Hello, and welcome back to Axis vs Allies. As you all know, the first Axis vs Allies (Map Game) failed after about a month. The second one has ended in December with two nations left (see Axis vs Allies Revised (Map Game)). Now, we give you: Axis vs Allies: Reloaded!

This new map game will have new rules, new stuff, a new algorithm, new everything. I hope that this map game finishes. All registered players are welcome, although I can not stress this enough: YOU MAY BE BANNED. I will not be a player, but I will be a moderator, and will watch over you all.

This game will start when I FEEL LIKE IT! (Just kidding, it’ll start on January 16, Martin Luther King Junior Day.

So, welcome to AvAro, which we will call Avaro for short. I hope you have fun, and behave!!

Sincerely, 30px PitaKang- (Talk|Contribs)

Rules[edit | edit source]

1. We are going to limit the nations count to one, as that when a person gets two countries; they usually neglect the other one.

2. The Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated . . . IS NOT IT! But you must be plausible.

3. Nuclear programs may start in 1940.6. We will use Random.org to determine who starts it first and who gets it. Also, it will take at least four years to develop nukes if you are one of the “Big Cheese”. (US, Germany, Soviets, Japan)

4. One Half year per day.

5. Make a profile on the Diplomacy Page

6. You can be an occupied nation and declare independence.

7. We will have resolutions/stuff when the UN is created at United Nations Page

8. For now, I am the mapmaker. (Notice how I said NOW)

9. New turns start at 00:00:01 UTC.

10. We go by half-years.

11. As for nuke use, the last game was ruined because of implausible use of nukes (admittedly, I was one of them), so while I won’t be making a “rule” on nuke use, USE YOUR HEAD! And moderators will be able to roll back edits.

12. Game is archived every 15 years.

13. On the United Nations page, which will be created around 1945-47. There will be a Security Council, with 5 permanent members, and ten impermanent members. To keep things simple, the impermanent members will rotate on Mondays. It is a three year term. Look at: United Nation Rules for more information. For the impermanent Security Council, I will decide every turn with Random.org.

14. I added this rule because we can’t have 13 rules (oh my!)

Announcements[edit | edit source]

Nations[edit | edit source]

North America[edit | edit source]

South America[edit | edit source]

Europe[edit | edit source]

East Asia[edit | edit source]

South Asia[edit | edit source]

Middle-East[edit | edit source]

  • 30px Turkey - Stewdio333 21:35, July 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • Iran - Ianian58 17:16, April 7, 2012 (UTC)
  • Saudi Arabia- Ownerzmcown 22:30, January 6, 2012 (UTC) - broke up into following nations.
  • West Saudi Arabia-
  • East Saudi Arabia-
  • North Yemen-
  • South Yemen-
  • Oman- Lynxes21
  • File:Umayyad Republic Flag 2.gif Umayyad Republic- Willster22 01:43, May 16, 2012 (UTC)
  • U.A.E.- Migue235 ANCW Founder 23:26, May 15, 2012 (UTC)

Oceania[edit | edit source]

Africa[edit | edit source]

Moderators[edit | edit source]

If you wish to sign up, simply add a bullet point, and sign your name with only three tildes, like this: -Lx (leave me a message). And (Approved) will mean you’re approved.

The Global Current Events[edit | edit source]

Current Map[edit | edit source]

File:Avaro '88.png

Avaro 1986.5.

Disputes[edit | edit source]

Are the Polar Zones correct?

I was hoping for a larger Australian sector, seeing as it is the oldest and most colonized claim. But for now, it's good.

I added a small bit. :-).

The Greeks have a small one between Australia and Tibet.

Chile also has the Tierra del Fuego part of Argentina.

Belgium is no longer German.

Um --- For whoever made this, made Nigeria as a whole is under Nueva Granadan Influence and has been for about six or seven years while still being an independent state same with Para, and Mato Grosso may I suggest making them into a more transparent brown Amazonia is effectively an unofficial part of Granada although they are an "independent state" so leave it in the same colour it is now. Nkbeeching

Current News[edit | edit source]

  • Second large conflict in South America on the horizon.
  • Instability in the middle east.
  • Granadan intervention in West Africa
  • Balkan occupation of Iraq
  • major world powers not in order
  • Chaos in Africa
  1. United States (decades behind but still a major power due to resources and industrial strength),
  2. USSR (disputable since they are decades behind in everything and massive riots at this point I guess),
  3. ROJC,
  4. Axis (Balkans, Greece and Chile),
  5. Germany,
  6. Nueva Granada,
  7. Egypt

New Nations[edit | edit source]

Archives[edit | edit source]

1978.5[edit | edit source]

  • Australia: Is concerned about two things: the Axis spies in Germany, and the unstoppable expansion of Egypt. We warn the Axis that if any of their spies are found in Australia, they will be imprisoned and, perhaps, executed. We also tell Egypt not to expand into the Levant. In Antarctica, things are going well. A new super-efficient greenhouse is designed, making the settlements less dependent on supplies from the mainland. A new submarine is ordered, with ICBM capabilities. The planning for a Moon mission continue on the Hainan Island Space Centre.
  • Equatorial Africa Republic: The Gabon Estuary, River the Ogooué and River Ivindo are declared nature reservationary zones. 16 Water purification and sewerage treatment works are built in and about Pointe-Noire, Brazzaville, Mbinda, Ouesso, Lambaré, Mouila, Koulamoutou, Makokou, Djambala and Bilinga to purify the impure water supply. The COMILOG Cableway the Mbinda manganese mine and Congo–Ocean Railway are heavily upgraded as part of a public works campaign. A national literacy and numeracy campaign are held. The pro-BaKongo, Batéké, Tekie and KaKong has worked, with Cabinda and the Zaïreian border rebelling on mass. Cabinda is now in de facto EAR control after an army coup d'tat by pro-EAR subversive troopers. Relations with Zaïre are now crappy and it becomes psychotic at the feared loss. Congo agrees to the trade and alliance deals Egypt and offers an alliance to France. An alliance is offered to South Sudan, Spain, Neuva Grenard, Egypt, Camaroon and Poland. Aid of all sorts is sent to the quake zones and a 4.1 tremor causes little damage and 12 deaths in Brazzaville and Ubagui. All 12,000 reservist troops are activated and join the 14,000 frontline troops, while 2,500 more troopers are recruited and some copies of existing Soviet weapon types are made. EAR asks the USA and the USSR for guns, several APCs, 120 light tanks, six attack helicopters, a frigate, 42 fighter-bombers and a mine layer, minesweeper and parole boat. Seeing what the Egyptians are doing, The EAR starts the disseminating mass destitution of KaKongo, BaKongo and Tekie tribal nationalist bump and flyers in Cabinda and some disgruntled towns on the N.E. border with Zaïre (OTL DRC). Logging and banana production goes up slightly, due to newer roads. Offers Peru an alliance and continues to subvert Zaïre and undermine it. Banana farming is perfected and give micro-subsidies, the losers are pistol-whipped in public for being losers and national failures. uranium reserves in Bakouma. The crude oil, gold, diamonds, manganes, timber and hydropower are exploited. Egypt's growth impresses the EAR, who wonders if Equatorial Guinea fancies applying to join it. The rest of [Chad] save for the northern provinces abutting to the border with Libya and Egypt (who can have them), and the rest of the CAR [[1]] join the EAR by assimilation. N'Djamena gets a road connection to Umbangui. There is talk of a war with Zaïre get worse. Both nations withdraw their ambassadors, thinking that the crises can only get worse. We recognise The NU's annexation of the Denmark and the birth of the KU. Technical help and a frigate are asked for from S. Africa and Poland. Equatorial Guinea becomes a protectorate of the EAR. We join the Alliance of the Left-wing Nations. I hand control of the EAR to TacoCopper.
    • Australian Diplomacy: We offer any assistance or aid that the EER may need after the disaster. We also offer them a frigate.
  • Germany: Gestapo capture three more spies, and executes them with trial. Meanwhile, another nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is launched, and three destroyers, five ballistic submarines, and ten landing craft are launched. The Leopard MBT is upgraded, and sabot rounds are used, and are able to knock out any take they come up against. German and Egyptian Relations begin to break down in the wake of its recent aggressive actions against Israel and Jordan, and the 3rd German Fleet is deployed to the Mediterranean.
  • Balkans: The Balkans continues its (secret) biological weapon program deep in Transylvania. A missile capable of being equipped with a nuclear warhead is tested and it is successful. The government asks that other nations leave it alone should a war break out.
  • Nordic Union: The NU leaves its period of isolation and declares war on the nation of Djibouti, and using airwaves of bombers and landing ground troops after waves of Marines. The capitol falls within weeks of the invasion's start, and Djibouti is annexed by the Nordic Union. The Algorithm is on the talk page.
    • Makes no sense, and has been rolled back.
  • Greece: The Greeks, seeing as another era of expansion is beginning, once again ask of the NU, Poland and Spain where their loyalties lie.
  • Mod Event 1: Fighting once again breaks out in the Middle East, as West Arabia once again invades East Arabia. The West Arabian army quickly steamrolls the East Arabian border, and advances quickly onto Riyadh.
  • Mod Event 2: Iceland and Greenland quickly declare independence from the Nordic Union, as well as all the territory bought from the Canadians. It asks for rejoining with Canada, which is quickly accepted. Also, Denmark formally withdraws from the NU.
  • Mod event 3: Brazilian rebels begin to strike at Colombian forces, demanding that Colombia withdraw out of the rainforest. Rebellious groups also appear in Venezuela.
  • Rebel factions also begin to emerge in Vietnam and Thailand, against the Chinese and Japanese. They manage to take control of the south of Vietnam.
  • ROCJ: Expands Military and starts to take back Vietnam. It will not be more than a year reconquering it.
  • What's with all the mod action all of a sudden?
  • Tibet: Warns Egypt that they need to stay out of Israel otherwise as their ally Tibet will have to defend it, and Tibet has the fifth largest nuclear stockpile in the world, after England, ROCJ, Greece and the USSR. Tibet starts work on its own biological weapons programme, and offers to help ROCJ defeat the rebels in Vietnam and Thailand. once again begins the producing nuclear weaponry, hoping to make a new, smaller and more easily manageable line of nuclear weapons.
  • Poland: More Industry and Infrastructure is built in the nation. The military is also built up. Meanwhile, more Liberal reforms are made in the nation like nationalising very large businesses, but welfare is cut, as many people believe in hard work.
  • Nueva Granada: the N.G. Forces begin speeding up their withdrawal from Mato Grosso and Para and reposition them in the more friendly Amazonian republic with only advisors and anti insurgency forces staying in the region to confront rebel movements and forces are sent to calm down Venezuelan Separatists while using as little brutality as possible former Northern Venezuela is giving more voice in the Grand Assembly along with former Ecuador, the industrialization and Democratization within the S.A.F.T.T. is enhanced to try to build up more trust between Nueva Granada and its client states and the armies of each state are trained to deal with rebellions. The President sends a representative to Rio to talk in his place as he addresses the nation and client states that he only wants progress and unity amongst Latin people and that he and the N.G. Government is willing to negotiate with rebel forces stating that all N.G. has tried to do was restore the values that the original Libertadores from the previous century tried to bring to Latin America. More focus on keeping former Venezuelans pleased with the United Republic are put in to the efforts to unite the old republic. Venezuelan Industrialist politician Eduardo Santos has decided to place his bid for the next elections to show the people that the Nueva Granadan republic is open and that the union is the best possibility for the peoples' prosperity. the Power plant in Caracas reaches the completion of its first stages. Political repression against the radical "Colombia first" movement are taking to decrease nationalistic tendencies in Granada. Social reforms continue and Nueva Granada expresses its disinterest in any more conflicts. supplies are continuously sent to help rebuild destroyed areas of South America and the second missile test is conducted which while crashing proves a mixed success having reached from the mainland to the Galapagos islands. the modernization of the navy continues and the air force. Plans to build four more nuclear bombs are put into place only to be used in a defensive stance though, a hand is offered to Britain to cool tensions with the nation. Another move to quell internal dissent is started with F.I. being giving greater handling of anti-descent operations but are limited to use of force if threatened.
  • Iran: Watches the situation not far away, it tells Egypt it will tolerate their current war, but it will not tolerate any further attack on any Arabic Nation. It declares neutrality for in the Arab Civil War. The army is mostly modernized.
  • Britain:Mmanages to conquer all of Botswana and starts to harness its natural resources. They remain neutral in the Arabian, Vietnamese, and South American conflicts though remain wary of what happens out there.
    • OMG! Why must you persist to be implausible? We've already retconned the Botswana invasion. You can not take any more of Africa. In fact, all of Africa is free right now. They should be grey on the map. You can post this, but it will not be counted.
    • I'm sorry, I didn't know D:.
  • Ireland: demands Britain give Northern Ireland back to Irish hands.
  • Chile: A new President is elected: Julio Durán from the New Radicalism (the first after several decades). He approves the construction of the an second nuclear power plant in Sucre province (former southern Bolivia) and also a new plan for modernization. of the new gained territories. He is inform about the situation of the nuclear weapons program, developed during the last 15 years which provided to the country a little but dissuasive arsenal of own nukes. The research in the Antarctic bases continues, while plans for a future "village" begin. In international matters, the Chilean authorities in southern Brazil celebrate the establishment of the new state of Rio Grande do Sul in the previous, which become in the 4° post-Brazilian state after Amazonia, Para and Matto Grosso and is under Chilean protection. The Armed forces in the new state begin his withdrawal process, but some will remain for continues training to the former republican rebels. Some political reforms are discussed by the Congress.
  • Switzerland:Rresigns.

