grand Duchies of the Union. The navy is also improved, with a naval college in Stockholm allowing for an influx of well-trained and loyal officers to replace the ex-pirates and merchant captains previously commanding the fleet.
  • The Portuguese propose buying a small part of Iceland from the KU. The Union declines, citing the fact that there is valuable fishing grounds to the west and they do not wish to have to compete with another naval power there.
  • The Empire of Trebizond's convenient location on the Silk Road, their large amount of wealth, and their military neutrality makes it ideal for a banking entity to take shape there. The emperor thus founds the Bank of Trebizond, which caters to any nation in the known world and provides jobs for shrewd Pontic businessmen to invest in the new enterprise as bankers. It appears attractive to many merchants to store their money along the Silk Route and get paid a high interest by such a rich people, than entrust their money to European bankers where it is possible for them to lose it all on war or banditry.
  • The Irish agree to the alliance proposed by Scotland and begin attacks on English lands in eastern Ireland. They also begin constructing a navy to protect their coasts from attack.
  • A young Scottish mariner by the name of Ian Dundas sets sail south to establish the Colony of Inns Gall Naudh (New Hebrides) on the Canary Isles. Later in the year, the teaching of English in all Scottish schools is faded out and replaced with French and Danish as a sign of friendship to their new allies.


  • Brittany becomes obsessed with exploring and colonizing. They colonize a small part of Eastern North Africa and a few islands in the Atlantic.
  • The Scots begin to focus the majority of their military on the colonisation of Africa, from the newly founded port city of Jamesburgh, Inns Gall Naudh, several ships are sent colonise a large stretch of land in and around Laayoune.
  • The KU takes the island of Gotland from the TN through both force and the threat of closing the Great Belt to Teutonic shipping. The navy is also expanded with the addition of three new"galleons", a brand-new ship of Spanish design. Margaret raises a large army and sets about subduing the Finnish/Karelian tribes to the east of the KU. Colonies in Iceland and Greenland are expanded modestly, with an overhaul of the port at Reykjavik (doubling the capacity of the piers and adding several warehouses) and a town beginning to grow around a coastal fort south of Nuuk.
  • Realising that a global "land grab" race has begun, Aragon begins to colonise Northern parts of Morocco. As a indigenous Muslim kingdom has existed for years there, the Aragon military is used to subjugate the new territory, a move which is supported by the Pope. Aragon's navy is largely expanded due to this.
  • The Jalayirids are defeated by the Aramean revolt. The nation takes the name of Neo-Babylonian Empire and changes its capital to Babylon (during Jalayirid times, Al-Musayyib)
  • Portugal to the KU and Aragon:I request an alliance.


  • Cyprus begins raiding passing ships. Brittany declares war on Cyprus. Cyprus is under Brittany's control by October.
  • The Babylonians invade a part of OTL Oman, and declare war upon the Timurids. They soon conquer Elam.
  • Over the past 20 years the parliament of Scotland has moved farther away from the royal powers and on the 15th of August 1404 the Parliament Act 1404 is passed which limits the powers of the monarch and turns Scotland into the first true democracy in northern Europe while at the same time giving the new colonies representation in the first democratic parliament. Later in the year an armada is sent from Strathclyde south across the Irish sea with the goal of conquering Wales and the Isle of Man.
  • The PLC increases soldier build-up along the Golden Horde-PLC border to discourage raids. Soldiers also move up to the border with the Teutonic Order.
  • The KU invades the Teutonic Order. Striking from Finland, all of Estonia is captured, as is the Latvian lands on the Gulf of Riga and the port of Danzig. A smaller army continues to move through the Karelian tribes to the east, pacifing them and claiming all of occupied Karelia and the independent parts to be part of the Grand Duchy of Karelia. The fishing industry also expand dramatically, mainly off of Iceland and to the east of Greenland.
  • Aragon, accepting the alliance offered by Portugal, invades Castille, intending to seize approximately half of the country, leaving the rest to the Portuguese. (NOTE: I will be unable to post for the next 2 days, I'm taking my turns now, they won't be involving any other active player, they're just so I'm not at a disadvantage when I get back)


  • Brittany requests an alliance with France. They also amp up their military might. (I also won't be available tomorrow or Sunday. I don't want a surprise when I come back on Monday.)
  • The Golden Horde, silent for many years, begins to modernize it army, building the first gunpowder units (brought by the Mongols from China decades before) though the majority of the army is still armed with swords and archery units.
  • The Scots push forwards with their Welsh campaign, conquering the country by mid November, whilst laying down plans to expand their influence in mainland Europe
  • The KU makes peace with the Teutons, taking Estonia, Danzig, and parts of coastal Latvia in the peace treaty. The army begins to focus much more on conquering the Karelians to the east. The navy is expanded considerably; it is now the largest standing navy in Europe. Even though the various Italian city-states can call up much more ships in an emergency, they don't have the loyalty and training of the Danish fleet. A Royal War College is set up in Stockholm near the Naval Academy, pumping out a small but highly-trained and motivated cadre of army officers.
  • Castille drives Aragon back, and asks them to ally against Granada.
  • The newly elected king of the PLC introduces a policy of neutrality.
  • Aragon constructs a series of forts within its African lands, to prevent native uprisings. An alliance with Castille against Granada is approved by the king.


  • Aragon gives naval support to Castille's invasion of Granada, blockading most of the Granadan ports in the process. Aragons navy is expanded at this time, and three ports are seized outright. This is the third war in six years, and the economic strain is beginning to show. In response to this, Aragon begins to explore the option of trade to Brittany.
  • Scotland follows the KU's model of setting up naval colleges, and later in the year they send their entire navy and army to the coast of Burgundy, capturing much of the coast by the end of the year
  • After four years, the first batch of midshipmen graduate from the Naval Academy. The KU sets its main focus on consolidating its holdings in Courland and Riga (re-establishing the Archbishopric of Riga as a puppet of Margaret). The navy begins a buildup of carracks and galleys, primarily in order to take complete hegemony of the Baltic. The army turns its full focus to defeating the Finns, and by year's end all but the southern Kola peninsula is in Union hands.
  • The Golden Horde is officially reorganized as the Crimean Empire, under the head of an emperor elected by the nobles. A massive works project is begun, with harbors on the Black Sea built and/or expanded. The army is increasingly modernized, and the first navy is established, with the majority of the fleet being ready by 1410.


  • Brittany expands its African territory. They also begin exploring eastward.
  • The PLC expands its trade on the Black Sea, specifically with Turkey and the Crimean Empire for exotic goods. The PLC gives up hopes for its own Baltic Sea trade, recognizing KU hegemony over the region.
  • Scotland sets up more naval colleges as well as many military colleges, sending all new recruits to Burgundy to push forwards with the conquest of the country as well as the English colony to the west.
  • The Crimean Empire seeks to expand its trade, so offers the Byzantine Empire protection, in return for allowing Crimean merchant's to sail through Constantinople and open trade routes in the Mediterranean.
  • The KU finishes the conquest of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Finnish and Lapp light cavalry are incorporated into the army (they were the same light cavalry that would have plowed across Germany OTL in the 30 Years War under Gustav Adolf). The navy continues to expand, with the Icelandic Squadron having 15 ships, the North Sea fleet having 37, and the Baltic fleet with 32 (plus 11 in the Kattegat Squadron and numerous "gunboats" patrolling the Great Belt and the Gulf of Riga). Combined with a trained cadre of officers and midshipmen, and a full-time logistics squadron being constructed in order to support expeditionary operations without drawing on the main navy. The whole fleet program is expected to be completed by 1411; this includes 19 more carracks and 12 gunboats (the gunboats being vessels much like a flat-keeled barque with a length of 54 ft and armed with 12 falconets and 4 early versions of what would be called a "bow-chaser" in OTL terminology), and an expeditionary force composed of several thousand longbowmen, an artillery component, and a thousand Lapp cavalrymen.
  • Aragon expands its holdings in Africa, bringing its borders close to Brittany's African Colony. More forts are constructed, and a KU style naval college is founded. Captured Granadan cities are granted to Castille.

Either someone make an updated map, or we'll face 1 map every 10 turns, might not be so bad but hey.

It doesn't reflect all the edits, but it's a good start. Add any changes that I missed (there's a good many).

I also didn't include the edit about Brittany taking Cyprus for a few reasons. A; you can't control what another nation does, B; considering that Cyprus is a vassal of the French, I doubt that Brittany would risk it, and C; it would take more men, ships, and capital then Brittany has to take the island by October. To muster and equip enough men to take the island, hire the ships for it (Even with the new harbor town and the gems (is there any historical record of mines in Brittany?), it would simply take far too long to do it), set sail, establish a beachhead on the island, and take it all within 3/4ths of a year makes no sense. Cyprus is pretty damn hard terrain for somebody to just march in and take it.

Navarre was taken over by Aragon, Castille invaded Granada, and both Brittany and Aragon have territories in West North Africa, around Morocco I think. I'll try to add these edits.



  • Brittany declares war on England and invades lower England.
  • The Ottoman Empire undergoes drastic changes. They become primarily Christian and open up trade again for Christian people. The Ottoman Empire apologizes to the Byzantine Empire and grants them all of Greece, plus lots of gold to rebuild.
  • Burgundy was weakened by the Scottish invasion two years ago and becomes fragmented giving Scotland the chance to move forward significantly.
  • The Kalmar Union continues to expand its navy in accordance with its plans. The Baltic Consortium is established to give the Union direct control over Baltic trade. Finally, the Karelians have been conquered, and for the first time in world history, the Scandinavian Peninsula is united.
  • Aragon, honouring its alliance with Brittany, declares war on England. The main point of invasion is Southern Wales. However, little territory is seized, as Aragon lacks the fleet to support a large overseas army, considering how much of it is currently blockading Granada, trading with Portugal and Brittany or patrolling the Mediterranean. Also, Aragon is weakened from recent wars, meaning although it has a large number of experienced troops it has lost much of its men-folk. Aragon is very interested in gaining access to the Silk Road, and requests trade with the Ottoman Empire.

'This is the map I updated. Things that I shall explain: 'I didn't give Brittany that much English Territory because they are tied up in Africa.'I did the same with Aragon (it's only me I'm limiting here, so who cares) because it doesn't have enough ships. 'I gave the Byzantines some Greek Territory from the Ottomans, I hope that's the correct border. And, being the detail freak I am, I made it look a little nicer in Kalmar's Teutonic territories, But I don't know where Scotland's African territories are Scotland's colonies are in the Canary Isles and Laayoune {C File:ImperialEuropeMapGame.png


  • Brittany captures more territory in Britain, this time capturing everything on the lower peninsula (OTL Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, and Hampshire).
  • Scotland moves forward with its relentless Burgundy campaign. At the same time Scotland warns the Mamluk Sultanate of the impending crusade and offers them military support in return for trade.
  • The era of peace is starting to really show through, banks throughout the PLC expand and the population grows even more. The PLC starts offering loans to Aragon and other nations in need of cash.
  • Realizing that the KU needs a dedicated North Sea port that would be completely clear of ice year-round, the Union moves troops into Bremen, citing the aggressive actions of Hamburg against the Archbishopric of Bremen. A smaller force moves from Margaret's holdings in Oldenburg into Hamburg itself, taking the city from the burghers and placing it under control of the Consortium. Eric of Pomerania begins plotting his adoptive mother's downfall.
  • Aragon turns control of captured English territories to Brittany. Aragon is now obligated to support the Scottish in Burgundy, the Bretons in England, and Castile in Granada, never mind the costs of upgrading their fleet and expanding their African colonies. Aragon begins to focus on trade more. Specifically, it hopes to gain access to the Silk Road or find riches in Africa or other colonies. Aragon is against launching another crusade at this time, feeling that it is more important to consolidate and enrich Aragon herself.


