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Goldman Corp is a large corporation headquartered in Greenfield. It is one of the oldest businesses in Greenfield. The following is a list of Goldman Corps Executives.

Chairman and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors[]

The Chair of the Board of Directors is the highest executive rank within Goldman Corp. For over 100 years one of the Goldmans always served as Chairman of the Board but in 2013 Jordan Goldman stepped down as Chairman and appointed a non-goldman family member to the post the first time since the companies creation.

Harry J. Goldman - (1832-1866) - Founder of Goldman Corp.

Elizabeth Goldman - (1866-1871) - Wife of Harry J. Goldman, after his stroke she ran the company for a period of time until one of her sons was fit to run the company

Lawlor Goldman - (1871-1902) - Second oldest son of Harry and Elizabeth Goldman. Took over after his mother retired to take fulltime care of his father.

Desmond Goldman - (1902-1905) - Youngest son of the Goldmans took over after his brother left the company to pursue interests in politics.

Katrina Goldman - (1905-1926) - Was appointed Chairwoman after the sudden illness of Desmond. Youngest child of Harry Goldman.

Desmond Goldman - (1926-1929) - Retook charge after he recovered from his short illness.

Hortious Goldman - (1929-1943) - Desmond Goldmans illness returned and was unfit to continue as Chairman. His only son Hortious was appointed Chairman.

Georgia Goldman - (1943-1965) - Hortious resigned aged 68 and elected his cousin as Chairwoman.

Leonard Goldman - (1965-1982) - Georgia Goldman retired after 60 years at the company and her son Leonard took over as Chairman.

Jordan Goldman - (1982-2013) - Leonard Goldman died in 1982 and and Desmond Goldmans grandchild took over.

Kent D. Lenn - (2013-) - The first ever non goldman family member chairman. Served as CFO (1996-2000) and Vice Chairman (2000-2013). Was appointed after Jordan Goldmans retirement.

Vice Chairman and Chairwoman[]

Elizabeth Goldman - (1835-1866) - First Vice Chairwoman. Served from 1825-1866 until her husbands stroke and took over as Chairwoman. Only Vice-Chair to be married to the Chair.