Escir, known in English as Esker, is a principality in western Maltropia. It is the nth-most populous principality, home to _,___,___. It is Maltropia's eighth smallest principality by area, at 80,107.51 square kilometres. Its largest city and administrative seat is Moraine.

Escir is named for the extensive system of eskers that define its terrain, in a series of glacial ridges. Its capital city, Moraine, is similarly named for the terminal moraine on which it is built. It is bounded by Carbery and Mag Gaethe to the north, by Tyrmidra to the east and by Fearann Ard and Tirucca to the south.

Medieval Escir was comprised of a number of kingdoms and chiefdoms that were mostly vassals of the Uí Chairbre. During the Tumult, the region experienced a breakdown of royal authority and was overrun by marauding bands from Tirucca.

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