  • Brittany discovers North America. They set up colonies in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
  • Scotland convinces much of the population of Burgundy that Scotland is a more stable country than their own and they therefore almost completely conquers the country by the end of the year. Much of the navy that has been barely used over the past few years is sent south down the coast of Africa to establish a colony at the tip, a so called place in the sun, they establish a large colony in OTL Cape Town, and engage in trade with the local population.
  • The KU claims all lands to the north of Nye Scotland (Nova Scotia) to be their own. Small colonies are set up at OTL Quebec, Nova Scotia, and in parts of Newfoundland. Queen Margaret sells her lands in Perthshire to Scottish nobles, and uses the influx of cash to complete her navy one year ahead of schedule. A small colony is also set up at Fjord Powaata (the Chesapeake Bay).
  • Aragon sets up a colony in southern New Spain (OTL New Brunswick) on the Saint John river. The Colony at the river's mouth, Saint John, is primarily a fishing town, but with lumber and shipbuilding as emerging industries. A fort is constructed to defend from naval attacks. Expeditions down the river lead to contact with the native Americans, who appear friendly.
  • Ireland begins a conquest of the Isle of Man.
  • The Crimean Empire begins a military campaign against the Timurids in Persia, but after quickly crossing the Caucasus mountain with over 300,000 horsemen, and many of the new musket men and cannons, are held up about two hundred miles over the border by the Timurid Army at Tabriz, but the Crimean Empire goes on the offensive after a week of resting and recouping. The battle is an enormous victory, destroying most of the Timurid army in the west, but Samarkand and other Persian cities have not been captured yet. Tamerlane, the leader of the Timurids, is currently in India, so can't respond quickly.
  • The Empire of Trebizond works on building up its navy on the Black Sea. Their past few years have been spent investing in gunpowder and improving new rigid and iron standards for their soldiers. Conscription is introduced, and the ranks swell to around 10,000 soldiers. The new professional army is garrisoned at Trebizond itself, and all men of fighting age not in the army are required to own muskets or swords to defend the nation if it is ever attacked. The walls of the capital have been repaired since 1408 until they are nearly 30 inches thick by December of 1410 to stop even heavy artillery. However, all of these are purely defensive measures. The emperor still maintains a policy of strict neutrality, and the empire has become the richest and most lavish nation bordering the Black Sea due to their control of the Silk Routes.


  • The North American colony for Brittany is doing very well. The fertile soil is great for planting and the islands on which the towns are on are beautiful. The winters aren't too harsh. The city hands out supplies to other nations to build cities (at a modest price). However, the Osselets sur la Caroline du Nord is stated. No nation may build any colonies within 100 miles of a colony owned by Brittany. The first European child, Catherine de'Leon is born.
  • (There's a KU colony within a 100 miles of the Briton colony already)
  • They can keep it. I meant from here on out, no more colonies within 100 miles of Roanoke Island. Anyone who abides by this gets to cash in on our trade, thus allowing their colony to expand faster! Sounds like a fair deal to me!
  • The Crimean armies march deeper into Persia, and are on the outskirts of Samarkand. However, Tamerlane arrives as the Imperial armies arrive, and a massive battle is fought. Although nearly victorious, Tamerlane is shot down in the midst of battle by a musket man, and the Timurid army collapses, and Samarkand is taken. The rest of Persia falls into civil war, which the Crimean empire uses it to its advantage to pick off the other states. By next year, Persia should be under the control of the Emperor of Crimea!
  • Scotland expands the cape colony and heads farther east across the southern coast and engages in trade with the Great Zimbabwe .
  • Margaret is deposed by Eric of Pomerania. His first action is to move troops into Pomerania itself, and he establishes a wither capital at Rostock (the summer one being at Stockholm). He then issues a royal mandate declaring tax breaks of up to 80% for those who move to the New World (called Vinland). Each family shall be gifted 111 acres and the OTL USD equivalent of $100,000 upon arrival. This sparks immigration, primarily by Balts left homeless by the recent war, Swedish entrepreneurs and traders, and retired merchants buying plots of several thousand acres to live out their lives on. the colony at Fjord Powataa is expanded, with most of the Necks' coastline dotted with small farmsteads. Modest expansion is undertaken in the northern territories as well. A Swedish trader and his continent of several score mercenaries, explorers, and native guides make it to the shores of Lake Superior, but are almost forced to return by the impending winter and hostile Canadian tribes.
  • The Irish continue their conquest of the Isle of Mann. The Irish also begin a colony in Benin.
  • Aragon begins to encourage immigration to other parts of the empire. As many of the Aragonians are impoverished, they see this as a way to start over. With the large navy built for the recent wars, the colony of Saint Johns grows immensely. By the years end, the colony has gone from 200 people to 2000. A military fort is constructed in Saint Johns to protect the colonists from native or European attack. A second colony, Ramiro, is established farther down the coast. A governor is appointed in the new colony of Gonzalo Bay. (OTL Bay of Fundy) The colony is by now self sufficient with the growth of agriculture, and forestry to construct new ships and buildings is increasing.


  • Brittany finishes invading England. England is no more.
  • Persia is finally fully occupied by the Crimean Empire. forces stay behind to maintain control, but the majority of the elite forces, especially the musket men and cavalry return to the homeland in triumph. Persia is to be integrated into the empire by allowing freedom of Religion, though as long as it does not interfere with the running of the Empire. The army started in 1406 is virtually done after many delay's in trying to design new ships to work in the Black Sea and possibly the Mediterranean.
  • Scotland expands its Cape colony while at the same time taking Hispaniola and Cuba as colonies And sending many beggars, criminals and lunatics to Hispaniola.
  • The KU continues to expand at a rapid pace. The Delmarva Peninsula and the eastern half of Virginia are colonized, while the coastline of Newfoundland is lightly settled. A small quasi-governmental force composed of explorers, trappers, native guides, mercenaries, and soldiers numbering some 3000 establish control over the land for Eric, and several small forts are built along the coastline of Newfoundland (and a few small hamlets in Labrador).
  • Aragon expands its African holdings again and formally incorporates the colony as a full province. Meanwhile, the North American New Iberia colonies are expanded, most of OTL New Brunswick and Main being formally claimed and several outposts established within. It is Aragon's goal to eventually have a border on the St. Lawrence. Saint Johns, the capital, becomes one the major trading ports of the new world. The king's son and the Doge of Florence's daughter are married.
  • The Christians have victory in the Mamluk civil war, and declare the Empire of Jerusalem.


  • Brittany sets up camps near where the Golden Horde is expanding. They ask for Ottoman help. Brittany feels that the Golden Horde is a danger to all of Europe and the resistance needs to start now before it's too late! Brittany also rewards their new English citizens. The week before Christmas is 'Half off Everything Week'! Funds soar and so do approval ratings.
  • What do you mean by "sets up camps"? Also, Brittany, with a population of ~80,000, just conquered England, with ~2,000,000 people. I doubt they could A: do that; B:keep that land under control; and C: convince the native peoples that being ruled by Brittany is inherently better then being ruled by one of their own (or even a Norman) and D: suddenly sail around the Cape of Good Hope and "set up camps" by their border in one year.
  • I mean set up some camps to keep an eye on the situation. And who says we sailed to get here? The Ottomans are fine with us (oh, and I accept the Alliance). The Ottomans would let us set up temporary camps. The camps will be taken down or fortified as the situation with the Horde warrants.
  • King Eric issues a statement concerning the Mongols; saying "We have no quarrel with this nation. They are expanding to the east and we are, of course, to the west. We do not support any actions taken against this nation, at this point in time. If circumstances change, then our stance on this issue will change as well. But they now have a massive captive population consisting of Turks (and their infinite variations, including Uzbeks, Khazakhs, Tajiks, Kyrgyz, and many more), Persians, Armenians, Georgians, and Baluchis nominally under their control, and I do believe that they will be occupied with consolidating their territory for the next few years, at least. We do not consider them a threat to Europe at this time. Our Lord does say "Love thy Neighbor," and, as they have been quite friendly with us in our dealings, we intend to follow what The Lord does say. It is purely up to you, Brittany, if you wish to do the same." Colonies expand into the interior of Newfoundland, while most of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware are under control of the Scandinavians. Twelve ships are transferred from various stations and are reorganized into the Vinland Fleet. As the debts incurred through the invasion of the TO and the fleet construction program have been largely payed off, a smaller construction project is undertaken. By 1416, 33 new warships are to be built and transferred to the Vinlandic Fleet, while shipbuilding begins to take off in the colonies as well. Several armed barques are built to enforce the KU's claim everything north of the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes.
  • The Ottomans offer an alliance to Brittany. They also urge Europe to form a resistance. Brittany is right; the time to form a resistance is now!
  • The Crimean Empire is shocked that they are considered the threat to Europe. The emperor announces that he has no sights set on Europe, as, indeed, we are busy with Persia. However, it is decided to extend freedom of religion to all nationalities in the Empire, and enormous incentives to set up new businesses and trading routes to increase the wealth of the Empire. In response to the threats by Brittany, the army is set up on several forts through out the empire, though we still have no idea how Brittany is able to set up camps near us (could you please explain that to me?). Any attack on the Empire, or Constantinople or Poland-Lithuania (as we do not wish to see them fall) will be met by the might of our arms. But we will not, repeat NOT engage in any offensive action against a nation in Europe.

Rapid expansion towards Europe is a little creepy. We will take our camps down, but if you attack Europe, we will be prepared to repel it. Let's put this all behind us. We would like to open a trading route. CrimsonAssassin 18:12, November 1, 2010 (UTC){C What do you mean Expansion towards Europe? I expanded into Persia (Iran), in the Middle East, far away from Europe. But I digress. A trading route sounds fine. Tbguy1992 01:43, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

  • Scotland begins a project to map all of Africa which is expected to be completed by the year 1420. The first cartographers set sail from the Cape colony round the east coast, setting up colonies in OTL Durban, Mozambique, Cape d'Ambre (Northern Madagascar), Dar es Salaam and Mogadishu following the KUs model of gifting money and land to the new colonists.

The Scots also form an alliance with the great Zimbabwe and many nations and tribes near to their new colonies.

  • Aragon establishes a colony within central New Iberia (OTL New Brunswick) at the site of OTL Frederickton. The colony is named New Valencia. The alliance between Aragon and Castile disintegrates, and Aragon launches a second invasion. (Sorry, Duchland, but you don't seem to be active) Aragon also wishes to convey to the Crimean Empire that if aggressive action is taken against the Empire of Jerusalem or the Jalayrids, or any nations within Europe, then Aragon will take necessary action. However, if the Crimeans stay true to their word, Aragon will continue to be neutral.

We need a new map NOW!