1979.0[edit | edit source]

  • Egypt: (I apparently control Egypt now as well.) Egypt stops its expansion of puppets and such, and instead now tries to consolidate its position.
  • Balkans: A battleship and aircraft carrier are laid down to be constructed, and they are expected to be completed with two years. Regarding the military violence in Arabia, the KBS Attila, several destroyers and frigates, and two divisions travel to the United Islamic Republic to maintain order. Technology is supplied to the UIC as well. Although the natives are worried about foreign troops in Mecca, the Emir is able to calm them, praising the soldiers as "protectors of Islam." The first stage of Biological weapon research is completed. The Balkans asks Germany if they would like to have a joint border patrol along the German-Balkan border to reduce tensions.
  • Britain: only gives the Catholic portion of Northern Ireland. It continues to grow its economy thanks to the rich resources it harness from Africa.
  • May I Join As The United Islamic Republic?
  • UIR: The UIR asks if Egypt would sign a trade pact? Also, the UIR asks the Balkans if it could join the Axis Alliance. The UIR declares war on Western Saudi Arabia, and says this is their first step in reclaiming the Islamic homeland.
    • Greek diplomacy: we'll vote on it on the axis page.
  • ROCJ: Continues to work on Mars Mission. A new computer called Xian II is released and is a hit for the rich. The military is expanded and the economy is better than ever. An alliance and protection pact is offered to the United Islamic Republic as their needs to be a power in the Middle East.
  • Muslim Diplomacy: Accepts the alliance and protection pact.
  • Mod Event 1: West Arabia continue to drive deep into East Arabia, threatening the UIR as well.
  • Mod Event 2: Vietnamese rebels take all of Vietnam, as well as half of Laos. They declare independence from the ROCJ.
  • Mod Event 3: Some Chinese factions in the West begin to rebel against the ROCJ.
  • Ahem... Some Chinese people on the western fringes would probably feel like they are getting ruled by the Japanese... and no need to yell.
  • Mod Event 4: All remaining African colonies declare independence.
  • Mod Event 5: The Kingdom of Algeria-Tunisia request an alliance with Egypt.
  • Mod Event 6: Denmark formally leaves the Nordic Union, and Finland is on the verge, as well as Norway.
  • Calm the hell down. Your actions over the past few years have put your nation into massive debt. The map shows that Denmark is part of the NU. A NU would be dominated by Sweden, something Norway and Finland would like like. A NU is implausible as it is, and will break apart.
  • Germany: Germany's Mediterranean fleet lands at the UIR to assist the UIR against the West Arabia, and states that they'll only be here until West Arabia is destroyed and the UIR is safe. Meanwhile, German and Belgian governments make an deal, stating that Germany can annex the German-speaking area of Belgium (yes: 1-5 no: 6-10 Belgian Response: 2). Advancements in technology continue, and the military is drastically expanded.
    • Balkan Diplomacy: The Balkan government would like Germany to respond to our proposal, and we also raise the possibility of close ties and an alliance, given our common interest in protecting the UIR.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany agrees to your proposal, and agrees to forming closer ties.
  • Nueva Granada: Official support for East Arabia and UIR is give and food will be sent though no arms will be sold to any of the Arabian countries. Military forces begin their long demilitarization of the amazon leaving now fully independent states but with strong ties to N.G. and not puppets any more except for South Venezuela and Amazonia which are held onto with increasing supplying of the countries and continued controlling of the government but restrictions are loosened up on the states. South Venezuela is offered a place in the Nueva Granadan Republic to finally unite all of the Venezuelan country under the flag of the united N.G. (Can some one RNG this???) counter insurgency campaigns are stepped up and F.I. along with the special services of N.G. begin espionage and black ops on a regional scale throughout South America with the exception of the Guiyanas which are under European control. 0the computer companies begin producing new models to compete with the ROJC lines. Tobacco and coca exports from N.G. become the largest in the world and Jose industries buy more shares in major agriculture companies and have declared their entry into agricultural production and bio engineering and sign a deal with the government gaining government funds for biological experimentation in exchange for Jose industries keeping any possible breakthroughs off the open market for security reasons. anti aircraft defences and targeting systems are tested with the usage of lasers in their functions. The funding of Nigeria continues as they try to get unique exploitation rights on the countries extensive oil reserves. The negotiations are pushed by Former Venezuelan oil king Francisco Ramirez. (Need another RNG here) Once again the N.G. attempts to end the hostilities that exist between itself and the U.K. offering them a non aggression pact and a new trading deal.
  • Nordic Union: The NU continues to have free and fair elections, and the first Norwegian President is elected while his Vice President is Finnish, this makes the nation feel truly united, and Union Day is created to celebrate the NU's Unity. Nordic Djibouti becomes a semi-autonomous province in the Nordic Union, and it sends its first Congressmen to the Nordic Congress in Stockholm. . All of what used to be Canada are granted independence as the Inuit Republic. The NU re-invades Greenland and Iceland, and since they have very little population, and the climate and terrain are familiar to the NU's army, the NU begins to make major gains.
    • 'Ahem... Iceland and' Greenland have declared independence.
    • Up top it says that Djibouti is ASB and rolled back?
  • To the User for the Nordic Union: First, calm the hell down. Those capitol letters are seriously getting on my nerves. Second, how the hell did you buy out a nation? Never would happen. the NU can't invade Iceland and Greenland, logistics will be a bitch. Djibouti was rolled back- it was ASB. This is your last chance. You are messing up the game with your ASB moves. If you persist, I will break up the Nordic Union and have an economic disaster come upon your nation. Think about it - if you were a king/prime minister/president, would you sell your country? Of course not. And the NU invading Djibouti is just ... impossible. Do you even know what logistics are?
  • Hey, hey. He might be implausible, but you are acting like a jerk. That's how fights start. Look, NU it is implausible to continue what you are doing, but there is no need to call people names whoever wrote this. Now, look let's just have the NU back with only Scandanavian nations and end this. No invasions Greenland and Iceland, if they are strong enough to gain their independence, they are strong enough to repel attack. Now let's stop screaming and work this out.TacoCopper
  • Pita, now you have to calm down. There is no reason to be calling anyone a retard at all. His moves might be implausible, but understand that the only part he bought was Greenland and parts of Canada. I object to buying parts or Canada, but since the rest was with conquest that no one objected to, it can't be that ASB, seeing as how there has always been some sense of Scandinavian Unity. While annexing Djibouti is also implausible, invading it is not so much. After all, many nations could do that. Own it, no, but invade, yes. ~MP
  • I regretted putting in "retard" as soon as I posted, and if you check the history, I erased it immediately. Also, yes, it is impossible for the NU to invade Djibouti and Iceland and Greenland. What many people do not understand is that invading is not simply landing soldiers and taking control. You need to supply those soldiers, feed them, clothe them. The NU doesn't have the political clout, or the military might to take over Greenland and Iceland.
  • Chile: The Chilean government continues supporting to Rio Grande and the other Brazilian states, with money, advisors, engineers, and other things for the reconstruction process, while the last principal regiment withdrawal. In other affairs, after several years of the negotiations with Argentina, finally an agreement is proposed. The Chilean government offers purchase the Argentinian part of Tierra del Fuego exchange for a determined price and some industrial technologies. (Use Random where 1-5 is Yes and 6-10 is no; Result 5) Argentina accepts.
  • Iran: Iran threatens to declare war on both West and East Arabia, demanding the making of a two year-long ceasefire so civilian populations may make safe havens for themselves - it will not take back its threat until both sides make the two year ceasefire. The new Iranian Navy and Air force Mobilize, Special Forces begin preparations, while the Army prepares for mass transportation.

1979.5[edit | edit source]

  • UIR: The UIR pushes farther into West Arabian territory, getting even closer to Medina, the birthplace of Islam! They try to strengthen economic relations with the Balkans and Germany. Sends a trade agreement and alliance proposal to Germany.
    • Greek Diplomacy: You've been accepted into the Axis.
    • Balkan Diplomacy: We propose free trade to strengthen political and economical ties.
    • Medina is not the birthplace of Islam. Islam comes from Mecca.
      • Both are important to the Sunni and Wahabi branches of Islam.
  • Korea: Korea condemns the West Arabian invasion of East Arabia, and give aid to E Arabia and the UIR.
  • Mod Event 1: Despite strong resistance by the UIR and Germany, West Arabia takes over Riyadh, although the Saudi royal family have escaped.
  • Britain: They allow the Saudi Royal Family into their country. They try to help the people by sending aid to the people in the Arab peninsula.
  • Germany: Germany agrees to the trade agreement and Alliance with UIR. Meanwhile, German military forces launch an Liberation-campaign against West Arabia, and asks that the UIR, Britain, and other nations of the world put aside their differences and liberate East Arabia. Massive bombings against West Arabian military bases begins, but the Air Force and Navy has strict orders not to intentionally bomb oil fields. Meanwhile, advancement in technology continues.
  • Greece: The Greek prime minister supports aiding the UIR, however- the Greek congress votes against war. they do not wish to be drawn into a conflict like Iran, and they are slightly anti-Muslim. the invasion of turkey was called a "crusade," and memories of Ottoman occupation still linger, even though that ended over several years ago.
  • ROCJ: The military brings the hammer down and captures back all of Vietnam and Laos. Western Chinese are given the same rights as anyone else and infrastructure is improved there. In the UIR war, troops are sent to the front lines to defend the UIR and East Arabia. War is declared on West Arabia.
  • Balkans: The new battleship and aircraft carrier are both almost done, and the first step to weaponizing Tuberculosis is complete and the entire Tuberculosis project should be done within two years. Airstrikes devastate Western Arabia, and military technology is given to the UIR. Balkan soldiers in the UIR and establish a command center and anti-aircraft battery in Mecca for the UIR.
  • Nueva Granada: internal reforms and new industrialization continues and again a request to South Venezuela to have a referendum to join the N.G. republic is made (please someone due an RNG here). The deal with Nigeria follows through due to pressuring by the N.G. government and the first oil rigs are being set up along the Nigerian delta. Seeing the war in Arabia as a chance get desert warfare experience the N.G. security council authorizes a small expedition force to act as mercenaries under UIR and East Arabian control to fight West Arabian aggressors. Jose industries begin very public tests with several bacteria and viruses as part of its new transparency policy and they claim to be testing with the agents for medical purposes to better combat bio threats, as part of the deal worked out with Nigeria a small arms and ammunition plant is built in Lagos. all Granadan forces have been withdrawn to the Amazonian Republic, south Venezuela and Nueva Granada Proper and the government has honored its promise to withdraw from Para, Mato Grosso, and Brazil.
  • Tibet: Tibet sends troops to help ROCJ fight the Vietnamese, and sends aid to the UIR. they continue their biological weapons programme in Antarctica. A Mars probe is to be sent up next year, and the whole Tibetan fleet of ten ships and two submarines is sent to support the troops in Saudi Arabia. They withdraw from the Axis as they feel they can not support it and the left wing alliance, and the left wing alliance is more closely related to its aims.
  • New Zealand: New Zealand sends an expedition to Antarctica to found a colony there. Meanwhile, New Zealand takes an isolationist stance and ignores everything else that is happening unless it concerns them. New Zealand starts a nuclear program (unless it already has nukes) and starts to build up military, infrastructure, economy, and technology.
    • Australian Diplomacy:We offer you an alliance, and help in Antarctica. (And fyi, you don't have nukes yet.)'
    • Completely implausible for nukes to be developed by New Zealand...
    • If North Korea can develop nukes, I think pretty much anyone can. But you're right, without help, NZ would have to completely screw up its economy to make nukes. Callumthered
  • Australia: Thanks to the super-efficient greenhouses, the Antarctic Territory expands its population. We welcome Tibet's withdrawal from the Axis. Work is completed on the ICBM submarine.
  • Poland: Industry and Infrastructure continue to be built up. Meanwhile, a new advance in productive Factory Methods is made, and Polish Workers are the most productive Workers in the word.
  • Chile: The Navy developed a new cruiser type ship named Carlos Condell (Similar to Ticonderoga class). While, after the acquisition of the Tierra del Fuego, the government begin a new plan for improve the territory. In former east Bolivia, the first companies begin the production of oil.
  • Nueva Granadan oil king offers Chile a joint venture fusing Nueva Granadan oil companies with Chilean companies to increase earnings for both companies and establish monopoly on South American and West African oil production
  • Equatorial Africa Republic:The Gabon Estuary, river the Ogooué and river Ivindo are still nature reservationary zones. Oil is drilled for in the coastline by the newly expanded port of Poert Noaiur, Moyen Congo province. the EAR takes up the 1978/1978.5 Australian offered aid, alliance and frigate.
    • Australian Diplomacy: We are glad that the EAR has taken up our offers, and we send them a decommissioned (but by no means sub-standard) frigate, as well as some naval advisors.
  • USA: Puerto Rico becomes the fifty-second US state. Many Americans feel that the USA seems to be left somewhat out of world affairs, and Romney has become less popular. Romney announces that he will not be running for another term.
  • Oman: Oman has a mandatory draft in fear of invasion by UIR. They also used their oil money to purchase tanks and airplanes from private companies. Oman wants to stay out of any war but will fight if needed. Oman improves education and infrastructure. Oman wants an alliance with any nation.

