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This is the timeline, created as the game Axis vs Allies Revised (Map Game) but rewritten to fit criteria for a timeline. As you can see, the war has run through 119 turns, or nearly sixty years.

Axis vs Allies Revised was created first to remember PitaKang, the creator of the game; secondly, to do what PitaKang wished to; and finally, as agreed by the only two players.


Participants and their durationsEdit

Survived nationsEdit

  • Baltonordian Commonwealth, previously known as Baltic states and Federal Republic of Baltika, run by Laptop Zombie, 1934 - 1936 U 1969 - 1974 U 1977 - 1992
  • Terra Confederation, previously known as Confederation of Asia and Coalition of Asia, run by Scandinator, 1980 - 1992

Nations withdraw, resign or occupiedEdit

History of the TimelineEdit

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