  • Brittany's colonies in the Outer Banks expand to the mainland. They expand in all directions. South Carolina soon becomes part of Brittany along with North Carolina.
  • the Crimean Empire continues to try to reduce the animosity with the rest of Europe by accepting a trade agreement with Brittany, and extends a hand of friendship to anyone who wishes to establish trading relations.
  • Aragon continues its expansion in New Iberia, creating several fort-villages based on trade with the Native peoples. Castile's army suffers major defeats as their generals fail to properly communicate. Aragon's top generals assure the king the war will be over within a year. The African Territories expand as well, with several native tribes becoming incorporated due to Aragonian missionary work and the building of more cities commences, spreading the territory farther inland. Aragon establishes a trade route to Crimea. Aragon declares its intention to similarly invade Granada.
  • Ireland completes its conquest of the Isle of Mann. The Irish colony in Benin expands, and Irish explorers explore the coast of western Africa.
  • If someone will tell me the territories they own in the new world, I'll make a new map, because this is getting crazy.-- Smallpox 01:51, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

Territories owned in North America by 1414[]

  • Aragon owns Bay of Fundy, parts of New Brunswick, the tip of Nova Scotia and parts of Maine. Interior New Brunswick has just been breached when we traveled up the Saint John river.
  • The KU owns most of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Newfoundland, and a few settlements in Labrador. Note that only the coastal areas are "colonized" in the truest sense of the word; the rest is simply controlled by KU troops.
  • Brittany owns the Carolinas.
  • Scotland owns Cuba and Hispaniola.


I'm too tired to finish

Territories owned in Africa by 1414

  • Scotland owns the Cape of Good Hope, Dar es Sallam, the northern tip of Madagascar, Mogadishu.
  • Aragon owns most of eastern Morocco and large swaths of Algeria.

  • Is anyone still playing this? Tbguy1992 02:50, November 7, 2010 (UTC)
  • Yes, but everybody doesn't know when to start the next turn, I'll do that now. Michael Douglas 16:55, November 7, 2010 (UTC)


  • Aragon's African territories expand farther, up to Tunis. Also, new settlements and forts have been constructed on Cape Breton Island and OTL PEI, which is named New Majorca, and a large influx of settlers reach interior New Brunswick. The African Territories are divided into the provinces of Africa East Province and Africa West Province, and the New Iberian colonies are unified into the New Iberian Province. As the new governor is set up in New Iberia, an Aragonian ship becomes the first to sail up the Saint Lawrence, although it barely makes it back alive.
  • The Scandinavian colonies continue to expand. Eric founds the Vinlandic Army (currently composed of some 7,000 troops and ~11,000 colonial militia) to keep order in the colonies without having to rely on mercenaries, loyal trappers and friendly tribes for defense. Parts of West Virginia come under the control of the KU, as does the southern/southeastern coast of New Jersey. The fort on Lake Superior expands KU control of the native tribes people there.
  • The royal family in Scotland has, over the past few years been angered by the new democratic parliament and quickly rallies those sections of society that are still opposed to democracy, the country erupts into civil war with the royalists on one side and the parliamentarians on the other, unable to control Scotland itself the government decides to relinquish control of the small empire that it has built up over the past few years. Wales declares independence, Burgundy does the same, but much of the country falls into the hands of the Holy Roman Empire, the colonies in southern Africa unite to form the Commonwealth of Former Scottish Colonies in Africa (CFSCA), Cuba and Hispaniola descend into anarchy quickly, Inns Galls Naudh becomes a government in exile for the former government.

The short lived Scottish Empire has left a major mark on the history of the world. (All in all I quit)

Why are you quitting?

  • The Crimean Empire continues to expand its economy, increasing the size of harbors on the Black Sea and along the Persian Gulf, and starts expanding into the Indian Ocean trade, offering a route from China and India through Persia to the Black Sea to Europe from there.
  • Brittany expands southward to Florida.


  • With Castile fully under Aragonian control, Aragon once again expands its borders in New Iberia, which by now span from Nova Scotia to the St. Lawrence River. Aragon forms a blockade to prevent any foreign ships from entering the river.
  • The KU improves their overland route between their holdings on the Atlantic and on Lake Superior. Most of Jew Jersey is under control of KU forces, as is the whole of West Virginia. The southern 1/3 of Pennsylvania has been taken as well. The Labrador colonies expand slightly, though much slower than before as the Grand Duke of Vinland (a new post recently introduced by Eric; currently held by the Swedish general Adam Petersson) sees the most potential in the Great Lakes and the southern colony.
  • Brittany expands to the south coast of Florida.
  • The Crimean Empire decides to extend a hand of friendship to the Kalmar Union, to show that we have no ill feelings to Europe, and wish to work in peace to build both our nations. Rumors of a large landmass to the west of Europe and the ocean are of little importance to the Crimean Empire, instead wishing to expand east into the steppes of Siberia.
  • The Scottish government in exile begins a bargaining process with the royals, who have met resistance to their laws, the country begins the rebuilding process helped by many of its allies. Although English forces have taken much of the borders during the infighting, these are quickly reclaimed with the help of its allies. Wales is granted independence after a short war with the English, as soon as communication is restored with the former colonies in southern Africa these are reabsorbed into the Scottish Commonwealth and given a greater say in parliament, Hispaniola is given up as unsalvageble whereas Cuba is taken back almost immediately.

Burgundy was a major economic burden and is blamed internally for the war.

(I un-quit, sorry for quitting in the first place ) BTW, I highly doubt that Brittany would be able to hold onto any English territories without A: an uprising and B: a major war.


  • Conditions in England improve, along with approval. The empire expands westward in North America.
  • Aragon establishes several forts along the St. Lawrence River. Also, a well defended port is established in Trinidad. Aragon begins an invasion of Foix, and resistance crumbles leaving the territory in Aragonian hands by the end of the year.
  • the Crimean Empire continues to expand and modernize its military and expand into the unoccupied steppes of Siberia.
  • ^It's far from unoccupied; you have Tatars, Kazakhs, Siberians, Mongols, and many more.
  • The KU declines Crimea's offer of alliance in a letter from Eric. "We believe that you simply misinterpreted our disapproval of Brittany's actions as an endorsement of your own. This is not so. We simply did not wish for a massive war created by inaccurate rumors propagated by an upstart nation who we see as far more dangerous than yourself. We have nothing against you, yet we see no difference between your actions and the actions of your political predecessor (the Mongol Empire). We have no common goals or enemies and no unifying factors. There would simply be no way for us to assist each other in times of trouble, as we share no common borders and maritime transportation of troops would be infeasible, especially if we were engaged in combat with an enemy powerful enough to warrant us to assist you. All this would achieve in fact would be to tie up troops, ships, and capital in an unfeasible and useless show of unity. Combined with the fact that we are (for the most part) trying to stay away from involvement in international politics, we have decided to decline this offer. However, we do believe it would be mutually beneficial if we entered into a pact of non-aggression and produce some sort of trade agreement in order to lower tariffs on our merchants in our respective nations."
  • The KU begins to expand into the Ohio River Valley and NW Tennessee. The Vinlandic fleet is finally completed. A small college is founded in OTL Hampton Roads, the first in Vinland. A minor expansion of the Vinlandic army brings it up to 11,000 regulars. Over 20 small forts/large blockhouses (see here) are set up throughout the colonies, many mare are expected to be raised in the coming years.
  • Scotland establishes a small colony on the southern tip of India, they also massively expand their African holdings, they regain Hispaniola through the acquittal of most of the criminals on the island.


  • Aragon begins improving its military capacity in New Iberia, to counter the KU's military expansion. Two new fleets are created, both from existing warships of new ships produced at Saint Johns. The North Fleet, based in Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island, is meant to defend the northern colonies and decrease the risk of attacks on the Southern Colonies or the St. Lawrence River. The South Fleet, based in Port Royal and Saint Johns, is purposed to guard the Bay of Fundy and the colonies in New Iberia, which by now extends into OTL Maine. The St. Lawrence fleet, which already existed, is given better supply lines. A new militia system is founded, while experienced military personnel are stationed in the forts whenever it is possible to transfer them from Castile or Granada, which still occasionally engages Aragonian troops and ships in combat.
  • The KU begins to expand its production and machining capacities by giving subsidies to workshops and smithies. Further expansion into the Ohio River Valley happens, while an agreement with both the Cherokee and the Shawnee is reached, allowing troops to be stationed in their lands. Expansion of the colony in the Great Lakes brings the eastern border of that colony quite near to the colonies in Labrador. Shipwrights guilds begin to spring up in the southern colony (now commonly referred to as Powataa), and the government artificially creates competition by offering both tax breaks to cooperatives that produce more vessels, as well as creating actual contracts for vessels as opposed to just buying whatever is for sale. The virgin forests of Newfoundland are tapped for the excellent lumber there.

When and how did the KU acquire a Great Lakes colony? Aragon's blockading the St. Lawrence, and last time I checked your colonies don't extend much past Labrador. Crossing that far through unexplored land is likely to take the entire year, it is near impossible for you to do this and found a colony. When was this colony you expanded founded, and where is it mentioned?

1411, and mentioned regularly from 1415 onward.

OK, my bad. I didn't see where it began.

  • (By the way, I meant unoccupied by any other major nation) Although disappointed by the KU's refusal of the offer, farther expansion eastward is slowly augmented by new forts and outposts, and the Crimean Empire extends its control eastward.

Crimean Empire is already need some time to consolidate first, probably.

  • Scotland realises that the kingdom of Zimbabwe is in great decline and offers the king an agreement by which the country would be absorbed into the Scottish Commonwealth and have a say in the parliament in Edinburgh but remain mostly autonomous.


File:Finally a mapr.png

Edited to show Crimea and the KU's expansion

  • Aragonian forts and towns are construction on the shores of Lake Ontario. The African colonies expand again, moving much farther south. Most of the newly claimed land is parts of the Sahara desert, and hence near useless. Aragon's military modernization program continues, with improved firearms now being distributed throughout the Colonial Army. With the economy booming, more pressure is being put on Granada.
  • The KU continues to expand their colonies (primarily the one on the Great Lakes). Eric considers declaring war on Aragon for violating the KU's claim to all lands north of the Saint Lawrence and the Great Lakes, but decides they will wait until they see an opportunity. The Vinlandic fleet is expanded with their previous ports overhauled (dredged, piers lengthened and widened, and primitive dry docks added), while continued fortification of the colonies continues. Both the army and the militia are beginning to use Sissi and Motti tactics in their fights against hostile tribes, small pockets of Karelian resistance, and bandits. Pacified Karelians are proving quite adept at utilizing these tactics themselves while serving in the ranks of Eric's forces.
  • It has been decided that it will be necessary to consolidate the Crimean Empire's position in Asia, so a massive reformation of the administration took place. The bureaucracy is expanded, the law code reorganized and new forts are established, and settlers sent out from the west to the east. This serves to spur economic growth, and the economy grows at an ever faster rate.
  • Scotland heads northwards ito India and begins trade with the local population, surprisingly many of the new colonisers turn to Hinduism, which is imported back to Scotland


  • After years of making sure that their empire is stable, Brittany begins to expand again. Their North American Colonies expand west. Native American resistance is heavy past Brittany's borders. Bounty hunting and treasure hunting becomes a popular activity. Colonists and tourists alike flock to the North American Colonies.
  • Reorganization of the Crimean Empire is completed, however expansion is put on hold while the economy is further developed. New farms are set up, harbors expanded, and new merchant ships sail Westward to trade with Europe, while new ships from Persia reach India, China and Eastern Africa.
  • Aragon's North American colonies expand to the south. Aragon claims and settles main, and hopes to control all coastline from Saint John's to the tip of the KU's southern lands. Aragon also proposes trade to the Crimean Empire, hoping to cash in on their new wealth.

I approve of the Crimean Empire's two year grace period. It seems natural.

