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State of Alaska
— Subdivision of United States of America
Timeline: An Independent in 2000
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Governor Sarah Palin

Lt. Governor Sean Parnell Area area km² Population 791,235  Admission September 16th, 2008

Made up of the original State Alaska, and the Canadian Provinces of Yukon, the North West Territories, and Nunavut; Alaska is unquestionably the largest State in North America. Though Alaska stands as the lowest populated state in the Union, it is one of the wealthiest states in the Union.


Alaska is one of the most conservative states in the union, this is largely attributed to the relative remoteness from the rest of the country, and its low, largely Caucasian population. Alaska has voted for a Republican candidate for the presidency in every single election since its admission in 1959, with the exception of Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.


Alaska's economy is largely based around the fishing, logging, and petroleum industries. Recently, thanks to the Space Boom, the state has become a prime target for private and public spaceport construction thanks to its dry climate and position to the north pole. Its low temperatures have also made it a perfect candidate for the construction of the Mass Driver on Earth. Alaska is also home to the construction of the Bering Strait bridge, the longest bridge ever built, and has proven a huge boost to its growing economy.


Of the northern territories of the United States and Canada, Alaska's population was always the largest, even though it has had one of the lowest populations in the country for most of its history. For this reason, it seemed simpler just to create one Northern superstate along a single line of latitude to give its populace a larger voice in government. Alaska always was, but even more so now, the largest state in the union.

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