1980[edit | edit source]

  • Equatorial Africa Republic: An alliance is offered to Oman. Brazzaville opens a one-runway airport. Chimpanzees, gorillas and chimps are made protected species under laws. Manganese ore is mined nation wide and new water wells are drilled in Chad province lands. Hair care products and crochet work are heavily promoted in a nation's wideness advertisement and merchandising drive.
    • Oman accepts Equatorial Africa Republics offer to be allies!
  • UIR: The UIR change their name to Umayyad Republic. They expand closer to Medina and offer a peace offer to them. The offer demand that they give the area around Medina and Medina too, but with clean borders. (I need help to see if they accept the offer or not, and I need someone to edit the map because I don't know how to.)
  • Oman: Oman increases its military personnel to 400,000 soldiers. They also start making tanks and airplanes. They also demand The Umayyad Republic to spare the cities of Mecca and Medina due to their holiness. Oman will attack if the cities are bombed or harmed. They can control the cities but not attack them. Oman also built seven universities all across Oman. Oman is using their oil to finance the Omani death squad. Oman infrastructure improves greatly and still offers trade agreements with any nation except the Umayyad Republic. Oman settled a city in the desert call Al Jabri. Al Jabri is the new oil capital of Oman.
  • Mecca is the capital of the UIR.
  • Balkans: The Balkans continues to aid the UIR, although they do not bomb Medina because of its holiness. (I think that) Tito's two terms are over and he steps down from the office of Prime Minister.
  • Egypt: Can someone take Egypt's place so I am not playing two countries, please?
  • German: Germany continues to bomb targets of West Arabia, but the Air Force is ordered not to hit the oil fields or the cities of Mecca or Medina, which ever has an religious value. Meanwhile, another nuclear-powered carrier is completed, and research on an VTOL jet begins.
  • Britain: It asks the EAR for an alliance and trade agreements. They are very concerned about the situation in Arabia and send food supplies, water, and aid to every faction in the war.
  • Nueva Granada: Colombia first stalwarts harass a group of Ecuadorian citizens in Atlantico killing six of them and raping three woman, and an ultra nationalist supported by the Colombia First movement assassinates Nueva Granadan President along with two ministers outside the Grand assembly using an automatic rifle of Russian origins, a national mourning takes place and the Fuerzas independientes and national police begin a nation wide crack down on known Colombia First supporters with hundreds being rounded up under pretence of stopping possible terrorist attacks or public disorder by the organization, and the movement is declared illegal in Nueva Granda. The national rocket program continues with plans to send its first satellite into space by 1982 and the first Nueva Granadan man into space by 1986 in an attempt to seal its place amongst the world powers. Development of the oil project in Nigeria continues while the n.g. continues funding Nigerian development and army.
  • Iran: It prepares for a mass-scale invasion of Iraq. Propaganda starts spurting of the recreation of Persia.
    • Omani Diplomacy: Oman supports the invasion of Iraq and offers any help if needed. Oman also wants an alliance and a trade agreement with Iran.
    • Balkan Diplomacy: We would ask that you do not invade Iraq please.
  • 'Poland:' More Industry and Infrastructure are built. We announce to all Left Wing Alliance members that we will have begin a new "campaign" to spread our Leftist Ideals to the rest of the world. We will have a meeting on our alliance page.
  • Australia: Uranium ore is begun to be mined in Queensland. massive resources boom begins, with iron ore, coal, uranium and gold being mined. To counter this, more solar and wind farms are opened. The new nuclear submarine is joined by another, the Prince Charles.
  • Tibet: Supports Oman and offers it an alliance. Tibet begins a new government project to deal with overpopulation in Tibet, the government wishes to build a stable underwater habitat, and begins work on this long project which is named The bubble project and hopes to start construction in 1990. the mars probe is sent, and Tibet is the first country on mars
    • Oman: Oman accepts Tibet's offers and supports Tibet's expedition to Mars.
    • Seriously, I've been working on it for years and i was hoping a manned mission in 1986 or 1987. And a country of your size probably could not at this time.
    • As I started work on this at least ten years ago and the axis space program is centred in my country, with its resources currently at my disposal, I think I can
    • I think that even without a group mission, the earliest is 1986 or 1987. Group maybe 1985. Its kind of like a moon mission OTL in the 50's, its implausible.
    • I Disagree, If you have problem with my post talk to pita
    • Fine, Ill agree with you but the one factor your forgetting is that it takes a year there and back. You would make it next year.
    • agreed
  • Chile: A new economic program is implement by the government focused to increase private investment in the country. Also, begin the construction of the second nuclear power plant near to the city of Sucre and is created the ANAE (Agencia Nacional Aeroespacial) for begin own space program.
    • Nueva granada Diplomacy: the n.g. embassador requests that chile arrest any person that enters the country whos name is on a list that is giving by the n.g. diplomat.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Chilean authorities agree with the measure.
  • ROCJ: Fully recaptures Vietnam. Works on Mars Mission and sends unmanned probe. Ask to join Left-Wing Alliance.
    • German Diplomacy: You can, but that will mean leaving the Axis Alliance.
  • Greece: Greece claims any member of the NPA is an enemy of the Axis. anyone who joins this alliance will be kicked out of the Axis. Greece sends a garrison of commando troops to Tibet. they repossess the AMSA rocket launch test sites located there, and begin to reposess any shared axis rocket technology. they also start an embargo on all NPA members. they also send a delegate to LOAN informing them that any member of the NPA is not neutral, and thereby not considered a member of LOAN by the Axis
    • How could a Greek task force somehow get into the heart of another sovereign territory: UNNOTICED, and then repossess massive, heavily guarded infrastructure in the heart of Tibet?
    • Axis forces were already there. I didn't send a massive taskforce, just a small garrison of troops to assist in repossessing Axis technology. the process will be finished next year, and then the compound will be handed over to Tibet.
    • Tibet: Tibet allows the removal of axis machinery from the country, and even assists with its removal, after its removal axis members other than official diplomats will not be allowed through the country (I don't think you could remove it without permission, but as I'm allowing it, it doesn't matter.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany, hereby, breaks off all ties with Greece and the Axis Alliance.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: the n.g. is a neutral state independent of what the axis thinks of it and if its neutrality is respected the N.G. republic will not join the NPA or show aggression towards the axis - this also due to NG ties with Chile.
    • Greek diplomacy: the Greeks respect NG's neutrality. However, if they join the NPA they will no longer be considered a neutral nation.

1980.5[edit | edit source]

  • Nueva Granada: N.G. leaders declare a nation wide state of emergency with the military is commissioned to suppress the Colombia First movements through any means necessary. the vice president refuses take power do to his belief that he is unable to lead the country to avoid a crisis the head of the security council General Umberto Goriti is granted full control of the government until the next elections in two years. to counter further criminal actions or guerrilla tactics the military and F.I. begin far stretching operations throughout the country side and N.G. client states of Amazonia and South Venezuela searching for any affiliated members of the Colombia First movement the military use the Colombia First movement as an excuse to suppress anti-Granadan and communist movements in both states as well hundreds are taking away for "trials". the state requests permission to enter Para, and Mato Grosso which is being deliberated by NG allies in the states. The government project to build the second power plant outside of Caracas is completed. the nation detonates its first hydrogen nuclear nuclear bomb in the Galapagos islands. funding of Nigeria continues and a treaty is signed making sure that the Nigerian government protects Nueva Granadan interests in the Nigerian delta.
  • The Equatorial African Republic: The EAR agrees to an alliance with Britain and offers an alliance and free trade deal to Oman. The EAR also supports the invasion of Iraq by Oman and drills for natural gas of Gabon's southern coast.
  • ROCJ sends a probe to the Mars to land next year.Infrastructure and Military improve, as with computers.
  • Switzerland: Has requested to join the NPA. Switzerland also condemns the nuke test by Nueva Granada.
  • Australia: We send a peacekeeping force to our ally Nueva Grenada in order to maintain peace and stability. We also condemn the testing of a nuke on the Galapagos Islands, which are a biological treasure-trove. After much government discussion, Australia decides not to join the NPA, but only in order to maintain our neutrality. Meanwhile, in Antarctica, the population has grown so much that a small military unit can be raised from the population: The Royal Antarctic Division.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: the Nueva Granadan government explains that the bomb was detonated outside of the isles over the water while some of the fall out might hit the island it is safe in general. And there is no need for aid in dealing with the Colombia first movement this is an internal affair and the military is sufficiently trained and the movement doesn't sustain many supporters outside of former Southern Colombia any more after the recent actions taking by the military and the F.I.
  • Greece: All Axis Technology has successfully been repossessed, and is flown to Greece without any hint of violence between the two nations. the former AMSA compound is turned over to Tibet, and all Axis troops, scientists or staff are airlifted to Athens. Greece is shocked at Switzerland (perhaps the most democratic and by far the most Neutral nation on the face of the earth) because of their decision to Join the NPA.
  • Britain: Britain sends its part of the fleet to help protect the oil supplies in the Persian Gulf. It condemns the situation in Colombia and demand it improve its human rights record.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: The government promises a return to regular life by next year at the latest and General Goriti will step down at the next election, the arrests and round ups are needed to root out the dangerous Colombia First movement so that it can't cause any more harm (Um.. it's Nueva Granada - Colombia ceased to exist in the 1940's)
  • Tibet:continues building more ships for its navy and working on the bubble project. The Dalai Lama himself makes a special trip to the Balkans to speak to their leaders about the NPA. Condemns the testing on the Gallipoli islands. Offers the former axis site as the place for ROCJ to launch their Mars probe.
  • Poland: The Military and Air force are both built up. Meanwhile, we tell Switzerland they can join NPA. We also tell Greece that we do not wish to harm the Axis, but only to represent all Left Wing Nations.
  • Oman: Oman asks South Yemen to join the NPA and also asks Iran. Oman begins improving their military due to their location. Al Jabri begins exporting oil to the world and a grand mosque is under construction. The Omani king has been killed by a car bomb in central Muscat, Oman blames Greece for the bomb due to them joining the NPA. The new king is pro neutral and will not enter a war any time soon except Iraq. Oman builds a new road system and traveling has become easier.
  • Chile: Economic measures continues, which allow reduce the inflation. The integration of the rest of Tierra del Fuego is almost finished, with the improving of his infrastructure. In the Chilean Antarctic territory, while the bases received more supplies, the President is informed that his population has grown in last decade and decides authorize the construction of the civilian village near to the Base Presidente Gabriel González Videla.
  • Balkans: The Balkans continues to urge some degree of neutrality in the current events, although they propose that they work with NPA in Iraq to reinstate the monarchy and guarantee the safety of several ethnic groups. Colonization of Antarctica continues, and the population rises to 60.
  • Tibet: the NPA would be happy for the balkans help
  • Egypt: Egypt watches the wars in the Middle East with concern, although no actions are planned yet. A small base is established where Egyptian explorers planted the Egyptian flag several years ago.

1981[edit | edit source]

Sorry, I'm starting the next turn. It's been five days since a change of turn.

ROCJ: Probe lands on moon, second country on moon. Expands military, special ops, and infrastructure.

  • Nueva Granada: The nation wide crack down begins to show affects as seven of the Colombia First group's 12 leaders are captured and put on trial. around 13,000 have been arrested but only about 8000 are part of the movement the rest are communist sympathisers and extremists it is unknown what will happen to the fugitives but the state of emergency is ceased and the F.I. and army operations are scaled down greatly more power is handed to the civilian government again and elections are called ahead of schedule with General Guriti claiming he will take part as a second industrial nominee against industrialist nominee Santos, and the workers party claims they will through there wait behind santos as the more conservative and liberal parties go behind Guriti. a third party known as Latin Pride also claims they will take part in the elections on a union of South American nations platform and strict government intervention in the economy and greater funds in public plans and an extensive welfare plan along with military expansion in certain areas and cut backs in others and pro peace with axis and NPA countries. plands to launch the satellite in 1982 continue. plans are put forward for the expansion of Jose industries biological program to start making bio weapons.
  • Britain is still not satisifed at Granada for not listening to its orders. They also condemn biological warfare making programs, as they believe will lead to worldwide destruction.
  • Umayyad Republic: The Umayyad Republic pushes farther and farther into West Saudi Arabia. They also set several oil rigs in their home country.
  • Poland (I won't let this game die!!!): The Miltary is built up, as well as the air force. Meanwhile, we ask the Umayyad Republic if they wish to join the NPA.
  • I am part of the Axis Alliance and I'm sure but I think I'm not allowed to join the NPA?
  • You definitely can join - only it would mean leaving the Axis.
  • Germany: Germany launches an satellite into orbit again. Meanwhile, Germany develops a hydrogen bomb, following research from the atomic bomb. Research on VTOL's continue, and an prototype similar to the AV-88 Harrier begins. Germany begins research into weaponizing anthrax and other chemicals that are hazardous to humans.
  • Tibet: continues working on the bubble project, and the biological weapons project started in the 60's is finished, with Tibet now havong access to biological weapondry, the Dalai Lama, having made progress with his talks in Vienna, moves on to New Delhi to talk to the government there. Germany is asked if it would share its hydrogen bomb plans.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany will share its hydrogen-bomb weapons.
  • Balkans: The Balkans just about finished its tuberculosis weapons program, and prepares to move on to another disease. Another Nuclear test is planned for next year.
  • Oman: Oman begins working on a nuclear program with the help of Tibet, Omani city of Al Jabri becomes the chief nuclear site. Omani oil is selling at an all time high and the money is flowing in. The new Omani king is all for the nuclear bomb and gives money to build it. Oman improves its military and air force.
  • Greece: The Greeks, rather slow on atomic research, begin developing a hydrogen bomb, and longer range ICBMs.

1981.5[edit | edit source]

  • ROCJ: Works on long range ICBM and sends more missions to Mars, 2 to land next year. The hydrogen weapons program continues. The country refuses to learn Biological Warfare as it is wrong and threatens to nuke any country that uses it.
  • Oman: Oman continues to work on the atomic bomb with the help of Tibet. Economy, Infrastructure and military improves. Oman is very worried about the situation in the Middle East. Al Jabri is still the nuclear capital of Oman.
  • Umayyad Republic: The Umayyad Republic pushes West Arabia to its very brims and asks them again for a peace treaty giving the Umayyad Republic the area around Medina but with clean borders(1-25 & 51-75=yes/26-50 & 76-100=no==1). They stop pushing into West Arabia, and instead they send liberation forces to Riyadh.
  • Britain resigns due to disinterest.
  • Switzerland: Continues to buildup its military.
  • Chile: The Agencia Nacional Aeroespacial (ANAE) receive more funds for his research. The agency hope launch his first satellite in four years. While, the government begin negotiations with Great Britain for purchase the Falklands Islands. In the Antarctic continues the construction of the first civilian village. In economy, national companies begin to make new business in several countries in Asia, Africa and part of Europe.
  • Greece: continues to work on new forms of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons
  • Nueva Granada: The Nueva Granada crisis is officially over with over 9000 of the arrested released from prison. the election campaign continues with Santos in the lead. The nation's influence in Nigeria grows as more oil wells are drilled into. Nigeria is granted entrance as a special member to the S.A.F.T.T. and their military receives massive upgrades from the group. the first satellite is launched ahead of schedule and it successfully reaches space. October 21 is declared a national holiday in celebration of N.G. reaching space. More funds go into the space program with this success.
  • Australia: More ICBM capable submarines are built. The Australian Communist Party wins five seats in the federal elections.
  • I would like to know about my war because I have asked West Saudi Arabia for my demands and I will annex them without them choosing if someone doesn't help me with an algorithm. The only details I need are about them. I ask is the war algorithm the same as in other map games? Willster22 02:01, June 1, 2012 (UTC)
  • The algorithm system has kinda been thrown out the door, along with most of the moderators. I say just keep the war plausible. Enclavehunter 02:08, June 1, 2012 (UTC)
  • What is plausible classified as? If I conquer all their territory can I annex them? And how many turn would it take to make a space program and/or prepare my tech for that? Willster22 02:18, June 1, 2012 (UTC)
  • Germany: Germany continues to expand its military and two new carriers and ICBM capable submarines are constructed. Germany launches another satellite. Meanwhile, German soldiers mass along the Belgian-border, and the navy sets sails toward Belgian ports in an attempt to blockade Belgium.
  • Poland: The Military and Air force are both built up. Meanwhile, the Polish Government declares support for Germany, and promises troops should war break out. We tell the rest of the Allies (our new alliance name) to also send aid.