I was going to get around to it anyway, it might have been this turn when I started except you brought up a good point.

  • Scotland grows its Indian colony farther north, as well as growing in Sri Lanka, several mariners also establish a small colony on the western tip of Yucatan.


File:ImperialEuropeMapGame 1421.png

Edited to show Scotland's Colonys

  • The Crimean Empire continues to consolidate and improve the Empire, and accepts Aragon's trade proposal. New settlements, mines and businesses are opened, bringing even more wealth and prosperity to the Empire.
  • The KU resumes expansion. The colonies on the Great Lakes finally connect with the colonies of Markland, though the connection is really just one road and a few small fortified villages strung up and down the length of it. The fortifications in the south are improved, while infrastructure throughout the colonies is improved as well.They also offer a trade agreement to Aragon in order to reduce tariffs for the two nation's respective traders, and re-offer the trade agreement and the non-aggression pact they had originally offered in 1417 to the Crimeans.
  • Aragon accepts the KU's trade offer. The economy is bolstered both by it and the new route to the Crimeans. Although the colonies of Markland and New Iberia are economic rivals, New Iberia seems to not have been negatively impacted. After signing this treaty, Aragon immediately ends its blockade of the St. Lawrence, allowing goods to travel between the KU's inland colonies considerably faster. The St. Lawrence Fleet is broken in to 2. The new St. Lawrence Fleet consists of specialised river ships meant for fighting on the River itself. The new Great Lakes Fleet consists of heavier warships on the Great Lakes. The task of guarding the entrance to the St. Lawrence in wartime is given to the New Iberian North Fleet. Expansion in the Appalachians continues, although the interior land is not yet under control due to hostile tribes.
  • A young Scot who got lost on a trek in the Namib desert finds what he thinks is a small piece of glass but which is, in fact, a rough diamond, this sparks mass immigration into southern Africa, this is further fuelled by the discovery of gold near OTL Johannesburg, the economic boost encourages many other African colonies to do the same as Scotland .



  • Aragon, encouraged by Scotland's economic growth in Africa, establish a colony at OTL Walvis Bay. In South America, another colony is founded in Panama. Plans are made to connect this new colony with Trinidad. Aragonian territory in the Appalachians expands again.
  • Crimea slowly continues expansion East, but progress is difficult due the short summer this year and the early winter that bogs down the expansion forces. The economy continues to grow, and a new plan to build a new navy for the Indian Ocean is started, and is expected to be completed in about six years.
  • Brittany expands inland some more.
  • The Kalmar Union takes more of the Ohio River Valley and the Appalachians. Infrastructure and docks are expanded throughout the nation, while a small colony is founded at OTL Maracaibo.
  • Scotland moves farther north in southern Africa and India, they also expand massively in Madagascar as well as founding a small colony in the Malay Peninsula.



  • Aragon expands its Panama colony to the north and to the south. The Trinidad colony expands farther along the coast. Walvis Bay expands in a similar manner. A new colony is founded of Hispaniola. Aragon makes considerable progress negotiating with the native Scots, who successfully resisted being re-incorporated into the Scottish Empire. Aragon offers them a chance of real independence from Scotland, and protection in case Scotland attempts to retake the island. It is possible they will become a protectorate in the future.
  • The wealthy trading power of Venice decides to throw their hat in the ring. They conquer the warring tribes in the Valley of Mexico. They had been weakened by infighting and diseases brought by the Europeans. The colony of Nuova Venexia (New Venice) is born.
  • The Crimean army and the economy continues to expand, and further attempts to expand into Siberia are mostly successful.
  • The Kalmar Union continues expansion in the Americas, primarily in Powataa. Fortifications to coastal settlements are improved considerably. The naval college at Stockholm is massively expanded. Eric of Pomerania has his first son, Haakon, with the recently-widowed and very young Duchess of Friesland.

Er ... Aragon has already colonized both sides of the St Lawrence, you can't really see it on the map ... we could sell you our Northern side of the river, though, in exchange for your South American colony plus Kalmarian funds to help our colonization for the next year.

Oops, my bad!

  • The Scottish Malay colony is expanded south, Scotland also establishes a colony on OTL Ilse de Marajo .



  • The Venetians expand their Nuova Venexia colony in all directions. It has become quite a popular destination for people immigrating from the Old World, mostly from Venice and the other Italian states.
  • A Crimean ship with a emissary bound for China, is trapped in a massive storm, lands on the coast of OTL Somalia. The emissary takes the opportunity to sign treaties with the local warlords, establishing a small protectorate, in exchange for trading rights. The economy in the Empire is expanding and prospering even more, the "Black Sea's Renaissance" per se.
  • Brittany expands inland in North America.
  • Aragon expands the colonies of Trinidad and Walvis Bay, as well as continuing to expand New Iberia towards lake michigan. Hispaniola becomes a protectorate, paying some taxes in exchange for protection. The island, which has become a haven for the losing side of the Scotish Civil War, is allowed to establish a democratic government, becoming the Republic of Hispaniola.
  • The KU continues expansion of Powataa southwest and its colony at Maricaibo (known as Nya Alborg). The navy now includes a seven-ship squadron based from Nya Alborg to defend KU interests in South Vinland. A small force from the KU's Grand Army takes Munster after "aggressive actions" taken by them against the Archbishopric of Ulrecht.
  • Scotland moves farther north in southern Africa and India, the Malay colony is further expanded along with Yucatan.

What happend to Scotland's colonies in Laayoune and the Canary islands



  • Brittany moves west in North America. They reach Louisiana.
  • Scotland moves farther north in India and southern Africa, the government of Scotland also starts a small colony on Borneo.
  • The KU resumes expansion on all fronts. The Southern Squadron is expanded to 12 vessels, while the production of gunships and carracks all throughout KU-occupied Germany picks up.
  • The Ottoman Empire, after settling unrest in their empire after becoming Christian, declare war on the Malmuks.
  • Aragon further expands the colonies of Walvis Bay and Panama. Aragon joins the Ottoman-Malmuk war, which the pope has declared a holy war, by moving against Granada and sending troops to aid the defense of the Ottoman border. Aragon sends envoys to its allies, informing them that they need not join the war because of the treaties between nations, that if they are to join the crusade it must be for God alone, and that Aragon will hold no grudges against European powers which fail to crusade.
  • The Venetians invade and conquer the crumbling Aztec Empire. The former capitol of Tenochtitlan is designated as the capitol of the Nuova Venexia colony. Words from the former Aztec language start entering the Venetian language. The former Aztecs are treated no differently than the European citizens of the Republic.
  • The Crimean Empire decides to send a small settlement, about 150 or so people, to Somalia (which, when translated into English, is New Crimea) to set up a small trading post. No expansion in Africa is attempted until the foothold is successfully established, though expansion in Siberia is continued.



  • Scotland's Indian colony is expanded farther north, along with Dar Es Salaam.
  • Brittany expands west in America.
  • Crimean explorers reach Lake Baikal, though no attempts to settle this far from the homeland is attempted. The Empire watches the War in Asia Minor with concern, though does not interfere at the moment.
  • The Ottomans conquer OTL Israel, liberating Jerusalem. They install a bishop there and encourage fellow Christians to travel to Jerusalem.
  • The Venetians begin a program expanding their army and navy. They also secure the disputed territory in the Balkans for themselves. The Nuova Venexia colony receives its largest territorial expansion so far as other smaller colonies are integrated into it.
  • Ireland's colony in Benin in Africa expands westward, so it now includes Togo and the Ivory Coast.
  • Aragon's crusading forces halt their advance in the middle east, declaring that the sole purpose of their involvement in the crusade was to liberate the holy city and Granada. Although Aragon will take "whatever measures necessary" to ensure Jerusalem stays in Christian hands, its troops are withdrawn. Aragon also requests that the Ottomans grant Jerusalem as a territory to the Papal States, as "the holy city belongs to all of Christianity, and no part of it should belong to a secular state". A new colony in the Gulf of Mexico is founded.

I don't think that's the Gold Coast he meant.

I meant Ivory Coast.


  • Aragon expands its Trinidad colony, which now has a land border to Panama. The two territories are amalgamated and renamed Gran Columbia. The remained of Aragon's Caribbean holdings, save New Castille on the Northern part of the Gulf of Mexico, are integrated into this province. The Gran Columbia Fleet and Gran Columbia Army are founded. There forces are immediately deployed in the Yucatan to deal with the Mayans and foster further expansion.
  • The Crimean Empire halts all further expansion to the east for the present time, and instead, nervous of the expansion of the Ottoman and European powers in Turkey, decides it is best to try to find new allies, so offers such an alliance to Venice.
  • Hungary attacks Bosnia, and it is conquered in a month, offers treaty with Ottomans.
  • The Venetians expand their Nuova Venexia colony, which reachs the Pacific in places. They accept the Crimean offer of an alliance, in exchange for Crimean settlers to bolster the population of the Nuova Venexia colony. They also seize the Greek territory of their Byzantine rival. It will take them a few years to properly absorb their acquisitions.
  • The Ottomans, upset at Venice for declaring war on the Byzantine, declares war on Venice. The Ottomans want Venice to return Greece to Byzantine control or a hefty war will follow. The Ottomans also conquer southwards in Mamluk territory. Mecca is surrounded.
  • Brittany expands west in America.

Is is just me, or has Venice expanded extraordinarily fast? I mean, four years or so, nearly half of Mexico conquered? There needs to be some mention of settlement of conquered lands and Venice's economy at least.

Agree, Crimea got called out for attack Persia then expanding east soon after. Not to sound sore or anything, but it should be somewhat slower ...



  • Aragon offers an alliance to the Ottoman Empire, in the message it is stated that "there are numerous foreign countries that threaten both of our empires, and the holy city of Jerusalem" "The Byzantine Empire, the Knights of St. John, Jerusalem and Turkey itself are in danger of invasion or have already been seized". Aragon blockades the Straits of Gibraltar, preventing any Venician ships from entering or leaving the Mediterranean. However, later in the year when the war ends, this blockade is lifted.
  • The Ottomans accept this offer. Meanwhile, Mecca is seized and burned. The Ottomans begin to conquer the Nile.
  • Ireland begins a colony in South America in OTL southern Argentina.
  • Venice asks the Crimean Empire for aid in "defeating these nosy Ottomans". Venetian troops have begun seizing Ottoman territory in the Balkans.
  • The Mamluks ally with Venice and start to retake their territory.
  • Brittany sides with the Ottomans and declares war on Venice. They retake the Ottoman's stolen land in the Balkans and then attack the Mamluks. They reinforce the Ottoman's defense. The defense team is very strong, preventing territorial loss. Brittany, however, perfers a peaceful end to this. They plead Venice to give the Byzantine their land back.
  • Hungary attacks Wallachia, and conquers half of it.
  • The Crimean Empire agrees to assist Venice, and declares war on the Ottoman Empire, marching from Persia and the Caucasus to invade Turkey from the rear, while the Navy harries Ottoman Shipping on the Black Sea and the Indian Ocean.
  • The KU continues a massive expansion of their industrial capacity and merchant marine. The war in the Mediterranean has tied up many of its economic rival's trading vessels in transportation of troops and in privateering, giving the KU a significant advantage in trade. Due to the expected sale of the colonies, many state assets are pulled out of the various colonial possesions. This influx of capital into Europe has made many of the KU's trading houses anxious to get rid of the money lest it be tied up in the war brewing to the south, and several state-sponsored expeditions take Cape Verde, Singapore, the Comoros, and Diego Garcia.

