Air Tyberia is a private airline carrier located in Tyberia and is the largest airline company in the Cerulean. It was founded by the Tyberian government in 1937 and was privatised in 2003 and has grown exponentially since then and is owned by the Cerulean Airline Group.

It was founded in 1937 after the Aviation Act was passed with the increasing popularity of air travel. It was an instant success as the state subsidised these fares. From 1968 however subsidies fell as the company fared better on its own. It was considered in 1998 to privatise the business but with the economic collapse of 1998 it stayed on to provide state funding. In 2003 when Tyberia had recovered from the crash it privatised the airline. The airline was then bought in 2014 by CAG.

The government owned the entire company from 1937-1945. From 1945-1953 it owned 85%. Soon multiple investors took there place as owners of the company. By 1990 CAG owned 55%. The Tyberian government owned 25% and other investors owned 20%.

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