1982[edit | edit source]

  • ROCJ: The military expands and the navy starts to mass troops in ports. Nukes are produced. Nintendo comes out with the NES which is a hit.
  • Germany: Germany entered Belgium after the German Air Force devastated the Belgian Army and Air Force on the ground, and the remaining forces were captured or went into full retreat when the German Army launched an Blitzkrieg campaign against Belgium, capturing the southern regions and began their advance towards Brussels. Meanwhile, fortificaitons along the Balkans and France are increased, and the German Nuclear Stockpile is put on alert just in case of an Balkan attack.
  • Poland: The Miltary is sent to Belgium to help Germany conquer it. Meanwhile, troops are also placed along the border with the Balkans, in case they attack.
  • Tibet: Supports its allies in its invasion and continues work on all projects.
  • Greece: The Greeks condemn the German invasion of Belgium. Not only is Belgium a member of the Axis, but they are also a non-hostile nation. The Axis will give the German invasion force six months to withdraw troops from Belgium, or the Axis will intervene. in the meantime, the Axis sends supplies to the Belgians, and readies their trops for an intervention. meawhile, the Greek king dies from old age, and his son is crowned king. this does not affect politics, as the prime minister is doing most of the governing.
  • Nueva Granada: formally condemns German invasion of Belgium and it closes all ties with Germany until it withdraws from the state. the nations first ICBM missiles are put under construction. all other projects are continued, F.I. operations are expanded to Nigeria in aiding the suppression of anti-Nigerian government forces.The army is put on high alert with the rising tensions in the world. Santos wins the elections and Goriti steps down from power without ant problem and returns to the role of marshall in the security council.
    • Axis Diplomacy: We wish to renew the non-aggression pact that had been signed several years ago.
    • N.G.. Diplomacy: the Grand assembly accepts but requests that the axis accept Granadan influence over the amazon and in Nigeria and possibly West Africa in the future in return efforts will be made to limit the alliance throughout Latin America (oh the irony of the allies being aggressive and the axis being defenders and like NATO- LOL)
    • The Axis will not interfere with your efforts, as long as they do not involve the takeover of Axis nations for personal gain. as for limiting our influence in Latin America, i can't be certain that that will be possible. Chile is the only Axis nation there.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: I think that he meant that NG will limit the influence of the Allies, not the Axis. jeje
  • Balkans: The Balkans insist that Germany withdraw from Belgium, stating that the two nations (Belgium and Germany) have had very friendly relations within the last many years, and now it has been utterly ruined. The nuclear stockpile is readied, and troops are placed along the border, although they are not ordered to do anything yet. The Balkans urges both sides to come to the negotiation table to avoid another world war, as the cost would not be necessary.
    • German Diplomacy: After the Second World War, we never had good relations with any Axis members, espically the border nations, espically the following: Balkans, Greece, Belgium, and Axis.
    • Balkan Diplomacy: Not us, even though we both agreed to a joint border patrol and both agreed ot invade Iraq, support the UIR, and other things? We are a lot friendlier than you might think.
    • German Diplomacy: True. True. I will continue to invade Belgium, but will not invade any other Axis Members after that, and if war does come between us, Let's hope its limited to conventional warfare.
  • Oman: Oman continues on their nuclear program in Al Jabri. Oman also improves their infrastructure and economy. Oman also sends aid to Germany and really cheap oil. Oman also improves their military

1982.5[edit | edit source]

  • Nueva Granada: As part of the new army modernization campaign, a new bullpup assault rifle is designed, and testing begins. It is called the GCR 82 (based on the SA80). The military begins increased operations and drills along the Peruvian border, and the F.I. starts blackops in equatorial Africa, using Nigeria as a base of operations. Several army units are sent into Nigeria with the government's permission. The navy and air force are expanded.
  • Oman: Oman continues to aid Germany and improving their military. The Omani Sultan wants nukes and asks Tibet for them. Oman begins drafting men to grow a big army in case of war. Oman's economy improves greatly.
  • Tibet: Happily supplies its ally with nuclear technology.
  • Umayyad Republic: The Umayyad Republic, after the war being won and Medina under there control build more oil wells in the newly gained territory. They start asking for supplies from fellow Axis members for a space program called مون المريخ مشروع(Lunar-Mars Project).
    • Greece: Some surplus technology will be given (there are no space exploration programs currently active) however, only a small amount can be given, due to the current situation with Germany.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Actually, Chile begin some time his own space program, jeje. ^_^U
  • Germany: Germany finishes up its war with Belgium, and defeats the Belgian military outside of Brussels. The country is defeated, and is swiftly annexed into the new Fourth Reich. Meanwhile, the military is placed along the border of the Balkans and the Navy guards the coast. The nuclear stockpile is ready just in case, and several nuclear weapons are placed on an submarine, which leaves to an undisclosed location in Arabia.
  • Australia: The Australian government makes no objection to Germany's takeover of Belgium, since Germany has said it will be satisfied after that. ASIO begins a new, TOP SECRET project which will eventually put Indonesia under Australian control. The plan is threefold: First, economic infiltration, Second, assassination of major political figures, and Third, military takeover of the country. The Communist faction in the Parliament is becoming more powerful, and pretty much holds the balance of power. Three ICBM submarines are sent to Antarctica, and ten are sent to Hainan Island.
  • Greece: after Germany's failiure to heed their warnings, Greece and other Axis members send troops to Belgium. (those nations are Greece, Netherlands, the UK, India, Bulgaria, and Korea. This was decided by Random.org, all of those nations are not active, but obliged to give troops under the Axis Charter) the troops enter Belgium through the Netherlands, and begin fighting. German tactics and technology prove to be slightly superior to those of the Axis. However, through their numbers, the Axis is able to defeat the Germans. they take the northern provinces of Antwerpen, Liege, Brabant Wallon and Oost Vlaanderen. they have taken small northern portions of Luxembourg province and Namur province. the army is growing increasingly nearer to Brussels. (I did an algorithm on the talk page.) all of the troops are ordered to remain in Belgium and not cross over the border into Germany, or into occupied Luxembourg. there will be no fighting outside of Belgium.
  • Don't forget Italy.
  • Poland: The Polish Government sends thousands of troops into Belgium to help Germany, and tells all Allies Members to meet on the Allies Page to discuss how to deal with this war. Meanwhile, the economy begins the transition to war economy. We also ask Chile to join the Allies, as we represent the future wave of nations.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: The government absolutely reject the offer to join to Allies, as the President Frei Montalva declares with our great fatherland is proud being part of the Axis Alliance, an old, but honored alliance of defenders and promoters of democracy and we didn't wish be part of aggressive pact that now invaded one of our allies.
  • Chile: The new elections took place and the the former president Eduardo Frei Montalva is elected for a new term with a wide majority. In the Congress, the center-right coalition now control the majority of the seats after, the new radicalism joined to the pact. The President condemn the German aggression to Belgium and he order send troops to support the Axis efforts for save Belgium. The national space program still continues.
  • Balkans: We beg Germany to come to the negotiation table before this conflict boils over into full scale war. At the very least. we could limit it to conventional warfare. We won't use WMDs if you won't. The Battleship and Aircraft Carrier are finally finished after several months of delay. They are, in order, the KBS Marie Theresa and the KBS Hebeleysis. The border with Germany and Poland are closed, and men from the reserves are brought into full service. Some troops are sent to Belgium, but they are told to strictly maintain the peace and not to bring the fight to any other country.
    • German Diplomacy: Fine. Let's meet at the talk page and discuss the ceasefire.
    • Greek diplomacy: the Greeks want to know if the Balkans would like to purchase their Antarctic territory.
  • El Salvador: El Salvador looks to help Germany with the war in Belgium. The economy improves as they want to join the Allies.
    • Nueva Granadan Diplomacy: the government warns El Salvador to keep out of the conflict and to keep any possible war from reaching Latin America
    • Poland: Poland tells El Salvador that it can join the Allies if it wants. Meanwhile, we tell Nueva Granada that I'll make a note to tell everyone not to fight in South America.
    • N.G. Diplomacy: a demand that no fighting reaches Latin America or Western Africa were granadan interests are.
    • Poland Dip: Don't worry, most of the fighting will stay regional as Germany and the Axis are working it out as we speak. I'm just getting more people for the Allies and backing up Germany.

1983[edit | edit source]

  • Greece: The war in Belgium ends with an agreement signed by the Axis and Germany. Germany will leave Belgium. However, they are able to keep Luxembourg. Greece keeps troops stationed along the German border in both the Netherlands and Belgium, for defensive purposes only. the majority of troops return to Greece, and find themselves in the midst of a large victory celebration. nationalism and morale is high in Greece due to the victory, and the low number of casualties. the victory has erased any antiwar sentiment brought on by the war in Iran.
  • Germany: German soldiers return to Germany with very little casualties, and an second time the country was defeated. However, Germany continues to retain its position as an Great Power, and continues to expand its military and research into modern technology.
  • ROCJ: The Navy starts an invasion of the Philippines. Troops are dropped from Planes inland and troops are landing on beach. The area is to be conquered in a year or so. Troops numbers are cut in half from Korea, USSR, India, and other countries. There are more Mars Missions. (I need to keep the game alive.)
  • Chile: The small units sent to Europe soon return to the country, as a peace agreement was reached between both sides. The government continues the negotiations with Britain for purchase the Falklands Islands (I would like that someone made the RNG forth is please). In Tierra del Fuego, since that Chile have Atlantic Ocean access, the ports are improved to expand the commerce. The former Bolivian territories are incorporated as official regions of Chile, with own representation in the Congress. As the oil production fall in the last months, the President make changes in the ENAP. While, the second nuclear power plant at Sucre is almost finished. The ANAE continues made test for his first satellite. In the Antarctic territory, the first civil village is inaugurated: Villa Las Estrellas, which now have his own school, and hospital.
    • (1-5 Yes. 6-10 No. 2. Yes)
    • Woah, in OTL, Britain had a war for them in 1982!!!
    • That was actually Argentina. The Falkland Wars was between Argentina and Britain over the ownership of the islands.
    • Then, I can purchase the islands, right?
    • Yes.
    • OK, thanks
  • Umayyad Republic: The Umayyad Republic continue to work on the Lunar-Mars Project, as well as establishing several more oil rigs.
  • Iran: Iran watches the result in Europe closely, looking closely at a defiant Greece and a Germany seeking a comeback, reconstruction ends of the war years ago, communist groups in the north lose influence and so do democratic groups in the west, with Islamic Fundamentalist Groups carrying all elections by 80 or 70 percent.
  • Balkans: The Balkan soldiers return home, and no one praises the war as a victory, but as a close call. KBS Zalmoxis travels to the Persian Gulf to begin the attacks on Iraq, as was agreed upon several years ago.
  • Oman: Oman continues to work on its nuclear project. Military and infrastructure are also improved. Oman asks Iran for an alliance. Oman also builds more oil rigs. Oman watches Europe closely and asks Germany if they need any aid.
  • Nueva Granada: praises the peace talks and is glad above all else that its interests are not affected. A request to Australia is requested to reform the LOAN into a closer alliance to secure that neither state or associated states are affected. The S.A.F.T.T. is reformed into the Peace and Progress for the third world movement, and invites Chile and Peru to join it so that South America and Africa can avoid getting pulled into any greater conflicts that may risk all that has been achieved by South America in the past 50 years.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: I'm not sure, because Chile is part of the Axis Alliance and we will support to our allies in case of war.
  • Australia: The PM accepts MG's proposal wholeheartedly, and will go into more detail on the LOAN Page. ASIO is continuing its economic infiltration of Indonesia; with many major oil and rubber manufacturing places under Australian ownership. In Antarctica, new schools are opened, and the government begins a drive for more settlers.\
  • N.G. Diplomacy: Agents in Indonesia who have taking notice of the recent activities by Australians in its old ally who N.G. soldiers spilt blood for to help them gain independence, and informs the government back home. The government in a special call requests that Australia explain what's going on before relations sour.
    • Australian Response: Due to a filing error, the Australian Government has completely forgotten about NG's role in Indonesian independence, and would never have begun the plan if they had realised. The Governor-General himself travels to NG to help repatch the relationship. The plan is changed to East Timor (a current Portuguese colony).
  • can we start the next turn?