We made peace. See the negotiation page. Please don't prolong this meaningless war.

You still haven't made peace with the Malmuks, solve that issue next.

But that was a crusade. Not part of the war with Venice. Besides, the Crusade is going to end pretty quickly.

  • Scotland expands in Indonesia, they also recruit many many local troops in the colonies.


  • The Ottomans apologize for the war. They buy out Constantinople and the surrounding area from the Byzantines.
  • Brittany expands west in North America to eastern New Mexico.
  • The Crimean commander in Turkey receives the order to retreat, that the war is over. But when he does, he takes over Persia, declaring a new Persian Empire, and declares war on the Crimean Empire, launching a civil war.
  • Venetian explorers from Nuova Venexia discover deposits of valuable minerals in OTL New Mexico and Arizona. In order to prevent these valuable resources from falling into the hands of the Britons, they declare the area a part of the newly-formed Nuova Grecia colony. Eager prospectors come flooding in from Nuova Venexia and Old World Venice (especially Greece). The Nuova Venexia colony is expanded to fill the empty space in between the to colonies. The discovery of gold in the territory further accelerated immigration.
  • Just a reminder; people from Brittany are Britons, not Brittanic, Brittanian, or any other variations of the word
  • Aragon expands south in South America and North in Walvis Bay. Aragon sends a request for an alliance to Hungary, but declares that their alliance with the Ottomans was over. Aragon simply "must focus on the New World, and cannot be diverted by the wars of the mid-east." The KU's Canadian territories and the port of Maracaibo are sold to Aragon, although this transaction leaves the nation rather strapped for casha and paying a tribute to the KU for the next ten years. Future colonization of South America will definately be impeded by this.
  • Fed up with the fact that everyone is ignoring his nation in treaties and that european powers are stealing his land Emperor Kwestantinos I declares that the borders of Ethiopia will be guarded against all foreigners unless they accept his soverignity over the land and agree to deal with his court.
  • KU expands their trading post at Singapore by declaring war on Malacca. By year's end, the Sultanate is taken. A landing on the island of Malabo takes the island for the crown, while Socotra is taken from the few natives by a caravel. The merchant marine and the navy are expanded, as is the infrastructure needed to support them.
  • The Kingdom of Jerusalem (Mamluks) ask the Ottomans if they can return the land south of Lakatia to them, in exchange they will have bases in Jerusalem, a allied government and a ottoman owned church in Jerusalem. Jerusalem ask Scandinavia to sold their territories in south america to Jerusalem in exchange for Libya.


File:ImperialEuropeMapGame 1430 (happy 20th Anniversery, coloial empires).png

  • The Venetians expand their Nuova Venexia colony southward. The Venetians fortify and expand the Nuova Grecia colony. They begin negotiations with Brittany on the possiblility of their purchasing Brittany's territory in the region. They also begin funding a research laboratory to develop new firearms and ship-mounted cannons.
  • The sale of the KU colonies is complete. A massive influx of cash is brought in because of this, and all of the trading posts have become fairly well-developed. Palawan is colonized, while Sulu is annexed.
  • The Crimean Civil War continues to develop, with a Crimean Army laying siege to the headquarters of the Rebel army, but the siege is broken in the Battle of Hamadan. A back and forth war continues, with neither side able to get an advantage.
  • Aragon expands towards the Yucatan. Aragon is in a recession, due to the economic strain of buying the KU's Canadian and South American territories. To offset this, colonization is slowed. Aragon recognizes Ethiopia's sovereignty, and asks for permission to start missionary services there.
  • A Scottish fishing vessel in Indonesia discovers Australia, they start a small colony in OTL Darwin.
  • Brittany expands west in North America to OTL eastern Arizona. Meanwhile, the army amps up its might, making an invasion heavily unlikely. They feel a war coming soon. Meanwhile, Brittany offers an alliance to the Ottomans.
  • The Ottomans accept. They offer to reinforce Brittany's army if needed.
  • The Ethiopian Emperor agrees to travel to Crimea to offer support to the Loyalists in Africa on the condition that they agree to his demands about recognising his sovereignty over Ethiopia's territory.

The area added in a darker green in Crimea is the current extent of the rebellion; just wanted to show it.



  • Brittany expands to to the Californian Pacific Coast.
  • The Ethiopian Emperor signs a treaty with Alodia, the last of the Nubian Christian kingdoms to integrate it into Ethiopia expanding Ethiopia's teritory northwards.
  • Scotland recognises Ethiopia as an independent kingdom, they also expand in Australia.
  • Crimea acknowledges the Empire of Ethiopia, and welcomes the Ethiopian Emperor to the capital, OTL Sevastopol. However, after the announcement, a rebel assassin leaped from the crowd to try to stab the Crimean Emperor, but quick action by the body guards and the Emperor himself managed to kill the assassin before he could achieve his goal. The day's activities continue as planned, but a new assault against the Persian rebels is launched within a week. In order to gain support, the Crimean Empire decides to make Islam the official religion, with the destruction of Mecca and the Christanization of the Ottoman Empire having disillusioned many faithful, this is welcomed by many Muslims. This is widely accepted in Persia, which turned many against the rebels, and overthrew the so-called "Persian Empire", forcing many rebels to flee to Afghanistan, where the Crimean Army pursues them. Although Islam is now the official religion of Crimea, other faiths are still tolerated and accepted, especially Judaism and Hinduism.
  • The Venetians recognize the Ethiopian Empire as officially independant. They expand their Nuova Grecia colony into OTL Southern California and Baja California. A Venetian colonial expediation discovers the Kingdom of Hawaii. It is promptly subjugated as a Venetian colony.
  • The massive influx of gold and silver brought by the sale of the colonies enables the KU to expand far more rapidly than beforehand. The Adamans are brought under their control, as is the land on Sumatra opposite Singapore and the small archipelego of the Paracel Islands. Much of the tangibles, however, are spent backing up the Kroner, sending its value soaring above other currencies in the world market. This leads to vastly increased profits among KU merchants, and their fleets expand accordingly.
  • Ireland's Africa colony expands eastward into Nigeria. It also colonizes the islands in the Gulf of Guinea. Its colony in South America expands northward.
  • Aragon begins to spread into the Great Plains of North America. Aragon reminds all nations that with the purchase of KU Canadian Territory, it also inherited their claim to all lands north of the St. Lawrence.

Where is Scotland's colony on Borneo, Australia (the Indian colony should be far larger along with the one in South Africa)

You haven't been posting, so your claims didn't expand much, although I still grew them a little. Your Borneo Colony and Australia colony I'll add next map.



  • Venetian forces begin conquering the fragmented Libyan states. The Nuova Venexia colony is expanded.
  • to the south. The Venetian Doge commissions a voyage of discovery, which sets sail from Hawaii.
  • The last of the Persian rebels are finally captured, with the leaders of the Rebellion being executed. The devastation of the war will take years to repair, so all expansion and colonization attempts are put on hold. The Black Sea Renaissance, however, is still going strong, with artists, painters and businessmen, many who have escaped persecution in Europe, helping to further the growth and rebuilding of the Crimean Empire.
  • Brittany expands northwards in North America.
  • Hoping to gain an advantage over the Scots for control of trade routes in Africa, KU traders take Mauritius and the Seychelles, while all their trading posts are given improved facilities for ships. Several ports on Formosa are taken from the natives.
  • Aragon continues to expand in North America, west and south to the Pacific Ocean.
  • The Ethiopian Emperor declares that Islam shall be granted co-existence with Christianity in response to protests by the counties Muslim population.



  • The Venetians echo the Eithiopians in recognizing Islam as an official religion. Their colonies become a haven for pursecuted Muslim refugees from Europe and the Ottoman Empire. This sparks a second great expansion of Venetian colonies. Nuova Venexia expands to Scotland and Aragon's colonies to the south. The Venetian colonial expedition makes landfall on Papua New Guinea. A small colony is founded.
  • The government of Scotland, not content with finishing the African mapping project begin a project to map Australia, they establish a small port near OTL Sydney, the Indian colony is also expanded.
  • Brittany expands upwards in North America. Meanwhile, they establish that anyone in their territory practicing Islam must have a liscence. 500 liscences are held out in the year. Anyone practicing Islam without a 'Serpent Visa' is subject to imprisonment.
  • The Ethiopian Emperor agrees to take control over Yemen after the Sultan appeals for his protection against the Ottomans. This expands Ethiopia across the Gulf of Aden and the Emperor promises that he will not allow the Ottomans to expand any farther and that if possible Mecca and Medina will be recaptured.
  • Aragon continues to expand towards the Pacific Coast in North America. Although Aragon does not persecute muslims living with its territory, mostly in Granada and North Africa, it does not give mosques tax exempt status and conducts extensive missionary work.
  • The Crimean colony in Somalia, neglected due to the civil war and very expensive to maintain, is offered to Ethiopia for a moderate sum. The rebuilding of the Persian provinces continues apace, but the damage will still take at least two more years to repair.
  • The KU continues expansion of all of their colonies. Formosa is taken completely, as is Quezon and most of the Philippines. Buildup of the army begins in preparation for an invasion of Novrogrod. Most of the troops are trained as Sissi fighters, as their tactics are quite effective in the snowy and heavily forested north that is their objective. The merchant marine is built up as well. As of now, the KU has no policies regarding any religion, with the exception of various rules dealing with the religion of the royal family and the power of the clergy, etc.
  • Pope Eugene IV excommunicates the Venetians for recognizing Islam as an official religion.


