Almator design sketch
Class overview
Builders:Maritime Imperial
Operators:Port of Esrium Lifeboat Foundation
Port of Argensborough
Port of Corcaigh Nua Lifeboats
Royal Lifeboats of Cloghroe
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Preceded by:Salvator-class
General characteristics
Tonnage:21 metric tonnes
Length:12.9 metres
Beam:4 metres
Draught:1.3 metres
Propulsion:600 kW (790 shp) Enmar Industries DX-10 diesel engine
Speed:24 knots

The Almator-class lifeboat is a class of lifeboat that primarily serves Maltropian harbours and coasts. Developed by Maritime Imperial in 2010, it was commissioned to replace the Port of Esrium Lifeboat Foundation's ageing fleet of the Salvator-class which had also been designed by Maritime Imperial.

Early demonstrations of the Almator's superior effectiveness led the PELF to replace its entire fleet within a year. Other major ports and lifeboat foundations in Maltropia quickly followed suit, making the Almator Maritime Imperial's most popular lifeboat design.

Design[edit | edit source]

A shallow draught was intended to permit the Almator to operate from slipways or in particularly shallow waters such as those found in estuaries and tropical regions, a distinct change from the previous designs which were drawn up specifically with Maltropia's marine geography in mind.

As with most modern lifeboats, the craft relies on flotation tanks for its buoyancy and possesses a very low freeboard to facilitate easier rescues of victims from the water. It is equipped with "state-of-the-art buoyancy countermeasures to minimise the risk of capsizing, regardless of the weather conditions which it may encounter."

Propulsive power is derived from its Enmar Industries DX-10 diesel engine which gives the vessel a speed of 24 knots.

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