1983.5[edit | edit source]

  • Umayyad Republic: The Umayyad Republic starts building the rocket for Lunar-Mars Project. They also develop the industry even more.
  • Balkans: The Balkans continue operations in Iraq, and bombing of key military bases in the country begin. In Serbia, the government begins allotting funds to complete the Cathedral of Saint Sava before 1990.
  • Greece: the Greeks send bomber squadrons to assist the campaign in Iraq. all bombers will only strike military targets, and no cities will be bombed. meanwhile, the Greeks send up a small communications satellite Helios
  • Nueva Granada: The new rifles are put into full service (the SA80 arm I mentioned earlier) and the army and F.I. begin operations in Nigeria at the behest of the government to deal with the rebel forces using tactics similar to those used in the Brazilian intervention with great success. the nation launches its first ICBM much to the surprise of other world powers finally making amongst the leading nations in the world and not just a regional power. Social reforms continue to help the middle and lower class with any problems they may have, social programs are extended to N.G. associated states including Nigeria. the biological program is continued and a weaponized version of anthrax is tested in secrecy on small areas along the borders of Nigeria. due to the stable economy and high levels of exports of firearms, vehicles, tech items, cash crops, and minerals and oil the nation's GDP is considered the eighth largest in the world.
  • Australia: Hopes that relations with NG have been patched up, and gifts it an ICBM capable submarine for good measure. We hope that closer relations can be established. Economic penetration of East Timor begins in earnest, with plans for the country to be an Australian protectorate by 1987. All agents previously in Indonesia are recalled, and either put into East Timor, or sent home to Hainan Island. The Parliament, thanks to the strong Communist presence, passes the Indigenous Land Title Act, giving indigenous people the right to claim ancestral land.
  • Egypt: Offers a free trade deal, customs unions, single currency and defence pact to the EAR, Kenya, Syria, the Umyyad Republic and Tunisia-Algeria. Troops are sent to start that defending of Egypt's borders with the EAR and West African Republic fell to the NG. Egypt starts producing Islamified Leggo and Macarno.
    • Umayyad Diplomacy: We accept all your offers, but asks what this custom union that you offer us to join is and what it shall be called? If it is one customs union it would be very beneficial for all of us as the trade would help to develop all of our nations. What shall this currency be named?
    • N.G. Diplomacy: the N.G. republic, the Nigerian republic and the rest of the Third world movement request that Egypt demilitarize its border with Nigeria seeing as it is a harmless state dealing with internal strife any aggressions against Nigeria will be considered a threat against N.G. interests in the region and the stability of the region.
    • Egypt: The border with Nigeria and all other countries African are demilitarized. The customs unions with the Umayyads and the EAR will be called the Hyper-economy Union and the coins are to be called Hyper-Coins. The EAR’s requesting is take up as OK, and so it becomes a protectorate land and access is given to Alexandria port dockings. The guerrilla war is ended as part of the EAR's entry plan and we arks the Umayyads over sending a joint satellite to the moon and later Venus.
    • Umayyad Diplomacy: The sultan of the Umayyad Republic thinks that name is stupid and suggests the name Islamic Commonwealth of Middle Eastern and African States (ICMEAS). The currency should be called the Islamica, the islamic equivalent of the euro.
  • EAR Agrees to give Egypt control of the foreign office, treasury, military in foreign affairs and trade. EAR becomes its protectoress. Demands are made for access to a docking place in Alexandria and much aiding of economic growth and Maganese mining. The eastern 10% that is triangle of land that is Camaroonian and pokes into the EAR near the Congo is victimized with a guerrilla war to annex it, which it does.
  • ROCJ: Continues to invade the Philippines.The country works on a space station to be launched in a few years.
  • Am I allowed to switch nations? TacoCopper
  • Don't Know. 19:57, June 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • You can but you would start at the bottom. Whosonefirst?
  • I can live with that. I can't expand where I'm at, and nothing else is happening in the game. TacoCopper
  • South Africa: The Military is built up. The Government begins a new program to Industrialize the nation. We ask Germany for aid in Industrialization in exchange for natural resources.
  • Germany: Germany agrees to South Africa's request in industrialization. Meanwhile, the government begins to make budget cuts, and cuts out its fortification program along the Balkan and French borders. Two aircraft carriers are decommissioned and put into the reserve fleet.

1984[edit | edit source]

  • South Africa: The nation continues to Industrialize, faster now that Germany is helping. Natural Resources are sent to Germany as part of our deal. More people move to the cities.
  • Nueva Granada: the nation's space program continues with little problems. a new relaxation of economic intervention begins giving more chance for liberal growth and independent actions by the populace. The latest computer design comes out to make the recent ROJC model obsolete. more military activities continue in Nigeria and the amazon to deal with any dissidence against the pro Granadan governments. A bill is put through to annex South Venezuela which is supported by Granadan Venezuelans and partially accepted by the south.
  • Greece: several other Helios satellites are sent up throughout this year- a total of four satellites are now in orbit. All of them are communications satellites.the Greeks begin more research into satellites, the space program, and Lasers. other Axis nations assist them in this research.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: We send our scientific help.
  • Umayyad Republic: The Umayyad Republic prepares for the launching of the first rocket from the Lunar-Mars Project next year and a minor satellite is launched this year. The satellite's name is Allah 1.
  • Balkans: The government begins to turn to other, more peaceful projects now that most signs of war have abated. A Mars lander is planned, and expected to be completed by 1989. Other missions are also planned, and a large emphasize is placed on space travel. The military is still on high alert, although it begins to settle down. The Antarctic colony expands to about 120 permanent inhabitants, and the government makes a very large claim.
    • Greek diplomacy: the Greeks wish to sell their Antarctic territory to the Balkans. it is small, between the Australian territory and Tibet.
    • Balkan Diplomacy: The Balkans accepts, and offers Greece the ability to keep any military bases it might have there.
    • Greek Diplomacy: take it all. it is of little strategic or economic importance to us.
  • Chile: After the incorporation of the Falklands islands the last year the government promulgate the law that establish to the new territory as an province of the Magallanes Region. While, the second Nuclear Plant "Sucre" begin to working and the government analyze plans for a third plant. The ANAE inform that due to the resources received in the last time, the launch of the first satellite will take place in the next months. In the Antarctic territory, the population receive more supplies.
  • ROCJ: Finishes conquest of the Philippines and they are annexed. A new computer system is announced for next year in preparation for the "Digital Race" with N.G. More missions to Mars are sent. A claim is made in Antarctica and a base is established.
  • Egypt: We agreeing with the Umayyad Republic and EAR proposals on economic unions planned in 1983. A non-aggression treaty is offered up to the South Africans, Greece, Poland and Iran. Leggo become very popular with Egypt's kids.
    • Greek Diplomacy: we accept the Non-Aggression Pact.

1984.5[edit | edit source]

  • Greece: Research continues. the Greeks manage to shoot down one of their old obsolete satellites using a kenetic missile. the wreckage lands somewhere in the atlantic.
  • South Africa: The nation continues to industrialize. Meanwhile, large amounts of land are declared National Parks, and farmers are moved to the cities where housing will be provided for them.
  • Nueva Granada: The Granadan military begins experimenting with the idea of of a virtual communications system between computers to increase their usage and invests in civil computer companies to get better results them. the N.G. government offers to help the Axis program with their pet projects due mainly to the interest in increasing the co-operation between the states and the N.G. owning of laser technology for the past 12 or 13 years (look in the archives - it's all there). The space program continues and the first shuttle will be launched in two years, plans to send a second satellite into space are made. the nuclear powerplants in Caracas and Bogota are put forward for upgrades and a third and fourth power plant will be opened up in the next five years. The biological program continues with a major interest in genetics coming into play Jose Industries start funding slightly unethical projects with government consent but outside of the public eye in the amazon and Nigeria. Plans to Annex South Venezuela are continued due to no major resistence.
    • Greek diplomacy: Help would be appreciated. due to the high level of co-operation between the two nations, we may allow some use of the technology we are developing.
    • N.G. Diplomacy: the N.G. state thanks the greek offer to supply tech and while space exploration tech would be much appreciated all other area are pretty much covered, the N.G. also offers to start supplying the Axis with recent firearms to replace their obseleted arsenal save for Chile which is already supplyed with N.G. war gear.
  • Oman: Oman continues its research in the Nuclear bomb. Oman also begins improvment in military and begins sending troops to the Omani-Yemeni border. Oman improves their economy and infrastructure.
  • Australia: The Government accepts NG's takeover of South Venezuela, and is willing to send any needed assistance. In East Timor, the Australian Government is in control of the majority of major economic interests, and ASIO is moving into Stage 2 of the plan: assassination of major political and military figures.
  • N.G. Diplomacy: No aid is needed the region has been an associated state for quite some time and the merge is to be a peaceful one.
  • Umayyad Republic: The Umayyad Republic launches its first rocket named Abbasid 1. They send help to Greece for their space research.,
  • Balkans: The Balkans criticizes the violence in Southeast Asia, claiming that violence should only be seeked when necessary. Ground troops are now deployed in Iraq, and the war should be concluded within a year at best. The two territories in Antarctica are turned into colonies and named New Balkans and New Greece.
  1. Grogan?
  • Chile: The first satellite is launched with success from Atacama space center. While, the Minister of Defense announces the construction of the first the aircraft carriers for the navy.

1985[edit | edit source]

  • Egypt: Egypt prospects for oil in the Sinai and Red Sea. Some is found and is drilled for. Agricultural-DDT gasses dead all roaches, mesquitoes, rats and cloud ants in the Nile Delta.
  • Greece: With NG's help, research is boosted several years. Helios V is launched this year, another out of the total of five communications satellites. communications centers begin to be built for the use of these satellites. a total of five will be built. communication centers will be placed in Socotra (off the coast of Yemen - it belongs to the UK) Greenland, the Indian Himalayas, the Indian Maldives, and the Chilean antarctic territory. a new building will be constructed at the axis headquarters in Athens to link these centers. all nations will be compensated for the land used to construct these centers, and all axis nations may use them. satellite research continues.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: We agree.
  • N.G.: in a very controversial move, the government signs a contract with Jose industries granting them extensive rights in genetic experimentation and biological warfare experiments lifting previous ethical barriers such as human experimentation and experimenting in the wilderness. the plans to create the communication system between computers continues and it will be ready by by next year for testing. South Venezuela is formally integrated into the N.G. Republic. A new industrialization plan for N.G. and its associate states is put forth (Amazonia, Mato Grosso and Para). The plan to send a man to the moon for next year is declared to compete with Axis and ROJC space programs (I've had a space program for well over a decade so I will do this).
    • Greek diplomacy: the Axis would like to purchase computer systems for their communications centers. Privately, Greece would like to fund the computer linking experiment, as it would have a huge benefit to communications, and may be applicable to our research.
    • N.G diplomacy: the n.g. military agrees to make a group project with the axis powers under the condition that the nation's experimentation in biology and genetic experimentation go uncriticized.
  • Australia: The ASIO begins stage three of the takeover of East Timor. The Prime Minister, opposition leader and chief justice are all assassinated, and chaos ensues. The Australian Military moves in to "restore order", and enacts emergency laws. No civilian deaths have been reported. The Antarctic Territory is expanded Eastwards. Work begins on Hainan Island to launch a manned satellite in six years time.
  • South Africa: Manufacturing Industries continue to be set up, and the first ones to be begin construction a year ago are finished, providing jobs for the people. Meanwhile, the Military is built up.
  • Chile: With the success of the first Chilean satellite, the ANAE continues his research, and begin to prepare the construction in the Antarctic territory of the communication centers proposed by Greece. While, in Rio Grande (former south Brazil and associated state), a new democratic government is elected and the reconstruction of the country, thanks to Chilean help, is almost finished. Chile continues strongly supporting to Rio Grande in education and health.

​1985.5[edit | edit source]

  • Greece: research continues the Greeks launch an experimental satellite Artemis into orbit. they test a new missile design. bot rockets explode under mysterious circumstances, one in the North Sea, and the other in orbit.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy:in a secret message to the axis headquarters the N.G. government expresses is planning a massive operation throughout West Africa and possibly what's left of Brazil to bring them under N.G. influence and out of the hands of the alliance (Germany, ROJC and others) and we request Axis cooperation or ignoring of the plans. Offering them a chance to create a series of client states.
    • Greek diplomacy: go ahead.
  • Nueva Granada: the space program continues with out any problems and the shuttle is to be launched next year. The computer network system diagnostics are nearly completed. Plans are put forth to expand N.G. influence in Africa and the rest of Latin America, agents are sent into Panama, and the neighboring countries of Nigeria which is already an N.G. associated state, meant to cause havoc and chaos for the central governments of the countries, and begin funding rebel groups throughout West Africa further destabilizing the nations in the area.
  • Balkans: The New Balkans and New Greece colonies expand to the south and along the coast as per the Balkan claim. The war in Iraq is just about finished.
  • Egypt: Egypt plans to launch a space satellite in 1989.5. The Antarctic colony is increased in size by 150%, from three to eight pixels.
  • Chile: The government put his attention now on Paraguay and sent agents to the country. While, the military industry is increasing with the construction of the new aircraft carriers and the development of modern armament. In Antarctica, the Chilean territory is expanded to the south on the peninsula and a new base is planned.

1986[edit | edit source]

  • Greece: Another Artemis satellite is sent up. Research continues. Communication centers continue to be built. Heavily-guarded shipments are sent to the communications centers.
  • Nueva Granada: the Beginning of the Nueva Granadan military operations begin in West Africa and the second invasion of Panama is launched with the battle-hardened and well equipped steamroll Panamanian defences along the border seizing control of it and getting ready for the next push with the major objective being the seizure of the Canal and Panama City with the next five months if possible. In West Africa, using Nigeria as a base of operations the F.I. and the Nueva Granadan Coalition (Nueva Granada, Mato Grosso, Para, Amazonia, and Nigeria) start aiding directly rebel organization in Nigeria's neighboring countries fight against the governments of the nation without engaging in large numbers until more troops are shipped to the African continent by the end of the year. operations include, sabotage of infrastructure, hit-and-run attacks on military convoys, bombings in major cities making it look like extremists, and assassination of leading political and military figures. Heavy fighting in Nigeria against rebel forces begin with stories of N.G. forces using biological weapons and others of mass executions of rebel forces are suppressed through close coalition control of the media and the establishment of martial law and mass arrests. The first n.g shuttle is sent into space to lay a flag on the moon. The computer network system is completed and is called El Cyber Web by the leading N.G. computer companies and it is used by the military first and a version is sent to the axis as per the agreement with Greece.
  • Balkans: The Balkans have achieved victory in Iraq, and soon new states will be established in that area. It is expected that both Antarctic colonies will have a military base with personal within a year.
  • Egypt: An alliance is offered to NG, the EAR, UUR, Greece, the Balkans and S Africa. The old alliance the Balkans is remembered fondly and recreated. An oil fired power station in Khartoum is built and opens a coal power station in Port Shadouf, 5 km north of Port Sudan. Two bombers, 20 medium tanks, ten conventional type Scud-B missiles, 200 anti-Aircraft guns, 30 fighters, 200 SAM missiles, 20 heavy tanks and a frigate are made by Egypt. It recruits 20,000 men (total armed forces are now 575,000) An Alexandria to Cairo, Benghazi, Gaza City, Abu Rudies, Giza, Luxor, Port Sa'aid railway and motorway is built. A submarine is sent to patrol around Egypt's part of the Red Sea. Haifa, Giza, A'mman, Luxor, Port Sa'aid and Benghazi airports are upgraded. A F1 race track is to be built in western Jordan .
  • Nueva Granadan Diplomacy: it will accept the alliance offer with Egypt if Cairo accepts Nueva Granadan influence and planned shift of balance in West Africa.
  • Iran: It builds a series of bunkers in the Iraqi border due to the Balkan occupation which they criticizes, the army undergoes decade modernization.
  • Australia With East Timor under Australian control, it is offered Territorial status. ASIO begins looking farther afield, and begins plans for New Caledonia to come under Australian control. Wagon, a two stage plan: first, incite independence/separatist movements to create tension. Second, send in the army to re establish order. Back in Australia, many indigenous Australians are given their traditional land back to them.