  • The Venetian Doge officially breaks off from the Roman Catholic Church in favour of a newly-created Venetian Church. This coincides with an explosion of colonization in the South Pacific. The Papua New Guinea colony (known as Pacifica) is expanded, while colonies are established on the various small islands surrounding it. The colonial fleet makes landfall on New Zealand and founds the settlement of Nuova Split, which becomes the capitol of the colony of Nuova Dalmàsia. The Libyan states have been completely conquered by now. A small trading post is built on Jamaica. It is immediately put under the authority of the Nuova Venexia colony.
  • The Scots decide to move farther north in India, Scottish plans for the Pacific are under threat from Venice, they decide to buy them out an establish a colony, on OTL New Hebrides and Fiji.
  • The Grand Duchy of Nya Hemberg is founded in Patagonia, just south of the Irish colony. It is settled primarily by Pomeranians and Dutchmen. The KU lays claim to all of the Pampas (outside of Irish hands) and Patagonia, and moves in a large contingent of troops to enforce it. The navy and army continue to prep for an invasion of Novrogrod. Several battalions of Sissi are infiltrated across the border, and begin to set up camps along or near major roads, bridges, rivers, and crossroads. The Falklands and Tierra Del Fuego are also taken as Crown lands.
  • Crimea is still rebuilding. Nothing of major note happens during this year (edit, until everything below happened!).
  • Aragon refuses to recognize the Venetian Church. Venice's merchants are thrown out of Aragon's lands, and Aragon's Mediterranean fleet once again blockades the Straits of Gibraltar to Venetian ships. Although Venice can still access the outside seas through Crimea and the Kingdom of Jerusalem, it is now much harder to send colonists outside the Mediterranean. Portugal and Hispaniola, both Aragonian protectorates, join in Aragon's embargo.
  • In the meantime, Aragon's colonies are granted additional freedoms, culminating into the right to democratically elect a colonial assembly. Although the governors, still absolute rulers of the colonies, are still appointed from within the Aragonian monarchy, the assembly and the king must agree on the choice of governor to keep them in office. Also, all Aragonian lands share the same military, loyal to the king. This reform changes the traditional Crown of Aragon into the Commonwealth of Aragon, which consists of the Kingdom of Aragon, the Dominion of Gran Columbia, the Dominion of New Iberia and the Dominion of Walvis Bay. The Houston colony becomes the Republic of Houston, and joins the Commonwealth as a more independant member. A similar measure is taken in the Republic of Hispaniola. The new Commonwealth navy is one of the largest in the world.
  • Brittany buys out France. France was in a state of debt and sold themselves to Brittany. Plans to revolutionize France to make it as prosperous as Brittany itself and Briton colonies fall into place. Meanwhile, Brittany revokes the 'Serpent Visa' privalage. Anyone practicing Islam in Briton territorries is subject from imprisonment to death. Torture is revolutionized. The Pear of Anguish is declared illegal, along with many other methods. Waterboarding becomes a useful means of torture. Anyone practicing Venetianism (Venetian Christianity) is also subject to imprisonment. The anscestors of Martin Luther, who began practicing Venetianism, are among those imprisoned.
  • ^You can't control another nation; ie you can't get them to accept a sale. Plus France at this time was actually quite successful. I doubt that would change much in 30 years. Not to mention that you yourself are in a bit of a dip (so to speak) because you are still paying tribute to the KU and already gave us like a third of your treasury. Also, lol, Brittany was the center (in France) of pagan and/or "heretical" practices, and, later, a hotbed of Protestant fervor. In fact, it is well known that Conan IV was a druid, and it is thought (by some) that his descendants were druids. Druidism was far more popular among the commoners, anyway, and persisted until the late 16th century. I'd think Brittany of all places would at least be neutral in the dispute.
  • First off, nobody active is controlling France right now. Secondly, we're right next to France. People would've started flocking here YEARS ago when we finally got England stable. Now, we control most of OTL Mainland USA. Would you want to go to a heavily prosperous nation that's made several advances or a nation that hasn't made any advances for some time now? When a prosperous nation is next to another, the less prosperous nation begins to lose power, money, and people. To the sale, the owner is not only a non-registered user, but he is not active. A similar sale happened when the Byzantine empire was taken peacefully by Venice and the Ottomans. Finally, if the Mamluks and Ottomans could convert to Christianity, Brittany could at least keep faithful to the Church. Also, this is my nation, I will control what is what, and therefore, Brittany will be staying Catholic. Thank you!
  • Just found out something in my research above; the current Pope is a Venetian ...... That's gonna complicate things a bit ...
  • Ethiopia buys the Somali colony and the Emperor travels to Constantinople to try and gain Medina back from them. In addition to this the Ethiopian army builds up its forces in Arabia to gain the cities in the likely event that the Ottomans refuse.
  • Mecca was destroyed during the crusade (which would have caused a great disturbance among Muslims, leading some to change the Qur'an and many others to convert to Christianity. Also, Constantinople was not renamed to Istanbul when the Ottomans took it.
  • Sorry didn't realise, medina would still be important to Muslims though
  • Pope Eugene IV is killed by a lynch mob for his Venetian heritage. The papacy is sede vacante, and a conclave is called almost immediately.
  • The Ottomans decline and decide to build up their already strong army. The Ottomans imprison the emperor, but have promised not to harm him if the Ethiopians back off.
  • The Ethiopian Emperors adopted son (a Muslim by birth) assumes control of the empire in his father's place. He refuses to stand down and travels to the Crimea to ask for their help while the Chief minister travels to Venice for the same reason.
  • The Crimean Emperor receives the Ethiopian Emperor, and due to the belligerent nature of the Ottoman's, agrees to come to the aid of Ethiopia if Ottoman Turkey does not back down. He also offers an alliance, and mobilizes the massive, battle-hardened Crimean Army and Black Sea Fleet to move if their is any hostile action undertaken by the Ottoman's. However, he specifically forbade any "pre-emptive" attacks, hoping that war can be avoided.



  • Brittany sets up a colony in OTL Alaska. They also begin using stronger woods and bigger boats in warfare. They invent a gigantic troop carrying ship with swiveling cannons with very strong wood reinforced with steel. They use metal plating to guard against damage to key areas. Some boats are covered nearly entirely with metal plating. Meanwhile, they improve the conditions in France and some middle America towns. The Indian attacks are becoming more frequent. Indian and buffalo hunting becomes a very popular sport. By December, poverty is limited to small mining areas and small towns in France.
  • The acting Ethiopian Emperor agrees to the alliance with the Crimeans and says that Ethiopia will not strike first. However he still remains adamant that Medina must be reclaimed for the good of all Muslim people and that the Ottomans are not fit to rule it or Jerusalem as well as demanding that his father be returned unharmed. He also agrees to a deal with the Sultan of Oman to integrate it in to the Empire.
  • Following the launch of the Briton ironclad, Venice starts mass-producing their version of the ironclad. keels for fleets of them are laid in Hawaii, Nuova Grecia, Nuova Venexia, and Venice. They are completed at a rate of 4 from each port every 2-3 months. The Nuova Dalmasia colony expands into the rest of New Zealand. The Venetians try to open negotiations with the Aragonians to have the Granada blockade lifted. It becomes easier and easier for Venetian blockade runners to slip through the blockade. The colonies gain the same rights the Aragonian colonies do. The various Venetian colonial militias are expanded and are armed with state-of-the-art Venetian weaponry.
  • Ireland enlargens its militia in its South American colony due to the number of KU troops. Ireland also expands its African colony westward.
  • Crimea continues to mount pressure on Ottoman Turkey to back down, and negotiate to bring an end to this climate of hate. Rumor's of an "iornclad" ship from Brittany shocks many naval officers, who, without Imperial authorization, conduct some tests with a few ships, though the results are unsatisfactory. When the Emperor learns of this, he tasks naval officers and scientists with finding a way to improve half of the Navy's ships with iron and new cannon by the end of the decade.
  • The Commonwealth of Aragon begins building a more modern fleet, similar to Brittanys ironclads. The Granada blockade is tightened, and many of the blockade runners are forced to turn back or are imprisoned. In response to Venice's attempts to get the blockade lifted, Aragon replies "Aragon is obligated as a Catholic nation to take whatever steps are necessary to continue the faith, and we shall continue to prevent Venetian ships from leaving the Mediterranean as long as Venice continues to destabilize the political situation in Europe." The Dominon of New Iberia spreads north. Also, on Majorca, a naval college is founded by exiled Frenchmen. This college begins research into lighter, faster "clipper" ships. Research into this area is slow.
  • The KU attacks Novgorod, taking the Baltic coast and penetrating to Novgorod itself. The city is taken by the time the year is out, the White Sea coastline is effectively under control of the KU thanks to their navy. The colony in the Pampas expands. KU mining cooperatives begin to make massive dividends off of selling valuable Swedish iron to the various powers (this is helped by the fact that the KU are friendly with all the nations involved in the naval buildup, and that the KU has the largest merchant marine in the world). The KU navy itself is continually improved and expanded, as are the port facilities to handle it.
  • Eric of Pomerania is killed by a Venetian sympathiser after he is heard publicly discussing bringing the Grand Fleet to the support of Aragon's blockade after the war in Russia reaches its conclusion. His young 12-year-old son Sven assumes the throne. Sven, a devout Catholic and of great intelligence, immediately seeks out and executes some 200 Venetian merchants, imprisons many more suspected of heresy, and invites the esteemed French (now Breton) theologists Mathurin Cordier and Gerard Cauvin to advise him on matters of state. Happy to leave the small College De La Marche to be advisors to a king, they both agree.
  • The Ottomans prepare their army in a very defensive position. They have promised not to attack first either. They ask why the Ethiopians want the Ottomans to 'back down', as the Ottomans have not launched an offensive. The Ottomans allow the emperor to go back to Ethiopia, as a sign that the Ottomans mean good. The Emperor is unscathed and even is well fed and kept for. The Ottomans will allow passage to Medina, even declaring it neutral territory. However, they wish to fortify Jerusalem before granting that state independence. Any Muslims may go to Medina in peace (albeit with an armed escort should anyone mean harm) Meanwhile, the Ottomans begin testing their own ironclad prototype.
  • Just not to keep it realistic: The ironclads we've been building are deadly in combat, but they are heavy and slow. Basically, they are short ranged, weapons of mass naval destruction. These things form the core of our naval defenses, but you need a base in the area to operate them.
  • Scotland massively grows her colonies in North Africa and Australia.



  • Venetian Doge Francesco Foscari sends an envoy to Aragon to broker a treaty to end the cold war and "stabilize the new balance of power before it tears Europe apart". Venetian colonies are expanding as quickly as the can under the circumstances. The colony on Papua New Guinea expands and a new colony is founded on Tazmania. The Jamaica settlement absorbs the rest of the island.
  • Brittany expands their Alaskan colony northwards and westward. When the western tip is theirs, they establish a city on the other side of the Bering Strait, in Russia. Two key trade cities are proposed. Meanwhile, Savoy is peacefully annexed.
  • KU colonies in South America expand as their troops mop up the last remnants of Novrogrod. A good bit of the Atlantic navy (some 30 warships, including two ironclads and several towed rafts, armored with a full two inches of iron on the top, and an inch more on the hull itself) is sent to reinforce the Arogonese blockade. In a master plan devised by Sven himself, the rafts are anchored along the coast, up to half a mile off the coast. This frees up larger vessels to patrol the Straits itself in three staggered lines of six vessels (two lines in front of the rafts and one behind). Combined with a large contingent of Aragonese vessels already stationed there, the blockade seals shut the Pillars of Hercules. All Venetian merchants carrying cargo in and out of the Straits are forced to submit a tribute of onefourth of their cargo to Consortium officers at the blockade and log a stay at an Aragonese port on the Straits themselves for no less than one week. Colony ships are let by without tribute, though they are subject to search in case of smuggling. The move virtually finances itself, with not only the sale of the seized goods but with KU merchants expanding into regions previously dominated by the Venetians, who now cannot compete with non-Venetian merchants because of the toll and the longer travel time.
  • Aragon lessens the severity of the blockade, although it remains in full force. Venetian merchants are now allowed to pass through, although there is a signifigant tithe to the church. Aragon proposes a deal to Venice: Aragon will lift the blockade entirely, if Venice will allow Aragon to conduct missionary services in all of Venice's colonies. Meanwhile, Aragon's first Clipper Ships enter the fleet. Entering Aragonian services as Royal Messengers, Traders and rapid response light war vessels, these ships improve communication and commerce throughout the commonwealth considerably. This influx of money helps reduce the strain that the tribute to the KU has put on the Aragonian economy. New Iberia, now divided into the Dominion of Kascadia, the Dominion of New Iberia, and Aragon Northern Territories, expands northa and reaches the Arctic Ocean. (Note: The rest of the land in Canada, excluding the Arctic islands, will be filled in, as I inherited a claim to all land north of the St. Lawrence from the KU, it is still unsettled, and I will still colonize it, but it's on the map now unless there's an objection)

I have a suggestion to make Brittany's absorbing of France more realistic, make Brittany France and have France absorb Brittany.

No. France isn't as powerful as Brittany now. Brittany absorbing France is realistic in my eyes.

What if you had a dynastic union between Brittany and France?