1986.5[edit | edit source]

File:Avaro '86.5.png

Avaro 1986.5.

  • Egypt: NG is allowed to have its way in West Africa and the alliance is done and agreed. Egypt wonders if Algeria-Tunisia, Oman and the U.A.E. could also join the Islamic Commonwealth of Middle Eastern and African States (ICMEAS) and asks the Ummayyad Republic for their opinion. General Hosni Mubarak gets 45% of the vote and General Ali Abdul Hussein gets 55% in the presidential elections. Mercenaries, special forces and Kurdish separatists start to covertly subvert Turkish Kurdistan in two years of time (there are some riots and two merc's died, but not much action in 1986.5) and both Balkans, Iran and USSR are reassured they are OK and Egypt will leave once the Kurds are free. A female literacy campaign is launched in Egypt. The Zougra airport in Bardaï, former Chad is built and a new road now also links it to Tripoli and Benghazi.
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  • Nueva Granada: The invasion of Panama goes as planned and Panama City and the southern half of the canal are under N.G. Occupation martial law is enforced and the planned crossing of the canal will happen but orders are made not to damage the canal. in Nigeria more forces of coalition pour into the country for the planned of the neighboring countries, usage of chemical and biological agents becomes common place by rebel groups through out the region that are supported by the N.G.
  • Ummayyad Republic: The Umayyad Republic sends another rocket into space. Its name is Abbasid 2.
  • Greece: Heavily guarded secret shipments continue to be shipped to the communications centers. research continues. The Artemis I satellite begins to malfunction, so it is shot down by a kinetic missile. the wreckage burns up in the atmosphere.
  • Ethiopia: The Emperor of Ethiopia declares a grand project to modernize he nation and begin expansion into Somalia to secure coastal ports The government states that this comes as a response to the Somali citizens near the border attacking Ethiopian civilians, and fleeing into Somalia for protection. Additionally, the Imperial Army is to expanded from 305,000 to 400,000 by 1990 [2] as part of the Military Restructuring Program, and the purchase of modern aircraft has begun with permission of the Imperial government. The government has also allotted funds to the construction of a railroad system linking the cities of Aksum, Bahir Dar, Gondar, and Harar to the capital of Addis Ababa. The project is expanded to be completed by 1995.
  • El Salvador: Have send invites to the countries of Central America to go into one colony. If it went into acceptance the capital would be San Jose. With the invasion of Panama going on, The army goes to Panama as they went into war.
  • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: the Granadan government demands that the Salvador nation stay out of the Panama conflict or face the wraith of the Nueva Granada military.
    • Egypt diplomacy: Suggests that the UN takes over the Panama Canal Zone and runs it as a 'neutral zone'. Can Panama be shared between El Salvador and NG? A friendly and good political relationship is offered to Ethiopia.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: the N.G. government refuses the thought of Panama being split between two states Panama will retain its sovereignty but will be under Granadan Protection as a client state, and the Panama Canal will administered by the government of New Granada but all access through it will be allowed and all income will go to Panama due to it the major earnings of the country. Only Salvador withdrawn from Panama will allow a war to be averted.
  • Australia ASIO continues distributing weapons and money to separatists and pro-Australians in New Caledonia. Submarines patrol off the NC coast, ready for stage two of the plan, to occur most likely next year. Work continues on Hainan Island on the satellite. The government, at the behest of the Comunist minority, makes the entire Great Barrier Reef, as well as the entire blue mountains into national parks.
  • Chile: For first time in the democratic history of Chile, each political force realized primary elections to choose to his presidential and parliamentary candidates. After the results, the elections take place and the center-right coalition win the presidency under the leadership of Arturo Alessandri Besa. Also the coalition retain his control in both chamber, but inside the pact, the conservatives (Alessandri's party) increased his seats.

1987[edit | edit source]

  • Egypt: It is mooted whether it could send peace keepers to the Panamá-Costa Rica border and the Panamá Canal. Do NG and El Salvador agree? Friendly and good relations are offered to Ethiopia, France and El Salvador. 12 bombers, 20 medium tanks, 10 conventional type Scud-B missiles, 100 anti-Aircraft guns, 30 fighters and 4 Spy planes are made. The Luxor ‘Space base’ is under construction. Egypt becomes a major exporter of wheelchairs, sand and sand stone. Radio and TV technology is improved slightly. Oil drilling is upped in the Red Sea and test drilling begins near Tripoli. A submarine and a corvette are sent to patrol around Egypt's part of the Mediterranean. A corvette is sent to patrol around Egypt's part of the Red Sea. The towns of Luxor and Alexandria are developed as tourist resorts. An Gaza City to Port Sa'aid, Cairo, Alexandria, Benghazi, Shrite, Tripoli motorway is built. Some land irrigation programs start near Port Sudan, Rosetta, Ghiza and Tripoli. The land borders with all grey, non-Player countries excluding West Arabia, Syria and Eritrea are briefly armed after rumours circulate about illegal workers sneaking in from grey nations and Iraq. Sunni militia riot in Ghiza. Kurdistan riots slightly and 1 Kurd dies, the revolt is not going Egypt's way.
    • Ethiopian Diplomacy: The Imperial government is happy to accept any peaceful overtures offered by the Egyptian government, and seeks to expand cooperation between the two nations.
    • Egypt diplomacy: OK.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: The Granadan government refuses the Egyptian compromise, read my response last turn. we will not allow Salvador to get involved unless they withdraw from Panamá war will be inevitable. but the idea of international control of the canal will be taking into consideration.
    • Egypt diplomacy: It could send peace keepers to maintain the OTL Panamá-Costa Rica border and the Panamá Canal.
    • Nueva Granada diplomacy: It is Suggested against doing such actions as it will probably anger the local population more then they are now and will cause massive riots through out Latin America which the Coalition will have to deal with and would rather not since large amount of forces are being focused in current operation throughout the Amazon, West Africa, and N.G. proper.
    • Egypt diplomacy: OK.
  • Ethiopia: The military orders the construction of 150 medium tanks and 15 ground attack craft for the purpose of pushing the Ethiopian advance into Somalia. Mogadishu is captured three weeks into the fighting, and the governmental officials captured and transported back the Ethiopian capital for trial. The railway between Gondar and Addis Abada is completed, and the railway linking Gondar and Bahir Dar is halfway finished. Additionally, defensive weaponry positioned along the northern border of Ethiopia in preparation to recapture the "rogue" province Eritrea. 45,000 troops have been stationed along the border, and another 10,000 shifted from Harer to the Somali front for the push into northern Somalia.
  • Greece: research continues. construction of secret Heavily-guarded facilities in the communications centers begins.
  • Nueva Granada: the war continues in Panama and the N.G. forces cross the canal engaging with the last remnants of the panama army. An occupational government is set up with a pro-Granada government placed in power with the promise that the nation won't be annexed into republic. The involvement in West Africa expands as Coalition forces start engaging openly with the border police of neighbouring countries the navy starts plans for an amphibious landing of Sierra Leona and Liberia to expand the war efforts in Africa and another plan to blockade and embargo El Salvador if they don't withdraw from Panama are made. The government starts a new program to build the next two nuclear power plants.
    • Ethiopian Diplomacy: The Ethiopian government urges Nueva Granada not to deploy troops to Africa, requesting instead to allow Ethiopian forces to handle peace-keeping activities in Africa.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: The government states in a private message to the Ethiopian government that the intervention in west Africa is already under way and will not stop under any circumstances these are plans that have been drafted and heavily invested in for over a decade to secure a strong position for Nueva Granada in the ever volatile world, but promises that the conflicts and Nueva Granada sphere of influence will be limited to west Africa South of Morocco and Nigeria. The idea bring forth stable client states and keep them out of the alliance's area of influence. It also urges the Ethiopian government to leave the situation be.
    • Ethiopian Diplomacy: No insult was intended, and the government thanks Nueva Granada for its plans to limit its influence in the region of western Africa.
  • Australia Violence breaks out in New Caledonia, and the army launches an amphibious assault to "restore order". An Australian administrator is appointed, and the island is expected to become an Australian Territory next year. ASIO begins planning for a takeover of the Solomon Islands. Meanwhile, mining continues, and the navy begins constructing a nuclear aircraft carrier. Work continues on the satellite.
  • Chile: The new administration continues with the space program, and the ANAE launched the second satellite named "Condor 2". In the ASMAR facilities, the first Chilean aircraft carriers are almost finished; the names of the ships are Diego Portales and Jorge Montt. The expansion in the Antarctic territory also continues with a new base being constructed. The government received the information send for the ANSI agents from Paraguay, about his political and economic situation, and also the presence of the Chilean armed far-left elements hidden. The Armed forces are prepared. The Chilean government support to the Nueva Granada government in his intervention in Panama against the intentions of El Salvador, and also offer any assistance to Nueva Granada if they need.
  • The Russians use their spy network to further their space programme. The Head of the Russian communist party, Gorbachev, officially declares the Berlin Wall meaningless, and proposes an end to the iron curtain, this is, however very unpopular with the party
  • Um -- Quick thing. Russia, your nation is extremely behind in everything you'll need advance very quickly.
  • Egyptian Diplomacy: Humanitarian aid is sent to Panama, Kurdistan’s rebels and El Salvador. Oil and road building experts are offered to the USSR/Russia, NG, Panama, El Salvador and Ethiopia.
  • N.G. Diplomacy: the Nueva Granada government states that it doesn’t need any experts to visit N.G. seeing as it also has several major experts in those areas and others.
  • On another note, I would like to propose the preparation of an Axis Vs Allies revived since this one is reaching its end. If we make one I lay calls on Japan. Nkbeeching .
  • On that note, the USSR is mine Wegscuba 22:58, July 2, 2012 (UTC)

1987.5[edit | edit source]

File:Avaro 1987.75.png

Late 1987 (1987.50) Are the protectorates (pail tint) and Antarctica correct?

  • Egypt: Humanitarian aid is sent to Panama, Kurdistan’s rebels and El Salvador. Oil and road building experts are offered to the USSR/Russia, Kurdistan, Panama, El Salvador and Ethiopia. Egypt builds 200 S.A.M. missiles, three corvettes, 120 medium tanks and a spy plane. 20,000 new reservists are called up. A Benghazi to Tobruk railway is opened. Special advisers are to be sent to El Salvador and Ethiopia to improve their railways and roadways. 30 S.A.M. are given misses to El Salvador for defective usage. 35 S.A.M. misses go to Ethiopia for defective usage. San José and Tunis are visited by Egypt’s foreign minister and he thinks the airports are good, but a bit the paint chipped. NG and Ethiopia are given the go ahead for their plans on grey nations in Africa. A mass adult literacy plan is activated in a literacy campaign. Heavy nationalist rioting hits the Lake Van region of Turkish Kurdistan. The long Turkish repressions of the Kurdish language have annoyed them and Egypt. Turkish troops kill 2 insurgents and an Egyptian agent. General Mubarak criticises the government and calls for a new election.
    • Ethiopian Diplomacy: We are more than happy to accept Egyptian aid, and thank its government for its kindness toward Ethiopia.
  • United States of America: The USA exits its years of isolation and begins to modernize its infrastructure, army, navy, and airofrce as well as the mass production of nuclear weapons. The USA looks at the war in Egypt as a sad occurrence, and Egypt is offered troops to help stop the insurgents.
  • Turkey: After many decades of isolationism, the Turkish government, which declared neutrality (I presume similar to Switzerland), is feeling threatened by the accusations of our cruelty towards Kurds, and condemns Egypt and the Turkish Kurds for accusations of our retaliation. Meanwhile, Armenian and Syrian feelings flare in parts of the country, rioting against the government.
  • Egyptian Diplomacy: Egypt exits from Kurdistan, takes out the 160 rebels (who now go to live in Cairo and Aswan) and backs off after Turkey points out what was what. A free trade deal is offered to the USA.
  • ROCJ: The Xian III comes out and it is a hit with a new optional tech add on called the Internet. It is an expensive tech add on and is not widely used. A trade agreement is offered to America. Troops finally leave the Philippines and it is incorporated into the country. The county sends aid to Panama and offers to send troops to help if need to guard the Canal. The navy ready its self.
  • Nueva Granada: The Nueva Granadan government continues pushing through northern panama (sorry ROJC, but I already seized control of the canal last turn and destroyed most of the Panama armed forces by now. Plus, we beat you in the race to the internet. We made it earlier :P Digital race is our win). The intervention throughout West Africa continues and the plans to increase activities are put on hold temporarily. The navy undergoes a much needed expansion and update to bring it up to standards. With two new carriers placed under construction. a deal is offered to the ROJC to bring a stabilization their relations with one another.
    • ROCJ Diplomacy: Offers to stabilize relation if control of the Panama Canal is Jointly Controlled by both of us and El Salvador. (Yeah, I knew but still needed to get in, I guess there are two internets! :D).
    • N.G. Diplomacy: the N.G. government makes an offered compromise the Canal will be administered by Nueva Granada, the USA and the ROJC. El Salvador is out of the question completely their place is as a minor power and the N.G. government will not allow them to destabilize the area of influence that The N.G. is creating.
  • Greece: The secret Installations in the Communications centres are complete. Meanwhile, the satellite Orion is launched. The Greek government does not reveal its function.
    • USA Diplomacy: The USA accepts ROCJ's offer and states that the Panama Canal was built by American and Panamanian workers. Therefore, the USA will not allow Nueva Granada to take any form of control of the Panama Canal, and troops are sent south to defend the Canal. The ROCJ is told that it can freely use the canal. US troops are now modernly equipped and trained as in its isolation it was still watching the outside world, and it still has a very large and mighty army as well as a nulcear arsenal.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: The Nueva Granadan Government tries to smooth things out with the USA and asks them to the Negotiation table to come to a solution to the current crisis. (um - you do realize you're unofficially engaging war with Nueva Granada in this game, a long-time ally of the USA? Don't forget, despite your army size due to the USA inactivity for over two decades it's undertrained. While you may have updated it, it will be fighting a far better trained and equipped force who are more than a battle-hardened from three decades of fighting throughout rainforest environments.)
  • Germany: Germany continues to improve its infrastructure and military, and meanwhile improves the military and navy. The German Government has officially declared support for the United States and declares an act of war against Nueva Granada and however is supporting the invasion.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: the Nueva Granadan Government offers a peace conference to Germany seeing the increasing dire situation in its international affairs the government official offers to withdraw from Panama and pay for the nations reconstruction.
    • German Diplomacy: We agree.
    • US Diplomacy: USA agrees, but the USA states that Nueva Granada doesn’t have to pay the money, the USA will do that. NG is thanked for leaving and asks for trade and the alliance to resume.
    • N.G. Diplomacy: the government in a private message to Washington offers to resume trade and alliance with the USA along with supply it with the internet and new military and industrial hardware in exchange foe promise to accepts Nueva Granada’s continued operations throughout west Africa and its planned consolidation of power in South America.
    • Egyptian Diplomacy: Egypt exits from Kurdistan, takes out the 160 rebels (who now go to live in Cairo and Aswan) and backs off after Turkey points out what was what. Talks start with Egypt's Sunni Mullahs. A free trade deal is offered to the USA.
  • USA: USA accepts Egypt’s offer and NG's offer
  • Ethiopia: Ethiopia forces march into Bosaso, Somalia, ending the conflict between the two nations. Somaliland is offered a chance to join the empire following the defeat of their neighbour. On Ethiopia's northern border, troops march into Eritrea to regain the rebel province, and establish order in the region once again. 150 heavy tanks, 40 aircraft, 20 cruise missiles are ordered, and 15,000 additional troops are recruited. Construction of the planned railway system in completed, and the Emperor plans to tour the country, visiting each corner of his now connected empire.
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  • Australia: Through a combined air-sea-amphibious assault, the Solomon Islands are taken. A new class of supertanks is built, the Thylaceo class. New Caledonia is made an Australian Territory. Work on the satellite is nearing completion at the Hainan Island Space Centre.
  • Chile: The construction of new aircraft carriers Portales-class is completed. The Navy prepares an military exercise to the north of the Falklands for test the new ships. Also, begin the construction of three new submarines (Serrano-class), one of them nuclear-powered. While, before begin the operation in Paraguay, the government ask to the Nueva Granada government what would be his position about the planned chilean intervention on Paraguay for eliminate chilean extremist elements hidden there and put the country under the chilean influence. The Antarctic expansion continues.
    • Nueva ghranadan Diplomacy: as long as Brazil is left to the N.G. you can take the rest of the Cono Sur except for Peru which will be dealt with in the future.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: OK.
  • El Salvador: El Salvador has pushed the Nueva Granadan army back into South Panama as they look to make Panama an independent country.
    • Dude, we are already withdrawn from Panama plus now the small Salvadorian army could not hope to fight and win against the veteran and extremely well armed Granadan army. Nkbeeching
  • Eqitorial African Republic: Manganese mining is enhanced on the Moyen-Congo/Gabon provincial boundary, Brazzaville airport is updated. Fancy a free trade deal to all the manganese, it is offered to Egypt, NG, S. Africa, Ethiopia, Turkey, Italy, USA, Australia, Argentina, Algeria-Tunisia, Angola, Zaire, the USA and the USSR/Russia. An alliance has been offered by my nation, the Eqitorial African Republic to the USSR/Russia. Flood prevention seams are used around Port Noaire, Ubaguie and Brazzaville. Can we join the American, Egyptian or Soviet space programs? Mass recruiting begins with 5,000 reservists called up to the front, 10,000 new reservists enlisted and 5,000 frontline new recruits enlisted (total forces 27,000). Many guns and machine guns are made. Three light tanks are made anew. Road are perfected in coastal Gabon. Of the three small nations between Cameroon and Nigeria, the EAR occupied and protects the northernmost, (top) one as a protectorate and client state due to concerns of national security. The Pan-Africa football cup is started, the host city will be Brazzaville and Libreville in 1991. Fancy joining in the celebration and calibration of African soccer in 1991?
    • Ethiopian Diplomacy: Ethiopia accepts the EAR's proposal,
    • For Ethiopia's map I would say yes.
  • India: After years of things going the way they have been, the country seems to have become interiorly powerful, but on the international stage outdated. The army is quickly re-modernized and the areas of Iran are restablized as well. Seeing how Afghanistan remains outdated, an offer is made to help the country. It is offered economical aid to build up its economy in return for being allowed to survey its land for oil and natural gas resources. Surprisingly, the government says yes and the first surveyors head out this year.
    • Egyptian diplomacy: The trade and space deals by the EAR are accepted. A trade deal is offered to Ireland, the UAE and Oman.

1988[edit | edit source]

Sensing all the chaos in the world, Canada and the USA join up into the North American Union. Their first act is to expel the Nordic Union from North America and reclaim all the Baffin Islands. Meanwhile, Cuba gains statehood in America and the many islands in the Caribbean re-form the East Caribbean Federation. A Richer-scale 2.2 earthquake hits Cleveland Ohio, two are hurt.

In Asia, Indochina declares independence from ROCJ, along with the Philippines. These two countries quickly form a pact and vow to defend against any ROCJ aggression. Thailand also moves in to capture the Malay colony south of it, which willing moves away from British hands and into Thai control.

The two Brazilian vassals willingly unite to better suit the purposes of their nation and New Granada can not do anything about it. The nation of El Salvador becomes more closely knit together after being united and its people ask the government to change the name into something more universal, i.e Union of Central Columbia. This boost in morale also helps push the Grenadians out of Panama and ends the war.

The Soviet Union begins to experience many rebellions in its regions, mainly in the Ukraine.

In Africa, the Union of Israel and Jordan break-away from Egypt, and ask for help from nations to protect them. Meanwhile, in the EAR, huge rebellion spring up nationalist groups and the country seems on the verge of civil-war ...

  • Nueva Granada: seeing the situation closer to home and taking note of their increasing presence in West Africa and not so many as necessary to force a separation that along with wanting to keep friendly relations with the client states accepts their union and emancipates Para and Mato Grosso from their control but Amazonia is kept tightly under its control. The S.A.F.T.T. is remodeled into the South American alliance with Nueva Granada, Chile, the Republic of Amazonia and the new Brazilian state (it needs a name, guys) and Nigeria as its members Nigeria is considered a special ally of South America. With this, the Granadan influence is unaffected by unification and its economy can remain interdependent with the Brazilian states. The second shuttle to space is planned.
    • Quick thing - whoever made Amazonia a part of Nueva Granada please redo the border between Amazonia and Nueva Granada that previously existed while it is in practise an extension of Nueva Granada and there are a lot of border crossings between them for work. Officially it is an independent country with its own government, capital, military and citizenship just that it acts accordingly to N.G. actions. Nkbeeching
  • Ethiopia: Djibouti is annexed by Ethiopia, with justification being that the government wishes to better living conditions in the tiny nation. 2500 troops are sent to Djibouti to quell any resistance. The military purchases 170 medium tanks, 20 aircraft, 15 SAM missiles, and recruits 57,000 news soldiers. The head of the military announces that Ethiopia is sending 75,000 troops to Yemen to "restore order, and maintain a presence for the duration of the crisis", thus explaining the hasty recruitment of some men and women over the past few months. Additionally, 30,000 troops are rushed to the EAR to put down rebellions, and assist the government in maintaining order in the country.
    • Djibouti does not fall, and instead inspires Eritrea to rise up against their Ethiopian overlords. This invasion proves costly and troops sent have to be returned to the country.
  • Greece: Another Orion satellite is launched.
  • Egypt: The Luxor space city is completed and a test satellite is launched, a Cairo surage works is opened, Egypt lets all the Levant states (Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon) go out and pulls out of Turkey. 2000 more troops are recruited. 45 trucks, 65 light tanks, an AWCS plane and a patrol boat are made. Egyptian forces help Ethiopia put down the rebels in the EAR. Some light tanks go on sale- 15 Tanks to El Salvador, 20 tanks to Ethiopia, five tanks to the EAR and ten tanks to the USSR. The user quits and gives control of his country to Ethiopia. 19:12, July 3, 2012 (UTC)
    • Ethiopian Diplomacy: Following news of the Egyptian leader's abdication, and the people's wish to join Ethiopia, the Emperor of Ethiopia has announced his acceptance of their request, and promises that their government and their way of life shall not be changed, but does ask that they obey the new government. The Grown Prince of Ethiopia has been installed as the President of Egypt, and serves as the governor of the nation-state.
    • Please let it be known that the IP is not the same as the IP that is currently registered for this nation. Thus, unless they are determined to be the same person, should not be allowed to control Egypt.
    • Thank you Lurk for this information.
    • Thanks for the info.
  • India: The army quickly amps up again and all the profit from the boom years is used in upgrading all of the naval fleet, building new tanks and flying new aircraft. The surveyors return from the country and report what the government thought was already true, the area does have huge natural and gas resources but will need a good deal of investment in the country. The government begin sending money into the country and the government to help it extract the resources which will be sold to India at cut-prices due to their funding. India also begins sending 1000s of expatriates to the country as well as a huge amount of Sikh and a small amount of Hindu missionaries into the country. The Sikh converters will appeal to the warrior side of the tribal regions while the Hindu converters to the city-folk who want to have a more peaceful life. These converters are sent in secretly under the guise of foreign investors but before halfway through the year, 10s of 1000s of them are going into the country.
  • Turkey: Turkey, despite being late to the space program, wishes to start up a new funded program, that will get Turkey to the moon within a decade, using state-of-the-art technology. Despite initial news of the Egyptian President's abdication, Turkish officials consider it fake for the time being. Defense is being raised up, with up to 150,000 soldiers from the Turkish Army sent to the borders, in case any other Middle East nation attacks, (Article 8 of the Turkish Neutrality Clause allows Turkey to defend itself, should any foreign nation threaten its sovereignty.) along with 40 TK-70's (a fictional Jet Fighter developed in Turkish isolation, I'm not sure if any nation would sell their aircraft to Turkey) to fight against potential air attacks. Some unrest builds up in Syrian-parts of Turkey.
  • Nueva Granada: Seeing an opportunity for business the N.G. government offers to start supplying fire arms and the Aguila series of choppers (based on the Russian attack choppers have had them for over a decade but as in Russia they are durable. Look up my posts to confirm the models of all arms created) to bring them up to modern standards in the upcoming future.
  • Chile: After the approval of the Congress, the government order to the Army begin the "Operación Chaco" codename of the intervention on Paraguay. Regiments advance rapidly inside the Paraguayan territory take off-guard to the local forces, due to the experience of the veteran Chilean soldiers. Also, special forces units (Husares de la Muerte) capture to the Chilean revolutionary elements who had hidden in the last decades on Paraguay. The Air Force bombing strategic military targets in all Paraguay, killing many of the principal officers of the Paraguayan dictatorship. The Chilean forces have express orders to protect to the civilian population, and in the towns on the west territory that had fallen under Chilean control, the soldiers begin the distribution of medical aid and food. An undercover special force is sent to Asunción to capture of the Paraguayan dictator.

1988.5[edit | edit source]

Denmark joins the Nordic Union, while Greenland begins to protest about receiving almost no attention. The UK, Ireland and Poland update their railways and roadways, and N. Ireland rebel from Ireland, wanting to go back to UK rule. The British agree and send troops to help their cause.

A flood hits the EAR’s capital and makes 200 go without a home. The EAR continues to destabilize and areas in the north demand independence. Egypt's Muslim population begin to rebel when it is found out that they will be joining with Ethiopia, a Muslim country.