  • The Crimean Empire's tests with Ironclad vessels virtually replicate the original Aragon craft, though with modifications with the conditions of the Black Sea in mind. These vessels, however, are too cumbersome and slow to be used with the main fleet, and very expensive, so only four total are ordered for coastal defense. Expansion in Siberia is begun again, though this time to ensure not only an eastward drive, but as well to expand into Central Asia. Plans to build roads to link the Empire's largest towns with Sevastopol, the Capital, are proposed, but not decided upon this year. As well, an emissary travels to the KU to ask for an assurance that our interests do not conflict with each other (as well as a secret proposal to divide Muscovy between us.)
  • Hungary starts making colonies in West Africa (I'll change color to black cuz I'm getting confused with Ireland).
  • The Papal States, seeing much turmoil in Europe, decide to start taking action. Brittany and Aragon are named Defendors of the Faith and rewards them both with a large sum of gold.
  • The Ottomans declare war on Hungary and take territory to the north.
  • Scotland breaks all diplomatic ties with France (otherwise known as Brittany) because of their continued Muslim persecution, the Scots also expand in South America.


File:50th Image FTW.png

  • Hungary attacks the Venetian western Balkan coast, and pushes in for 145 miles.
  • The Venetian counterattack pushes the Hungarians out of Venetian territory. Soon the Venetians begin seizing the local Hungarian territory. The Hungarians are unable to beat the more advanced weapons and training of the Venetians. They also begin funding a rebellion in occupied Wallachia. While the colonial expansion is slowed by the war in Hungary, they expand the colony on Papua New Guinea and establish colonies on a few of the easternmost Indonesian islands.
  • The Wallachians sucessfully revolt against the Hungarians, who are distracted by the Venetian and Ottoman invasions. The Wallachian Prince secretly sends his young son Vlad to Venice to learn the weapons and tactics of the Venetians. The young man eventually becomes a strong ally of the Venetians. Shortly after he arrives in Venice he converts to Venetianism.
  • The Ottomans dig even deeper into Hungarian territory.
  • Brittany allows Muslims to live free of persecution. The Serpent Licence, however, is not reinstated. They made Muslim communtities. The communities are just as nice as the rest of Brittany. They attempt to resume contact with Scotland. Brittany expands westwards and southwards in Russia. The gold the church gave Brittany is funding Brittany's military. The Britons make more ironclads and stronger armies. The armies undergo advanced training.
  • Aragon begins a large settlement program, offering to take refugees from wartorn regions of Europe to New Iberia.
  • Please note that we are not France. In fact, France is a state of Brittany. We like to be called Brittany until I think of a good alternate name for it.
  • The Scots push farther into southern Africa and India. They also help Wales establish a small Australian colony.


File:51st Image FTW.png

  • Venetian agents prevent the assassinations of the Wallachian Prince and his young son Vlad. They counter by successfully killing the Hungarian King Albert. This throws the Hungarians into disarray, and the Venetians are able to make great gains into Hungary. The Venetians expand their colony Nuova Dalmasia into Tazmania. The Venetians send secret envoys to Austria, Bohemia and Poland-Lithuainia. They intend to bring their nations into the Hungarian war, with promises of a shared of the soon-to-be defeated Hungary.
  • The Ethiopian Emperor finally orders his troops to stand down with the exception of forces dedicated to protecting pilgrims. However he also isues a warning to the European powers warning them that any new colonies in Africa will be viewed with great displeasure by the Empire. In addition he signs a new treaty with several Sultans and Emperors to the east to merge them into Ethiopia.
  • The Crimean Empire views the invasion with Hungary with concern, and protests against the Ottoman attack. The army however stands down, but remains on alert in the West. Any attack or provocation will be meet with force.
  • The KU starts a gradual standown of their blockade in Gibraltar. The tolls and stops are immediately revoked when Sven has a change of heart (due to his mother revealing that she is, in fact, a Venetian), while all but a squadron of ships returns to Alborg or the Orkneys. The West African squadron based out of Cape Verde begins raiding Hungarian possessions on the mainland. The navy and merchant marine are improved and expanded considerably, while troops invade Pegu (the rest of the Malaysian peninsula) and establish a base on the southern half of Hainan Do.
  • Venice peacefully annexes Florence and Milan.
  • The Papal States wish to reward Brittany and Aragon further. Aragon is given clearance to build new colonies in Africa and will fund a war in the Ethiopians decide to attack the colonies. Furthermore, Aragon is given a hefty sum of gold. Meanwhile, a new Holy Roman Empire is suggested. It is a collection of different Catholic empires, similar to the UN. Brittany is put at the head of the Empire. Aragon is requested to be the African correspondent, the KU is requested to be the northern european correspondent, and the Ottomans are requested to be named the Asian correspondents. Each year, the leaders of the nations get together in a major city around the Holy Roman Empire. There, the leaders talk and discuss plans and just get to know each other better. Afterwards, games similar to modern-day Olympics are held. Champions around the Empire are called to participate in this grand event!
  • One question before I accept: What, according to the Pope, constitutes "Northern Europe"?
  • The Ottomans accept the position! Meanwhile, they dig deeper into Hungarian territory. The Ottomans find it quite amusing that the Venetians they fought against are now fighting at their sides. The Ottomans propose a trade route when the war with Hungary is over.
  • Brittany accepts this gargantuan responsibility. They adjust their government and rename themselves the Imperium. They absorb some of the Hapsburg states.
  • Yank, I know you undid my last edit and put yourself in charge of Florence. So I'll go for the bigger fish. Whatever.
  • Aragon accepts the position of African Representative. Aragon sends representatives to hungary requesting that they make peace with Venice, and concentrate on founding colonies outside of Einstead. Aragon also takes down the Granda blockade, as Venice has now granted Aragon the right to conduct missionary services in all Venetian colonies. As most of these colonies are still mainly catholic, Aragon feels it is its duty to maintain this status quo. These efforts are mainly focused in Venetian North America. PS whoever undid my last edit, did you find issue with me supporting Wallachia? If so, just tell it to my face, please.
  • The Scots move deeper into south Africa and Madagascar.

Can I (Scotland) offer an alliance with Ethiopia, we would protect you from our own allies in return for no hostilities with our colonial domains



  • The Venetian envoys suceed in bringing Austria, Bohemia and Poland-Lithuania into the Hungarian War. Their armies begin tearing Hungary to pieces. The Venetian Church expands through these nations as another condition related to their entering the war. The Venetians promise to not infringe upon the rights of the local Catholics and Eastern Orthodox. The colony in Papua New Guinea (haven't figured out a name yet) expands to the west and incorporates some of the Indonesian Islands. They also start missionary services promoting the Venetian Church in their colonies.
  • The Crimean Empire sees a new danger to itself from the new Holy Roman Empire, and begins to build new fortresses along the western borders in case of attack. Crimea asks, in order to reduce the chance for hostilities, that Ottoman Turkey gives guarantees to keep the Dardanelles open for Crimean shipping, and once again asks the KU to come together to decide sphere of influences in Northern Europe/Russia in order to reduce the likelihood of our forces clashing.
  • The Imperium absorbs more Hapsburg states. Meanwhile, they expand farther in Asia. The Holy Roman Games this year are held in London. The Imperium invites the Scots to join the Holy Roman Empire. The Imperium requests a neutral road to Rome through Florence.
  • The Ottomans dig even deeper into Hungary. The Hungarian capital is soon surrounded.
  • The Scottish church breaks away from Catholicism to form Albanism, which incorporates elements of Hinduism and Islam imported from the colonies, but is mostly traditional beliefs. The Scots move yet farther into Southern Africa and South America.
  • The KU accepts their newfound power with hesitation, as Hussites begin to gain influence in the lower classes and the scholarly. The colonies in Argentina expand significantly as many of these same Hussites move there to escape prosecution. The navy is considerably expanded, as is the merchant marine.
  • Hungary surrenders to the Venecians.
  • Aragon continues its settlement program in New Iberia. The colonies of North Africa and Walvis Bay, are expanded, largely due to Aragon's missionary work with the Native Africans. Many of the Wallach refugees that remained in Aragon after the war settle in New Iberia.



  • Scotland enters the Hungarian war by attacking the country's fragile African colony, the Scots also move deeper into Southern Africa reaching Lake Malawi by the end of November, they name it Loch Andrew after Saint Andrew. The navy also undergoes a massive expansion with several ships being tested in Loch Andrew and off the coast of Welsh Australia.
  • The Ottomans expand farther into the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Aragon, at Portugal's request, helps found a Portuguese colony in Africa. This soon borders Loch Andrew. Aragon also requests that the Ottoman Empire withdraw from the Hungarian territories they conquered this year, the original issue of the war has been solved, and now this is merely a war of conquest, which is wasting resources that could be better spent spreading the one true faith across the globe, or founding Ottoman colonies.

We deleted that post 1000Monkeys 03:42, December 2, 2010 (UTC)

  • The Venetians offer to purchase the Ottoman territory in Hungary for a substantial amount of gold, and an exclusive trading agreement which gives the Ottomans "Most Favoured Nation" status. The Papua New Guinea colony expands into the rest of the island. The population of the colonies on Jamaica and Tazmania are bolstered.
  • The Kingdom of Jerusalem, still angry about the Ottoman invasion, launches an attack to Jerusalem. they also start colonizing south Egypt and Sudan. By the end of the year they have reached the Euphrates river. Jerusalem send a message to the Ottomans: If they give us all the land south of the Euphrates we will stop the war and you will have all the OTL border of Iran and Iraq and the East Arabian peninsula coast and both will conquer Ethiopia. If not, our daughters and sons will hate yours and the sons and daughters will hate your people and the hate will go for eternity never having peace until one of them collapse or we will take our territories again!
  • The Ottomans repel the invasion and counterattack, taking the Sinai and some of the newly established territory. The Ottomans said, "You dare attack the Ottomans?! We are the ones keeping Catholicism in this branch of the world! Now, the Holy Roman Empire must acknowledge you as a threat and eliminate you!"
  • The Imperium offers to help the Ottomans. They declare war on the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Their massive military marches into the Kingdom and takes their territory to the north. Meanwhile, the Holy Roman Games this year are held in Constantinople.
  • The Crimean Empire, without receiving word from any of their representatives for any proposals to the Ottoman Empire and the KU, grow fearful of a possible invasion, so fortress construction is accelerated, and the army is expanded and modernized yet again. As well, the merchant trade is slowly curtailed, instead focusing on internal exploitation, which will virtually cut off all continental routes from China to Europe. This isolation period is only expected to be temporary, until some form of communication is received. I don't mean to sound obnoxious, but is their ANY reply to what the Crimean Empire has suggested to the Kalmar Union and the Ottoman Empire? I would like to know, thank you!
  • ... Yeah ... We posted on the negotiation page ...


File:It's hard to make a map when you take more then 1 turn per day.png

  • Jerusalem ask the Ottomans for a ceasefire if they return at least Palestine, Lebanon, and a small line of coastal Syria until Ugarit. If the Ottomans accept, Jerusalem promises the end of hate between both nations since we were created. They also invade Ethiopia and annex it until Al Khartum.
  • The Imperium begins to develop blockade running ships and vehicles. They begin to annex parts of Bohemia.
  • The Ottomans counteroffer. A nomination in the Holy Roman Empire. Jerusalem becomes a neutral state that anyone can visit and no one has claims to the land. The Ottomans will also help them in the war against Ethiopia.
  • The scots offer to aid the Ethiopians in a show of solidarity, they also push farther and farther into Africa, they also capture the last plots of land in Madagscar.
  • Venice offers a deal to the Briton Imperium. The Imperium will annex the Sudetenland region of Bohemia in exchange for Bohemia's continued independence. There is a contingency plan for creating a New Bohemia colony in Brazil to continue Bohemia's sovereignty. The Papua New Guinea colony expands west into Indonesia.
  • Aragon's settlement programs continue. The colonies grow in population, if not size.