  • Egypt: Egypt's user quits and gives control of his nation to Ethiopia. Egypt and Ethiopia have merged in to ‘Greater Ethiopia’, if Ethiopia’s player agrees.
  • Greater Ethiopia: The formation of the new nation has brought about celebration in both countries, as the Emperor of Ethiopia travels to Cairo to deliver a speech on his plans for the future of the nation. He voice his willingness to see to it that both Christian Ethiopia and Muslim Egypt are able to move forward in peace, and that the new empire can prosper for centuries to come. The militaries of both former nations have integrated into a single force, and using the manpower and resources of both nations, the modernization of the two speed ahead. The capital of the Greater Ethiopia is relocated to the city of Aksum, where the emperor undergoes a coronation to become the first emperor of Greater Ethiopia. Eritrea and Djibouti are offered a chance to peacefully integrate into the new nation, and apologies for the invasions of both are given. South Sudan is also invited to join Greater Ethiopia.
  • Greece: A third Orion satellite is launched.
  • ROCJ: A huge military operation is taken underway to reconquer the lands lost. Any land taken is put under military control for the time being. An alliance is offered to Hindustan and Egypt. A plan is made for the Philippines to be put under a puppet government when recaptured. A new tech is researched (He He He).
    • G. Ethiopia Diplomacy: We agree to the ROCJ's proposal.
    • Indian Diplomacy: India would like to agree to the proposal but they do not want China to try to conquer Indochina, a region which has significantly different culture from China and same with the Philippines.
    • Even though the Chiapanese try their best to re-assimilate Indochina and the Philippines, both resist successfully. Seeing as how the Indochinese do not have a proper government, they ask to merge with the Thai, seeing how both of them are Buddhist and Mon and prefer constitutional democracies over full-blown republics. The Thai quickly say yes and begin merging the armies and sending troops to combat the Chiapanese.
    • Who writes these mod events, Indochina has been mine for ten years and Philippines just put into my country. Anyway, why can't I capture what I already had. In an algorithm I would kick butt.
    • Don't worry. I read the past turns and added the ROCJ's original territory back to the map. I also crossed out the mod event, as all the territories mentioned belong to the ROCJ. Enclavehunter (talk) 21:45, July 4, 2012 (UTC)
    • Excuse me, please do not cross out mod events as I am a mod. Those territories will rebel, as they have never been in Chinese control. Mongolia has not rebelled as it has experienced rule by the Chiapanese. Same with the Philippines, they were AMERICAN controlled, how on earth does Chiapan have right to it. And everything does not go by an algorithm, the algorithm was thrown out years ago. 23px Imperium Guy 21:52, July 4, 2012 (UTC)
    • Okay. Sorry, about the crossing out part. Anyway, back to the main issue. Yes, they'll rebel, but apparently until they do, they are ROCJ territory. And the Philippines was given independence years ago. So the ROCJ had an right to invade Philippines, and nobody did anything about it. Enclavehunter (talk) 22:01, July 4, 2012 (UTC)
    • (NP about the crossing part, I understand). See, after an invasion, resistance takes time to build-up and organize, so the Philippines will rebel. And Indochina, I see your point but they recently joined with a fellow Buddhist and Mon nation, so I am unsure how to colour the country. If Chipan recognises the Philippine independence but declares them puppets, they will become puppets and the rioting will stop, Deal? 23px Imperium Guy 22:12, July 4, 2012 (UTC)
    • True. Okay. Enclavehunter (talk) 22:18, July 4, 2012 (UTC)
    • I agree with the Philippines. But I will still fight for Indochina, If it takes neutralizing (not annexing) Thailand in the Process. ~Whos
    • Believe me when I say this, Whos, but Indochina will become your nightmare, your very own Vietnam War (we did not have an equivalent in the game). Stop the unnecessary bloodshed and let them claim independence. 23px Imperium Guy 22:52, July 4, 2012 (UTC)
    • I had them for ten years, their is definite support for me in the country and it will just take time to reconquer. Anyway, wouldn't the Islamists in OTL Pakistan and Bangledesh want independence too, as I can see them not liking the Hindus. Whosonefirst? (talk) 23:21, July 4, 2012 (UTC)
    • Oh, I took care of that. There was a civil-war in the 50s, over 30 million were killed, with 25 of them Muslims and the other five Hindus. Consider this, the total population of Pakistan when it received independence was 30 something million and 25 million of them died, so basically all their aggressive force is gone! :/ 23px Imperium Guy 11:49, July 5, 2012 (UTC)
  • Nueva Granada: The Nueva Granadan military launches the invasions of Sierra Leone and Liberia as per plan and the invasion swiftly bogs down due to guerrilla warfare but the N.G. forces are able to withstand the tides and push forward but they are still trapped in what seems to be the starts of a never ending guerrilla war.
  • Turkey: Turkey continues to put more defensive measures at its borders, and keeps 150,000 soldiers at its borders. We are willing to pursue military contracts, but for weapons only, no alliances.
    • USA Diplomacy: The USA asks Turkey why it is being so isolationist. Turkey is offered some weapons in return for oil, however.
    • Turkish Response: Turkey accepts the deal with the United States, as we need more weapons with the continuing crisis at the border.
  • Germany: Germany continues to improve its infrastructure and military.
  • Australia: The Government asks New Zealand to become a state of the Commonwealth. If NZ agrees, the country will change its name to the Commonwealth of Australasia, to reflect the fact that all of Australasia would be under its control. The Antarctic Territory is expanded East, towards the Ross sea.
  • Chile: The Paraguayan dictator is captured and the rest of his government surrender to the Chilean Army, which seizing control of the east part of the country and enter to Asunción. The Chilean General Bruno Siebert begin the reconstruction of a government with the collaboration of former politician and pro-Chilean military from Paraguay. Some little remnants of the Paraguayan army tries to begin a guerrilla war, but the Husares de la Muerte eliminate them quickly. With the victory, Paraguay is now under Chilean influence and plans for a new commercial route are made.
  • India: Many aircraft carriers have been upgraded and the army grows in number again. The country begins to advertize the country for tourism like it did in the 60s again. A raincheck is done on cities like Mumbai and Delhi and it is found out that slum numbers are growing again, even though many towers were built for them to stay in. Another project to build better housing for them begins. More skyscrapers are also constructed, and India begins planning super-skyscrapers like the millennium towers. In Afghanistan, the extraction material begins to be bought with all of India's investment. Many areas begin to be developed to be able to house all the equipment and foreign immigration. More expatriates as well as a huge amount of Sikh and a small amount of Hindu missionaries into the country. Many converters continue to enter the country, and 1000s of Sikh converters head out into the tribal areas to convert the Muslims into Sikhs and make a new Sikh homeland for them. Hindu convertors, meanwhile, head to Kabul and other cities to try to convert town folk. In the fertile farmland of the country, it is found that a large number of heroine is being grown, so Sikh converters are sent to the region to convert the farmers as well as talk some sense into them. If things don't improve, special forces from the CBI's D.E.S.T will move in to kill the many leaders of the drug gangs, and help the converters. India, sensing that the Axis is now not the organization it used to be, begins the creation of a new organization, PITO or the Pacific and Indian Treaty Organization. Australia and Chile along with New Grenada are asked to join at first.
  • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: The government accepts the offer made by India.
  • United States of America: The NAU is renamed the USA, and military buildup as well as research continues. The USA asks the nations of the world to meet on Talk page to discuss the current world status.

1989[edit | edit source]

A flood kills 60 southern Java.

The rebellions in the EAR continue. Many parts in Egypt continue to rebel, and Ethiopia offers the nation that all Christian parts will join with it and in return the country of Egypt will maintain its sovereignty, to which they accept.

OTL Azawad and Senegal leave West Africa and declare UDI. The northern two provinces of the EAR declares UDI and wants NG’s help.


  • Jamaica: Jamaica improved the integrity of the beaches and tourism. Bananas, mangos and onions are to farmed more effectively. It states that the rap-musian Bob Marlie should get the Nobel Prize for culture. Alliance is offered to El Salvador, the USA and Ethiopia. Tooth decay is reduced in the ranks at schools due to a health drive. Housing and quays are intensified.
    • Ethiopian Diplomacy: Ethiopia accepted Jamaica's proposal.
  • USA: The USA continues its military buildup and technological research. Jamaica’s offer is accepted. The USA asks Jamaica for all of its technology so the USA can be more high tech. Guinea-Bissau, and Ghana, and the Gambia, invasion begins. However, due to tough restance, it will take some time before these nations fall.
    • Implausible. 23px Imperium Guy
    • The Gambia is only small.
    • The thing is, I have a problem with nations "directly" invading it. I do not have a problem with what NG is doing because it is what the US did/does, i.e shrewedly taking over the country in the name of investment, and eventually letting go of it when it becomes a country which can sustain itself but still provides NG with oil. 23px Imperium Guy
  • Germany: Germany masses troops along the border of France to occupy the country and annex into the Fourth Reich. Germany expands the military and mobilizes the Strategic Air Command to use WMD's should the war fail.
  • Ethiopia: Following the defeat in Eritrea, 125,000 troops are sent back into the rogue province to bring it back into the empire. Also, 50,000 troops, more than three times the size of the native military, are sent into Djibouti to enforce the Emperor's demand it join the nation. South Sudan is annexed following the nation's indentation to join Ethiopia in return for economic and political assistance. Part of Christian Egypt are annexed by the Ethiopians and placed under the Imperial Crown. The conscripts 70,000 new troops, and orders the construction of 350 new medium tanks for the war effort.
  • Nueva Granada: The Granadan Rrepublic begins plans to increase their intervention in west Africa and continue the suppression campaigns in sierra Leona and Liberia. The control of Nigeria is eased a bit and it is starting to be considered a true ally by the N.G. high command due to the tenacity of Nigerian soldiers. A new advance is made in genetic research and in biological warfare leading to the possibilities of creating a new bio weapon and new enhancer drugs for soldiers. The second shuttle is launched to the moon and plans to expand the space program are made.
  • Australia New Zealand joins with Australia, becoming two new states, North and South Island. (I asked Scraw, and he was okay about it. check my talk page). New Caledonia, the Solomons, Fiji, Tonga and Hainan Island all become states of the nation, and the name is officially changed to the Commonwealth of Australasia. Australasia joins PITO.
  • ROCJ: Starts Operation: Hammerdown and starts bombing of rebel camps in Thailand. Philippines are given independence as a puppet state. Troops fly into Indochina with hopes of conquering it by the end of the year or the next spring. Computer and Military Tech is improved. A colony is established in Antarctica.
  • Turkey: We receive tons of modern American weaponry in return for sending some oil to the United States. Despite our isolationism, President Kenan Evren wants to pursue an economic alliance with the United States, and are willing to send a shipment of 10 TK-70 Jet Fighters, for the Americans to test out.
  • Chile: A new provisional government is establish in Paraguay. The Chilean Army remain in the country for at least six month more. Reconstruction begin with the arrive of chilean aid for infrastructure. While, in the Antarctic the expansion continues to the south of the peninsula. The Alessandri's government ask if the Pacific and Indian Treaty Organization is just an economic organization or a new ge-political bloc?
  • Iran: Calling for "desperate times" Iran increases its military, focusing on anti-aircraft, armored vehicles, and standard weapons, Iran hopes to reach 532,000 men oficially in the military by next year. It looks around for alliances but finds few nations to ally itself with, the Supreme leader calls for the reformation of the navy in the year 1992 to more modern standard to "not only protect it from greater powers like the United States, but also from rising powers in Africa." A man in Iran claims to be a prophet from the gods and has predicted a coming world war which has cause various followers, and various comedy shows mocking him.

1989.5[edit | edit source]

  • Chile: The reconstruction of Paraguay continues, as more Chilean aid arrives. The Chilean troops begin the process of withdrawing from Paraguay. The fourth Chilean base in the Antarctic is finished and named as "Presidente Jorge Alessandri". The ANAE launch a third satellite (Ankawenu) into space and prepares plans to send a man in the next years. The Intelligence services put his attention now on Argentina.
  • Turkey: After the Middle East Threat, more new weapons are being developed, mainly being inspired by American firearms and weapons. Including a new model for a Jet Fighter to fight alongside the TK-70, the TK-89, and a new tank type to replace the Swedish Stridsvagn 74 that were bought from Sweden a long time ago, with a new Turkish-built tank model, the Tanki 90, which is set to hit the military, and any potential buyers next year.
  • I agree, that it would be nice to make a new AvA. A shame I entered when everybody was leaving. :( Stewdio333 (talk) 05:54, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
  • I suppose I'll make one last post on my first ever map game:
  • Australasia: Having managed to unite all of the Australasian continent under one democratic government, the Governor General calls a referendum on the political future of the new nation. After vicious campaigning, the votes are in. In a Commonwealth first, the Governor General of Australasia reads out the poll's results to a live television and radio audience:" Since the Commonwealth of Australia began in 1901, its aims have been simple: to provide a constitutional democracy in the South Pacific, to be a beacon of stability and security, and a harbinger of peace. But most of all, the aim of this great southern land, this great nation of exceptional people, has been to give everyone- from the Aborigines, to the White man, to the immigrants from across the seas- a fair go, and a chance to choose their own government. Today, the people of Australasia have chosen to break their ties with the inequality of the monarchical trappings of its colonial past, and look with happiness towards a future with a mate as head of state. Long live the republic."
  • Greece: the fourth and final Orion satellite is launched.
  • Kingdom of the Balkans: The Kingdom of the Balkans invades Italy and conquers the northern half of the country while a second invasion force lands in Sicily, takes the island and marches up the Italian boot, leaving only a third of Italy free of Balkan forces.
  • India: Sees a surge in tourist numbers, and it seems its promotions have paid off. The country begins to solve its water crisis by building huge reservoirs for storing water. It focuses on building huge reservoirs outside cities like Mumbai so the city has less of a water problem. In the areas of central India, many of these are built, along with check-dams and canals. Projects are also started up to clean the Ganges and the Yamuna and make them into beautiful rivers again. The Empress of India regrets Australia breaking away from the monarchy and hopes the country fares well. Many skyscrapers are built, and planning for super skyscrapers begin. India then answers questions about PITO, telling the Chilean government it is a geopolitical organization. In Afghanistan, many areas began to be developed, and reservoirs begin construction there as well. More expatriates as well as a huge amount of Sikh and a small amount of Hindu missionaries enter the country. Sikh converters continue to try to convert the tribes, telling them how their warrior nature matches with the Sikh teachings. Hindu converters also make progress in converting city folk. In the fertile farmland of the country, things in many areas improve, but in many do not. These are the areas where the drug-lords control the farms with an iron grip. The D.E.S.T teams are sent in to kill as many of the drug-lords they can. Meanwhile, special forces units confiscate contraband and stop its export to the west, causing huge losses for other drug-lords. As well as this, India launches its own satellites into space. It also launches its own capsules containing astronauts into space. These astronauts become the first astronauts to go into space through ISRO. More missions are planned.

1990[edit | edit source]

  • Chile: The troops complete the withdraw from Paraguay. Only some officers remain for continue aid to the new Paraguayan army. The ANSI reports to the government about the weakness of Argentina and the Army now prepares for a new campaign. The works in the ANAE continues. The construction of the first nuclear-powered submarine is finished; the Hernán Cubillos.
  • Turkey: Continues building military, seeing how the world is weakened, asks for a Muslim Union with any nation in the Middle East, and any Islamic nation in any other part of the world. Sends diplomatic offer to Jeddah in West Saudi Arabia, hoping to bring the broken countries back together.
  • Germany: Germany is also seeing how the world is weakened and asks to form the German Union with the Belgians and the Dutch.
  • Greater Ethiopia (now Khemet): The union between Ethiopia and Egypt is strengthened with a series of laws placing the religions of both on equal footing ensuring that religious fights are ended peacefully. The military is strengthened using the manpower of Ethiopia and the equipment of Egypt to build a new military force. The Emperor renames the nation Khemet, meaning "land of the blacks" in Africa. This is done to signify the country's new position in the land. Plans to build a series of power plants and the nations for nuclear power station in the new capital of Napata are underway. Additionally, Khemet annexes Kenya after declaring it sovereign Khemeti lands, and invades South Sudan to restore the empire's authority in the breakaway republic.
  • Kingdom of the Balkans: Balkan forces invade the remaining third of Italy and conquer the remaining part of Italy, which is immediately annexed into the Kingdom of the Balkans. Seeing the need for a name change the King announces the renaming of the Kingdom into the United Kingdom of Europe, or UKE.
  • United Kingdom: We start recruiting more soldiers. We start building up/improving our army and navy, we start improving our technology. We also keep expanding our economy. Meanwhile, we start making more schools (Now we have 900,000 open schools), theaters and libraries. We start industrializing and infrastructure. We start encouraging our people to make more children with benefits and better subsidies. Our population now stands at 57,339,000.
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