  • Provence sets up a colony in West Africa, looking for gold and salt.
  • Jerusalem will accept only if the Ottomans will cede the territories asked (Palestine, Lebanon and the Syrian coast until Ugarit). Meanwhile in Africa, Jerusalem has annexed all Egypt, Sudan and now Eritrea. Jerusalem declares end of the war with Ethiopia and start to annex Chad and Niger.
  • Ethiopia counterattacks regaining Eritrea and Nubia and also atempts to attack the rest of the Kingdom but is repelled. In addition they offer to make Roman Catholicism the co-offical religion instead of Orthodox Christianity and fortify their Arabian colonies.

You're an African nation, we are more powerful. You can't regain that territory in one year, especially because you're an African nation supported only by Scotland. 'So is the Kingdom of Jerusalem and they have no allies and Ethiopia also has an alliance with the Crimea '

  • The Ming Dynasty conquers Korea.
  • The Ottomans are not going to cede any territory. Meanwhile, they work on blockade breakers, trying to reach China through Crimea. They ask them politely to open access to China.
  • The Imperium expands exponentially in Asia. They also demand that the Silk Road be open immediately! If not, the Imperium will open it for the Crimeans. And the Imperium won't be very generous about it either.
  • The Venetians found the settlement of New Prague (OTL Rio de Janeiro) in Brazil. This settlement becomes the capitol of the new nation of New Bohemia. The Bohemian King arrives in New Prague and is crowned the first King of New Bohemia. Scores of independance-minded Bohemians flock to New Bohemia. Vast sections of former Old Bohemia are swiftly becoming depopulated. The Venetians officially recognize Bohemia as being part of the Briton Imperium. The Papua New Guinea colony is given to Wallachia as a gift. It is renamed New Wallachia. The Venetians approach the Incans with a proposal for an alliance.
  • Read the negotiation page.
  • I have, and I have decided to refuse your offer. This way you get your land, and I still get to keep my ally.
  • Eager to defend its brothers in the HRE, the KU declares war on "Jerusalem", and suggests a change of name for the nation. They move their Indian fleet into action, destroying the small Egyptian Red Sea fleet and carrying out raids with naval infantry up and down the Red Sea coastline. They begin preparations to move their Grand Army into action next year, but for the moment begin to supply Ethiopia with anything and everything it needs, as well as detatching several brigades of naval infantry from the Indian fleet itself to serve with the Ethiopians under Ethiopian command. The Atlantic Fleet asks permission to base itself out of Ottoman territory in order to better deal with the Egyptians. The Argentinian colony expands northwest at a higher rate than normal due to the influx of Russians.
  • The Wallachians reach an agreement with Venice over the division of the former territory of Hungary. The Venetians will control the former Hungarian Adriatic coast and former Bosnia, the Wallachians get the rest.
  • The scots trade Sri Lanka and Yucatan with Aragon in return for Aragonian South Africa. Meanwhile, the entire navy is summoned to attack the northern coast of Jerusalem.
  • Aragon, with its economy boosted by the sale of Walvis Bay, founda colony on the Ivory Coast. Meanwhile, Gran Columbia and North Africa are expanded.



  • The Venetians conquer the Kingdom of Vietnam. It is subjugated into a colony. They sell the Pacific Islands to the east of the New Wallachia colony to Wallachia. They discuss an agreement with Scotland, Wales and Wallachia on the division of the continent they call "Australia".
  • New Bohemia goes on a massive campaign of expansion to make room for the scores of immigrants flooding in from Europe, including Hussites fleeing the opression of their homelands. They absorb enough territory to make their new country about as large as their former homeland in Europe. The large amounts of Hussites coming in from Europe make the New Bohemian King officially recognize the Hussite Church as an official religion of New Bohemia, though they keep Roman Catholicism as the national religion. This makes them the first nation to officially recognize the Hussite Church.
  • The Wallachians expand their New Wallachia colony to the West into the Indonesian archipelago. They absorb the six eastern-most islands. The colony also expands into Northeast Australia. With Venetian assistance they set up a second colony along the Northern coast of Chile.
  • The KU's Grand Army hammers into Cyrenaica and the Nile Delta, stealing livestock and valuable goods. These are then offloaded to KU merchantmen waiting offshore, who sell them to Ottoman settlers in the Levant and Palestine for vastly discounted prices, letting them recover from the Egyptian invasion. The navy of the raids and burns ports all along the coast and the Delta, destroying most of the Egyptian naval capacity and wrecking their economy. They then withdraw from Egyptian territory and base themselves out of Adana. The Argentine colony is expanded to the north-northeast.

I request that Wallachia control most of the territory of former Hungary (minus a strip along the coast for Venice), that New Wallachia start absorbing the Indonesian Islands and the tip of the northeastern Australian peninsula, that New Bohemia have enough territory to rival their European homeland, and Venice control both Tasmania and Vietnam.

Well ..... I mean ...... You already wrote that. I don't think you have to "request" it.

I wish that were so, but it isn't. Even when I spelled out what the current situation was the map still ignored every single one of my changes.

  • Provence expands their colony in West Africa even more, and set up a colony in South Western Australia.
  • The Ottomans ask once again for Crimea to open the Silk Road again before the Holy Roman Empire does it for them.
  • The Imperium expands in Asia.
  • Jerusalem and the Ottomans sign a peace treaty: the Ottomans will cede Lebanon and Israel (except West Jordan), Jerusalem will finally end our territorial demands, Jerusalem join the HR alliance, we will have a non-aggression and protection pact with the HR nations, Jerusalem (City) will be administrated by the Ottomans and Jerusalem, Jerusalem will be renamed Kingdom of Alexandria, you're nations will not fight against me in the war with Ethiopia and finally our princess Sophia will marry an Ottoman prince uniting our nations heritage or even the two as one. Egypt start to recover as the KU merchantmen who were at Palestine and Lebanon at the Ottoman domination of the zone start to sell to Alexandria which soon recovers, and the fertile areas that were annexed start to produce food. Alexandria finish to conquest all Egypt, and start colonizing Chad and Niger they also invade Ethiopia again, they ask the Ottomans for help. in Alexandria an archeological museum is created, things from Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine are there now. Anything of Nubia finded at Ethiopia in the war is taken to Alexandria. Jerusalem also start to build a new capital in which the museum will be moved, the capital start to be built at the shores of Lake Qaroon.
  • The Ming Dynasty expands to the west of Asia.
  • Ethiopia retakes Nubia and also regains part of northern Sudan. With help from the Crimeans and Scots they also attack parts of Alexandria's coast with their navy.
  • Scotland expands their Indian colony as well as heading north in Africa.
  • Alexandria attack the ships from Scotland, and call for the help of the HRE, the alliance in which Alexandria enter recently, they also said to the Ottomans about the Crimean attacks so now they can invade and conquer the Silk Road in Crimea and the Ethiopian Middle Eastern colonies.



  • A massive pink diamond mine is found in Provence's colony in Australia, and brings great riches to Provence.
  • Scotland calls on Aragon, The Imperium, Venice, The KU, Ireland and Ethiopia to attack Alexandria by sea or by land, the Scots also issue a statement reading "You've messed with the wrong bastards".
  • Why should we help you?
  • The KU is on the HRE, the Alliance in which Alexandria is.
  • Sorry, I'm obligated to help both bloody sides by treaty, so I have to be neutral.
  • The Imperium expands its Asian colony and amps up its military might. They ask one last time for Crimea to open the Silk Road.

Be patient. Tbguy's been busy at university, and can't really get onto the wiki. Plus, I don't think it's wise to attack such a large nation.

  • Venice fortifies their colonies in the face of the war back in the Old World. They begin the development of a top secret project. They attack and conquer Cambodia and Laos, and absorb them into their Vietnam colony.
  • The Wallachians expand their New Wallachia colony farther into Indonesia. Their Chile colony also experiences expansion.
  • The New Bohemians further expand their nation into Brazil.

Please excuse me (Tbguy1992) because I'm getting into exam period, so please be patient.

  • Crimea agrees to open the Silk Road route if there will be a guarantee that Crimean ships will be allowed in the Dardanelles, and that the HRE members sign a non-aggression pact (because, believe it or not, despite being an officially Islamic nation, almost 30% of the people are some form of Christians with all rights to practice their religion.) This will hopefully ease tensions and sponsor peace in Europe and Asia.
  • Oh, you're on exams? Good luck!
  • Just wondering, am I the only one here in junior high?
  • No, I am.
  • The Ming Dynasty starts explorations mision to Asia, Africa and Europe. Also creates trade routes to the Brittany colonies in Asia.
  • The KU continues to expand their colony to the north, wrapping around the Irish colony. The navy is considerably expanded and improved. The African Fleet is divided into the West African Fleet based at Malabo and the East African Fleet based at the Comoros. The Atlantic Fleet is divided into the South Atlantic Fleet based out of Cape Verde, the American Fleet based out of Kangard (in OTL Argentina), and the North Atlantic Fleet out of the Shetlands. The Home fleet remains as-is, excluding some additions to the patrol boats based out of Holland and Friesland.


  • The Emperor of the Imperium has a terrible dream that all of Europe was destroyed by a huge war. He amps up the military. However, he takes diplomatic measures to prevent the war.
  • Provence expands their colony in South America.
  • The Crimean Empire expands the military and navy, though for defensive purposes. Continuing attempts to expand east is moderately successful, though are slower than before due to work on expanding the army, navy, roads and fortifications in the west.


  • The Imperium continues to expand its military and diplomacy. The Asian colony is expanded.
  • Provence spreads their colony in South America.
  • The Ethiopian Emperor agrees to a peace treaty with the Alexandrian King on a white peace. He also orders the Imperial army to expand its fortifications in Arabia.


  • Political tensions rise in the Imperium. Some people, mostly those of eastern European Imerium want a strong military. However, the western European Imperium wants strong relations with other countries. Despite this, the Asian colonies expand along with the military and diplomatic measures.
  • Crimea continues expansion, and seeks a new trade relationship with the Imperium.
  • Provence requests to trade with the Imperium.

Tbguy is right. We need to get back to serious work. Is there anyone who takes this map game seriously anymore?


  • The Imperium continues to endure political tension. However, in December, the empire splits. The West Imperium (France, Brittany and most eastern American colonies) wanted diplomacy with other countries. The East (Germany, Eastern America) want a strong military. The West and East begin having a cold war. They both improve their military.
  • Who inherits the rule of the HRE? And how does the EI have colonies if all of N. Germany is Union territory (I know it's not on the map but the KU has the coastline up to Utrecht, in the Netherlands)? Also, a slightly unrelated question, but do the (Imperials?) in France speak French or Brythonic?
  • The West Empire is the original Imperium (or Brittany. I miss those days. Not really). They are still the heads of the HRE. Also, please do not invade us. I'm just trying to make it interesting. I'll clear this up in five years.
  • The KU continues to expand their colonies in the Pampas. The navy is expanded and improved, while several trade agreements between Poland-Lithuania and the KU are made. Sven and his councillors consider a break with the HRE.
  • Provence significantly amps up and improves their army and navy. END